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Combat Veteran Owned San Antonio based business offering TX License To Carry (LTC) & other courses.

Operating as usual


Alamo LTC has a Full training schedule for the 2023!

Check it out:
1. Full License To Carry classes (classroom instruction & range qualifications)

2. Monthly Advanced Bleeding Control + classes focused on Active Shooter/Immediate trauma response

3. NEW Outdoor Medical Skills classes focused on treating musculo-skeletal injuries, every month

4. Nine US LAW SHIELD seminars next year

5. Continued online LTC and Constitutional Carry classes

6. Brand New website offering scheduling of All LTC, Personal Fi****ms Coaching, group lessons. Discounted NRA & US LAW SHIELD Memberships. Plus our North American Rescue medical THROW KITS and Bleeding Control Kits for sale on the site.

7. NEW Tactical Pistol level 1 and Tactical Carbine/Rifle level 1 classes


Wishing everyone safe and happy holidays!


Always carry a knife. Victorinox Farmer X is probably one on the best made covering all the basics needs for a pocket knife.


Die Hard tradition:


Have you heard of the Wyatt Protocol?

These are Post Engagement Procedures developed by fi****ms instructor Lyle Wyatt which uses the acronym "FAST4" as a memory aid.

Fight: Engage threat/s with accurate and effective rounds

Assess: Did your rounds stop the threat? Are there still other threats? (Finger off the trigger)

Scan: Visually scan the threat & area 360 degrees to break tunnel vision and re-gain Situational Awareness (weapon on SAFE before ANY movement)

Take Cover: Quickly/Safely move to cover or a better position of hard cover

Talk: Communicate with your partner/Family, issue commands to the threat, Call 911

Tac-Reload: Top off your ammo & mentally prepare to fight again if necessary

Treat Injuries: Top down medical check, apply a tourniquet to control life threatening bleeding


Beat Navy!

Photos from Alamo LTC's post 12/10/2022

We have NAR Bleeding Control Kits: $80
In Stock Now!

Kits include:
- Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT)
- Emergency Trauma Bandage
- Trauma Shears
- 2 Wound Packing Gauze
- Vented Chest Seal twin pack
- Mylar Rescue Blanket
- 2 pair Nitrile Gloves, LG
- Mini-Sharpie Marker
- First Aid Instructions
- Red dual zipper pouch

To Order:
[email protected]
210-997-ROSS (7677)

Three crooks enter home, and one fires at homeowner. But victim is armed, too — and shoots gunman dead as other two suspects flee. 12/09/2022

Three crooks enter home, and one fires at homeowner. But victim is armed, too — and shoots gunman dead as other two suspects flee.

Three crooks enter home, and one fires at homeowner. But victim is armed, too — and shoots gunman dead as other two suspects flee. Three individuals entered a southern Louisiana home Tuesday night, and one of the intruders fired a gun at the homeowner. But it turns out the homeowner was armed as well — and fatally shot the gunman as the other two suspects fled the Jeanerette residence.What are the details?The Iberia Parish Sh...


Tips for Police traffic stops when carrying your firearm:

1. Roll down All your vehicle windows
2. Have your documents ready in your hand, including your License To Carry card
3. Hands positioned on the steering wheel at 10 & 2 o'clock
4. At night, turn on your vehicle interior lights
5. Turn off vehicle engine/radio
6. If you cannot reach all your documents, wait until the Officer arrives & explain where it is (ie Glove box)
7. Move SLOWLY
8. Be respectful - law enforcement key off your attitude


Due to the small amount of sign-ups for our US Law Shield seminar on Wed Dec 7th will be rescheduled to a date after the holidays.

Hope to see everyone after the holidays.


This event will be rescheduled after the holidays.


Texas DPS has now authorized red/green optical sights and holographic sights, that Do Not Magnify, for LTC qualification.

Learn to be your own First Responder. Get your Texas License To Carry.


It's always a good day Training at the shooting range.

Learn to be your own First Responder.


Wishing a safe and happy holiday to everyone!


We now have North American Rescue medical THROW KITS
back in stock.

Perfect gift for the holidays: $60

All components tested and trusted by the US Military to save lives.
Nothing says Love like an emergency trauma kit...

Quick Open Kit contains:
1x CAT Tourniquet
1x Wound Packing Gauze
1x Emergency Trauma Dressing
2x Vented Chest Seals
1x Pair, Large Nitrile Gloves

To order:
[email protected]
210-997-ROSS (7677)

Remember, when Seconds count- Help is only Minutes away. Learn to be your own First Responder.

Photos from Trigger Time TV's post 11/23/2022

Happy Birthday to Gene Stoner - Father of the M16 Rifle. Amazing design


Spot DANGER before it spots you:

1. Be mindful; engage your senses
2. Identify exits
3. Observe people without staring
4. Notice non-verbal cues
5. Limit Distractions
6. Trust your gut feeling
7. Be strategic (ie What if?); Hasty planning

Remember, when Seconds count- Help is only Minutes away. Learn to be your own First Responder


Dry Fire with a single action R***r .357 revolver today. Training for my state LTC Instructor qualification


A Sheepdog Never Retires.

At some point in time, the young sheepdog becomes the old sheepdog. He can't run as fast anymore, if at all. His claws have been worn smooth, his few teeth are no longer sharp. His joints ache, he is no longer slender and muscular, his hearing and eye sight are both no longer acute or keen. He has passed on his watch over the flock to the younger pups who he has taught and raised. Occasionally, he passes some of his pups while he wanders amongst the flock, those pups who remember him present themselves with courtesy and respect. The really young pups just ignore him, not knowing who he is or recognize the scars from battle he has earned from fighting the wolf.

But, when the wolf arrives, the one thing that has not left the old sheepdog is his spirit; he still yearns for the fight with the wolf. The younger sheepdogs rush to protect the flock and despite the wear of time and age, the older sheepdog rushes in alongside with them.

There are times, when the old sheepdog confronts the wolf by himself, alone. The wolf appears and the younger sheepdogs, for whatever reason are not around - they can't be everywhere at once. The wolf circles and snarls, he isnt afraid of the old dog. Yet, it is still within him, for the Sheepdog to rise up, take a stance, bare his teeth and growl. He will still take on that wolf, for he still protects the flock and will as he always has, to the very end of his life if necessary.

He does this because it is who he is, what he is, a Sheepdog.

Author- Sean O’Brien
Inspired by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman


Alamo LTC will be hosting a
US LAW SHIELD seminar Wed Dec 7th
on "Castle Doctrine: Home Defense Law" at the Bulverde- Spring Activity Center from 6-8pm

Contact us to register:
[email protected]
210-997-ROSS (7677)

Remember, when Seconds count - HELP is only Minutes away. Learn to be your own First Responder.

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Wow 👏👏👏🐾

🎥 @guardiacivil062 @heroesde4patas

#k9 #k9unit #policedog #workingdog #workingdogs #policedogs #k9officer #k9life #mwd #dogoftheday #policia #malinois #belgianmalinois #friendship #k9officer #k9life #gotyourback

Just something awesome I saw today:

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Photos from Bulverde Spring Branch Fire & EMS's post 11/12/2022

Red -White & Blue Veteran's Breakfast with Friends today! A great event


Happy Veteran's Day to everyone!


Really enjoyed teaching medical skills to my son's Cub Scout Pack today. They learned to bandage cuts, treat snake bites and control bleeding. Great job Scouts!


Coaching pistol and AR15 today with a fellow Veteran.

Remember, safety & marksmanship fundamentals never change. Shooting skills are perishable. They need to be practiced.

Photos from Alamo LTC's post 10/27/2022

Our third outstanding US LAW SHIELD seminar tonight. Guest speaker Captain Chris Andersen provided great insight into surviving an Active Shooter Event.

We also Sold Out of our medical Throw Kits by North American Rescue!


How to pick the right Pistol for you:

1. Purpose: What is your intended use?
Concealed Carry, Home Defense, Competition Shooting, hunting or something else?

2. Your Hand Size: The MOST important factor is how it fits in Your hand. Is it comfortable? Do All your fingers fit on the grip? If not, this will effect your control during recoil. Can you reach the controls? (ie manual safety, magazine realease). If you have to rotate the pistol in your dominant/firing hand to depress the magazine release, that pistol may be too big for your hand. You may just elect to activate the mag release with your support hand thumb. The Support Hand does Support functions...

3. Caliber: The 9mm cartridge won the Caliber War, but if you need a pistol for Bears, then 10mm is for you. Modern defensive ammunition can stop most 2 legged threats, if you do your part. Accuracy and shot placement are king.

4. Capacity: How many rounds do you need or want. The answer is: Enough to stop the threat/s. The common thinking is "I'd rather have more - than not enough."
Most actual defensive usage is 1-4 shots. A 10-15 round capacity will cover most eventualities. Sometimes criminals have friends...

My best recommendation is to try before you buy.
Just like we test drive a car. Go to a Shooting Range a rent first.


On this day in 1781, British General Lord Cornwallis and 8,000 of his soldiers surrendered to Franco-American forces in Yorktown, VA., effectively ending the American Revolution.


Another successful FIRST SHOTS class

1. Learn all Safety Rules
2. Learn basic shooting fundamentals
3. Have FUN!!

FIRST SHOTS is approx 1 hour. Fire 50 shots.
Cost is $50
+ range rental & ammo


Don't miss out on this very important information. Reserve your seat now by using the QR Code below or contacting me at:
[email protected]
210-997-ROSS (7677)


Did you conduct Dry Fire Practice today?

1. It's free training
2. Only takes 10-15 minutes
3. Ingraines
quality repetitions you will need to execute a physical skill under stress
4. Perfect (deliberate) practice makes perfect
5. Use your phone to video yourself and make adjustments

When Seconds counts - Help is only Minutes away. Learn to be your own First Responder.


"You are only outgunned if you miss"

Jeff Cooper
LtCol (Ret.)

The Father of Modern
Pistol craft


What is a PACE Plan?


A military planning method, originally developed by US Army Special Forces with multiple backups. Important, since we know most plans don't survive first contact with the enemy.


Novice Shooters tend to lean back when firing.

A good Stance keeps the Shoulders over Knees over Toes with a slight lean forward to mitigate Recoil.


A good technique for beginner Shooters to help reinforce gaining a proper 2 handed grip

Videos (show all)

Learn How Improper Clearing Procedures Cause Tragedy.
Use the Firearms Safety Procedure taught to all Army Green Berets.





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