Farmschool at Lolly and Pop's

Farmschool at Lolly and Pop's


Nash is missing farm school! Hoping maybe this summer he'll see you all! 🐷🐮🐥🐴
It was our pleasure, Lolly and Pop's Farm/Preschool!
OMG these outtakes are the best!!!! bhahahaha Lolly and Pop's Farm/Preschool
You GUYYYYS!!!!! Lolly and Pop's Farm/Preschool may be the cutest place EVER! What a fun place to learn outside & just be a kid
I can’t get the website link to work. I’m looking for more information- activities, tuition, etc.

Is there another website I should be looking at or a way i can get some more information? Thank you 🙂
Raymore is fortune to have farm preschool! Keep up the good work Lolly and Pop’s!
Your kiddos are so lucky to have this remarkable learning and growing experience!
Fun morning at Lolly & Pop’s!

A Montessori based farm school.

Operating as usual


Morning video of our sweet breakfast Biscuit! LOVING the warmer weather !!!

Photos from Farmschool at Lolly and Pop's post 12/28/2022

Farmschool stands proudly with Ray-Pec students!
We believe our public schools have the classroom part covered! However, we wanted to add a little more sunshine ☀️, a ton more adventure 🐷🐐🐰🐴🐓🐖🐮and a whole lot more unleashed outdoor learning 🥾🚜👨‍🌾🌾

Photos from Farmschool at Lolly and Pop's post 12/28/2022

These young brains know exactly how they like to learn. We put them outside and watch the whole thing unfold beautifully. When Mother Nature leads the children to how they like to learn, that’s a beautiful thing. We get to witness learning on so many different levels. It’s truly an amazing feeling to watch all the different pathways open up to so many new roads of learning. The growing never stops and it’s truly remarkable to witness. We’re very blessed to be a part of this outdoor learning ❤️


Baby goats playing at 2 days old


Pyrenees Katie loves new farm babies ❤️

Photos from Farmschool at Lolly and Pop's post 12/26/2022

Carol and Jingle with their mom, new friends and company!! 🥰😆


Anybody who knows Miss Amanda and knows Farmschool knows these cats drive me crazy !!! 🐈‍⬛🤪😩 look how they’re always following me and looking at me!! Always watching me and running in the house every chance they get! Makes me want to sing the song - I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me 🎶😂

Photos from Farmschool at Lolly and Pop's post 12/26/2022

When what to my wondering eyes should appear??? 2 Christmas baby goats filled with cheer !! 🎄🐐❤️ The boy with the Lamancha ears like mom named Jingle and the girl with the floppy ears named Carol! This was a fun way to end Christmas Day for sure!!! Welcome to Farmschool sweet babies ! You’ll be very loved!!!

Photos from Farmschool at Lolly and Pop's post 12/22/2022

Please enjoy these adorable photos of the Tuesday/ Thursday farmers! They worked so hard and we couldn’t be prouder!!! The Christmas programs in the barn are getting fuller and fuller, but we absolutely love the families, the atmosphere, the excitement, the happiness and closeness we feel with our families during this special season ❤️ Merry Christmas! we love you all! 🎄 - Farmschool

Photos from Farmschool at Lolly and Pop's post 12/21/2022

May - December was spent outside in nature working and playing with friends and taking care of animals through a variety of weather !! We all got a little bigger and a whole lot braver over the past 4 months. We have lots of great neighbors that we are thankful for too ! They make the farm kids feel like they’re right at home . From trick or treating in October to caroling in December. The little farmers are one big family and we couldn’t be prouder of what they do as young children !! 💛🌻🌝☀️🐷🐐🐰🐴🐓🐖🐮🦆🐣🦗🐝🐞🦋🐜🕸🕷📕🎶🎤💪✏️🖍📝

Photos from Farmschool at Lolly and Pop's post 12/20/2022

Our Monday/Wednesday Christmas performance was a beautiful success! The farmers worked so hard to put on a great show and we couldn’t be prouder!!! The families loved it and although it was a little crowded, we know the farmers felt very loved, kinda famous 😆and it got them excited to put on a great show !!! Merry Christmas to all our friends and families! - Love Farmschool


Mr Claib with a good goat rescue! Stinky looks happy


Snowing for our Christmas program ❤️❤️🎄🎄!!!

Photos from Farmschool at Lolly and Pop's post 12/18/2022

Mr Myers again!!! Making things happen with scrap wood.
Our animals will be happy with their new, warm shelters! Can’t wait to paint it !!! Love you husband ❤️ ( my son Jake too! even grandson Bobby who helped by getting his little hand through the fence to grab a dropped screw)


This is information for our Farmschool families for our Christmas program!!!!!!

Photos from Farmschool at Lolly and Pop's post 12/17/2022

The play barn is ready for another GREAT Farmschool Christmas production!!! We’re so excited and the little farmers have worked so hard!!!!

Photos from Farmschool at Lolly and Pop's post 12/15/2022

The farmers created their own Tetris board today!

Photos from Farmschool at Lolly and Pop's post 12/14/2022

Today was a very fun, very wet, and thank goodness NOT a very cold day! We enjoyed every minute and realized that when it comes to puddles.. the bigger, the better!!!! Keep jumping - little farmers + little puddle pirates!!!

Photos from Farmschool at Lolly and Pop's post 12/13/2022

Mr Myers,
Thank you again for everything you do. You tolerate all my rush orders at 7 AM when I’m frazzled and impatient. Everything I say comes out wrong and agitated, but yet you always help out no matter what.
I think I sometimes get frustrated because we absolutely could not do this without you. Sometimes I hate to bother you with how much we need you. Once again, I wanted to say thank you for all you do. Look at all this counter space you freed up in the classroom. Thank you for hanging the old shelf that was in the boot barn. We will use it so much!!! Also, for last night when you made the boot dryers for our Rooster Club!
I love you Mike. I can’t thank you enough for everything you do.


Every farmers gets to be the teacher and we’re always counting our eggs 🥚


Every great Farmschool … has a great story … that must be told … while Christmas shopping … in Target! They’re on to us!!!


Look Mr Myers , your little farm hand Mr Garrett is fixing things for you !!!

Photos from Farmschool at Lolly and Pop's post 12/11/2022

This morning I woke up early with Theo (our rambunctious 10 week old Golden) I turned on a Christmas movie called - Christmas on Mistletoe Farm. The comparison to the movie and Farmschool is hilarious! My heart was filled with joy as I watched, laughed and loved that such a place exist! The similarities and the parts of how education exists in many forms is spot on! God has truly blessed us with this magical farm, friendships and all the children that have created Farmschool !! Makes me want to shout out … Merry Christmas!! 🎄🎁 to all our friends and families!! You are loved very much from this tiny, but mighty farm and Farmschool at Lolly and Pops Farm


Wear your snow pants farmers! Don’t give mom a hard time!! This is for the Tuesday/ Thursday farmers!


December farm chores. Giving Buddy fresh water ✔️


More play with more mud today. We had a bag of dirt and several gallons of water. This =‘s FUN and as Dalton says - God made mud!


3 gallon of water 💧
1 bag of soil =
1 hour of fun


You just can’t beat the way this looks as we start our day! Ready to work and play no matter the weather


Cruising through the classroom at Farmschool


Some boys playing at Farmschool


Freaking winter time


That’s just Farmschool!

Photos from Farmschool at Lolly and Pop's post 12/05/2022

Great day for a winter birthday celebration! Birthdays are special, but even more so when the graduated farmers come back for a fun day on the farm. Such a special family and such an honor to host Carly and Cash on their special day ❤️ love you guys very much. - FS

Photos from Farmschool at Lolly and Pop's post 12/03/2022

It’s crazy to believe this is how Brynn and I started! These are both pictures of the same room! Truly a garage started business, that blasted off with kids, mud, cool animals and a leap of faith


Stick emotions 😂


Getting ready for our big show !!!


Our fancy play equipment!


Chicken School with the finest teachers !

Photos from Farmschool at Lolly and Pop's post 12/01/2022

Tromping through the field of gold. To us it’s a magical walk. The farmers don’t know we’ve only walked a short ways from Farmschool. For not being able to see over long grass (Broom sedge) to the farmers it seems like a long adventurous journey


Our Monday/ Wednesday farmers are gearing up and getting excited for our Christmas program in the barn! We had a great first day of practice!!!!

Videos (show all)

Yes, it’s true. Our little farmers can tell you the freshness of an egg! Pretty neat! Smart kids! Very smart!!
Meanwhile at Farmschool we’re giving the goats some leaves!
Happy 247th Birthday Marines Corps! Farmschool loves you very much!!!!
It’s that moment a kid realizes how cool it is to take care of something that can’t take care of itself. Farm chores are...
The new small barn arrives tomorrow!! The girls are going crazy with all the disorder!!
Farmschool - so fun you’ll faint 🐐
Here’s a really fun video of us getting really wet during  our chores today!!!
Here we are in the boot barn after play and chores. Our little farmers are doing OUTSTANDING at being self sufficient, a...
I’m deleting old videos and I got a kick out of this one! Thought I’d share! (If I haven’t already) this is pretty early...
The older farmers teaching the younger farmers to count the eggs!!
Watch this video of kids helping kids!
Visiting with our sweet friend named Cool. Coolest horse ever! Who’s 33 years strong 💪 CORRECTION! 36 years strong!




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