Boylan Central Catholic High School

Striving to be Saints. Scholars. Champions. Malloy DD, JCL, STD. Boylan’s campus is situated on 60 acres in the northwest section of Rockford.

Boylan is a comprehensive, co-educational diocesan high school in the Diocese of Rockford, IL whose bishop is the Most Reverend David J. The 53 year-old facility includes a chapel, library, Academic Support Center, guidance offices, auditorium, two gyms, a weight room and a wrestling room. The main building also has a computer-aided design (CAD) lab, three computer networking labs (including a MAC

Operating as usual


Today is the Fourth Sunday of Lent. Let us reflect on our Lord's journey toward sacrifice and our salvation with a gospel reflection excerpt from the My Catholic Life website:

“Blindness” is our inability to see the hand of God at work all around us. We struggle to see the daily miracles of God’s grace alive in our lives and alive in the lives of others. So the first thing we should do with this Scripture is strive to see our lack of sight. We should strive to realize that we so often do not see God at work. This realization will inspire us to desire a spiritual healing. It will invite us to want to see God at work.

The good news is obviously that Jesus cured this man, as He willingly cures us. To restore sight is easy for Jesus. So the first prayer we should pray as a result of this story is simply, “Lord, I want to see!” The humble realization of our blindness will invite God’s grace to work. And if we do not humbly acknowledge our blindness, we will not be in a position to seek healing.

How He heals this man is also significant. He uses His own spit to make mud and smear it on this man’s eyes, which is not immediately that appealing. But it does reveal something quite significant to us. Namely, it reveals the fact that Jesus can use something exceptionally ordinary as a source of His divine grace!

Reflect, today, upon this act of Jesus and allow our Lord to smear His spit and dirt on your eyes. Allow Him to give you the gift of spiritual sight. And as you begin to see His presence in your life, you will be amazed at the beauty you behold.

My miraculous Lord, I want to see. Help me to be healed of my blindness. Help me to see You at work in every ordinary activity of my life. Help me to see Your divine grace in the smallest events of my day. And as I see You alive and active, fill my heart with gratitude for this vision. Jesus, I trust in You.


Over the past two weeks, Boylan has taken part in a city-wide shoe drive support Life Decisions, a local nonprofit centered around supporting at-risk youth in Rockford. Together, the Titan community collected a total of 251 pairs of shoes! Huge thank you to all who participated in this effort, and a special thank you goes to the students and staff members who worked so hard to make the drive a success. Way to make an impact, Titans! 💚⚡👟

Life Decisions is still collecting shoes through Tuesday, March 12th at locations around Rockford listed here:


On Friday, students in Mrs. Ackerman's Environmental Studies classes tested water samples from various sources, measuring for contaminants and other chemical properties. Water samples came from a local creek, the Pecatonica River, a home well, a sink here at Boylan, and distilled water for comparison. 🧪


Seats are filling up fast for Boylan Catholic's annual Green & Gold Gala on April 13th! We invite you to join us at 6pm at Forest Hills Country Club for a wonderful night of great food, music, and company all in support of Boylan Catholic High School.

Secure your spot now by filling out the registration form at! For questions about the event or potential sponsorship opportunities, contact Director of Advancement Brandon Swanson '11 at [email protected] or (815) 566-8001.

Thank you especially to this year's Premier Sponsor, Lou Bachrodt Chevrolet Buick GMC, for supporting this event. The Green & Gold Gala would not be possible without these generous sponsors who believe in the mission of Boylan Catholic in Rockford and beyond, and we are so grateful for their generosity.


Happy International Women's Day to all the incredible women in our Boylan Catholic community and around the world! Today, we celebrate your strength, resilience, and endless contributions. Thank you for inspiring us all to be better each day, and may the Lord God bless you.
Here's to strong women - may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them. 💪💚

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This week, Mrs. Rozanski's Honors English 4 classes participated in an activity called "Titanbury Tales", based on the classic Canterbury Tales. Each student wrote a tale in the style and theme of the Canterbury Tales, and then they classes went on a pilgrimage around the school, with students reading the stories they wrote out loud to their classmates at each of the stops. The pilgrimage took students inside and outside to several different locations, ending at Mary's prayer garden at the front of the Student Entrance for a group prayer to end the activity.


Has your Future Titan taken the High School Placement Test yet? This Saturday, March 9th, Boylan hosts the final group testing date for all 8th graders who are considering joining the Titan family for the 24-25 school year. Get more information and register for the test now at
Can't make this testing date? Contact Enrollment Director Matt Weber at [email protected] or (815) 566-8026 to schedule another date.

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This weekend, Titan Mock Trial competed at the annual Niles North Mock Trial Competition. In two trials, the team took the roles of defense and then plaintiff, with team members participating as attorneys and/or witnesses. Congratulations to the team members who took home individual medals: Alan Rodriguez '27 (Best Witness), Angelina Redisi '25 (Best Attorney), and Madison Buelow '24 (Best Attorney).
Well done to all team members and coaches!


Today is the Third Sunday of Lent. Let us reflect on our Lord's journey toward sacrifice and our salvation with a gospel reflection excerpt from the My Catholic Life website:

This is the story of a woman who encountered Jesus at the well. She comes to the well in the middle of the noonday heat so as to avoid the other women of her town for fear of encountering their judgment upon her, for she was a sinful woman. At the well she encounters Jesus. Jesus speaks with her for a while and she is deeply touched by this casual but transforming conversation.

But here was Jesus. He knew all about her but wanted to give her Living Water nonetheless. He wanted to satiate the thirst that she was feeling in her soul. As He spoke to her, and as she experienced His gentleness and acceptance, that thirst began to be quenched. It began to be quenched because what she really needed, what we all need, is this perfect love and acceptance that Jesus offers. He offered it to her, and He offers it to us.

Interestingly, the woman went away and “left her water jar” by the well. She never actually got the water she came for. Or did she? Symbolically, this act of leaving the water jar at the well is a sign that her thirst was quenched by this encounter with Jesus. She was no longer thirsty, at least spiritually speaking. Jesus, the Living Water, satiated.

Reflect, today, upon the undeniable thirst that is within you. Once you are aware of it, make the conscious choice to let Jesus satiate it with Living Water. If you do this, you too will leave the many “jars” behind that never satisfy for very long.

Jesus, You are the Living Water that my soul needs. May I meet You in the heat of my day, in the trials of life, and in my shame and guilt. May I encounter Your love, gentleness and acceptance in these moments, and may that Love become the source of my new life in You. Jesus, I trust in You.


Make sure to reserve your seats TODAY for the 2024 Boylan Green & Gold Gala! Join us on Saturday, April 13th at Forest Hills Country Club from 6 pm - midnight for a wonderful evening filled with dinner, music, a live auction and more! We get to do all of this while raising money to support our outstanding Boylan students. You can go to to register.

Sponsorship opportunities are also still available. Please contact the Advancement Office at 815-566-8001 or email Director of Advancement, Brandon Swanson, at [email protected]. We hope to see you there!

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One final congratulations to Netavia Wickson '24, who celebrated her IHSA Girls Wrestling State Championship this afternoon amongst friends, family, teammates, and the entire Boylan community. As Netavia finishes up her career as a Boylan student-athlete, we all look forward to seeing what this next chapter after graduation will bring her. 💚⚡


Congratulations to Lily Esparza on being voted to the IBCA Class 3A All State - 2nd Team.


Congratulations to Lily Esparza for being named to the Illinois Associated Press 3A All State 2nd Team! 🏀💚⚡️


As Black History Month wraps up in the U.S., Boylan Catholic wishes to take the opportunity to share one student's perspective on what this celebration of the black community means to him. Senior Donavan Hanserd reflects on his own experience as a young black person in today's world, and what it means to encourage diversity at Boylan Catholic:

Black History Month is not just a time to commemorate pivotal moments and figures in Black history but it is a platform to amplify black voices, celebrate black achievements, and confront ongoing struggles for equity and justice. Being a young black man in America comes with a lot of stress and fear, but it also comes with earned success and grit. Prominent figures such as Barack Obama, Muhammad Ali, Maya Angelou, Michael Jordan, Tupac Shakur, and more have all earned the highest level of success due to their determination to become the best version of themselves. Being black is a gift. The adversity we face gives us a reason to work harder than ever.
Being young and black, I have always been aware of the disadvantages we blacks face on a daily basis, but I have never thought that I would actually experience it firsthand. As I have grown older, personal experiences, ranging from uncomfortable to traumatic, have made me realize that even as a Honor Roll student and community leader at Boylan, I am not immune to strangers making assumptions about me because of the color of my skin. I realized that even though we constantly face unfair treatment, black men and women still find success in a world full of inequality. Through this success, black culture has become popular and influential in the lives of people in every community.
Black culture is one of the most recognized cultures in the world. As I grew up, sports, hip-hop, fashion, black TV, and comedy was all I knew. Athletes like Kobe Bryant and Michael Vick, Hip-Hop artists such as Jay-Z and Drake, fashion icons like Virgil Abloh and Pharell, actors like Will Smith and Tyler Perry, and comedians such as Kevin Hart and Martin Lawrence are all generational black talents in these areas of our culture that I was most familiar with. I wasn’t aware of how much black culture influences society until I reached middle school. Bits and pieces of black culture were used by my peers everyday, yet they didn’t even know it. Whether it was wearing gold chains, Tupac shirts, or listening to Drake, black culture was everywhere and continues to be present in today’s society.
Specifically at Boylan Catholic High School, black culture is shown in a variety of ways. Sports is the main contributor that showcases black culture at Boylan. Athletes such as Lee Lampley ‘94 and Anthony Brown ‘20 in basketball, Trey Malone ‘20 in football, Netavia ‘24 and Dathan ‘21 Wickson in wrestling, Rasheed Johnson ‘24 and Dayvion Foreman ‘20 in track, and Willie Young ‘94 in baseball are all champions in their sports and representatives of black culture at Boylan. In addition, Boylan encourages an inviting environment for different races with the Student Diversity Club. The club includes all races, and meetings bring together a diverse group of people from contrasting backgrounds. We learn about different cultures and heritages, which permits students to grow in a variety of ways and learn of the importance of having diversity in our world. Encouraging diversity is a positive experience for everyone because it allows for learning of different cultures, equality, and student achievement.
Growing up, I didn’t truly understand the significance of Black History Month. I now know that it is a month to bring us together and celebrate being black as something that makes us strong. But just one month of celebration isn’t enough time to truly recognize the past and present struggles we blacks face. The black community looks forward to a lifetime of celebration as we overcome racism and violence every day to rise above and continue to stun the world.


Congratulations to Nolan Coen '24, who was selected as an Honorable Mention for this year's All-State Academic Team! To earn this distinction, Nolan was chosen at one of the top 50 out of nearly 500 very competitive nominations of student-athletes from all over the state. Congratulations, Nolan!

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Yesterday, the Boylan community welcomed back the participants of Kairos XCVII from their transformative retreat at Bishop Lane Retreat Center. Kairos is a retreat program that has been offered to Boylan Seniors for many years and has created a constantly growing community of Kairos alumni since it came to the Boylan community. We feel blessed to have this incredibly impactful program available to our students as an opportunity to bond and grow in faith together as friends and peers.

For more information on Boylan retreats for all grade levels, visit

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Congratulations to the Titan artists who received awards at the 83rd Annual Rockford Art Museum Young Artist Show this past week!🎨 The show will be available will be free for public viewing this Saturday, March 2, from 12-6pm at Rockford University Clark Arts Center.
The winners and their awarded art:
-Lila Nonevski '24 - Best of 2D, "Xtra Chromosome, Xtra Love"
-Kayla Bruscato '24 - Staff Choice, "What Am I Made For?"
-Wesley Perkins '24 - Staff Choice, "Vanity"

Photos from Boylan Central Catholic High School's post 02/26/2024

Friday, a few Boylan seniors spent the day at Holy Family Catholic School helping out with the 8th grade Confirmation retreat. Thank you to Holy Family for welcoming our students and allowing them to help prepare to be fully united with Christ and the Catholic Church. Please pray for these and all other candidates preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation in the coming weeks!


Today is the Second Sunday of Lent. Let us reflect on our Lord's journey toward sacrifice and our salvation with a gospel reflection excerpt from the My Catholic Life website:

On this the second week of Lent, we are given the hopeful image of Jesus being transfigured before the eyes of Peter, James and John. They witness a small glimpse of His eternal glory and radiance as the Son of God and the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity. They are stunned, in awe, amazed and filled with the greatest joy. Jesus’ face shines like the sun and His clothing is so white, so pure, so radiant that they shine as the brightest and most pure light imaginable.

The Transfiguration is an event given to these three Apostles to give them hope as they prepare to face the suffering and death of Jesus. They are given this glimpse of glory and hope as they prepare to see Jesus embrace their sins and endure the consequences.

Reflect, today, upon your sin. But do so as you also reflect upon the transfigured and glorious nature of our divine Lord. He came to bestow this gift of holiness on each one of us. This is our calling. This is our dignity. This is who we must become, and the only way to do so is to allow God to cleanse us of every sin in our lives and to draw us into His glorious life of grace.

My transfigured Lord, You shone in radiance before the eyes of Your Apostles so that they could testify to the beauty of the life to which we are all called. During this Lent, help me to face my sin with courage and confidence in You and in Your power to not only forgive but to also transform. My I die to sin more deeply than ever before so as to share more fully in the glory of Your divine life. Jesus, I trust in You.


Congratulations to Netavia Wickson, who took home yet another IHSA Girls Wrestling State Championship this afternoon down in Bloomington. Netavia dominated the 140 lb weight class, defeating Schaumburg's Madeline Zerafa-Lazarevi 19-5 in the final round. This was the Titan wrestler's third-straight appearance in the state finals, and second-straight win.
The Boylan community will hold a celebratory pep rally for the state champion on Friday afternoon. Congratulations, Netavia!💚⚡🤼‍♀️


Boylan proudly congratulates Audrey Winters '24 for being selected for the Good Citizenship Award presented by the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Rockford Chapter. Seniors who are selected from all over the Rockford region demonstrate the qualities of a good citizen: dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism.

Audrey is an extraordinary Boylan Titan, participating in Natural Helpers and National Honor Society while also serving as a member of Boylan Link Crew and Titan Volleyball Manager. She also was recently honored as Rockford Register Star Student of the Week. Audrey truly is a shining example of what it means to be a Saint, Scholar, and Champion.

Congratulations to Audrey and to all other DAR Good Citizen Winners!

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Titan Scholastic Bowl has been busy lately! The Varsity team placed 3rd in both the NIC-10 Conference and in the Sectional of the Illinois Masonic Bowl. Rafael Gahan '24 placed 4th individually to make the All-Conference Team, and Sam Bland '27 and Jacob Jaworowski '26 also earned medals at the JV level.

Tune in this weekend as Titan Scholastic Bowl takes on Galena HS on WTVO Stateline Quiz Bowl! The show will air Saturday at 6:30pm (WTVO), Sunday at 8:30am (MyNetworkTV), and Sunday at 9:30pm (FOX39). Good luck to the Titans!


Ready to start spring cleaning a little early? Starting next week, Boylan will be holding a gently used shoe drive in support of Life Decisions, a local nonprofit focused on mentorship of at-risk youth in Rockford. The city-wide drive hopes to collect a total of 40,000 pairs of shoes by March 12th!
Donated pairs of shoes can be new or gently used (no holes) and can be ANY size or style. One bin for each grade level will be placed at the student entrance, and the grade level that collects the most shoes will win a gourmet popcorn party courtesy of Life Decisions!


Yesterday afternoon, a few students took a trip to the 2024 Building Trades Career Expo to learn about different career options in the trades. They were able to attend demonstrations from many different local trade companies, ranging from electrical to plumbing to welding and everything in between. Our students are lucky to have the opportunity to explore all of their post-grad options; thanks to College and Career Counselor Mr. Hohn for providing it to our students!


All are invited to join Boylan Dance Team this Thursday evening, February 22nd, for their end-of-season showcase! BDT will be performing all their dances from the winter season, including halftime, pep rally, and competition routines. The showcase is free and open to all, so come out and support our Titan dancers as they perform for the final time this year!💚⚡

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