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What can you do with a dance degree? Tour. Perform. Teach. Build a theatre. Help run ADF. Start your own dance company. Make video dance. Write grants. Advocate. Create.

The sky's the limit - what do you want to do with yours? VCU Dance is a community of highly motivated, disciplined and creative dancers who are interested in shaping the future of the field. We are an energetic department with an established reputation, diverse guest artist program and professionally active faculty dedicated to working with students. Dancers intent on preparing for careers in danc

Operating as usual


THURSDAY is opening night of VCUDance Now 2024. The concert features a diverse set of works by our faculty and guest artists Stephanie Martinez & Norbert De La Cruz III. Tickets can be bought through the link in our bio. 🎟️

See you there! 🫵😤

VCUDance Now 2024
🗓️ February 15, 16, and 17
⏰ 7:30pm
📍The Grace Street Theater - 934 W Grace Street

Photos from VCU Dance's post 03/03/2023

sun and rain, welcome spring break!

hope our dancers take time for restoration of the mind and body 💕🪷☀️🌧️


It’s Opening Night!!

Make time in your schedule to see our lovely dancers and our faculty creations.

Reserve a free ticket with the link in our bio !!

Dancer .dutton

Photos from VCU Dance's post 02/15/2023

Looking for something to do this weekend?

Come see our annual VCU Dance Now 2023! Our professors, dancers, crew, and production team have been hard at work making these visions come to life.

Premiering works by:
Robbie Kinter
Judith Steel
Eric Rivera
Sinclair Emoghene
Autumn Waddell Proctor
Guest Artist Christian Von Howard

Show dates:
Thursday, February 16th 7:30pm
Friday, February 17th 7:30pm
Saturday, February 18th 7:30pm

Reserve your FREE ticket with the link in our bio!

Photography taken by Moriah Jackson .mjjackson._


Community Class is back up and rolling!! Jayden Bidle will be teaching a hip-hop/funk combo tomorrow to kick us off ! Jayden is a current third year dance major who enjoys creating and teaching.

“I’m interested in the meditation of joy and it’s relationship to the moving body, the translation of art forms through one another and the history behind all of them. I’m also interested in learning through the lens of present human experiences”

Come join us and see what our students are about! Community class is open to everyone and free of charge!!

Friday, February 10th
11:45am - 12:45pm
Basement Studio of the Dance Center
10 N Brunswick

Photos from VCU Dance's post 02/06/2023

we love the sharing our spaces with the sun ☀️


So fulfilled to have our students back and better than ever!


For our final class this semester we have Toria Donaldson hosting a hip hop class! Bring your sneakers, let’s have some fun before break!

A message from Toria:
“Hey everyone, My name is Toria Donaldson! I’m from Richmond, Virginia and I have been dancing for the past ten years. I’m a freshman at VCU and hip hop is one of my passions so I’m excited to teach and share the space with everyone!” ._

Community class is free and open to anyone ! Come support our future movers, teachers, and creators!

Friday December 2nd
6:00pm - 7:30pm
Studio 102 in the dance center

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This Friday and Saturday come celebrate the fall seniors and all their hard work! Grace street theater @ 7:30pm. Reserve your seats quick, spots are going fast: email [email protected] to reserve a seat.

There will be a raffle fundraiser on Friday night! There will be merchandise and bouquets for sale as well!! Donate to the seniors fundraiser with the link in our bio!


Timeline photos 11/17/2022

So proud of our Faculty!!

We are pleased to announce that MK Abadoo, assistant professor of Dance + Choreography, lead faculty member in the Racial Equity, Arts, and Culture Core of VCU’s Institute for Inclusion, Inquiry and Innovation has been named a 2022 Dance/USA Artist Fellow!

Dance/USA Fellowships to Artists (DFA) has awarded Fellowships to 30 dance and movement-based artists with sustained practices in art for social change.

MK Abadoo devises intergenerational and immersive dance performance rituals that combine Africanist and post-modern movement vocabularies with place honoring community building. Moving from a spirit of joy and ease, her work amplifies the lives, stories, and wisdom of gender expansive, q***r, Black cultures.

Please join us and give MK Abadoo a big congratulations🎉


Looking for something to do this weekend? Look no further! Our seniors have spent countless hours curating a wonderful performance for your creative searching eyes.

This Friday 18th and Saturday 19th at 7:30pm in the Grace Street Theater. FREE!

There will be fundraisers in the lobby: bouquets for sale, merchandise for sale, little messages to send back to your dancer, and a raffle to win a basket full of the seniors handmade crafts!

Come support the future of dance!

Photography: .pic
Design: Matt Klimas

Photos from VCU Dance's post 11/11/2022

Cheering on L.A. Morgan as she completes her Senior Capstone tomorrow night!! Énouement Part I : With Eyes From Both Sides

Join us tomorrow night at The Anderson Gallery for a the showcase! Doors open at 7:30. There are three time slots:
Please email [email protected] to reserve a spot!

Don’t forget to donate to the Senior capstone fundraiser with the link in our bio. Stay up to date for the year long production here: .t




It’s Senior capstone season! This year is a unique year, our ten seniors are working together to create a year long experience: Énouement!

The fall semester consist of senior L.A.’s site specific work at the Anderson Gallery on November 11th at 8:00pm

AND seniors Justine Anonuevo, Simone Grant, Trinity Hughes, Misha Joao, Amelia Virtue, and Fredrick Williams presentation at the Grace Street Theater on November 18th and 19th at 7:30pm!

The Spring semester consists of Elise Cumberbatch and Nina Loree’s presentation at the Black History Museum on April 14th.

AND Ashanti Brantley’s work at the Trail of the Enslaved on April 21st.

Keep posted on the seniors work through there instagram .t
Photography: .pic
Design: Matt Klimas



Community class this weekend is Chynia Harris!! Chynia is a second year dance major and media studies major! She will be teaching contemporary based movement with a blend of hip-hop, jazz technique, and accentuations!

Message from Chynia:

“Heyyy Im Chynia (Shu-ni-yuh) & I’m from Tappahannock, VA. I’ve been dancing since I was 13 years old, taking classes in almost every genre of dance. The “style” I’ve drawn most interest to is Contemporary/Modern techniques with blends of other styles like Hip-Hop, Jazz, & other street styles of dance. This class is really just targeted to be fun, low stress dancing focused of finding you & your individuality. Come as you are & in whatever you feel comfortable dancing in!” .by.chynia

Community class is free and open to anyone! Those attending High school festival are more than welcome to take class! Come out to support our future leaders, teachers, and creators.

This Sunday, November 6th
5:00pm - 6:30pm
The basement studio of the Dance Center
10 N Brunswick


Community Class this weekend is Abby Hardy teaching Contemporary Fusion! Come on out and getting your body moving with fun combinations and good music!

A message from Abby:

“hi im abby!! i’m from nova and i’m a third year dance student! i believe dancing should be for the dancer’s own joy and that everyone should move their bodies to the fullest extent of their capabilities as much as they can! all are welcome to join me for some fun dancing!”

Community class is free and open to anyone. Come out to support our future leaders, teachers, and creators!

This Saturday, October 22nd
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
In Studio 203 of the Dance Center
10 N Brunswick


Community class this week is a fun one! K will be teaching improvisation and play with investigation of wiggling!! They will experiment with improv as a compositional work and host a large jam!

Hear from K:
“hi friends, my name is k. my pronouns are they/them, and i identify as nonbinary. i'm a self proclaimed improvisation enthusiast with a passion for individual expression, personal flow, and experimentation. i'm excited by improvisational scores, and how they influence movement in the form of problem solving and spatial investigation. music is my second love, so if you need a playlist made, let me know. above all else i live for seeing the humanness in motion, and the relationships that form both inside and outside the studio.”

Join us this Friday for some improvisational fun! Community class is free and open to anyone. Come out to support our future leaders, teachers, and creators!

This Friday, October 14th
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
In the Basement Studio of the Dance Center
10 N Brunswick

Énouement: VCU Dance 2022-23 Seniors, organized by Misha Joao 10/11/2022

Our Senior's Fundraiser is LIVE!!

For anyone unfamiliar, this fundraiser directly supports the senior's artistic endeavors and each concert for the entire year! As they work to produce and support their projects, they have set a combined goal of $10,000 to fund costumes, music, props, set design, and marketing materials, among other necessities. Each generous donation, of any size, brings them one step closer to fully realizing each artist’s vision.

Your support is greatly appreciated!!

Énouement: VCU Dance 2022-23 Seniors, organized by Misha Joao The VCUarts Dance + Choreography Graduating Senior Class of 2022-23 invites you to st… Misha Joao needs your support for Énouement: VCU Dance 2022-23 Seniors

Photos from VCU Dance's post 10/10/2022

We are beyond excited to welcome back Christian Von Howard to our space for a week long residency! He will attend and lecture fo various Dance & Choreography studio classes, as well as set a new work that will premier at VCUarts Dance NOW 2023.

Christian is the artistic director for VON HOWARD PROJECT, a contemporary dance company based out of New York City. Previously, he was a faculty member for our department from 2008 to 2014 and has taught masterclasses for Friday workshops since. Read more about Christian with the link in our bio!

Stay tuned to our story for more on his residency!


Community class this week will be taught by Jillian Sanders! She will be teaching Contemporary Fusion with hints of commercial styles. Get ready for some good vibes and free movement!

Get to know Jillian:

“My name is Jillian Sanders, I'm a third year Dance & Choreo major here at VCU. I'm from Ellicott City, Maryland, and have been dancing for 16 years. I grew up in the competition circuit, competing in styles ranging from pointe to tap to musical theatre. I now train with Lume Dance Training as well as VCUDance, and have learned to really value well-roundedness and versatility in dance. I have strong appreciation for both the concert and commercial realms and hope to eventually dabble in both :) I love teaching and want my class to feel free and uplifting- wear whatever makes you most comfy!” .sanders7

Community class is free and open to anyone! Come out to support our future leaders, teachers, and creators!

This Saturday, October 8th
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Studio 203 in the Dance Center
1315 Floyd Avenue


This week we have Misha Joao teaching contemporary with improvisational elements!! Misha is a current senior studying dance and choreography. Here’s a message from Misha:

“”Hi friends, I can’t wait to get into the studio with you all and explore what happens when we play with energy and environment. Movement informed by improv has become a huge interest of mine and i’m excited to see what transpires:)”

Photography: Anthony Johnson

Community class is free and open to anyone! Come out to support our future leaders, teachers, and creators!

This Friday, September 30th
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Studio 203 in the Dance Center
1315 Floyd Avenue


Kicking off Our first Community Class with Jayden Bidle!! She will be teaching an improvisation workshop focusing on exploring your experimental creative process, sounds so refreshing!

Here is a little background from Jayden:
“I am originally from Maryland, but now a junior at VCU. I’ve danced my whole life but have always been especially interested in creation and art of all forms. That has translated to my college research and fascination with creating and how different expressions can support each other when it comes to that process. I’m excited to share processes, experiments, and experience with anyone who would like to join me :)”

Community class is free and open to anyone! Come out to support our future leaders, teachers, and creators!

This Friday, September 15th
4:00pm - 5:30pm
In the Basement studio of the Dance Center!!
1315 Floyd Avenue.

LocoMotion live coding demo, 16 June 2022 08/22/2022

Check out LocoMotion, a collaborative coding project that Professor of Dance and Kinetic Imaging Kate Sicchio is leading.

It is a collaboration with McMaster University and funded by a $250,000 New Frontiers in Research Fund grant. They presented their work this Summer in Chicago at the Movement Computing Conference.

Direct contributors to what you see in this video: David Ogborn, Kate Sicchio, Misha Joao, Esther Kim.

LocoMotion live coding demo, 16 June 2022 The first demonstration video of the new live coding language/project LocoMotion (being used here in the Estuary platform for collaborative live coding)! Bri...


This Friday - an exhibition and sale of the personal artistic collection of VCU Dance founder and professor emeritus, 102-year old Frances Wessells. Visit Artspace for the opening reception from 6-9pm!

Artspace exhibits: Frances Wessells Collection This website is about Artspace Gallery, a non-profit gallery for the visual and performing arts, Art Gallery, Exhibitions, Performance Art, Membership, Fine Art, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Photography, Drawing, Crafts, Education, Outreach, Opening Reception


Join us in celebrating new work in theater this weekend!
We have faculty work from Scott Putman, Eric River, and Kate Sicchio. New Student work from dance majors Sophia Berger, Ashanti Brantley, Nelson Mejia, Nina Loree, Misha Joao, Elise Cumberbatch, and Holly Trenbath. We are also excited to welcome back guest artist Charles O. Anderson and his piece "The Long March" presented in December by the Junior class. The presentation of work by Charles O. Anderson is made possible in part by a generous grant from E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation.

For more information please visit our website linked below:

VISIT OUR INSTAGRAM FOR SOME BEHIND THE SCENE LOOKS AT ALL THE WORKS IN THE SHOW! Learn more about the seed, the process, and the vision of the choreographers.

Ashanti Brantley "If Honey Aged Like Whiskey" :
Sophia Berger "How She Resides" :
Elise Cumberbatch, Misha Joao, Nina Loree, Holly Trenbath "Chatter of the Mind" :
Kate Sicchio "Amelia and The Machine" :
Eric Rivera "Esencia" :
Scott Putman "A Cloud of Probability" :

Rehearsal - Amelia and the Machine

Upcoming Performances
Feb 11 & 12

💃🏼🦾 Team:
@amelia_isa_virtue_  @_olivetrees_  @taylorcolimore @danc202 #charles #drmartin 02/03/2022

We are so excited about new work by guest artist Charles O. Anderson, faculty Scott Putman, Eric Rivera, Dr. Kate Sicchio, and Dance majors! Below, follow Dr. Sicchio over to Insta to see her new work with dancer and robot, "Amelia and the Machine". Check out for details! It's free. Masks are required.

Rehearsal - Amelia and the Machine Upcoming Performances Feb 11 & 12 @vcuartsdance #thehivelab 💃🏼🦾 Team: @amelia_isa_virtue_ @_olivetrees_ @taylorcolimore @danc202 #charles #drmartin

Photos from VCU Dance's post 01/11/2022

Interested in VCU Dance?
It’s not too late to apply. We are offering in person and virtual audition processes for our 2021-2022 audition cycle!

In person audition dates are
Friday, January 28th
Friday, February 11th
Friday, February 25th

Auditions consist of viewing our department workshop class, a Q&A between current Dance Majors, a technique class with ballet and modern aspects, and an interview with faculty members.

(Our students love answering questions you may have so come ready to quiz)

For more information regarding in person or virtual auditions and the VCU Application process please see the link below and click on “Audition Information”.

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Rennie Harris Master Class @VCU Dance
VCU Dance Flamenco Workshop with Ana King




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