High Bluff Academy

College Prep Private School
San Diego County, California

Early High School, Grade 8, Elite Math and Science Students
College Preparatory High School for Grades 9-12

Advanced Placement and Honors Classes

High Bluff Academy is a full-time high school program for students looking for an individualized approach to education, small class sizes, and flexible schedules. College Prep High School, Grades 9-12
Early High School Program, Grade 8

Based in San Diego since 2002, our school is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, and all courses are UC and NCAA approved. Additional S

Operating as usual


Class is 2020 #hba #congratulations #graduates2020 #youdidit🎓


Class is 2020 #hba #congratulations #graduates2020 #youdidit🎓


These classes carry a weighted grade with UC and will be taught virtually by cutting edge industry experts.
Starting June 22


Field trip #ucsd #collegetrip #throwback #2014


College Field Trip #ucsd #throwback #2014 #hba #memories


HBA Spring Online Classes!!! Ask for a free trial and experience our online classes before committing 🤓 #onlineclasses #hba #sandiego #onlinehighschool #makeupcredits


Let your friends know about our Spring Online Classes. Get a $10 Amazon gift card and a raffle ticket of $1000 when they sign up for a class.


Got Bounce? Got Grit? Teens today are struggling to navigate a complex world and need support to acquire greater confidence and resilience. At High Bluff, we respect and encourage students and help them prepare for college and life. Check out these tips from the American Psychological Association. https://www.apa.org/helpcenter/bounce

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Thanks for your 5 Start Reviews! Over 90% of our students come to us via referrals. “This school has helped turn my son around in many ways. I suspected a small, close-knit community setting was what he needed after a disastrous freshman year at a large private school and I was right. Nancy and Jill and Nick were very warm and welcoming when we came in to see the school. They quickly got up to speed with my son's situation and were able to scramble around to make it possible for him to start at High Bluff even though the semester started the week before. Nancy looked at my son's transcript and could tell that he'd been through a lot of disappointment and gave him emotional space to settle in to his new surroundings before expecting him to hit the books hard. The semester has just ended and my son is back to himself and his grades reflect how good he feels. He feels understood, respected and cared for. I wish every student who struggles with academics could have the same experience. Grateful to have this option in our community." - Tory H. Yelp Review

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[03/14/20]   COVID-19 UPDATE
All classes will be delivered live online beginning Monday, March 16. Please check Thinkwave and your email for instructions. We will be using Zoom.us for live, synchronous instruction. This means you must log in according to your teacher's instructions at your normal class time.

HBA offices will remain open. Students are welcome to come in for help or to get materials or borrow a laptop. We still plan on offering AP exams in May, so keep studying!

We will still be conducting school tours for interested families and helping with summer school enrollment.

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The upside of the teenage brain | LinkedIn

Look to the young for creative solutions. Sometimes adults tend to discount their ideas but their brains are wired to be highly creative and innovative. At High Bluff Academy, teachers make a point of being highly respectful of students, their perspectives, and intelligence.

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linkedin.com The teenage mind may offer creative advantages that adults can learn from, according to research published by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.


Seeking a School Transfer? High Bluff accepts students from other public and private schools. Typically, students are seeking a lower stress environment while they take rigorous courses and prepare for college. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get ready to begin your journey.

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Teachers make a difference. I bet you can name at least one teacher who influenced your life. Dedicated faculty at High Bluff go the extra mile to encourage students to gain confidence in their intellectual skills, as well as to pursue their passions. Thank you for sharing your HBA story with others. We appreciate your reviews and referrals on Facebook, Google, Yelp, Private School Review, and Niche. #Niche #PrivateSchoolReview #Yelp #GoogleMyBusiness

princetonreview.com 03/10/2020

10 Ways to Overcome Test Anxiety

Test Anxiety? You are not alone. High Bluff gets it and provides on site testing to alleviate stress and anxiety. Read this informative article from Princeton Review for tips. #stress #testanxiety #privateschool #ACT #PSAT #Advanced Placementexams https://www.princetonreview.com/college-advice/test-anxiety

princetonreview.com Don't let test anxiety derail weeks and months of hard work.


Advanced Placement Classes can sometimes be stressful, especially if you take too many. Allow High Bluff to guide you on the classes to take, how to manage your workload, and get ready for the exams.


"My son, who has dyslexia/ADHD, just finished his first year at HBA and has benefited from HBA's small class ratios, highly qualified, very caring teachers, and a truly individualized teaching approach where teachers meet weekly to discuss student progress and how to better support them. My son is taking HBA's rigorous college prep courses, including AP courses...." - Melisa Baird, parent #ADHD #ADD #Dyslexia #PrivateSchools #Tutoring #Advancedplacement


Trying to juggle your talents while attending high school? High Bluff works with students to be competitive for college admission, while scheduling a workload that includes outside interests. High Bluff has helped many students pursue their passions in the arts, sports, and more.


Staying connected with High Bluff Academy is easy. Our door is always open and we welcome student and parent input. Beyond personal connections, don't forget to read our email newsletters sent out once or twice a month on key topics. They also often include deadlines and key information related to our programs, classes, deadlines, how to apply, and more.

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Meet our Staff | High Bluff Academy

When searching for the right school, there is no better place to check than the faculty bios. At High Bluff, we are so proud of the dedication and passion of our instructors, their incredible credentials, and how they make a difference for every student. https://www.highbluffacademy.com/meet-our-staff/

highbluffacademy.com Group Enrollment Form Private Enrollment Form Course Descriptions Off-Campus Form Meet our Staff Jill Duoto Director Jill Duoto is the Founder and Director of High Bluff Academy. She has been an educator for 30 years as a principal, teacher, curriculum director and college counselor. She taught at F...


International Student? Need a Top Notch ESL Program to Help You Accelerate Your English Skills? Want to Take Tough STEM or Advanced Placement Classes? High Bluff Academy offers a comprehensive academic year and summer program. Call Today to Explore!
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Why Summer Classes Make a Difference? First, you can focus on one or two classes at a time. Second, you will receive support from new friends. Third, you can remediate or accelerate in a subject that is more challenging. High Bluff Academy offers a number of courses, including Advanced Placement, STEM, ESL, and more. Check out our website or contact us to discuss more.

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Get Through College Without Stress! Here Are The 30 Best Stress Managing Colleges - Best Value Schools

Already stressed out about going to college? Well, there are actual ways to manage stress in school, but there are also some colleges known for lower stress. Check out the list on Best Values. https://www.bestvalueschools.com/rankings/low-stress-colleges/

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Currently Accepting Applications for the Fall. If you are new to HBA, please contact us for a personal appointment. We will provide a brief tour and discuss your specific academic and college goals. We offer: STEM, Advanced Placement, Honors, ESL, Exams Onsite, Dedicated Faculty, Small Group Classes.

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"Our daughter attended a summer chemistry class at High Bluff and loved it so much that she wanted to enroll full time. Now that she has switched to High Bluff she has much more confidence and is a lot happier. The teachers are much more knowledgeable than our local (top ranked!) public school. They actually teach the material instead of relying on students to get help from expensive tutors. The small class sizes are helpful too. High Bluff has an active ASB and kids feel included. My daughter is learning more and is less stressed. The classes aren't easier or watered down, the teachers and environment are superior." - Parent, Google Review

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Swing into Summer! Need to remediate a class or accelerate? Check out the list of courses on our website and enroll soon!

niche.com 02/26/2020

College Scholarship Search

Niche lists more than just schools. It also provides key info about College Scholarships and more. And while you are at it, check out HBA. https://www.niche.com/colleges/scholarships/
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collegeraptor.com 02/25/2020

The Top 25 Best Private Colleges | 2019 Rankings - College Raptor

Check out top private colleges ranked by Forbes. High Bluff Academy offers personalized attention and helps you build your dream list of colleges and universities. Be competitive for college admissions in our low stress school.

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collegeraptor.com Many of the most prestigious colleges in the country are private schools. Click to see College Raptor’s picks for the top 25 best private colleges!


Need to lower your stress level, but still be competitive to get into a top university? High Bluff offers small classes, a stellar faculty dedicated to your success, and a low stress learning environment. Take rigorous advanced placement classes, nail those tough college exams at our site, and get into the college of your dreams. Apply now for summer or fall!
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highbluffacademy.com 02/24/2020

English as a Second Language Courses at High Bluff Academy

International Student? Need a Top Notch ESL Program to Help You Accelerate Your English Skills? Want to Take Tough STEM or Advanced Placement Classes? High Bluff Academy offers a comprehensive academic year and summer program. Call Today to Explore!
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highbluffacademy.com High Bluff Academy offers 3 levels of ESL: introductory, intermediate and advanced. International students can progress through the program at their own pace.


"Great staff! My daughter actually enjoyed math for the first time in her life! Her teacher Ethan helped her build confidence which resulted in success. I highly recommend High Bluff Academy AND Ethan. Signed a very satisfied mom!" - Google Review


Everyone Should Try This Bit of Tim Ferriss's Morning Routine

Want to Improve Your Habits? Here are some great ones in this article. They may sound basic, but they will nourish and sustain you for life. At High Bluff, we incorporate life habits into academic lessons and our school environment.
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entrepreneur.com How to revolutionize your morning routine in just 5 minutes.

healthyplace.com 02/20/2020

The Origin of Values: Internal Values vs. External Values | HealthyPlace

Know the difference between internal vs. external values? Improve your self-esteem and life outlook through your value system. At High Bluff Academy, we believe in creating a low stress environment, where every student can explore their passions and interests, yet still be highly competitive for college.

healthyplace.com Personal values originate from two places. When out of balance, our self-worth suffers. Learn how to evaluate your values at HealthyPlace.

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The Class of '20: The top 20 athletes in the Class of 2020

Aspiring Pro Athlete? Did you know High Bluff has a history of working with high school athletes to support, encourage, and accommodate their interests? Contact HBA to Explore and Read More about the scouting process.
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usatodayhss.com The Class of 2020 has been revealed. Check out the most intriguing athletes in this year’s senior class.


High Bluff Academy is Currently Accepting Applications and Re-Enrollment for Fall 2020! Don't delay. Apply Online Now! https://www.highbluffacademy.com/hba-application-form/

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Our Story

High Bluff Academy is a private school, ideally suited for students looking for an individualized approach to education, small class sizes, and flexible schedules.

College Prep High School, Grades 9-12

Early High School Program, Grade 8

Based in San Diego since 2002, our school is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, and all courses are UC and NCAA approved.

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Early HS Program, College Prep High School, Tutoring, and Summer Courses.



5531 Cancha De Golf
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

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Monday 8am - 6pm
Tuesday 8am - 6pm
Wednesday 8am - 6pm
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