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I have referenced before one of my favorite quotes from Mark Twain
“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness”. And he further states , “ Broad, wholesome, charitable views cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth.”

I wholeheartedly want broader more charitable views and have decided to totally step outside my corner. I sold my house, stored my favorite belongings, made sure the grown kids were all settled and on Oct 3rd left Richmond VA for a year long journey around the world.

Considering the craziness of the day and the extreme polarity of views, I am craving to see and maybe even understand the perspective of others. I guess that would be empathy -to really feel someone else’s perspective. I am craving empathy! I believe this adventure will elevate my emotional insight by helping me understand other’s feelings and motivations as well as provide a gorgeous backdrop and lots of FUN!

Remote Year is the company that helps in facilitating the adventure. I am traveling the year with 23 others from a broad range of backgrounds including nationality, age, sexual orientation, race, and profession. We are living in 12 countries during the year and likely visiting quite a few more. The group will be educated along the way allowing for connection with diverse cultures and communities. I am looking for my own personal diversity and inclusion. It really does start with each one of us.

I am blessed to be at a stage in my life where this works for me, it’s not for everyone, for sure. I hope by sharing the adventure and insights you too may want to open your mind to see and feel different perspectives, opinions, and points of view.


Offspring Plus!!
Always so much fun❤️


It’s Still For Sale! Have you seen this one around town?

The Universe is always working for you~ choose to see it that way and live in joy!

One would have to live under a rock in Richmond Virginia, to be unaware of the current hot seller’s real estate market. A house goes on the market- IT SELLS. A house goes on the market- IT SELLS, often for over asking price with multiple escalations, no inspection, and free rent back to sellers.

So you tell me, what does one think when they list a beautiful home in the near WestEnd of Richmond that as of today, 54 days after listing, has received no offers? There is no logical explanation for this. The price has been reduced, there have been constant showings and 2 very active open houses. Many agents have commented on how well it shows. The house has amazing energy...it truly is a gem.

So this house to which I refer is mine and this experience could cause major frustration and maybe even be a trigger for rejection. I have actually prided myself on how well I have staged and quickly sold previous homes. Well, this experience checks to clear that ego validation.

So after briefly dealing with those feelings and that of plain ole befuddlement, I have decided to practice what I teach and recognize this as a pure gift from the universe. I am choosing to understand that there is some reason, something I can’t yet see or fathom. I get to just KNOW, it's not time. At this point I could make up some story like the perfect buyer is tied up with something else, or I need more time before moving and planning my travel year, or we need to get mom settled first, or there is something else I need to learn before going. Whatever the story is, it is for my betterment. The Universe is always looking out for me...I can just relax!.
We can choose to regulate our own nervous system with this knowledge. We can have peace around the situation. And that is when solutions magically appear.

Maybe you are dealing with the other side of the hot market as a buyer, like my girlfriend. She lost an escalated offer this morning after qualifying as the highest of the top two, only to lose it with a technical in an additional round of “give me your best offer”. Within a few-minute conversation, she was able to get through the sadness and understand there is something better for her, she is choosing to understand something just wasn’t in her best interest, maybe timing, funds, or there is just a better match for her a block away.

The housing market may be an easy place to practice this concept. I know you all know there are many more emotional places that the gifts-in-disappointment can be more difficult, like a lost job, a relationship break-up or divorce, infidelity, a sick friend, parent, or child. Practicing the belief that the Universe is always working FOR you and no-thing is actually happening TO you, takes great practice. I invite you to use it as often as possible, choose to feel supported and taken care of and there will be fewer and fewer disappointments and more and more joy and peace in your life.
Remember Peace is the new Success...here’s to mine and yours!


First Quarter Moon - decision making.

Use the universal lunar help and try the following steps at this time.

1. Take Deep breaths and Relax.
2. Thoroughly Investigate.
3. Explore all possibilities - especially those outside your comfort zone.
4. Choose and take Action.
5 . Trust your internal directive.

Know that nothing truly meant for you will pass you by!
You can’t mess up!!

How good does that feel?

Resilient by Design | Rachel Elliott | TEDxVCU 05/01/2021

Resilient by Design | Rachel Elliott | TEDxVCU

Resilient by Design | Rachel Elliott | TEDxVCU Rachel Elliott tells her story of adversity. In a compelling and inspirational talk, she shares deep insights from her own challenges. The quest took her on ...


When it's time to speak through the mask or when lowered, spread words of HEALTH, include what you are doing to boost your immune system. Speak of the supplements you are taking (like Vitamin D and Zinc), how you are getting outside more, what you are juicing, or healthy recipes you have tried. Speak of your experience with Dry January, your favorite exercise YouTuber, or your new meditation practice, breathwork, or cold water therapy. Spread words of immunity and not of fear of disease.

It will not diminish or show a lack of compassion for those who are hurting with job loss or other financial woes when you choose to get excited and speak of WEALTH. Speak of some amazing deal received the housing market boom, or new collaborations due to change that have fruitful outcomes. Maybe you can just smile gratefully thinking of your investment gains, maybe even Bitcoin. Any place you feel wealthy financially or otherwise…spread that!

And there is nothing more contagious than the excitement of ABUNDANCE…especially if it is that of love, joy, creativity, time, and freedom. Talk of the benefits of being with family more, the deeper connection made with your partner, time at home to create more, more time in nature. Maybe you can speak of the time you have spent with yourself and how you have grown.

What a beautiful thing we can all do right now…spread HIGH-VIBES! I promise it is one of the best and easiest things to do right now to heal the collective and YOURSELF!

Reach out if you need more ideas, tips or just help to get to High-Vibe living.


Merry Christmas 2020! ❤️❤️❤️


“Travel is fatal to to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness!”
Mark Twain

Timeline photos 08/02/2020

“I always take me to the party!” This of course is my way of taking full responsibility for whatever is going on in my life at the time. I can’t muster up a great big story about how bad my date was, how much gossip was going on, how drunk Sandy was or even how the party itself was a total waste of time. Because if we really believe that we create our reality then we get to look at what we created.

Often what provokes this flippant self-talk is the realization that the current seeming mishap, disappointment or bad decision was a direct effect from whatever I did to cause it. So you can change the party venue, the music, the food and drink, or even your date but the experience will always be the same. If the party is not fun for you, then you get to change you!

Taking radical responsibility for whatever is going on in your life is quite freeing. It does take some practice, lots of compassion, and plenty of self-love. Imagine a life where every party or function (even those that seem negative) you attend is fulfilling and joyful, lots of laughter and love. It is a matter of being the person you want to be, the one you want to see at the party, the one you want to be in relationship with. The one that is ready to grow and expand, the one that is aligned, has strong boundaries, is joyful and content.

I can help you get there, 2 coaching spots available now, message me for an application. Let’s party!


Although I was actually scared of some of the puppets and I wondered why the man spoke so slowly, I learned many valuable lessons in my formative years from Mr. Rogers.

Here he invites Officer Clemmons to "swim" with him, promoting integration. To my 8-year-old self in 1969, his actions spoke louder than any words could ever have.

I want to be like Mr. Rogers...how about you?

Timeline photos 04/13/2020

My favorite Zoom call Ever! Staying safe...hope you are too!

Timeline photos 03/04/2020

Just be Love❤️
When you finally decide you have absolutely NO care what anyone else flipping thinks about you and you can just BE!
Be the LOVE that you desperately seek outside of you. Just BE You.

Timeline photos 02/14/2020

Love yourself first and everything else falls into place beautifully!!

Timeline photos 02/07/2020

February is notoriously the month for Love. ❤️How about you focus this February on loving you more? Invest in YOU!

An easy and critical habit to make me-time a priority is to commit to a morning ritual. Make this time sacred. I realize that may mean rising earlier than the rest of the household, as well as establishing serious boundaries with others that are in your space. I promise it will be well worth it. You will quickly find this time invaluable! You will feel more empowered, intentional and clear. It will set a positive tone for your entire day.

Morning rituals are best created individually, including specifics that bring you joy and make you feel good. Everyone’s will be different, but there are a few standards I highly recommend.
1️⃣After alarm (choose a favorite song for wake up), no cell for the first 30 minutes.This includes email and social media.
2️⃣Use the first 17 seconds after waking for visualization and manifestation as you are still in a resistance-free state. Use them wisely, feel really comfy in your bed and visualize anything wanted and positive. (I love this time and will often stretch it out for many minutes).
3️⃣Gratitude - Journaling or other practice.
4️⃣Meditation - at least 5 minutes
5️⃣Movement - move your body

Other things to consider: nutritional betterments and supplements, journaling practices including scripting, self eye-gazing practices, H’oponopono, guided meditation, breathwork, dance practices, sauna/heat treatment, and cold exposure are a few.

My daily routine always includes first wake-up visualization and daydreaming, tongue scraping before drinking, lemon water, celery juice, supplements, gratitude practice, 20-minute meditation, and superfood coffee. Most days I get in a run, yoga or workout class, sauna, and cold water exposure (immune benefits are amazing), not always first thing in the morning. I also journal, script, and visualize somewhere within the day. I have been committed to morning (afternoon and evening, too:) me-time for over a year now and I can absolutely say I am happier, healthier, more intentional and much less reactionary.

What are your morning rituals? If none, try creating some!❤️❤️

Acceptance~ 01/27/2020

I hope you are being kind to yourself today!

Gifts from My Ghosts - Kathy Elliott Coaching 01/23/2020

Gifts from My Ghosts - Kathy Elliott Coaching

Have you ever been ghosted?

Gifts from My Ghosts - Kathy Elliott Coaching Gifts from my GhostsHere I am in my fifties and just recently became familiar with the term, ghosting. Ghosting is the act of ending a personal relationshi


“What about me?’
When is the last time you took a day for yourself?

Come enjoy a day of putting yourself first.
Experience the joy of connection through yoga, breathwork and meditation.
Learn new practices for increased energy, emotional health, and motivation.
Enjoy nourishing food with a group of like-minded women in a gorgeous setting.

January 20, 2020
The Stone Barn at Maymont (Maymont logo)
1700 Hampton Street
Richmond, Virginia 23220
10am - 4 pm
$95 *Includes delicious healthy lunch
Limited space

You will leave feeling inspired, sexy, healthy and vibrant, ready for the new decade 2020.

This is an intimate journey- Only 2 spots left!
Link in the comments below to sign up.

Timeline photos 01/16/2020

Only 5 days left !

Come enjoy a day of putting yourself first.
Experience the joy of connection through yoga, breathwork and meditation.
Learn new practices for increased energy, emotional health, and motivation.
Enjoy nourishing food with a group of like-minded women in a gorgeous setting.
You will leave feeling inspired, sexy, healthy and vibrant, ready for the new decade.

January 20, 2020
The Stone Barn at Maymont
1700 Hampton Street
Richmond, Virginia 23220
10am - 4 pm

Only 4 spots left- link in my bio.

Timeline photos 01/14/2020

Meet this precious soul-
McKenzie Payne.

I have known McKenzie for 13 years and we have worked together in many aspects. Years ago, she was one of the best nannies ever and took great care of my babies. We are both entrepreneurs and I did some marketing for her husband’s company. She has always been a delight and I am thrilled to be partnering with her on this project.

McKenzie offers a movement journey led by the breath that allows deep connection to the body. Her Vinyasa style yoga will stoke the fire within, cleanse the body of toxins while clearing out the agitations of the mind.

She is dedicated to challenging students in a way that transforms and inspires. Self-love and nurturing the soul are our truest ways of spreading more love and kindness in the world. “There’s a lot of magic that happens on the mat that transfers off the mat.”

I invite you to meet McKenzie and experience her yoga magic at the full day immersion- A Soul Vacation!

Sign up Today! Link in the comments below.
There are only a few spots left.

Timeline photos 01/13/2020

Meet my friend -Alison Hord.
She is a gem and I am blessed to find her. I am so excited to share with you this breathing practice.

This particular style of breathwork is intensive, therapeutic, detoxifying, transformative and rebirthing. The breath pattern is 2 inhales and 1 exhale all through the mouth designed to move more oxygen, transitioning from the mind into the body.

Breathwork Benefits:
* Emotional, mental, and physical detoxification
* Stress reduction
* Tension relief
* Alkaline’s the body/brings body back to its natural pH
* Processes emotions, previous traumas, and emotional blockages
* Enriched creativity
* Quality and productivity in thinking
* Stabilizes emotions
* Pacifies the ego, coming into partnership with it rather than it being a source of destruction
* Craving reduction
* Boosts immunity
* Increased and heightened self-awareness

Come meet Alison and see for yourself the amazing benefits of this breathing at a full day immersion - A Soul Vacation!
This is an intimate journey, over half full.
Sign up Today! Link in the comments below.

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