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Penelope's Wacky Wednesday hair!
This is a great resource for finding out what classes are happening today:
Hi everyone! Hope you’re doing well. Here’s something you should be working on to keep up your ankle strength. Single leg eleve done at least 8 times per day and working your way up to 25 to 30. For maximum effect do the 3-D calf stretch. if you don’t remember what that is stand in a wide parallel fourth position and turn your back leg in and out without moving your foot. Use those deep rotators! Do that at least 8 to 10 times and then do the rises.  Miss you all!!!
All Dance International knows of your extensive experience and highly competitive level, so that is why we invite you to represent your nation in the Official Dance Championship of the World: ALL DANCE WORLD ORLANDO 2019!🇺🇸🌎🥇
We are sure that YOU will raise the name of your nation and your prestigious Academy!
Holy winter weather!! Are classes cancelled for tonight?
Christmas PBT fun - last night I put together a combo using a variety of exercises using my special jingle bell ball. I used my younger ones to anchor the balls as I thought that this exercise was too advanced for them. When I told them that they were my ‘special elves’, Graiden asked if they would be helping to make toys. I told them that we were making something even better because they were helping to make dancers better. I knew I got to them when later in the evening I overheard one the elves telling to her friends about this.
Thank you Miss Shannon for this beautiful reminder!!
Fusion Dancers...your donations make a real difference to local friends. Keep bringing in food so we can help grow the Food Pantry at Red Wing High School! Thank you for all of your kindness!!
Keep positive...both with yourself and others!
Become more complete with arts in your life!!
Follow your dancing heart!! 💙💙💙
JAMM Dance has kindly invited others to join them for this wonderful dance opportunity. Please consider attending this workshop!

combining energy and inspiration for dancers of all ages
http://fusiondancemn.com/ Fusion Dance is in the business of dance instruction. We offer a diverse program; students may dance either as a form of recreation while developing grace and poise or strive to achieve a high level of technique and performing skills.

Operating as usual


Now added to the schedule for one day only, April 1. Spots are filling fast!! See comments for additional details about our new Pet Ballet class!!!!

Photos from Fusion Dance's post 03/29/2022

Our Tiny Company dancers had a Pirate Pizza Party to celebrate the beginning of Spring Break…only 12 more days until they go on the big stage for the judges 💙

Photos from Fusion Dance's post 03/28/2022

Madison ended our weekend at Turn It Up with a completely amazing performance!

Her solo received a Platinum Pro, “Intensely Focused” Special Judge’s Choice Award, 2nd overall Competitive Senior Solo, and Runner Up for the Highest Scoring 12 and over solo of the entire competition…out of approximately 200 solos!

Fusion Dance was also selected as the Pure Passion studio winner. “This award goes to a studio who’s dedication and devotion to dance shines through on stage as well as behind the scenes.”

What a wonderful weekend! Only 2 more weeks until our first full studio competition 💙

Photos from Fusion Dance's post 03/27/2022

Tonight we saw our Teen duets on stage and they were BEAUTIFUL!

Riley and Lylah - High Gold
Piper and Jacob - High Platinum, “Powerful Partners” Special Judge’s Choice Award, Nationals Opening Number Invitation, 2nd overall Teen Competitive Duo/Trio

Amazing day! Tomorrow we see our senior soloist, Madison, perform 💙

Photos from Fusion Dance's post 03/26/2022

A fabulous afternoon of Junior solos!

Teagan - High Platinum, Nationals Opening Number Invitation, 5th overall Junior Intermediate Solo
Annabel - Platinum, 7th overall Junior Novice Solo

Lovely job, ladies 💙💙

Photos from Fusion Dance's post 03/26/2022

An early morning with AMAZING results!

Stella - Platinum, “Bubbly Brilliance” Special Judge’s Choice Award, 1st overall Tiny Novice Solo
Kaiya and Belle - Platinum, Most Entertaining Award, 1st overall Tiny Novice Duet/Trio
Camden, Gladys, Grace - High Gold, 4th overall Junior Novice Duet/Trio

Wonderful job dancers! 💙💙💙


Meet Grace. She is one of our competitive/adaptive dancers at Fusion Dance. Tonight, she performed her first ever solo at a dance competition and did incredible! She truly is the definition of, “See the able, not the label”. We are so proud of you! 💙

Photos from Fusion Dance's post 03/26/2022

Tonight our teen soloists took the Turn It Up Stage and started our weekend off strong!

Riley - Platinum, Nationals Opening Number Invitation
Grace - High Gold, “Pure Passion” special judge’s choice award, 4th overall Teen Novice Solo
Piper - High Platinum, “Picture of Grace” special judge’s choice award, Nationals Opening Number Invitation, 6th overall Teen Competitive Solo
Jacob - High Platinum, 5th overall Teen Competitive solo

Congratulations dancers 💙💙💙💙



We agree...what a BEAUTIFUL costume!! 😍
Grace: Angel By The Wings


Live Stream - Turn It Up Dance Challenge 03/25/2022

Live Stream - Turn It Up Dance Challenge

Some of our dancers will be attending an optional competition this weekend. If you’d like to watch from home and cheer on our dancers as they hit the Turn It Up stage, check out this link!

Riley #46 approximately 8:12PM
Grace #54 approximately 8:33PM
Piper #60 approximately 8:49PM
Jacob #96 approximately 10:33PM

Belle and Kaiya #114 approximately 8:39AM
Stella #118 approximately 8:49AM
Gladys, Camden and Grace #167 approximately 11:05AM
Teagan #168 approximately 12:10PM
Annabel #183 approximately 12:46PM
Riley and Lylah #254 approximately 5:04PM
Piper and Jacob #297 approximately 7:21PM

Madison #488 approximately 6:14PM


Live Stream - Turn It Up Dance Challenge Live Stream - January 11, 2022. Learn about dance conventions, competitions, classes and more with Turn It Up Dance Challenge.


Reminder: Puffin Fundraiser products are being delivered to the studio this afternoon. These are frozen items and should be picked up and delivered as soon as possible. Bring a cooler to help keep everything cold. Thank you!

Photos from Fusion Dance's post 03/21/2022

Still in awe over the performances and accomplishments of our dancers at the first optional Solo/Duet/Trio competition 💙 We can’t wait to do it again this weekend!

Photos from Fusion Dance's post 03/19/2022

The 2022 Competition Dress Rehearsal is underway! 💙


Follow the Yellow Brick Road!!!!

Photos from Fusion Dance's post 03/13/2022

We finished our weekend at Beyond the Stars with our ages 6 and under solo, duet, and trio!

Evelyn, Trixie, and Violet - High Gold, 1st Overall 6 and under Shooting Star Duo/Trio, Lovely Ladies Judge’s Choice Award

Stella - Platinum, 1st Overall 6 and under Shooting Star Solo

Belle and Kaiya - High Gold, 2nd Overall 6 and under Shooting Star Duo/Trio

Congratulations to all our dancers this weekend! We are so proud! 💙

Photos from Fusion Dance's post 03/13/2022

We wrapped up today’s competition with Madison’s solo and Emma and Jayme’s duet!

Madison - Platinum, Category Winner, 4th Overall 16-20 All Star Solo, Emotional Execution Standout Award, Nationals Opening Number Invitation

Emma and Jayme - Diamond, Category Winner, 2nd Overall 13-15 All Star Duo/Trio, Poised Powerhouse Judge’s Choice Award, Nationals Opening Number Invitation

Outstanding job, dancers!! 💙

Photos from Fusion Dance's post 03/12/2022

Fantastic job, Emma and Piper, on your solo performances this morning!

Emma Jazz - Diamond, Nationals Opening Number Invitation

Piper - Platinum, 3rd Overall 10-12 All Star Solo

Emma Lyrical - Diamond, 1st Overall 10-12 All Star Solo,Technique Standout Award, Junior Miss Beyond the Stars

Photos from Fusion Dance's post 03/12/2022

Teagan was rocking the Beyond the Stars stage bright and early this morning! She received a Platinum, was first in her category, and won 3rd overall in the 7-9 Rising Star Solo category! Great job, Teagan!!

Photos from Fusion Dance's post 03/12/2022

Congratulations to Riley on her first solo performance of the year! She received a high gold and Showmanship Standout award. Great job, Riley!!


Our dancers really know how to make me feel special!!! 💙

Beyond The Stars Dance Competition - Live Stream 03/11/2022

Beyond The Stars Dance Competition - Live Stream

Some of our competition dancers will be heading to Beyond the Stars, our first optional solo/duet/trio competition, this weekend. If you'd like to watch from home, here is a live-stream link. The schedule for our Fusion Dancers is:

Riley's solo - #3 approximately 6:06pm

Teagan's solo - #67 approximately 8:16am
Emma's jazz solo - #112 approximately 11:50am
Piper's solo - #113 approximately 11:53am
Emma's lyrical solo - #118 approximately 12:09pm
Madison's solo - #228 approximately 8:19pm
Emma and Jayme's duet - #243 approximately 9:08pm

Evelyn, Trixie and Violet's trio - #256 approximately 8:05am
Stella's solo - #257 approximately 8:08am
Belle and Kaiya's duet - #260 approximately 8:18am

Competitions can run early/late, so these times are approximate. We will be posting results throughout the weekend. Good luck, dancers!


Beyond The Stars Dance Competition - Live Stream Watch Beyond The Stars Dance Competition LIVE! You can share this live stream with all of your friends and family so they can tune in during the weekend and watch your performances! Live Streaming is dependent on a strong connection at the venue.


Shout it from the rooftops, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MISS MARY!” 🥳


Reminder that Puffin fundraiser orders are due to the studio today by 9 PM!

Photos from Fusion Dance's post 02/27/2022

Stella made her 2022 solo debut this morning at Precision Arts! She received a Platinum and won First Overall in the Advanced Mini Solo category. Congratulations, Stella!!


We can't be at the studio today, but let's still have some Twos Day fun!!!!! Post pictures for us to see you!


The snow keeps falling and the roads are a mess. All classes are cancelled on Tuesday, 2/22/22.


Enjoy the game tonight. Here's a little pregame show!!!


Photos from Fusion Dance's post 02/13/2022

Thanks for bringing dance to Red Wing Sheldon Theatre of Performing Arts ! We really enjoyed the Hiplet Ballerinas .

Photos from Fusion Dance's post 02/12/2022

It's always a great experience to learn something new! Thank you Hiplet Ballerinas for coming to Fusion Dance!!! We loved having you.


Dancers had a great time learning a new dance style!! Thank you for sharing your love of dance with us Hiplet Ballerinas !


Today is World Tutu Day, but it is even more special because it is 2-2-22! We are showcasing a throwback costume designed and made by Kathy Johnson and worn by former Fusion dancer, Cora Komisar. Post a picture of you or your dancer wearing a tutu! #2-2-22


Cherish your days at the studio! 💖


Celebrating Christmas with loved ones...and filled with gratitude for all Fusion families who have passed through our doors during our past twenty years! Merry Christmas one and all!!!


Dancers - if you are looking for a wonderful opportunity to take class during break, check this out!

❄️☃️👯WINTER WORKSHOP AT THE DANCE COMPLEX ! Join us Tuesday December 28th for a fun filled evening of combo classes with the incredible Kylie Redding and Bridget Burke.— Open to the public — cash at the door. TDC Dancers — Sign up on Sign Up Genius

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Dreams Begin Here
Snow Day Dance Camp - Ballet (We do not own music rights)
Monday/Tuesday Ice Princess Camp - Jazz(We do not own music rights)




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General information

Reasons to Choose Fusion Dance
Qualified, professional instructors
Conveniently located in the Red Wing Mall
Choice of recreational or competitive dance
High quality facility, including floating wood floors that "give" to prevent injury, retail shop for shoes and apparel, break room, and updated musical systems and speakers
Fun, family friendly environment - students will learn while having FUN!

Opening Hours

Monday 4pm - 10pm
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Thursday 4pm - 10pm

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