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I am going to make the cool whip ones!

Cool Whip Cookies
1box any flavor Cake mix, chocolate, red velvet, lemon, etc.
1- 8 ounce Cool Whip
1 egg
* mix all together in bowl
* drop by teaspoonfuls into powdered sugar
* place on cookie sheet
* bake at 350 degrees for 12 to 15 minutes
cool before removing from cookie sheet.


What a cute treat to give as a take home at a party!

A recipe not to be missed!
❀️ Homemade caramel sauce ❀️
Must express something to keep getting my recipes.... Thank you.
Recipe in πŸ’¬ πŸ‘‡



Carl Sagan: November 9, 1934-December 20, 1996


Mary Nickel


Carl Sagan: November 9, 1934-December 20, 1996


Welcome to the week of Oct . 22nd - Oct 26th.

The books for this week are "Hello Moon" our fiction book and "The Moon," our non-fiction book. Ask your child what their favorite part of each book was!
Also, ask them how they know the difference between fiction and non-fiction.

There will be subs for me the next few weeks. A special thank you to them and our Head Librarian, Ms. Donna who oversees 4 other schools and who was there on Monday and will be there on Thursday as well.
I will keep you updated weekly on what we are reading and would encourage you to Google the stories and authors to see what these fabulous books are all about. Your child may also know because they are such awesome listeners!

. . . until next week


Welcome to the week of Oct 15th-19th!

Hello Fairview Parents and Guardians!
I had a little mishap and was out most of last week and all of this week. However ,library is still going on with some wonderful subs! I will be back next Monday and am excited to be getting into a regular routine again. Please be aware our book fair will also be coming soon. I will have more next week on that! See you soon! Keep reading to your preschoolers! Also, start looking for our" All School" reading logs to be coming home within the next few weeks!

. . . until next week


Welcome to the week of October 1st-5th.

The book I read this week was called "Bedtime Without Arthur." In this story Bella, a little girl about 6, believes that her teddy bear, Arthur, keeps her from having bad dreams by being there for her. So when Arthur goes missing, the first night Bella imagines all sorts of bad monsters are out to get her so her imagination runs wild!!!! (We talked about how monsters are made up when the author uses his/ her imagination to create something like monsters that is not real. We have been learning about the difference between Fiction and Non- fiction and review every week before they pick a book out to take home.) By the second night her imagination is out of control and she ends up running into her little brother's room so she is not alone and guess what she finds next to him in his crib??? Ask you preschooler what Bella decides to do when she discovers where Arthur is found and how the story ends!!!

. . . until next week!


Welcome to the week of Sept 24th-28th!

This week we read" Llama Llama Time To Share."The preschoolers really enjoyed it. LLama meets a new friend and finds out sharing his favorite toys is not easy. When he and his new friend Nelly Gnu end up tugging on his most prized stuffed llama it ends up getting ripped . LLama blames Nelly Gnu when he runs to tell Mama and she feels bad.He Mama fixes the ripped llama and puts him on the side and makes sure Llama knows how important sharing is. When Llama really thinks about it and does it,he really likes sharing and knows it was his fault too. ! He realizes how important of a friend Nelly Gnu is and is sad when she has to go. He knows she is a friend he will have for a long time!
Ask your preschooler if they are good at
. . . Until next time!


Welcome to the week of Sept 17th-21st

This week's book is "We Are Growing." It is about 7 friends who find their own uniqueness as they grow while the 8th friend is having a hard time. Each friend is a piece of grass and is about to be mowed. When it happens they all end up looking alike but still realize they still have their own uniqueness. Ask your preschooler whose favorite book this is. They should tell you Elephant and Piggie, two of our characters,we read alot about who also read books by other authors than their own ,Mo Willems.
. . .until next time!


Welcome to the Week of Sept 10th-14!

This week we read" fill a bucket."This book is truly sensational. We read about how we are all born with an invisible bucket and how we can fill it up by things we do or things people do for us. Simple things like a smile or Thank you helps fill up your bucket. We used real buckets and each took turns taking things out of our bucket and then filling it up. We also listened to the "fill a bucket" song on you tube! Ask your preschooler what they put in the bucket.
Sorry this was late, teachers and our Head Librarian filled in for me. I was out a couple of days.
Stay tuned for this week's book . It will be posted later today .


Welcome Fairview preschooler's and families to the 2018 - 2019 school year!
We had our first week of Library this week with the exception of our Monday classes.
We learned about taking care of books when we take them home and we also read our first story of the school year,"Clifford Goes to Dog School."This book was about how Clifford learns to do different tricks and how well he listens to commands he is taught. One command he ends up disobeying to save a life. Ask your preschooler what happened at the end of the story.
We also learned about fiction,nonfiction and who the author was and what his/her job is and who the Illustrator is and what his/her job is .We also learned that some can be both the author and illustrator.
We also checked out our first book.
See you all next week! I look forward to a fun filled year and hope if your preschooler doesn't love hearing stories as much as I like reading them that they will by the end of the year!


Ms.Colleen's Library Corner


SEE You All Soon!πŸ˜‰


Bookworm Babies - Reading with Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers


What are you reading this summer? Who is your favorie author?


Ms.Colleen's Library Corner's cover photo


Welcome to our last week of library for this year!

We are reading "Walter's Wonderful Web," and "Mouse's First Summer."

In Walter's Wonderful Web, Walter tries to build webs but every time he does the wind blows them away. He makes them in different common shapes and the kids are able to tell them to me .In the end Walter tries his hardest to make the strongest and most unique web of all and he succeeds! He uses all of the shapes to make an incredible web .We also learned how many sides each shape has and reviewed the colors they were. Ask your preschooler how many sides a circle has!

In Mouse's First Summer," he and his friend Minka sneak themselves into a picnic basket headed for the park.Mouse learns what watermelon is ,what rolling down a hill and laying in the grass feels like,how to fly a kite,what bread is ,how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich,what lemonade is,he discovers ants under a blanket caring off crumbs,he learns how to catch fireflies,and how amazing fireworks are. Mouse is so excited about his summer and I hope you are your preschoolers are too!

Don't forget about the Literacy and Moving On Assemblies on Thursday, May 17th at 9:15 and 1:00 for rooms 1-10 and Friday, May 18th at 9:15 and 1:00 for rooms 12-20. They will all be awarded "Reading Certificates." The top 5 readers in each morning and top 5 readers in each afternoon will be announced and awarded for the most minutes read in the Magic Waters and Six Flags Reading Programs.
The Rockford Public Library will be there to talk about their Summer Reading Program and all the fun things your preschooler can earn for reaching small reading goals!

Good luck to all the preschoolers moving on and to all the preschoolers returning, see you next year! Be safe and have a wonderful summer!


Welcome to the week of April 30th-May 4th!
This is our last week to check out books. All library books should be returned to your preschoolers classroom next week on their final library day!

This week's book is called " I Love It When You Smile" It's about a mother kangaroo who tries to make her very grumpy baby kangaroo named 'Roo" smile. She goes through a couple of things to try to get him to smile but he just doesn't want to. In the end a funny mishap happens and not only do the smile they laugh! Ask your preschooler what happens to them in the end. Is a heartwarming story that shows there is a ray of sunshine in every cloud!

. . . until next week


Welcome to the week of April 23rd-27th.
This week we finished up our Bug Series from Eric Carle. We watched "The Very Clumsy Click Beetle" (our electronic book was broken,so I had to switch to the Smartboard) and "The Very Lonely Firefly ." (the book was to small and we don't have the electronic book for that one.) With the exception of Monday classes (who are a week behind) everyone will hear these stories.

"The Clumsy Click Beetle" is a short but inspiring story about a click beetle that learns to click and land on his feet. He never quits giving up which sets an example for preschoolers to never give up and keep on trying. I used bicycle riding as a life relatable accomplishment .
The second story "The Very Lonely Firefly (aka a lightning bug) starts out giving us facts about the firefly. They learned that the firefly was not a fly at all but a soft body beetle. They also learned that the light they give off is a cold light so it is not hot when you touch them. There are 2000 different types of fireflies in the world, fifty of which are spread over the United States. Then we listened to the story and learned that the firefly sets out to find his own kind by following the light. He encounters many lighted things along the way including fireworks that light up the night. In the end he finds other fireflies and isn't lonely anymore! They light up the Smartboard which amazes the students.
We talked about the many insects we can find in nature and how different they are. I encouraged them to look for different kinds of insects this Spring and Summer but told them to look only and not touch them with the exception of the firefly/lightning bug.
There are only two more weeks of library! Please remember to have your preschooler return their books. Next week is the last week to check out.
Lastly, thank you for coming to the book fair! There is nothing more satisfying then learning how to read and being excited about what you read.
I love my job!
. . .until next week


Welcome to the week of April 16th-20th.
This week our book is "The Very Quiet Cricket."
We are discussing bugs this month to go with the United Way monthly book the preschoolers receive.
We watch the Quiet Cricket go from a baby to an adult. Each time he meets another bug he tries to say hello to them but nothing comes out. As we watch him grow bigger he is finally able to make a sound to another cricket. The book is electronic so all the preschoolers were amazed at the chirping sound in the end.
We also learned their are four thousand different species of crickets and if it is the male(boy) or female (girl ) cricket that chirps. Ask your preschooler the answer to that question.
....until next week.


Welcome back from Spring Break!
I hope it finds everyone in good health.
Our story for the week of April 3rd-6th is called the "Mud Puddle," by our author/storyteller Robert Munsch.
The mud puddle comes to life and everytime the little girl Jenny comes outside to play it would get her dirty and full of mud. She is continuously having to take a bath and finally comes up with a few ideas of her own to to both tease him and get rid of him. Ask your preschooler what Jenny finally did to get rid of him once and for all! Robert Munsch uses not only his imagination to make children and adults laugh but he makes funny noises and sounds to bring his characters to life!

Next week is Fairview's Spring Book Fair. BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!


My family! My dog Oliver, my daughter Ali and son in law Brian, my son Jimmy and his girlfriend Dee! Happy Easter, if you are celebrating!


Welcome to the week of March 19th-23rd

Happy Spring!

πŸ“šThis week we read two books.
The first book was "Mouse's First Spring." Mama mouse shows baby mouse for the first time all the different things that we see in the Spring, a bird, a worm, a butterfly, a snail, a frog and a flower. As the wind wooshes through the air mouse gets blown into his mother's arms and she says "Happy Spring Baby mouse. I love you.! It's really a cute story that shows the preschoolers some the things they can look for in the Spring.! See if they can name the things they saw!

Our second book is called "Paper Bag Princess." It is about a dragon, a prince, and a princess . It is not your usual happily ever after story but it is quite humorous!Ask your preschooler about it and who the hero in the story was!
The author Robert Munsch is one of my favorite children's authors and storytellers. I will be bringing a collection of my stories and CD'S from home for them to listen to after Spring Break. We will do an author study on him. He is so entertaining that me reading these stories to our preschoolers doesn't do them justice. They are going to be laughing and loving these books for the next several years! He is the author who wrote the beloved story "I'll Love You Forever."

Have a safe and Happy Spring Break!

Look for the Spring Book Fair info, Buy One GET One FREE Flyer to come home sometime this week!!!πŸ“š



Welcome to the week of March 12th -15th! Remember no school for preschoolers on Friday March 16th!

This weeks book is called "Clifford's Birthday Party."
Clifford celebrates his "1st" birthday and everything you think could go wrong does because of his unusual size. Yet in the end he gets the best birthday presents anyone could ever want. It's a special visit from . . . that happens to come out of his cake! Ask your preschooler what his awesome presents were in his cake!

I love my job!

. . . until next week!

Yes, this big red dog is sure to steal your heart!β™₯️
You will be receiving your United Way Book this month called "Clifford's Family."


Welcome to the week
of March 6th - March 9th!

This weeks book is called "Are You My Mother" by P.D. Eastman. It is a Dr. Seuss approved book for beginner readers. In this book a mother bird realizes her baby will hatch soon and she must find food for him. So she flies off. When the baby bird hatches and realizes he is all alone, he sets out looking for his mother. Because he does not know what she looks like. He ends up asking all kinds of animals and forms of transportation if they are his mother. Finally in the end one of the machines takes him back to his nest and his mother shortly joins him . He tells her of all the animals and things he thought that were his mother while he was searching for her.They end up snuggling and falling asleep together. Ask your preschooler if they liked the way the story ended and why?

. . . until next week!


Welcome to the week of Feb 26th-March 2nd!

We have been celebrating Dr. SEUSS all week long!
I dressed up like the Cat in the Hat all week as well and the preschoolers seemed to enjoy it!

We read on the Smartboard "One Fish Red Fish Blue Fish." We also sang and danced to Dr.Seusses Birthday song on YouTube and they received their coloring sheets. They also learned a secret about Dr. Seuss.Ask them what it was!

Monday library preschoolers I will try to get around to visit your classes tomorrow to celebrate his birthday with you since we did not have and will not have any school last Monday and this Monday!

I love what I do!

. . until next week!


Week of Feb. 19th- 23rd

I'm out sick this week with that horrible flu,strep and now bronchitis!

THANK GOODNESS for Ms.Mary Jo and Ms. Donna who were able to sub for me.

I'll see you all next week!

We will be reading the Dr. Suess book " One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish,Blue Fish" alll next week to celebrate Dr Seusses Birthday March 2nd. I will also be sending home a special coloring sheet for all the preschoolers to color.
His birthday also celebrates "Read Across America" day. Please pick out your child's favorite book to read to him/her that day.

. . Until next week!

Have a safe and healthy weekend!


Welcome to the week of Feb 12th!

This week I get to share my favorite children's story via Smartboard! I can't say enough about it. When I read it out loud it captures me with so much emotion, it's that good!

As your preschooler grows up with this book, that I have no doubt is located in every local library, the message will become more gratifying with each year. What I love most about this Smartboard version is that it is set to classical music.You can go to Google then The Giving Tree, to see it for yourself!

It's about a tree who loves a boy and a boy who loves a tree and just when you think the tree can't give anymore because the boy has taken all he can from it,the tree becomes the place the boy can not live without!


. . until next week!

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