Thomas Jefferson High School San Antonio, TX

Thomas Jefferson High School San Antonio, TX


Yeah!!! Let’s see my high school photos from 2012-2016!!!!!
When I was a child, I spoke as a child, and I understood and thought as a child; but when I became an adult, I realized that the time had come to move beyond my childish ways. It's taken me over 50 years, but this month I asked a former classmate to forgive me, for hurtful things that I said and did to him when we were children. It saddens me to report that this former classmate blocked my attempts on fb to communicate. I hope that he sees this now.

Webster's defines forgiveness as the action or process of being forgiving or being forgiven.

Peter came up and said to him, "Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? As many as seven times?" Jesus said to him, "I do not say to you seven times, but seventy times seven." Matt. 18:21 (NKJV)
Hello, my name is Tricha Sauce and I was wondering if you could keep an eye out for our missing golden retrievers? Someone saw a few running around in your area about 10 days ago but I didn’t hear about it until this past Thursday. We would be so grateful. Thank you ❤️🙏🏼
Class of 1975 - my brother-in-law
hello Jefferson graduates class of 1997
We our trying to get word out about our reunion happening next month Nov. 11 2017
Please share this post and tag our classmates.
Thank you !
Any questions please contact
Us Tommy Lopez. Jen Vera
Richard Gutierrez Jr.
Liz G Contreras
Thank you !
Our beautiful Cheerleaders of the week Fabiola Palacios and Samantha.
Any information on class of 1953 - any people left???
Would love to get in touch with any classmates who remember me - Nancy [Bruington} - now Vincent - class of 1953 [if ant are left] [email protected]
Staff 3week in to school is rude with nothing together and when they have kids coming from other side in there school they do want to allow my son a good smart kid to go the principal deny the request transfer to that school and wants me to take him to homeschool which would be Lanier my kid was in AP classes last year in 8th g is a good student and I volunteer all the time for whatever fundraising is needed and band stuff I don't understand but I'm very upset
The school f****** sucks they decided for all the new students to register them the first day of school yeah yeah that was a genius move parents and new students the feeling the hallways overcrowding issues people sweating people with diabetes falling out don't even have enough balls to give him a sack lunch or something way to go TJ where the f****** go piece of s*** f****** staff and school

Students and Alumni are free to post information for all to see. Thomas Jefferson High School is a public high school in San Antonio, Texas and is one of ten high schools in the San Antonio Independent School District.

Completed in 1932 at a cost of $1,250,000, it was the third high school built in the city. Colors: Red, White and Blue.

Operating as usual



hello Jefferson graduates class of 1997
We our trying to get word out about our reunion happening next month Nov. 11 2017
Please share this post and tag our classmates.
Thank you !
Any questions please contact
Us Tommy Lopez. Jen Vera
Richard Gutierrez Jr.
Liz G Contreras
Thank you !



SLI is accepting applications through July 31, 2014 for the 2014-15 Leadership Program!
Students engaged in the SLI Leadership Program participate in a leadership class, Leadership Labs, community service, and have opportunities for school related travel and SLI specific scholarships!

Check out the "... best kept secret of the Alamo Colleges..." by calling 485-0790 today!


NDG Sci-Fest

It's an INVITE ! Mark the calendar!
On July 7th-8th , 2018 is a fun free family event
in it's 5thyear ! Sci-Fest is an annual Comic Con held at the Historic Wonderland of the Americas ,in San Antonio Tx It’s a celebration of comic and pop culture that s 01/24/2014

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Class of 1958 Reunion Oct 12, 2013



Hello Jefferson peeps! Our family dog is missing! Please help us find him!!!! His name is Chucky and he's the sweetest pup. My mom misses him tons! If you know anything please let me know!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SHARE this picture!!!! Thank you!


Thomas Jefferson High School Alumni Association - TJHS Mustangs

#TJHSMustangs #TBT Mustang Band Seniors! Band Members pictured: Kevin Mota '97, Adria Hernandez '97, Thomas Dillard '97, Angela Sanchez '97 and Michelle Resendez '97

Photo provided by: Michelle Resendez Mata '97

Let us feature your favorite memories by emailing your photos to [email protected]!


Thomas Jefferson High School Alumni Association - TJHS Mustangs

#TJHSMustangs Spotlight: David Saathoff ‘79 was a member of the Mustang Basketball Team when he attended Thomas Jefferson High School. David was also involved in the Humanities and English accelerated classes. Although David did not consider himself to be a great academic student, he did enjoy hanging with, and learning from, the phenomenal speech and debate folks who also took those classes. David was never involved personally in the "one act plays," speech and debate competitions, etc., but was friends with many actors and debaters.

After graduation, David earned a degree in English, with a minor in philosophy, from the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) in 1984. He has also completed graduate-level coursework at Southwestern Theological Seminary.

Currently, David is the Lead Pastor of CityChurch (formerly Bandera Road Community Church - BRCC). CityChurch has about 7,000 people – non-typical church attendees. The San Antonio media has branded CityChurch as "The Church That Rocks."

David offers the following advice to all Mustangs: “Involve yourselves in the kind of activities that will serve the common good of our city such as the Urban Renewal Project and multiple other parts of the Mayor's SA2020 plan." He mentioned that he and the church are trying to be more involved in the Mayor's plans for a better SA. Lastly, David shared, "Of course, continue to pursue a spiritual life - Jesus died so that common people of his day, and ours, might begin a relationship with God. There are many ways to pursue knowing God. Each must find their own path...”

Thank you David for this interview and for serving as a great role model for all TJHS Mustangs.

Share you story with alumni! Let us feature you on the #TJHSMustang Spotlight. Simply email your name, graduation class year or TJHS affiliation (faculty, staff, former student, etc.) and your contact information to [email protected]. Remember, we also spotlight student groups too! 06/28/2013

TJHS Alumni | Thomas Jefferson High School Alumni Association | Mustangs | San Antonio | Texas -...


Thomas Jefferson High School Alumni Association - TJHS Mustangs

Mustang Family: Please keep Ms. Dyer, Jefferson Volleyball Coach and Founding Sponsor of the Lariats, in your thoughts. She had a stroke and aneurysm burst and is in serious condition at University Hospital. Thank you to Elaine Delossantos Sepulveda for sharing this information.


Thomas Jefferson High School Alumni Association - TJHS Mustangs

THROWBACK THURSDAY: "Like" if you know where we are at and "Comment" to tell us your favorite memories of the area pictured here!

Photo Credit: Miguel Maltos Gonzales



Hello TJ Mustangs...The JFK Band Alumni invites you to join us on Saturday, May 18th at Frankie G's on 2008 Cupples Rd from 11am-5pm. Our first Fundraiser of the year will consist of a Carne Guisada Plate Sale and Huge Turkey Legs. The plate donation is $6.
The JFK Band Alumni raises money to basically "Give Back" to our Alma Mater's Mighty Rocket Band.
Hope to see ya'll there Saturday!


Life at Thomas Jefferson High School

Thanks to Behind the Hat Productions and the Mustang Cinema club for their contributes to this film! Thomas Jefferson High School in San Antonio, Tx Copyrigh...


KSAT 12 &

What grade would you give Mayor Julian Castro's speech at the Democratic National Convention? Vote now in our web poll at and leave your comments below.


Aug 16, 2012 -- Back to School College Fair 08/09/2012

What You Need to Know About Winning Scholarships If you haven’t heard this already, you’re hearing it now: winning scholarships is a numbers game, and the more you apply, the better your chance of actually winning. Essentially, if you want to win a scholarship giving up is not an option, no matter how tired, frustrated or rejected you feel because...

[08/09/12]   Almost at 200 Likes!!


Aug 16, 2012 -- Back to School College Fair


Geology Page

A partial slice of the Esquel ( #meteorite) discovered in Esquel, Chubut Province, Argentina. It is presently in the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa, Canada. | Geology #Geology_page 07/28/2012

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Amy Brown Science

This is one of my favorite labs/activities that I do with my Biology I students. It doesn't take long to do, it uses very simple, household materials, and it works every time! There is no number crunching or data analysis, but just a fun activity that your students will really enjoy.


July 14 -- SAT/ACT Prep


Amy Brown Science

Science Fun Fact: Every day an adult body produces 300 billion new cells.


Northwest Vista College

Grades for Summer I will be available to view in ACES on Thursday, July 12.


University of Kentucky

Quote of the Week: "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." -Albert Einstein


I love my Teacher

Some Teachers

What we learn forms the filter
through which we view the world.
What we learn
determines how we live our lives.
Some teachers teach us the right things
and make them easy to understand.
Some teachers make learning fun,
a joy that enriches all we do.
Some teachers help lead us
toward success and happiness.
Some teachers are very important to us;
we will always remember them.
You are one of those teachers.
Thank you for being my teacher.
I really appreciate you!


Amy Brown Science


Science Fact of the day: Ultraviolet radiation is a serious health concern due to the depletion of ozone in our atmosphere. It is estimated that every 1% drop in ozone results in a 6% increase in the numbers of cases of skin cancers.

[05/26/12]   Prom--El Tropicano Hotel, Saturday, May 26, beginning at 7 p.m.


Thomas Jefferson High School San Antonio, TX's cover photo


What do you all think about Obama's point of view?


Thomas Jefferson High School San Antonio, TX's cover photo


High School Movie

High School Movie on Livestream. HighSchool 1938.StarringJaneWithersFilmed on campus ofSanAntonioThomasJeffersonHighSchool. - Watch live streaming Internet TV. Broadcast your own live streaming videos, like High School Movie in Widescreen HD. Livestream, Be There. 01/18/2012

End Piracy, Not Liberty – Google

This is serious guys, please fill out the petition Two bills before Congress, known as the Protect IP Act (P**A) in the Senate and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the House, would censor the Web and impose harmful regulations on American business. Millions of Internet users and entrepreneurs already opp...




723 Donaldson Ave
San Antonio, TX
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