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Photos from Riverview Transition Center's post 06/07/2023

What a great day!! Using our training from PEAC we were able to independently use the smartmovesus bus to get to Olive Garden! Everyone had a great experience and an even better meal!

Photos from Riverview Transition Center's post 05/26/2023

This week we tie-dyed t-shirts using ice and powdered dyes! We also got to learn about Micro-Enterprises with Mr. Ryan's cousin, Bri!

We had so much fun and loved how it turned out... stay tuned for update pictures!

Post Credit: Rose🌹


Today is National Paper Airplane Day! Go out, make yourself a plane, and have fun seeing how far you can throw it!

Post Credit: Rose🌹

Photos from Riverview Transition Center's post 05/12/2023

Mrs. Grooms, Trenton High School, PAES
Happy teacher appreciation to all teachers week! I would like to give a thank you and call out one of my previous teachers Mrs. Grooms. She is the teacher in the paes room at Trenton High School. I first met Mrs. Grooms in sixth grade when she was the resource room teacher. Mrs. Grooms really had an impact on my life. She was always there for me when I needed help and she just knew when I had enough and was overwhelmed. I was so excited to hear that she was becoming the new paes teacher and to see her again. She was always in a good mood and is an awesome teacher. I miss you and will try to visit soon. Thank you for Mrs. Grooms for being there for me. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Mrs. Enochs (Maci), Trenton High School, Math Teacher
Mrs. Enochs was a math teacher and now she is the assistant principal, she is also the cheerleading coach. I had her for 9th and 10th grade. She is always understanding and helpful. Ms. Maci was my very first teacher in high school, my first hour teacher freshman year. She also was my case load teacher. I could talk to her about anything. Ms. Maci was always there for me and very helpful. She is always upbeat and has a positive outlook on things. Thank you Ms. Maci for putting up with me all those years. I will try to visit soon. Have a great day!

❤️ Rose


Mr. Mark Masserant, Flat Rock Community High School, Woodshop

He taught me to be the best I can be in life. When it came to a sad time he had a lot of patience when it came to discussing what happened. He showed me how to be a hard worker. I plan to use some of Mr. Masserant’s advice for many years to come.
He was my favorite teacher because he & I would always joke around & he was happy with me. He was the one high school teacher I never went without. He has a heart of gold. I used to think he was born in the dinosaur age. Plus we had a good time talking about driving the mock steam trains.

Character Traits
Patient, helpful, cool, loyal, compassionate, honest, kind

❤️ Jonah


Mrs Ford, Garfield Elementary School, Math/Money Teacher
I learned a lot from when I worked with her for two hours during the school day. Mrs. Ford had an impact on me because she knew what to say to me and she had a good attitude and always looked out for me and took good care of me when I was there.

❤️ Aidan


Mrs. Mose, Flat Rock Community High School, Painting and 3D Art
I chose Mrs. Mose because she showed me to how to use different types of painting techniques and how to make plates and bowls out of clay. I would say that she is funny and understanding and listens to what people say. An example was when she was able to reheat a part of my mug that I made that didn't have enough paint on it after I put the paint on it.

❤️ Brayden


Happy Appreciation Week to all of the teachers! I hope you all are having an amazing week!!! Here are the teachers I wanted to showcase!

Mrs. Long, Trenton High School PAES, 9th-11th grade
Mrs. Long was a very nice and kind teacher and she always made me happy. Whenever I came into her classroom she always said hi to me when I walked in the room and I still stay in touch with her and I miss her.

Mrs. Grooms, Trenton High School PAES, 12th grade
Mrs. Grooms was a very nice and kind teacher too. She was always in a good mood and happy to see her students. She was always there for me.

Thank You Mrs. Long and Mrs. Grooms for everything. I miss you both so much!

❤️ Leah


In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week we will be showcasing some of the teachers who have made a wonderful impact in each of our lives! Check back daily to see which teachers we are showcasing! 😁


This summer I plan to do a lot of awesome things! I plan to still go to J&M Towing Enterprises, Inc. in Romulus, MI, and I hope I can ride along with some other people from there! I'm also going to go down to Ohio to visit another towing company and will be seeing their new trucks. I plan to go back to Messer Limousine Service in Wyandotte as well! I also would like to continue my can collection business this summer! I plan to just spend some time relaxing too!

I have had a lot of fun posting this week! Thanks for following along!

Post Credit: Jonah K.

Photos from Riverview Transition Center's post 05/04/2023

I'm going to be wearing this 3 piece suit on May 18, 2023 to the The Arc Downriver Formal Dinner with a solid lavender purple neck tie. I plan to buy more suits in the future! Through the Arc I have gotten to make some new friends and connections in life. I am involved in their dance club.

I also got the opportunity to go to the Night to Shine prom in Taylor, MI this year where I saw my friend from Messer Limousine. I had a lot of good food, and saw several people I know!

Post Credit: Jonah K.

Photos from Riverview Transition Center's post 05/03/2023

This is me at Messer Limousine Service in Wyandotte, MI. I met the owner through someone my dad knows. I got to ride in one of their cars, it was an amazing experience meeting the owner and one of the drivers! I got to see funeral coaches, limousines, and the party bus! I am looking forward to going back this summer and hope to see more vehicles, plus we talked about their former fleet! They have 4 hearses, 1 party bus, and 3 limousines including a Lincoln Town Car, which is the only traditional American full size sedan that they have left! They also have a Lincoln MKT- 8 passenger and a Cadillac XTS- 6 passenger!

Post Credit: Jonah K.

Photos from Riverview Transition Center's post 05/02/2023

This is me at J&M Towing Enterprises, Inc. in Romulus, MI. I met the owner at a formal dinner and he and I got each others info, talked, and had a good time! I have ridden in 4 trucks, saw many other trucks in person, and met many staff members. My favorite truck was the Wreck Master, but I have not rode in that one yet. The owner loves that truck, trust me! I am looking forward to more opportunities to work with J&M!

Post Credit: Jonah K.


I am Jonah, a student at the Riverview Transition Center . I am taking over the page this week to tell you about myself! I like to ride in tow trucks, hang out and joke with my friends, work around the house and help my family run errands, go for walks, collect returnables, and go on outings with my teammates at RTC.

Post Credit: Jonah K.


We love to cook together at the Riverview Transition Center! Last week we made two different homemade stir fry recipes! My favorite one had ramen noodles in it! Here's the recipe:
https://eatwithclarity.com/wprm_print/16027/ #

I can't wait to make more cool recipes at RTC!

Post/Photo Credit: Leah

Photos from Riverview Transition Center's post 04/28/2023

We have had so much fun learning to use the smartmovesus bus with PEAC over the last 3 weeks! Super bummed that next week will be our last week working with this amazing program! Here are some pictures from this week's rainy trip to Southland Mall!


"I am helping veterans get products that they can use to help them get through tough times. There is a tote on the porch of my house and you can drop things off there! Please help our Veterans! Thank you so much!"

Post Credit: Dillon

Photos from Riverview Transition Center's post 04/13/2023

The week before Spring Break we went to Pottery Creations in Wyandotte to create some beautiful tiles together! They were such a welcoming space and we had so much fun! They also have great pricing for teachers and field trips, check them out!

Post Credit: ~*BM*~


Look at these beautiful crayons we still have for sale! The flowers are BIG and would be lovely gifts for Mother’s Day!


Good morning! We have been "radio silent" for a little while here on Facebook... sorry about that!

We're hoping to start posting at least once a week, but our posts will look a little bit different for the remainder of this year! Posts will be driven by student interest and may have a lot to do with transition or not much at all! Either way, we're sure you'll enjoy interacting with them!


We've been quiet on Facebook lately, but very busy over here at the Riverview Transition Center! Check out our new set of molds!

Please allow 2 weeks for orders to be completed! (Especially our seasonal molds!)


"Just placed my favorite ornament on our Special Memories Tree in the family room! Thank you for the stunning snowflake! My favorite addition to the tree this year"

Thank you for your order Lisa! Your tree looks gorgeous!

Have you done something neat with your crayons? Share your crayons with us below and order your crayons today! 😄🎅🏻


Swag is here! 😄 Order your RTC swag before December 7!

Message the page with your completed order form or email the completed order form to [email protected].

Photos from Riverview Transition Center's post 11/06/2022

Well, this is a few days late, but my goodness we had a good time on Halloween! We were missing a few of our friends, that would have made it even better! It was a perfect break after several weeks of VERY hard work! “All work and no play makes RTC a dull program!” 😉

Photos from Riverview Transition Center's post 10/26/2022

Come check out the trunk or treat event at the Riverview cosmetology program! We’ve got crayons for sale for one dollar each! Lots of other cool things here as well!

Photos from Riverview Transition Center's post 10/20/2022

Finally settled down after an amazing night at Forest Parent Club’s Boo Bash! Thank you so much for inviting us and thank you to the Forest Families for supporting us so whole-heartedly! We had a great time! See you again sometime soon!


Have you had an order completed from Riverview Transition Cool Crayon Creations? Were you blown away by how cool these crayons turn out?? Share your thoughts below and then share this post so others can place their orders too! Remember, orders with specialty molds need to be returned by December 2 for us to be able to complete your order!


Time to Deck the Halls! Here is Riverview Transition Cool Crayon Creations' next order form for our holiday season! Please share this post with your friends and family and order your holiday crayons today! Specialty mold orders must be returned by 12/2/2022 in order for us to complete them before Christmas!


Thank you again to Haley Labian and Hemlock Media Co. for our beautiful, official, RTC logo! We are so proud of our program!


We are so excited to join Forest Elementary School for their Boo Bash Event next Wednesday, October 19! We will have spooky crayons for sale, but there will also be food trucks, trick or treating, and much more! :)

Hope to see you there! 🧛‍♂️👻🧟


And that's a wrap! Halloween Figures are no longer available for orders, but WOW! We are amazed by the support we received from the community! What a successful first month of our micro-enterprise, Riverview Transition Cool Crayon Creations! We raised over $300 that will go to programs and materials that help our participants achieve their goals! This will also help fund our community based instruction opportunities, check those out, coming soon! 😄

Be on the lookout for our next order form by the end of this week! We will have some updated pricing and new products available just in time for the holiday season! 🎅🏻

Photos from Riverview Transition Center's post 10/09/2022

Wow! It has been a minute since we’ve shared with you what all we are doing at the center! We’ve been BUSY! Our micro enterprise, RTC3, has taken off! Our second micro enterprise, the Riverview Transition Snack Shack, begins tomorrow! We’ve been spending time in our communities, learning to take different forms of transportation throughout those communities, and we’ve been cooking! We’ve got some great chefs in this program, Gordon Ramsey better watch out!


Wow! So grateful for the incredible partnerships we have! Thank you to Haley Labian and Hemlock Media Co. for helping bring our crew's vision to life, this is going to make our micro-enterprise POP! If you or your business need marketing or media support, check them out! Also, if you just really want to see some incredible stuff, they're your place for it, what a talented group! :)


Here it is! The long awaited order form for our crayon mold project. After discussing today we decided to name this microenterprise "Riverview Transition Cool Crayon Creations" or RTC3!

Please fill out and return these order forms to get your crayon molds today! Halloween orders must be put in by 10/10/2022 to be created and in your hands by Halloween! Thank you for your support!


These crayon molds are incredible! The picture doesn't even begin to do them justice! We will finish up our order form for crayon molds tomorrow and share it with all of you! As always, thank you for your support!

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