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Peep in Midlothian
Peep in Midlothian

Equissage is the oldest and leading trainer of animal massage therapists in the world. Our on site programs (listed below) are held at our facility in Virginia.

Since 1991, Equissage has graduated more than 20,000 Equine & Canine Massage Therapists, from every state in the US and 20 countries around the world. Equine Certification Program 5 day course (Monday-Friday)
Dual Certification Program (Equine/Canine) 5 day course (Monday-Friday)

We also offer Home Study Programs for Equine an/or Canine Massage Therapy Certification. Please visit our website for more information: www.equissage.com


What a fantastic class this week. Equine/Canine Certification. Everyone did such a great job!



“From the time I started walking my client to about five minutes in, his range of motion changed and did almost a whole 180! None of us there could believe it, especially on his very first massage. After this experience I became HOOKED and totally in love with this program!”



Staying warm thanks to hugs from Dancer 🤗

Happy Monday from our fabulous group this week!


Come to Equissage this February! We have openings for our class taking place the week of February 19th 🗓️.
Sign up available on our website💻



“The drive home alone provided me an opportunity to reflect on the “Equissage experience” — there were so many dimensions of it, I could not adequately describe to my spouse. All I can tell you, is that the first place I stopped was my barn — and my horses knew—
they KNEW— I was changed. They were right.”



The Equissage herd doesn’t seem to mind the snow too much ❄️🐴


6 years ago we ran our first "success story" competition. We heard so many amazing stories, much like this one!

Now, you have the chance to participate in another success story competition for the opportunity to win $500.

We want to hear about how massaging animals has enhanced your life! Maybe you have met new friends, gotten to travel to new places, or maybe you are working full time as an Equine or Canine massage therapist. Please email us with your story, preferably with a picture to go with it. We will select the most compelling story, and the winner will receive $500. The story will also be featured on our page. All other submissions may be posted on our page from time to time.
-The contest starts today and will run until March 1, 2024.
-The winner will be announced on April 15, 2024.
-Submit all entries to [email protected] or Equissage PO Box 447 Round Hill, VA 20142
-All entries become property of Equissage Inc.

Thank you to all who submitted their success stories for our contest. After reading many inspiring stories, we are happy to announce that the story sent by AnnaLisa A. is our winner!

"A friend of mine rescued a 1 year old Great Dane from a neglect situation where she was tied out in the yard 24/7.

Not long after rescuing this dog, they realized she was pregnant.

She gave birth to ten puppies, and at first, all seemed well, but around 5 weeks of age, four of the puppies stopped walking. They were unable to even stand up. They could only pull themselves around by their front legs, and then, one lost even that. They were seen by every specialist in every department at the most prestigious veterinary school in our area and underwent extensive testing. No one had an answer. Some of the puppies were beginning to exhibit mild bone deformities, deformities that would later become extreme in the case of two of the puppies.

The other six puppies were completely normal, but the four affected pups were given 2 months to live, and the rescue was directed by vets to give them the best possible lives in that time.

Unwilling to give up without trying every option, we discussed implementing massage to stimulate muscle tone and circulation, and at the very least, make the puppies more comfortable for whatever time they had left.

For two months, the puppies received weekly or semi-weekly massages. After each massage, they improved dramatically. Sometimes one would stand. One would take a few steps, and always, they seemed more comfortable and content.

After a month and a half of regular massage, one of the puppies recovered her ability to walk--she was the least deformed, and the only female. She improved and never relapsed. She continued to receive massage as she used and gained muscle tone.

But two of the puppies left with the rescue still could not walk or stand. At this point, a difficult decision had to be made--there was no quality of life for them if they could not move on their own. One of them, Brown, was so bad that he could only lay on his side and could barely lift his head. He couldn't turn to look at you, but would follow you with his eyes. This was their last chance.

I agreed to take them in as therapeutic fosters so that they could have massages every other day to see if that helped them improve.

After his first massage, Gray was able to stand on his own and take stiff, uncertain steps on muscles that had too long been unable to support him. He improved with each massage and began to be able to stand up on his own regularly and walk with increasing strength and comfort.

Brown was the worst of the three left in rescue--he could only lay on his side and could barely lift his head more than an inch off the floor, but there was a furious determination in his eyes. You could see how badly he WANTED to walk, to get up, to move. We owed it to him to try.

The only therapy they received during this time was massage. Occasionally I would cold laser, but we were limited as to where we could do so since their growth plates were not closed. The only safe therapy was massage, followed by passive range of motion exercises, again, limited by the pups' abnormal conformations.

The first thing that happened for Brown was that he was able to lift his head higher, then he was able to pull his front end up into a sitting position, but would eventually fall over. Gradually, he could sit up for longer periods without falling over. Then, over the next few weeks, he was able to remain standing on his own if placed in a standing position, for longer and longer periods. He could walk with assistance if his hind end was supported and do this for increasing amounts of time. But... after two months of intensive massage and increased activity, we just had to accept that perhaps he was not going to ever be able to walk without assistance.

So, we ordered him a cart (doggy wheelchair). I put the cart together with Brown in the room, and he watched the entire process. When I was done, and the cart was ready for him, I lifted him to place him in it. He protested, so I placed him back on the floor, and he took his first steps on his own. He started walking that very night. This was nothing short of a miracle. In this case, a miracle brought about by the gift of massage therapy. Brown did not WANT a cart--he wanted to walk, and he refused to give up.

At six months of age, after already having outlived his estimate for longevity, this wonderful, brave, and determined puppy began walking. There is no question in my mind that this would not have been possible without the frequency and type of massage he received.

I am pleased to say that, two years later, so far beyond anyone's expectations, Brown and Gray continue to walk independently. They run, play and dig.

With the continued dedication of his adopter, Brown continued to grow stronger and stronger until he could get up on his own after laying down (a MAJOR accomplishment), and he received weekly massages after he left my house to facilitate this progress. Brown and Gray still receive massages to this day, and they still enjoy every single moment.


“I know Mama is wondering where I am. If you see her please tell her I’m in the corn field.”
Thank you, Sailor



We have added a new class to our schedule for the week of February 19, 2024! Please visit our website for more information and to sign up 🐴


All smiles for the first class of the year! 🙌 Happy 2024 🎉


📣$500 CONTEST - Calling all Equissage Graduates 📣
We want to hear about how massaging animals has enhanced your life! Maybe you have met new friends, gotten to travel to new places, or maybe you are working full time as an Equine or Canine massage therapist. Please email us with your story, preferably with a picture to go with it. We will select the most compelling story, and the winner will receive $500. The story will also be featured on our page. All other submissions may be posted on our page from time to time.

-The contest starts today and will run until March 1, 2024.
-The winner will be announced on April 15, 2024.
-Submit all entries to [email protected] or Equissage PO Box 447 Round Hill, VA 20142
-All entries become property of Equissage Inc.

We are greatly looking forward to reading everyone's stories. ⭐️

Photos from Equissage's post 01/02/2024

HAPPY NEW YEAR🥳 And thank you to everyone who made this a great year at Equissage. We continue to be impressed and inspired by those who pass through our program, and we are excited to see what the new year brings. Cheers to 2024!

Photos from Equissage's post 12/27/2023

Congrats to recent home study graduate, Samijo! 🎉🐶

Pictured here is Samijo and her cute pups, C**t and R***r. 🤩



“That’s right. Mama said after this coming Sunday it will be Christmas. Santa asked Mama if I have been good.”
Merry Christmas Everyone‼️
Sailor 🐾🎁🐾


"Kirby is our white, retired, 25-year-old hunter jumper gelding. Kirby is the senior in our barn and has provided countless children and adults with their very first lessons. Kirby is the ‘Leg-strengthener’ in our barn and has prepared our legs for advanced riding. Kirby receives weekly maintenance massages to increase circulation and blood flow to help return venous blood to his vital organs since his activity levels have decreased significantly during retirement. I cannot say that he receives less attention as he does receive extra brushing and washing from previous riders who appreciate all of his hard work. In Kirby’s old age, massage helps to reduce inflammation and pain in his joints in a natural way, increases muscle tone and helps flush out toxins and debris for him. Kirby is a success story due to the obvious positive change in his demeanor when he receives massage."


Post-class walk with Sailor 😌 What better way to celebrate passing?! 🎉

Congrats to our students for a great week!


New class is here as we wrap up the year! 🎉❄️


"Dylan is an older chestnut gelding pony with a white star who happily provided hunter jumper lessons to many children at the stable. He is loved and adored by all at the barn primarily due to his sweet-natured demeanor and willingness. In the summer of 2023, Dylan acquired laminitis. His world transitioned from having many uplifting hours of sunlight and endless attention to being sequestered in a stall by himself on stall rest. He was the most depressed pony I have ever seen as he stood still facing the dark corner of his stall in solitude teetering back and forth for balance.
I began working on his leg to reduce inflammation using lymphatic drainage techniques, and also giving him a very light full-body massage frequently. The massages not only helped Dylan emotionally with his stress level and provided social contact and nurturing touch, but it also increased blood circulation to muscles that were tense from inactivity, and experiencing a lack of flexibility, range of motion and
beginning to atrophy. The success came in the form of Dylan’s perky ears and faster physical recovery. He started eating all of his hay, slowly maneuvering around the stall on his own, and stretching his neck and making mouth movements enjoying his chest and withes being massaged. The vet has mentioned that he is doing much better. Dylan laid down after his massages which increased recovery. It was heart- warming and fulfilling to see his emotional and physical conditions improve."


This is Donny and his family.
He received a wonderful Christmas present this year. His mom recently completed the Canine Massage Home Study Program. Congratulations, Cheryl! You did a beautiful job! ❤️🎄


"Cash is a 7-year-old reddish, chestnut gelding with a white star. He is an OTTB experiencing significant head tossing, improper leads, no bending, stumbling and bouts of spontaneous and unexpected romping and hopping on all 4 hooves if ‘A leaf fell’. I love him, he is my first lease. Cash receives Plan A due to his previous high level of performance as a racehorse and the results on his muscles that followed. Cash willingly lowered his head and stretched even further with pressure at the poll and stretched his neck out at an angle as far as he could during massage on his neck and crest. He showed his love for massage by making mouth movements while performing cross-fiber friction on his rhomboids and trapezius. He seems most grateful for the relief of muscle tension, the dissolvement of adhesions, the elimination of waste and toxins, and increased blood flow and nutrients to his entire
topline. Massage (Combined with ear plugs and patient training), set his demeanor for riding at a calmer level, and he is now less anxious and prancy when tacking up. Cash is a much happier horse with more pliable muscles who nearly falls asleep during ‘sweating’ the kidneys, pressure at the poll, and direct pressure on his crest, neck, latissimus dorsi and longissimus dorsi. Cash’s bending has improved greatly he is getting the correct lead much faster and frequently, his head-tossing is significantly reduced between massage and chiropractic treatments, and he seems much less anxious all the way around. He is a peppy gentleman!"


Happy Holidays from Equissage! We are so thankful for all our wonderful students!


📣We have a last minute opening for the week of December 11th!📣
Please visit our website for more info & to sign up 🗓


Congrats to recent home study graduate, Morgan! 🎉🤩

Pictured here is Morgan and Mission, a therapy horse from the equine therapy farm she works at. ♥️


We have added new 2024 dates to the program schedule on our website 🥳🗓

Please visit www.equissage.com for more information!

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Meet this week’s class!
Smile and wave 👋
Victory lap after passing the class. Congrats all! 🎉
Another great week at Equissage! Here’s our students taking a victory lap to celebrate 🙌🏻
#sundayswithsailor#heissomething“My cousins were here today and they said they thought it would be okay if I opened my b...
“This is the second time I’ve worked on the mare who can barely move her neck, and I’d say I’m starting to hit her sweet...
Soaking up the fall weather 💨🍁🍂
We had a great time this week, and all of our students did a great job! ⭐️
Sailor walking into the classroom tomorrow morning like...





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