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It is that time of year again → Summer Flute Camps!

Join the DiazFlute Marvel Madness Flute Choir Camp!

Students will learn:
→ Fundamentals through the 5 Rings of Flute Playing
→ Sound development through the Multiverse of Tone and Technique
→ Performing confidence by performing in the Marvel Madness Flute Choir

This 5 day camp includes a fundamentals class, flute choir rehearsal, and Marvel themed music games!

To register visit www.diazflute.com/summercamps

Space is limited to register ASAP!

Timeline photos 12/30/2021

Happy new year from DiazFlute Studio!

What a year it has been! I am beyond grateful to all my students and their parents.

Here's to more flute playing, teaching, and growth in 2022!

Timeline photos 12/23/2021

Happy Holidays from DiazFlute Studio!

This month students listened to classical holiday music. Of course the playlist would not have been complete without Sleigh Ride by the Boston Pops and some Nutcracker music!

I hope everyone has a safe and healthy holiday!

Timeline photos 12/16/2021

For many of my students, this is the first year they will be auditions for district band.

Here are 5 tips to help with the audition process and to get into a good mindset!

Timeline photos 12/14/2021

Give the gift of flute lessons! Perfect for the flutist in your family!

Visit www.diazflute.com for more information or contact me at [email protected]!

There's no better time to pursuing your musical goals!

Timeline photos 12/09/2021

The piece of the month is music from none other but The Nutcracker!

Many of my students mentioned how they have seen the ballet but never learned about the music!

We've had fun listening to excerpts from the music and watching snippets of the ballet!

Timeline photos 12/02/2021

As students prepare for all district auditions at the beginning of 2022, it's so important to remember that critique and feedback is not personal.

Look at feedback as information to improve. The most important thing is that regardless of what the judges say and the results , YOU are happy with your performance!

Timeline photos 11/25/2021

Happy Thanksgiving from DiazFlute Studio to all my students and their families!


One thing we love to do during lessons is play duets!

Abigail worked super hard on this little piece during October. Way to go Abigail!

Timeline photos 11/18/2021

I had the wonderful privilege of visiting Akim's music class for a virtual music lesson for his students.

This lesson was all about the music of Disney and Pixar and we learned about multiple general music topics!

We also worked on recorder playing and I gave his students a few tips about playing a woodwind instrument 🎵

Timeline photos 11/16/2021

Starting a new piece can be extremely overwhelming. Here are 5 tips to make the process a little easier!

Timeline photos 11/11/2021

Taylor is a currently middle schooler at a school I gave a couple virtual sectionals at.

One thing they don't teach you in music school is how to teach online music lessons. That's a whole other beast.

Taylor emailed her band teacher after our sectional to share her experience. I was thrilled she enjoyed her time!

Timeline photos 11/09/2021

As students improve and make progress, the music gets harder. This can lead to feelings of frustration and a loss of confidence. Suddenly the progress that students were seeing week to week and month to month isn't there.

Does this mean they're getting worse?

Of course not! It's important to remind your students that just because the music is getting harder, doesn't mean they're getting worse. Progress over perfection, always.

Timeline photos 11/04/2021

Emily reached out last February about preparing for an honor band audition. We had three lessons over one month before the audition. By the time the audition came, Emily felt very confident in her playing and her preparation of the piece! Way to go Emily!


Last month DiazFlute Studio hit a milestone with over 10 students!

DiazFlute Studio got their first student last year in October and 1 year later here we are!

I can't wait to continue building this community of flute players. Heres to more flute playing, musical growth, and then next 10 students!

(Just because the studio is at 10 does not mean we are at capacity! There are still spots open to start taking lessons! Visit www.diazflute.com to get started!)

Timeline photos 10/28/2021

Anna is the parent of a current middle school student. This student has been with DiazFlute Studio the longest and it was been fantastic to see their confidence grow!

Timeline photos 10/26/2021

This month a new section to The Fantastic Fluter was added, a monthly Spotify playlist 🎵!

What's more fun than to start this new section off with spooky classical music 🎃 ! The spooky music playlist included works by Grieg, Mussorgsky, Bach, Wagner, and more!

Timeline photos 10/21/2021

Joe is an adult student who started virtual then switched to in-person lessons. Joe recently made a fabulous recording of Syrinx by Claude Debussy.

Timeline photos 10/19/2021

This month's flute tip is all about tuning!

I've always put intonation last on my to-do list of practicing. It's not that I don't want to play in tune, it's just that I don't want to practice it.

When I start talking to my students about intonation and tuning, I ask if they play a tuning not at the beginning of band class. Many of my students say yes, but they follow that with, "but I don't know why." It can be really hard for students to understand that both of us could be playing B-flats, but they sound differently. I mean, how could that be? We are pressing down the same buttons, so shouldn't we be playing the same notes?

I could dive in about pitch accuracy, what it means to be sharp or flat, and support vs. rolling in or out, etc. But before we even can get into the technical stuff, I like to first develop my student's ear. Can they tell the different between the same note if one sounds higher and the other sounds lower? My favorite way to do this is playing lots of listening games with the flute and without the flute.

What is your favorite way to teach tuning and intonation?

Timeline photos 10/14/2021

Jazlyn is a virtual student who started studying with me in April! We love playing Disney tunes in our lessons 👸🏻

Timeline photos 10/12/2021

The October mantra is I Feel Supported 🌲

Fall is one of my favorite seasons, the weather gets cooler, the leaves change, and for many it's the start of something new. For students they are starting a new school year
which often means new teachers, new classes, new classmates, new music lessons, and new expectations. Some of us are also starting new jobs which means new experiences, new coworkers, and a new schedule. While all of these changes can be exciting, they can also be a little stressful and overwhelming.

Maybe when it comes time to practice you aren't as focused as you usually are, maybe practicing is the last thing you feel like doing, or maybe, you feel like you aren't playing as well in your lessons. That's okay!

It's important to remember that you are surrounded by people who are rooting for you, here to help you, and here to support you in anyway. These people include your grownups and family who take care of you, your teachers and your friends. All of these people want you to succeed, feel supported, and are here to help with anything you need.


One of my favorite ways to play scales with my students is using my scale popsicle sticks! Depending on what scales my students know, they pick out a stick randomly then we play the scale in a round ⭕️.

Playing the scale with them in a round makes scales way more interesting, plus it helps my students work on intonation and ensemble playing!

Timeline photos 10/05/2021

We have THREE new students who joined the studio in the September!

✨ Welcome to Natalie, Jennifer, and Abigail ✨

Natalie is a violin player and joined the studio to learn the Irish flute! Jennifer started the flute in 5th grade and is looking forward to coming back to the instrument after many years! Abigail was a DiazFlute studio camper over the summer and is excited to be taking lessons this Fall!

Fall lessons are in full swing, but there are still spots in the studio available, just click the links below!

Timeline photos 09/30/2021

For my older beginner students we work on rhythm by using sight-reading cards. 👀

On a whiteboard, I write out a 4 measure rhythm using counts only and it is up to them to correctly dictate the rhythm using these cards 🎵. Once we do that a couple of times, we switch jobs. So I create a rhythm using the cards and they have to say the counts 🗣.

This is a fantastic way for us to work on rhythm and meter during our lesson that is tactile and away from the flute!

Timeline photos 09/28/2021

Before I even start discussing what a good flute tone sounds like 🎶 with my students, we discuss describing music and sound. For a lot of my students they have never had to describe sound more than "loud" or "soft". So to try and get them to understand what a good flute tone sounds like would be a far leap for them.

🔉 We've just started an active listening project in the studio where each month all my students listen to a famous classical music piece. I give them general history and information about the piece in the studio newsletter and then they have to listen to the piece and answer questions about the information given as well as the music. They are asked to describe the music, how it makes them feel, and if they like or dislike and why.

Once we're able to establish a good vocabulary of ways to describe music, we move onto identifying a good flute sound and different tone colors! 💐

Timeline photos 09/23/2021

Spotlighting these fabulous rhythm cards!

One of my favorite ways to teach little flutist about rhythm is doing food rhythms🍎. So when I came across these rhythm cards from , I had to have them. All my little flutists crack up at the the silly pictures on each of the cards 🤪.

I like to have my students choose 4 cards and set them on the stand in any order they want. Then we take turns saying the words in rhythm 🗣, clapping and saying the words, then just clapping 👏🏽. It is a great and silly way for them to learn different rhythms!

Timeline photos 09/21/2021

This months flute tip are 3 ways to take your practicing to the next level!

➡️ Have a Goal (make a plan): It is so important when you start practicing to have at least 1 goal of what you would like to accomplish. This is similar in ways to making a plan. Your practice goal could be something specific like what music you would like to get through or more general like keeping your fingers close to the keys.

➡️ Practice the Hard Parts: While this seems obvious, we all know that it can be way more fun to only practice the sections of a piece that we already know how to play and give lesson attention to the difficult passages. BUT, that is the point of practicing...to get better at the parts we can't play!

➡️ Get a Practice Journal: It only makes sense that you have a place to write down your practice goals and make note of all the hard passages you've practiced!

While all of these seem obvious to us musicians who have been playing forever, we have to remember that our beginners have NO IDEA how to practice or what that even really means. I spent a lot of my time during lessons walking my beginner students through processes to break down hard sections, how to tackle a new piece, and what to focus on when they get home.

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Timeline photos 09/16/2021

I learned to read music in early elementary school through piano lessons 🎹. But for a lot of my students, their first introduction into music was last year, in 6th grade, in a virtual setting. Despite the virtual setting, I have been so impressed how fast many of my beginners were able to get the hand of the fundamental concept of playing the flute - especially starting out with Zoom lessons 💻.

The one area that I noticed that needs more work is the actual reading of the notes and associating the notes with the flute fi*****ng 🎶. That's why my best method for working on this is flashcards. This certainly may not be a new method, but it does the job!

🎼 What are some of your methods for getting your students to learn the note names?

Timeline photos 09/14/2021

This months' mantra is I Feel Powerful. 💪🏼

Confidence and courage are all a part of feeling powerful. Many times when students are just starting out on an instrument and begin private lessons, it can be the first time they have every experienced one on one instruction. This can be extremely intimidating, nerve wracking, and overwhelming.

✨This mantra is focusing on the confidence and courage it takes for them to continually show up and play each week in their lessons. If my students don't quite see the power it takes for them to do this, it is a great reminder to let then know how courageous they are being and how much confidence it takes.✨

This mantra also extends beyond just music lessons. As my students continue to become more confident, that trait shows up in other aspects of their day and life. As my students go back to in person school, some are going to their school for the very first time. We've spent a lot of time taking about the first couple of weeks back at school and the feelings they have associated with it. While all were nervous, all of my students have crushed the first couple of weeks by taking the initiative to talk other students they don't know, asking for directions in a new building, and taking on homework. Another great example of confidence and courage, the power, show up in them.

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Photos from DiazFlute Studio's post 02/08/2021

✨Welcome Rohit and Colene! We are so excited that you have joined the studio! ✨

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One thing we love to do during lessons is play duets! Abigail worked super hard on this little piece during October. Way...
Last month DiazFlute Studio hit a milestone with over 10 students! DiazFlute Studio got their first student last year in...
The September edition of the studio newsletter, "The Fantastic Fluter" (pronounced flooter) is out!Each edition has topi...
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