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Thanks for sharing, Hertz Furniture! Our ELO® Nimbus Tables definitely put the “fun” in functional.
Thank you to our Silver Sponsors for your support of NJPCSA's 25th Anniversary Gala including Hertz Furniture . We look forward to seeing you all there on Wednesday, October 26th. Still looking to register? Click here:
*GIVEAWAY CLOSED* Have you entered Hertz Furniture's back to school giveaway yet?

It's your chance to win our flexible seating -- a rare opportunity to score our white seats, which are now discontinued!

You could soon be using your own ErgoErgo in your classroom, like Texas teacher Ms. Powell of shown here in this fantastic photo she kindly shared.

She won her ErgoErgo in a Hertz Furniture giveaway last year and says "We love our wobble chair from & . I use it when I pull small groups because it’s a fun way to move my body around!"

We're so glad Ms. Powell and her students are enjoying happy, healthy sitting, and are excited that Hertz Furniture's giveaway will allow others to as well.

Don't miss out on this giveaway -- it closes September 21 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Enter now at bit.ly/3BJ2Fra!

*GIVEAWAY CLOSED* Woo hoo!! One of our wonderful retailers, Hertz Furniture, is giving away our flexible seating in a back to school giveaway.

It's open to those in the continental U.S. and closes Sep. 21. Click below or go to bit.ly/3BJ2Fra to enter now!

Good luck to all entrants!
Thank you Hertz Furniture for sponsoring the Keynote Speaker.
Thank you Hertz Furniture for signing on as a Silver Sponsor for the 2022 PCPCS Annual Conference! We can't wait to see you in September!
This week, one of our fantastic retailers, Hertz Furniture, is displaying and giving away our flexible seating at the 2022 National Charter Schools Conference (NCSC)!

Hertz Furniture is a proud sponsor of NCSC -- the largest national gathering of educators, advocates and leaders in the charter community -- presented by National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, on in D.C. until June 22.

And they'll be giving away an ErgoErgo every hour at the conference! If you're attending the event, find out more about their great giveaways, check out their top quality products and meet the wonderful team at booth 516. See bit.ly/3N9VFFU for more info.

We're so grateful to Hertz Furniture for their amazing support. We hope they and NCSC attendees enjoy the conference and wish all giveaway entrants the best of luck!

Photo: Hertz Furniture
College Signing Day in the is one week away! Thank you to our CSD 2022 sponsors PMSI, Baird, Buck Financial, Hertz Furniture, McGriff, Hunton Andrews Kurth, and InSite EFS for your commitment to sending IDEA scholars to and through college!
Thank you to our vendors Hertz Furniture, Scholastic, Lerner Publishing Group and Swank Motion Pictures for donating the grand prizes for CLC's Connecticut Library Association conference booth - look how happy you made these librarians! Thank you to ALL of our generous vendors who donated giveaways, to CLA for the terrific IN-PERSON conference, and to everyone who stopped by our booth to spin and chat. We loved seeing you!
As you think about outdoor summer programs, think about where your patrons or students will sit! We think these outdoor 'rad pads' from our vendor Hertz Furniture are pretty cool... and they're even better with your CLC discount. Contact us to learn more!
What an inspiring environment to learn in! This 2020 Office space was designed by Marianne Box from Hertz Furniture.

Find more designs here: https://bit.ly/3gDfhUN
Take a look at this outstanding and unique kindergarten classroom designed with our 2020 Office software by Marianne Box from Hertz Furniture, the first-place winner in the Educational Office Space category of our 2020 Inspiration Global Contest.

Marianne's favorite spots from the learning zone are the reading corner and Lego corner.

See all the winners of our contest: https://bit.ly/3gDfhUN

Manufacturers: Academia Furniture, Palmer Hamilton, LLC, Jonti-Craft and Joy Carpet Co.
Another great start to an "Each One, Teach One" library at Humble Classical Academy. Thank you, Hertz Furniture, for the gift of bookshelves to start this endeavor to increase access to books for kids who WANT and NEED them!
More bookshelves & books for the students at the The Woodlands Classical Academy! Thank you Hertz Furniture for your generous donation.
THANK YOU from the students of Westchase Classical Academy for the start of their "Each One, Teach One" library! Hertz Furniture donated the bookshelf and the books are from Fill-A-Shelf donors of Book Drive for Kids. You can add some more books to that shelf by donating today! Visithttps://bookdriveforkids.com/donate/
Last Friday, Hertz Furniture delivered TWENTY classroom bookshelves to a cluster of schools where we have hosted free book fairs. We explained the need for increased access to books for these kids and Hertz responded! NOW it's your turn!! Help us Fill-A-Shelf! Book Drive for Kids has already committed 20 books for each school. Will YOU help us DOUBLE that? Just $3 will place a new book on that shelf! Donate today! https://bookdriveforkids.com/donate/

For 50 years, Hertz Furniture has been THE source for classroom furniture. Speak to a furniture expert now: 800-526-4677

Since 1966, Hertz Furniture has provided quality furniture at affordable prices. We began as a mail-order company serving the religious, educational, and corporate markets. In 2003, we launched the highly-acclaimed Academia Furniture Industries. Hertz Furniture currently maintains an informational and e-commerce website, a robust sales staff in key locations nationwide, and a Government Contracts

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 12/14/2022

Bishop Verot High School had a wish: perfect seating for their new space.

Enter Hertz Furniture with incredible pocket seating.

We love how we were able to work with the school's logo to show off their team spirit! 👏

See out how great your space can look >>

Top 13 Education Trends in 2023 To Look Out For 12/13/2022

Top 13 Education Trends in 2023 To Look Out For

Looking for ways to make learning more adaptable, accessible, and interactive for students?!

shares how to do so with 13 technologically savvy trends you should be looking out for in the upcoming year >>


Top 13 Education Trends in 2023 To Look Out For Technology is disrupting the Edtech industry. Here are the top education trends that you will see in the year 2023.

Waterford.org | Early Learning Software 12/12/2022

Waterford.org | Early Learning Software

Looking to bridge the generational gap, calm a child down, or teach a young one to read?

Music may be the key to success 🔑

In fact, research shows that singing cultivates relationships, helps in the early development of reading and writing, and leads to better executive functioning.

To learn more about the benefits of music and how its valuable assets have led to the creation of the Sing Around The World series, check out this article via here: https://www.waterford.org/education/sing-around-the-world/

Waterford.org | Early Learning Software Partner with a nonprofit research center dedicated to creating the best personalized reading, math, and science curriculum for early learners

Timeline photos 12/11/2022

Looking to add a STEM/STEAM learning table to your classroom?

We have everything you're looking for!

🧪️ Personal Accommodations (two detachable whiteboard panels)
🧪️ Accessible Storage
🧪️ Smart Design
🧪️ Perfect Fit
🧪️ Mobility

This learning table is going to offer your students endless opportunities for STEM fun and learning! 🔬🧫️👩‍🔬
Take a look here >>

Timeline photos 12/06/2022

Titan Lab Stools are virtually Indestructible 💪💪

Their 14-gauge steel tubing makes them extremely durable, yet they're built for comfort and glide smoothly over lab floors for easy access.

A good lab stool isn't to be taken for granted!

Look at the wide range we offer >> https://bit.ly/3ineMme

How Basic Math Principles Can Help Students Understand Grammar | Education World 12/05/2022

How Basic Math Principles Can Help Students Understand Grammar | Education World

Ever hear someone say that they're great at math but can't make heads or tales of grammar rules... or vise versa?

Well then, this might come as a surprise to you.

Basic math principles can help students understand grammar 🧮️

Not falling for it?

Read Education World's take on this and then tell us if you've experienced this with your students >>


How Basic Math Principles Can Help Students Understand Grammar | Education World Both languages and mathematics follow a set of rules and patterns. Students often see the correlation between math and grammar when presented in a new or unique way.

How to Help Kids Overcome Their Fear of Math, According to a Brain Scientist - EdSurge News 12/01/2022

How to Help Kids Overcome Their Fear of Math, According to a Brain Scientist - EdSurge News

Were you or your child scared of math at a young age? If so, you’re not alone.

In fact, researchers have observed that math anxiety can begin as young as 6 years old!

Thankfully, there are strategies to help overcome this fear and in this EdSurge article, Sian Beilock, President of Barnard College, shares them with you .

Check it out here >>


How to Help Kids Overcome Their Fear of Math, According to a Brain Scientist - EdSurge News For all that education has changed in recent times—from the disappearance of cursive lessons to the rise of computer science in classrooms to ...

Timeline photos 11/30/2022

Ormondale Elementary school needed a flexible classroom and we were up to the task 💪

The classroom needed to include both collaborative setups and standard straight rows of desks.

We had the perfect solution: Academia Furniture's Petal Junior Collaborative Student Desks!

These desks can go from collaboration to standard, and can even be arranged into one big circle.

Find them here >>


The Science of Reading: How to Understand and Apply the Basics - Waterford.org 11/29/2022

The Science of Reading: How to Understand and Apply the Basics - Waterford.org

Behind a child’s educational development is a science of learning principles and building blocks that can help a student not only learn at the moment but prepare for lifelong academic success.

In this article, Waterford.org shares two instructional frameworks for understanding these structures relating to the science of reading.

Have you tried either of these strategies?

Click here to read >>


The Science of Reading: How to Understand and Apply the Basics - Waterford.org Learn about the brain science behind how children learn to read, along with tips for teaching students based on the science of reading.

Timeline photos 11/28/2022

The Nimbus collaborative school tables have an inventive shape that allows students to enjoy their personal workspace while group learning.

ELO Collaborative School Tables from WB Manufacturing come in a funky array of shapes and vibrant laminate hues. 🌈

Create a unique appeal every time you rearrange your space!

Find them here >>


Timeline photos 11/27/2022

Bring fun-shaped Joy Carpets Greenspace rugs into the classroom for added comfort and style!

The vibrant and versatile artificial grass rugs can be used anywhere, AND they're made with eco-friendly materials that look and feel comfortable.

Take a peek at the different shapes and sizes >>



Success Story: Spiral Learning

Gather round, kids.
We've got a success story for you!

The Spiral Learning Commons Seating we set up for the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School is the perfect space for class story time, study time, collaboration, or solo reading hour.

Mediatechnologies spiral tables, stools, and cushion seating make the perfect combination for ultimate learning.

Find them here >>



Thanksgiving 2022

Happy Thanksgiving from the Hertz Furniture Family! 🌾🦃

We're so grateful for the family we surround ourselves with our employees, customers, partners, schools, and teachers -- who are the heart of our business ❤️️🙏

How to Teach Phonics and Decoding Skills to Elementary Students - Waterford.org 11/23/2022

How to Teach Phonics and Decoding Skills to Elementary Students - Waterford.org

Looking to "break the reading code" with your elementary students?

Try adding phonics to your teaching agenda!

Phonics helps students to match letters and letter-sounds, an important skill for literacy development.

Here are some strategies and resources for you to begin from Waterford.org >>


How to Teach Phonics and Decoding Skills to Elementary Students - Waterford.org Discover the importance of phonics skills for literacy development, along with helpful strategies for teaching elementary students.


KFI Kool Seating

Take a look at these kool chairs 😎

Nope, that wasn't a typo!

KFI Studios Kool Chairs are not only great looking, but they're comfortable, sturdy, easy to clean, and made from eco-friendly materials.

How much cooler could you get?

There are so many colors and styles to choose from here >>


Timeline photos 11/21/2022

Congratulations to Johnna Schroeder, Project Designer at Hertz Furniture!

Johnna has been elected to the board of directors of the South Texas Chapter of the Association for Learning Environments for the third year in a row.

Hertz Furniture is proud to be an annual a sponsor of the Association for Learning Environments, a non-profit association whose mission is to drive the evolution of learning environments.

To another year of successes and achievements with this great association 👏🥂

45 Sustainable Practices for the Environmentally Friendly Classroom 11/18/2022

45 Sustainable Practices for the Environmentally Friendly Classroom

Ready to save energy, manage waste, and repurpose materials for crafts? ♻️

An energy-efficient classroom helps students embody and understand sustainable practices and why they matter.

Struggling to be more sustainable in the classroom?

Teach Starter USA can help with this list of 45 sustainable practices for the environmentally friendly classroom.

We love how creative ad crafty these ideas are! >>


45 Sustainable Practices for the Environmentally Friendly Classroom Get sustainable practices buzzing at your school with our 45 tips and tricks for an environmentally friendly classroom!

Timeline photos 11/17/2022

Who doesn't love curling up with a good book in a cozy reading nook? 📚

Take a look at the library we put together for Spaulding High School in Rochester, NH.

Academia Furniture's soft seating provides comfort, while the tables are all powered for students to plug in and study in the quiet surroundings.

Looking to upgrade your school library?
Speak to one of our experts about our library series >>


Timeline photos 11/16/2022

We value our relationships with our vendors, and it's a good day when we get the opportunity to get to know them and their products a little better!

Hertz Furniture's Quality Control Manager, Lea Davidson, led a group of sales assistants, project coordinators, and customer service reps on a visit and tour of Academia Furniture.

They got familiar with the latest furniture for 2023 and spent time with their peers to ensure the coming buying season goes as smoothly as ever for our customers.

Thanks for making the time to get to know the furniture we sell from up close and personal!

Giovanna Torres, Tiffany Dunham, Karen Gandet, Donna Linfante, Jessica Donovan, Doreen Tamburri, Claudia Farias Jess Gagnon, Rachel Seidman.

Timeline photos 11/15/2022

Congrats to our winners!

Two worthy teachers won an ErgoErgo active sitting stool in this year's Back to School Giveaway:

🏆 Emily Ann Crouch
🏆 Carissa Warren

We're so glad we get to show our love and appreciation for teachers in small ways. 🤗

Keep an eye out for more giveaways 👀👀

Timeline photos 11/14/2022

Happy American Education Week!

This year the theme is Together for Safe, Just & Equitable Schools 👍

We're so grateful for all the extraordinary people who work in our schools: the teachers, administrators, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, and more 👨‍🏫🏫🚌

A Serious Look at Game-Based Learning - EdSurge News 11/13/2022

A Serious Look at Game-Based Learning - EdSurge News

"I've always thought games were good models for everything—how to learn, but also how to be."

Arana Shapiro, Managing Director and Chief Learning Officer at Games for Change, is working to bring game-based instruction into schools.

In this interview, she talks about the challenges and perks of bringing games into the classroom and why she's such a vocal proponent of gaming in the classroom.

Read the interview EdSurge and share your thoughts with us! >>


A Serious Look at Game-Based Learning - EdSurge News “I've always thought games were good models for everything—how to learn, but also how to be,” says Arana Shapiro.She has dedicated much of her career ...

Setting New Teachers Up for Success 11/09/2022

Setting New Teachers Up for Success

It's more important than ever to support new teachers!

The best way to do that, according to Samantha Shane of Edutopia?

Teacher leadership.

Not only does teacher leadership/mentorship lead to higher successes for new teachers, but research shows that it's even linked to higher student achievement.

Read the 3 keys to creating a successful environment for new teachers >>

Setting New Teachers Up for Success Under the guidance of classroom veterans, new teachers learn the job quicker and improve their practice.

Timeline photos 11/08/2022

Happy National STEM/STEAM Day!

We know it to be true: kids thrive in and outside of school with strong science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics skills.

Find fun and engaging ways to incorporate STEM learning into your classroom at any age!

We have some incredible products that will facilitate and inspire your makerspace, STEM classroom or science center >>


25 Outstanding November Picture Books Kids Will Love - Firstieland 11/07/2022

25 Outstanding November Picture Books Kids Will Love - Firstieland

Searching for a great reading list for your students?

Look no further!

From topics about Fall to Thanksgiving, here are Firstieland's book recommendations for the month of November >>


25 Outstanding November Picture Books Kids Will Love - Firstieland These favorite November picture books are the best read alouds about turkeys, first Thanksgiving, hibernation, fall, animals & gratitude. A great book list.

Timeline photos 11/06/2022

Teacher Appreciation Giveaway winner!! 🥳️

Thank you, Jennifer Valliere, for sharing such heart-warming pictures of your students using the Squircle Active Stool & Surge Standing Desk from Academia Furniture.

Favorite part of our jobs? We thinks so!

Follow Hertz Furniture for more giveaways and to find the best classroom furniture for your students and you!

A teachers guide to making a fresh start in the classroom. Teach Starter 11/03/2022

A teachers guide to making a fresh start in the classroom. Teach Starter

It's no secret that a lot of teachers are looking for ways to create a fresh start for themselves and their classrooms.

Now's the time to do it!

Teach Starter has some good suggestions with step-by-step instructions by category, such as classroom organization/management and even self-care! >>


A teachers guide to making a fresh start in the classroom. Teach Starter The start of a new term is the perfect time to make a fresh start. Identify your pain points, find a solution and make positive change to benefit everyone.


Apollo Chair

You won't break the bank with this Apollo II Multi-Function Mid Back chair!

The Eurotech Seating Apollo Chair has a thorough ergonomic design that gives proper support and comfort all day.

Don't compromise on your comfort and health. 💆
Order now >>


Timeline photos 10/31/2022

Storing your materials in an old storage unit that's falling apart?

Time for an upgrade!

Marco Group storage carts are not only mobile and durable, but they're also made from eco-friendly materials. ♻️

They took your run-of-the-mill storage carts to the next level and we've got quite the selection to choose from >>


Timeline photos 10/30/2022

The holiday season is getting closer...

So, we turned to the Teaching Expertise blog to see what they had in mind for fun holiday activities.

We hit the jackpot!

Check out these 33 middle school STEM activities for the holiday season...
just watch out for flying marshmallows! >>


Why Some Teachers Don't Want to Go ‘Back to Normal’ - EdSurge News 10/27/2022

Why Some Teachers Don't Want to Go ‘Back to Normal’ - EdSurge News

“My school did not drive me out of education. My students did not drive me out of education” -- math teacher Justin Aion.

Then, what DID drive him to leave his chosen profession?

👉👉 Overwhelming, deep systemic flaws in the system. 👈👈

In this EdSurge thought piece, Aion and other teachers relay why going "back to normal" is so frustrating for many teachers because "normal" wasn't that great to begin with.

Do you see flaws in our education system?
Are they big enough to make you think about leaving the classroom?
Share with us in the comments >>


Why Some Teachers Don't Want to Go ‘Back to Normal’ - EdSurge News

How to Keep Students From Bolting Out of Class 10/26/2022

How to Keep Students From Bolting Out of Class

How can teachers foster a space that students won't want to leave?

Students need to feel a sense of belonging, so perhaps creating a in the classroom is the solution?

Read some suggestions via Edutopia >>


How to Keep Students From Bolting Out of Class Sometimes elementary students just up and leave the classroom, but fostering a nurturing space can help convince them to stay.

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