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IYKYK 🍓 We love showing this beautiful birth video (shot by Eva Rose on YouTube) the 1st night of our Birth Doula Training. And we REALLY love this partner, catching his baby’s placenta 🥰

Sharing stories, videos, podcasts, articles, books and real time experiential lessons with pregnant volunteers, are how we normalize birth in our workshop and help our Doulas UNlearn some of the Hollywood inspired birth constructs out there shaped by fear.

What are your favorite birth videos out there?! Have you seen The Birth of Perdy?! Check it out 💛

Photos from toLabor's post 03/06/2024

📣 ToLABOR is hosting our very first RETREAT + Birth Doula Training!! June 7th-9th in San Diego, CA 📣

Join us for your Birth Doula Training while being taken care of- mind, body and spirit, through experiences relating to all 5 of your senses- just as you will care for your own Doula clients 💛

👁️ Have you seen this gorgeous place?! Steps from the Del Mar beaches with plenty of indoor and outdoor learning and private space, with a giant hot tub surrounded by that lush Cali greenery. There are 2 King Suites with en-suite baths and 2 Queen Suites with en-suite baths available. RUN, don’t walk, to snag those! We also have limited spots for locals and those staying elsewhere, in our “A La Carte” offering. Both In House AND A La Carte options include all activities and beautiful, organic, plant based meals prepared by Top Chef contestant, Emily Hahn all weekend long!

👂Be lulled into a state of complete relaxation and tranquility with a sound bath + meditation activity right in our own space, with doors open to the sounds of nature right outside

🖐️ Another activity we’ll embark on together is a group acupuncture session, inviting in openness and true respite. A chance to unwind from the day to day grind and fully sink into the weekend.

👄 The entire training will be privately catered by Chopped + Top Chef contestant, Chef Emily Hahn- an absolute force in the culinary world. She’ll be whipping up delicacies you’ve never even dreamed of and we’ll enjoy them family style + al fresco, while discussing all things birth, advocacy and support.

👃 The house will be filled with so many intoxicating scents all weekend- from cooking to the massage/essential oils we’ll have for you to use (and to buy for your birth bag!) when we practice touch and counter pressure on ourselves and each other!

Do NOT miss this training!! Sign up now, before it’s too late! Registration link in bio. See you in San Diego ✌️😎🌴🐚🌊

***ToLABOR Certification is recognized by


Thinking of becoming a Birth Doula? Let doula you through your journey. Our upcoming March 15-17th hybrid In Person/Virtual training offers the most well rounded, fun, informative and fully evidence based training to prepare you for what birth work can actually be: a sustainable, rewarding CAREER! Join us in Richmond, VA or on Zoom for a transformative weekend of birth education magic. Register NOW!! Link in bio 💛

✨posted with permission ✨


When a baby is born, so is an entirely new relationship dynamic in the household. Doulas, how do you broach this subject with your clients? How do you prepare both clients for the changes to come?

We have some ideas below, and we’d love to hear some of yours 🫶

📸: by the incredible 😍


Sometimes a good cry is all you need to really get things movin… Harvard says “Researchers have established that crying releases oxytocin and endogenous opioids, also known as endorphins. These feel-good chemicals help ease both physical and emotional pain.” Maybe releasing all of that built up tension from the end of pregnancy hurdles, all the expectations and fear they’ve been carrying around and hearing from others, makes space for the big BIG hormones to come in. Letting all of that go in a safe place with people they trust, maybe, just maybe that’s how we all need to enter into labor… cracked wide open, held, supported and LOVED.

Beautiful work photographer + doula 💛✨


Happy New Year! This year we’ll be doing things a little differently. ToLABOR will be holding quarterly, in person, trainings in Richmond, VA (virtual attendance is always an option!) 🌟 PLUS we’ll be traveling to a few different cities to hold some bonus workshops, think retreat style education, highlighting some beautiful locations. (So far, we have San Diego, CA and Boulder, CO on our list for travel workshop sites, with space for ONE more!) If you’d like to bring a ToLABOR Birth Doula Training Retreat to your city, please reach out! We’d love to come to you 💛

Our Richmond, VA quarterly trainings will be held:

•March 15-17
•June 28-30
•September 27-29
•December 6-8

Register now!! And keep an eye out for those bonus traveling workshops beginning in June 🌴🌸☀️

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We closed out 2023 with our December training, and had such a blast educating and learning with folks from NC, PA, MD, NM, DC, TX and VA! Thank you as always to our incredible team- , , + for organizing, teaching, leading and hosting! And to our wonderful pregnant volunteers, who aren’t pregnant anymore 🙌, thank you for your time and willingness to share!

Thank you to ALL of our 2023 Doulas for trusting us with your training and certifying needs 🌟 We believe in you, we are here for you and will continue to Doula you through this ever important work. The world needs YOU!

Keep an eye out for our 2024 schedule coming out soon! We’ll be posting quarterly workshops this year hosted in person in Richmond, VA but also virtually, so that you can attend from literally ANYWHERE! We’ll have a few opportunities to travel for workshops as well, so let us know if you’d like to be an official host and bring us to your community for a workshop!

Remember, we are recognized and accepted by and our certification is the longest running Doula certification in the USA, beginning in 1977! Sign up now to bring purpose into your career and to make an impact in people’s lives- starting from birth 💛


Our last Birth Doula Training of the year is just around the corner! Have you signed up yet? This workshop will be taught IN PERSON in Richmond, VA AND virtually, via ZOOM. This means: everyone is invited to join!

Learn what it takes to become a Birth Doula and to build a thriving + sustainable career. Add to your existing Doula skill set and become eligible for reimbursement! Grow your Doula network and pack your support system full of real + comprehensive tools. Register today!! Link in bio 👆

Photos from toLabor's post 11/19/2023

Some highlights from our October Training! We start each workshop with an intro to birth. Meaning- ANYONE, no matter what kind of background or experience you might have with birth, will receive a (sometimes new and different) foundation of what a Doula’s role truly is. We meet everyone where they are in their own birth work journey. And while clearly our goal is for learning throughout the weekend, what really gets us excited are those UNlearning moments our Doulas will have throughout.

This training, we sparked things off with ’s stellar video: The Birth of Perdy, and discussed all the ways that normal birth is usually NOT depicted in our world today. Lots of UNlearning happened that first night!

After a full day of Stages and Phases of labor, the physiology + hormonal structure of birth, and labor positions/counter pressure techniques, we were able to observe the Doula/Client relationship with a real pregnant model, and to have an experiential lesson around the history of different modalities used in obstetrics.

On our last day, from joined us and presented her Racism, Reproductive Health + Equity segment and from topped us off with her Business of Being a Doula presentation, gearing everyone up for next steps in creating and sustaining their dream jobs.

What a wonderful weekend with folks ranging from VA to CA, and many states in between! We can’t wait to watch our newest Doulas grow their own businesses and support even more empowered birthing across the country ✨

Are you ready to start your own Doula journey?! 🫶


Join us for our next Birth Doula Training —-> October 13-15, 2023. This training will be held In Person (in Richmond, VA) AND Virtually (via Zoom). So, everybody is invited!

has been training and certifying Birth Doulas since 1977 and our underlying foundation has remained the same since then- Birth Work is Social Justice Work. Compassion in birth is a civil right, and our Doulas are trained through holistic and comprehensive education to uphold this ideal in every stage of the process.

Sign up today! Link in bio 💛

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Congratulations to our newest Professionally Trained Birth Doulas! This month we trained folks from Virginia, Texas, Chicago and Oklahoma! Our hybrid model of In Person PLUS Virtual participation is such a great way to connect and learn together, across the country.

Our Doulas were able to take part in hands on experiential education with our pregnant model- learning positioning, counter pressure techniques and how to communicate and hold space with a client. They heard from with + on the History of Racism in Modern Health Care and from with + on the Business of Being a Birth Doula.

’s Birth Doula Training is a comprehensive, holistic look at the profession of Doula work, hitting all of the key points this career is made of, preparing Doulas to consider all aspects of birth work, furthering their confidence and skill set. Sign up for your training today!! Next workshop is October 13-15, 2023. Link in bio! 💛


What better way to wrap up summer with the start of something new! Begin your very own next chapter with a ToLABOR Birth Doula Training!

Interested in Birth work? Longing for a fulfilling career? Need to be trained/certified to be compensated by insurance? Sign up now!!

This weekend workshop is packed full of education- from stages of labor, positioning and counter pressure techniques to the history of racism in our health care system, the business side of birth work and advocacy skills to use and pass on to clients. The most well rounded, comprehensive Birth Doula Training out there. Join the TL community today!! Link in bio 💛

📸: .8 + posted with permission ✨


Inductions can be a whole different animal when it comes to the emotional and physical endurance needed for labor. (For Doulas too!) Supporting a client before, during and after an induction requires even more advocacy skills when navigating all the different options and potential twists and turns the process can bring. Plus, handling self care while being 100% plugged into your client’s needs for days at a time can be challenging!

Did your Doula Training cover inductions? Because we do! We have 3 more Birth Doula Workshops this year: September 15-17, October 13-15 and December 1-3. Sign up now!! Link in bio.

📸: 💛


✨Join us for our next Birth Doula Training, June 23rd-25th ✨ This is a hybrid workshop- the in-person
option is located in Richmond, VA and the virtual option is open to everybody everywhere!

Learn the fundamentals of Birth Work from a curriculum rooted in social justice, the physiology of birth, the midwifery model of care as well as business strategy and career
goals! ToLABOR stems from the longest running Birth Doula Training + Certifying Organization in the country,
and we are internationally recognized by !

Are you a seasoned Doula who has certified elsewhere wanting to cross certify with us? We have a discount
code for you! Are you a military family focused Doula needing a certification that accepts? We have
a discount code for you! Are a BIPOC wanting to get into birth work? We offer one absolutely FREE scholarship seat in each of our trainings- DM or email to find openings!

Link to registration in bio! We can’t wait to have you in a workshop!

📸: 💘


We love this resourceful provider using monitor belts to help reinforce a closed knee pushing position! 🙌

What are some Doula tricks you’ve got up your sleeve?! 📣

📸: 😍


Birth work is sacred work. The fact that we are invited in to such an intimate, personal space always shocks me just a bit. What an honor. What a responsibility ❤️

📸: .doulatog ✨

Photos from toLabor's post 04/24/2023

As a Doula trainer, I know there are many more tools to relay than counter pressure techniques and labor positions, but the day we invite in our pregnant models to learn from will always be my favorite part of the workshop. Talking about old school modalities, trying the different fetoscopes, practicing the pressure points or hip squeezes is always fun… but mainly demonstrating the physicality of the dynamic between Doula and client is a treasured chapter in our curriculum 💛

Thank you to our March training participants and especially to our pregnant model who was also a student!! This workshop was so much fun to teach. We had seasoned Doulas, a beloved local Labor and Delivery nurse, and so many wise women who brought their open hands and hearts into the weekend. Thank you to all of you for being a part of our community ✨


This past week was the 4th anniversary of our dear Thérèse’s last moments earthside. Thérèse Hak Kuhn; mother, partner, Doula, friend, and founder of ToLABOR, impacted so so many of us and still does, as her words, teachings and philosophies are carried forward by all of us.

Someone who loved her well recently encouraged me to listen to our old podcasts again, to hear her voice and remember that way she had about her- the ability to fill a room or even a podcast, with utter warmth. This is the episode I chose to listen to, the one where we spoke about the power of the ToLABOR workshop. I love how she describes herself in this as “just a vessel” to distribute the information, never taking credit for the phenomenal curriculum she put together, or even the way of life she had carved out that inspired so many. Listening to this conversation we had so many years ago now, curled up on a tiny couch in our office sharing a little thin blanket over our knees, I’m once again reminded why I do this work, and who I owe my gratitude to ❤️

Take a listen yourselves and hold some space for our dear Thérèse today.

*Link in bio as well


Join us for our March Birth Doula workshop 💛 It’s coming up!

March 24-26, 2023

Remember, we are accepted!! So, if you are already a certified Birth Doula with another organization, but would like to cross certify with us to support our military families, we can offer you a discount + an accelerated track! Reach out today to get the full deets.

If this is your first training, welcome!! We will give you the most current, in-depth, comprehensive education into Doula work. Plus! Our support doesn’t end with the workshop. We are here to doula YOU through your birth work career.

Registration link in bio or you can find more info on our website


Photos from toLabor's post 03/02/2023

Just some highlights from another successful Birth Doula Training in Richmond, VA! Our weekend was spent going over: the Doula’s role, advocacy, activism, the history of racism in our country/our medical system (created + led by the fabulous of ), interventions, hormonal structures of the birthing process, labor positions and counter pressure techniques (thank you to the most magical volunteer of for showing off that excellent inversion!!), the business side of birth work (created + led by the fantastic of / ) and SO MUCH MORE!!

Join us for our next workshop coming up March 24-26! Registration Link in bio 💛

⭐️Bonus points to whoever can tell me what that thing is called in Slide #4! ☝️


Imagining the different roles that each set of these helping hands belong to in this birth story. Partner, Doula, Family, Photographer, Nurse, Care Provider…🤔 There are distinct responsibilities of each of these roles- birth takes a village y’all- and a laboring person will rely on the people in their chosen circle differently throughout the task of labor. It’s important to know as a Doula what your client’s expectations are, and when to step up or to step back. That might look like inviting the partner in to fill their space more confidently or to offer up more options when the provider isn’t giving the full scope… The puzzle of support clicks together when all the members on the team understand and respect this dance of care- creating a smooth and seamless team 💛

📸: ✨


Don’t you just love witnessing babies tell their own stories when they’re born? This little one clearly had quite the journey, and they need to talk about it! 📣 It’s so important to honor this immediate recovery phase- both for birthers AND for babies 💛



This is Flying Cowgirl (can we rename this please?! siiiiiiigh) Anyway- this position opens the brim or top of the pelvis from front to back. The p***c bone shifts when tilted away from the spine, creating more room for baby to drop into the pelvis and progress descent + dilation. This position is usually used in bed with a peanut ball between the laboring person’s legs, but you can adapt it to work in the water too! (If you’ve got a wide enough birthing tub to work with- sans peanut ball of course 🤪) Go Birther, go!!

✨ It’s all about that space ✨

📸: 💛


✨ That immediate postpartum relief ✨

Baby is here. The waves are receding. A new chapter is beginning.

How do we as Doulas offer support in those first hours after birth? This is what we call the recovery stage- the 4th stage of labor that no one talks about. The birther is coming back to reality, taking in their baby through every sense they have- gazing, sniffing, kissing, rubbing, hearing baby’s first earthside exclamations. This time is so very special!

Taking a step back, providing nourishment, documenting the first moments with pics, offering positive feedback of what they might be noticing: “look at all that healthy vernix covering your baby. Your body is amazing!” This safe, supportive bubble you can help create around your client during this time will enable this dream like state of exultance to become a lasting memory. An imprinting of sorts. Setting up our clients for success with parenting comes from building this positive relationship right from the start. 💛

How do you support your clients in the recovery stage?

📸: 🙌💛


This image of captures the feeling of gratitude we have for the powerful relationships we build in birth work, perfectly. Clients + Friends: Thank you for trusting us, for leaning on us, for believing us even when you don’t believe yourself.

The art of walking someone else’s path with only being able to offer support, not to take the steps for them, is incredibly difficult, but also rewarding in so many ways. We learn through you, the impact every single birth makes on your Doula is priceless. Each story shapes us into a better birth worker and a more compassionate human being. Thank you for letting us in, and teaching us what birth can be. 💛

Sign up now for our next Virtual and/or In Person Birth Doula Training! February 24th-26th, 2023. (In Person option available in Richmond, VA!) Link in bio or go to to learn more!

Workshop Calendar — ToLabor 12/17/2022

Interested in becoming a Birth Doula? Registration is OPEN for 2023! Take the first step on your path to birth work 👏

All workshops are ONLINE via Zoom with an IN PERSON option available in Richmond, VA! Join us for a fun + interactive learning filled weekend, sign up today! 💛

Link in bio ✨

Workshop Calendar — ToLabor ToLABOR provides doula trainings for labor assistance, support, and empowerment. The training helps individuals how to attend births with any person that they choose to be with. It also is a workshop about how to live life, how to be an active participant in your own life, so that you can help other


Twinkle lights ✔️
Bomb playlist ✔️
Snack Bag ✔️
Essential Oils ✔️
Rice Sack ✔️

Errrrrrr….?!! 🥴

But what happens when ALL the plans fly out the window and baby decides to come FAST, and on their own terms?

I’ve attended births in all sorts of unplanned places; a walk in closet, an elevator, a hallway bathroom, a few backseats, a Midwife’s office, the labor and delivery parking lot, the lobby, etc… and do you know what the common support element was that made all the difference? When stripped down to what we have on hand in that moment, no frills or tricks, what we have is kindness, love and support. Beyond all else, we have trust in the process, and the Doula’s role is still to bring that trust, that reassurance.

It’s not to step up as medical care provider, if a baby is coming fast we do what we can to get our client connected to their provider/emergency services, but we remain the calm, steadfast presence we were hired to be.

Birth is a mystery until that baby lands earthside. Be the grounding agent in every birth you attend 💛

Drop your uncommon birthing locations below!

📸: ✨


Surrender. One of the best lessons we as Doulas can help enforce- during the Pregnancy: those 41 week talks off the ledge of induction; the Labor: “sink into that pressure, leeeeeean into it, breathe into it. Let your baby come down”; and the Postpartum phase: reminding your clients that every day can look different in those first 3ish weeks with a newborn, and that’s ok 💛

How do you help your clients surrender to their own bodies, their own power, and to trust their intuition?

📸: ✨


Sign up now for our last Birth Doula Training of the year! Virtual OR In Person (located in Richmond, VA). Learn a solid foundation of Birth Work: phases + stages of labor, intervention education, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ support, the history of Racism in our health care system bringing you up to current practices and allyship, and how to take this passion you’ve ignited and turn it into a thriving business! We cover it all 👐

🌟 TRICARE] recognized!! Are you a Doula who works primarily with our amazing Military families? Train or cross train with us to become TRICARE] Certified! (*cross trainers will receive $100 off tuition with proof of previous training)

Join the ToLABOR community today!!

Link in bio or look below 👇

Photos from toLabor's post 10/18/2022

Last weekend’s Virtual + In Person Birth Doula Training was definitely something special ✨ (It’s especially an honor when a current client offers her belly up for learning AND a former Doula client turns into a Doula student! Lots of oxytocin flowin’ in there! ☺️)

Thank you, as always, to , founder of: + for sharing your presentation on the history of Racism and how it continues to be embedded in our health care system. Then, leading us through such a positive discussion on how to seek // enact change as birth workers 🧡

, of + , thank you for giving our new Doulas the most comprehensive breakdown of how to actually turn this passion into a career! Your “Business of being a Doula” segment is always a fave 🤗

And finally, , our Membership Admin does us a solid every workshop with getting our students registered, organized and ready to certify! 🫶

We pack an awful lot of goodies into this Training weekend, and we couldn’t do it without this tiny but mighty team. 🥰

Have you signed up for YOUR Doula Training yet?! Next one up is happening December 4th-6th, 2022. Join us!! Link in bio 😉

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Richmond?

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