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CMC Psychology Department

Lincoln School’s dynamic academic program, rooted in Quaker principles, educates girls to be fearless

As the only all-girls Quaker school in the nation, Lincoln empowers its students to become bold leaders and to strive for greatness. At the same time, Lincoln’s educational philosophy and practices incorporate the Quaker values of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, service, and stewardship of the earth into the lives of its students and faculty on a daily basis. This unique interse

Operating as usual

Photos from Lincoln School's post 03/17/2024

Weekend Updates

Greetings from Greece! The group traveled to Old Epidaurus where they started their kayaking journey. They took a tour of the ancient municipal theater of Old Epidaurus. In addition they went snorkeling around the ruins of an olive processing facility. The water was incredibly clear and therefore filled with sea urchins. “It was so cool to see all of the pots, tiles, and remnants of the ruins.” The day ended with a celebratory dinner in Nafplio. They will head back to Athens to begin the journey home.

In Tanzania the Lincoln and Bankika students went on safari in the Ngorongoro Conservation area. They climbed up to see the Ngorongoro crater and then down into the crater to see the animals. They saw lions, buffalo, gazelle, zebra, elephants, baboons, and a rhino, which their guide told them is rare. They drove back to the Banjika School for their final goodbyes. Parting was very hard, they are going to miss their new friends from Banjika. They will now begin their journey back to the Kilimanjaro region for a middle of the night take-off to the US!

In Costa Rica the students are exploring their eco resort, Rancho Margot. This is a massive community designed to promote biodiversity and limit carbon emissions. With a focus on education, students were treated to a series of workshops led by the resort relating to sustainability and utilizing renewable resources. They first walked through the forest seeing how they utilize the streams for hydro electric power, and how composting supports their vast grounds, animals, and local community. This walking tour led to two activities: cheese making using milk from their local cows and fermentation with microorganisms. They had a kayaking adventure and a swim in the Costa Rica Rainforest.

Photos from Lincoln School's post 03/15/2024

Our Greek travelers visited the Melissa Network, an NGO for migrant and refugee women promoting empowerment, communication and active citizenship. Part of the day was spent interacting with participants in an art class or with children in the care center. They also attended a mock drama therapy session where they did exercises regarding energy and tension.
“We learned about how the exercises we did can help people cope with their trauma non-verbally in order to account for personal challenges and language barriers.” In addition they visited the National Archaeological Museum to see many artifacts from ancient Greece.

In Tanzania the students are teaching their host families how to sing Simple Gifts! “The importance of this global program focuses in many ways on the power of conversation, sharing space, and listening. Conversations from women's rights, voting, education, and fashion just scratched the surface of the topics these students discussed and shared about honestly.”

The group in Costa Rica took a long journey Arenal, making stops along the way to sightsee, doing some shopping, and playing some scavenger games with the group. When they arrived in the town of La Fortuna they were placed in groups to search for fruit and discover the natural beauty of this region while competing in a market challenge. Dominated by the Arenal Volcano National Park, the students are surrounded by the Costa Rican Rainforest.

World Leadership School
Lighthouse Relief
Melissa Network


There is lots of action on campus this week at the Early Childhood March Break Camp!

Photos from Lincoln School's post 03/14/2024

The first full day in Costa Rica was FULL! The students have connected with the Rocky Hill group and have engaged in icebreakers. They explored the farm where they are staying, had a cooking class, went on a jungle hike and swam in a thermal pool!

Kalispera apo tin Athena!
The days are busy in Greece!
“In the morning we returned to the Lighthouse Project. We learned how they strive to adhere to trauma-informed practice in their work with young people living at the refugee camp in Ritsona north of Athens. We took the opportunity to straighten up the Lighthouse Project's workspace and even assembled a table while we were there. We then headed over a few streets to have a look at the community center that Lighthouse runs in conjunction with several other relief organizations. “

In Tanzania the students have met their student hosts and shared their school songs! “Despite the language barriers, we are trying to communicate in as many different ways as possible. The language barrier is a real challenge for many of us, but we know that as we grow more comfortable we will learn how to ease into these opportunities to learn, while stretching ourselves. Our host families have welcomed us with open arms, we have joined in on meal preparation, and we are slowly but surely getting to know this amazing country and its people. “

World Leadership School
Lighthouse Relief

Photos from Lincoln School's post 03/14/2024

Early Childhood and Beech Tree students got a super special visit from Ricky Rainbow Beard! We are investingating SOUND this week and everyone (teachers included) had fun with this interactive experience! A Huge thanks to Ricky Rainbow Beard for starting our Tuesday morning off on such a high (noisy:) note!

Ricky Rainbow Beard

Their instagram is

Photos from Lincoln School's post 03/13/2024

Lincoln was honored to host the pre-conference reception last week. Thank you to Terza Lima-Neves '95 for the opportunity to celebrate so many incredible Cabo Verdean women!

Photos from Lincoln School's post 03/12/2024

Costa Rica
This group has arrived in Costa Rica and is resting up for a busy day tomorrow. This Spanish Immersion program is in partnership with Rocky Hill Country Day School.

Today they traveled from the Kilimanjaro region to the Karatu district where they are staying at the Octagon Lodge. Along the way, they visited a Maasai community and went inside a traditional home made of sticks, mud, and cow dung. They also visited the grave of a leader who lived for 106 years, had 28 wives and over 300 children! They learned that Maasai must only milk from two teats of the cow; the other two are left full of milk to give to calves and ensure that more cattle will continue to be born. Tomorrow, Lincoln students will be paired with host students from Banjika Secondary School and in the evening they will go home with their hosts.

Today they met with Alana Esposito ‘03 at the Lighthouse Project distribution space where she answered many questions about NGO’s and the refugee crisis in and around Greece. They met other people who worked at the Lighthouse Project and had some discussions about the plans for tomorrow. At the end of the day the group leaders led the team in ANCHOR (Appreciations, News, Concerns, Hopes/Highlights, Oh that's cool, Reflections) and promptly sent everyone to bed!

World Leadership School
Lighthouse Relief

Photos from Lincoln School's post 03/12/2024

In Tanzania today the students had two learning sessions: Fears & Values and AMPing Up! They hiked the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro and had a picnic lunch. Farida, their hiking guide told them about both the natural and cultural history of the mountain. She also told them about how she became a hiking guide. In 2018, she started out working as a porter, carrying tourists' supplies on multi-day treks. She faced a lot of skepticism and discrimination as a woman working in a very male-dominated industry, but with perseverance, she climbed the ranks to hike guide.

Meanwhile in Greece….

“After a brief walk to the ruins of the Temple of Zeus and associated Gate of Hadrian, we began a scavenger hunt which exposed us to many beautiful sites in Athens, including the Plaka neighborhood and two provisional stops at a yogurt shop and a traditional Greek cafe. We also observed the Athenian Agora from the top of a hill, and caught our first sight of the Acropolis from a distance. The scavenger hunt consisted of answering a series of questions pertaining to each site; after responding, we were allowed to proceed to the next destination. Throughout the hunt, we actually made friends with quite a few locals!” They also had a guided tour of the Acropolis, embedded with historical notes and mythology.

Lincoln Alumnae, Alana Esposito ’03 hosted the students for dinner at her house. Alana is the founder of Lighthouse Relief, an NGO located in Athens which they plan to visit tomorrow as we begin learning about the issue at the center of their program, the refugee crisis.

World Leadership School
Lighthouse Relief


The Lincoln School 2024 Global Programs have begun! The group going to Tanzania has landed at Kilimanjaro International Airport and are heading to Moshi. Those going to Greece have landed in Athens, are settled in their hotel and last reported were enjoying late night souvlaki!! The third group heading to Costa Rica will head out on Tuesday. After intensives, mountains of completed paperwork, readings, and reflections students and chaperones are very excited and ready for these adventures. Stay tuned for updates!

leadership school


Wishing our community members observing Ramadan a blessed and harmonious journey. May this month bring you peace, joy, and fulfillment. Ramadan Mubarak! 🌙✨

Photos from Lincoln School's post 03/08/2024

🩺 What an incredible evening filled with thought-provoking conversation and community! On Wednesday, NY Times bestselling author Dr. Uché Blackstock visited Lincoln School to talk about her new generational memoir “LEGACY: A Black Physician Reckons with Racism in Medicine” with Brown University School for Public Health’s Jai-Me Potter Rutledge ‘06. Thank you to so many members of the Lincoln community and the broader community who came out for this important event. We are deeply grateful to .p4 for this amazing opportunity. 💚

Photos from Lincoln School's post 03/08/2024

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we welcomed back Lincoln alumna Terza Lima-Neves '95. In her presentation to Middle and Upper School students, she spoke volumes about Lincoln School's impact on her life and identity: "Lincoln taught me that there were few limitations and endless possibilities. This place is where I learned to be unapologetically myself.” Terza is the co-founder and organizer of Poderoza, an international conference on Cabo Verdean women taking place tomorrow at Providence College.


💚 Lincoln School was founded in 1884, and the first International Women's Day was held 27 years later, in March 1911. This entire month, and especially today, we come together to forge a more inclusive world for women. 🫶

Photos from Lincoln School's post 03/08/2024

The initial results are in for Daisy’s Big Day 2024! We can’t contain our excitement over yesterday’s success! The entire community came together from near and far to support Lincoln. It’s because of YOU that we surpassed our goals! Our sincere and humble thanks for your time, your dedication, and your generosity! Thank you for making Daisy’s Big Day BIGGER than we dreamed! 💚🌼


A special Daisy's Big Day message from Lincoln Head of School Sophie Glenn Lau '88 Give Today:

I'm Just Lynx! (Official Music Video) 03/07/2024

🌼 WE DID IT! Thanks to YOU, Lincoln community, we reached our goal of 301 gifts, unlocking a $75,000 match! And to celebrate, we have something truly special for you. Our very own Lynx, in her very first music video...she's , after all! 💚

🌼 Daisy's Big Day doesn't end until MIDNIGHT, so let's keep the momentum going and see how far we can go! There are still several mini-challenges and matches available - let's see if we can complete them all! GO LYNX! 💚

I'm Just Lynx! (Official Music Video) This is "I'm Just Lynx! (Official Music Video)" by Lincoln School on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


Like our basket of thank you notes - we are overflowing with gratitude. We are 92% to our 301 donor goal!! With 11 hours left in Daisy's Big Day - let's keep the momentum going to reach our goal and unlock a $75,000 match!! Give today:


Oak Leaf students visited Lynx Central with handwritten thank you notes and beautiful 's We're climbing to our goal! As of right now, we are 77 gifts away until we reach 301 gifts! Give today to make a positive impact on our students. Give Today:


🌼 We are halfway to our goal! So, as a thank you to this incredible community, we are excited to introduce you to ! Help us make it all the way to 301 gifts and unlock a $75,000 match. Give Today: !


🌟 Tonight! New York Times Bestselling Author Dr. Uché Blackstock in conversation with Brown University School for Public Health’s Jai-Me Potter Rutledge '06 to discuss Dr. Blackstock’s new generational memoir, "LEGACY: A Black Physician Reckons with Racism in Medicine."


Photos from Lincoln School's post 03/05/2024

☔️🚌 Grade 6 turned a rainy school day into an epic adventure today at EcoTarium in Worcester, MA! Exploring various science and nature exhibits, our students loved the hands-on interactive experiences, from measuring their height in pennies to encountering outdoor animal exhibits with owls, ravens, and mountain lions. The highlight? Standing inside a hurricane simulator! Rain or shine, learning is always a blast at Lincoln School!

Learn more about the EcoTarium here:


🌼 Daisy’s Big Day is nearly here - and it might be Lincoln's biggest Giving Day yet! Beginning in the evening of March 6 and lasting until Midnight on March 7, this will be 29 hours of fun, surprises, community, and most of all, love for Lincoln. 🌼


It's that wonderful time of year again! Come and see the 2023-2024 Lincoln All-School Arts Showcase featuring a variety of artworks from students across all divisions. View paintings, drawings, ceramics, photography, sculpture, and more in the Murray Family Art Gallery and Wheeler Gym from Wednesday, March 6, to Thursday, March 28.

Photos from Lincoln School's post 03/04/2024

Grade 3 had a fantastic time immersing in history and sports at Providence College. Students explored the Black History Month exhibit at the Ruane Friar Development Center and engaged in an inspiring Q&A with Head Coach Erin Batth of the Women's Basketball team. They also had the chance to meet Coach Batth’s staff and interact with many players, discussing their experiences, challenges, and inspirations as women in sports. A heartfelt thank you to everyone at PC and Providence College Women's Basketball for hosting us; who knows, we might have ignited the enthusiasm of some future Friars Fans!

Photos from Lincoln School's post 03/01/2024

Yesterday, students in Grade 1 wrote letters to their future selves on Leap Day, imagining what they'll be like in four years. Envelopes sealed, these letters are entrusted to Mrs. Palmieri for safekeeping until they become Grade 5 students. The anticipation is real, and the students can't wait to open and read them in the future! So, what do you think you’ll be like in 4 years?

Photos from Lincoln School's post 03/01/2024

Upper School Immersions Day 3:

Grade 9 students concluded their final day in D.C. with breakfast at Friend’s Place, followed by continued lobbying at the Rayburn House Office Building for support on climate change initiatives. Afterward, they explored memorials and landmarks such as the White House, Black Lives Matter Plaza, St. John’s Church, and the Air and Space Museum. The evening wrapped up at National Harbor, where the group boarded the Capital Wheel for a sunset ride - truly a magical end to their Immersion trip. Today promises to be a fun final day with a few more activities planned before returning home.

The final day in Atlanta included a visit to McKinsey and Company, a global consulting firm, where students engaged in a presentation and thoughtful discussion on business ethics. A visit to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) included exploring exhibits on topics like Ebola, influenza viruses, and the health effects of 9/11. And the evening concluded with a delightful dinner at Chattahoochee Food Works and team-building at The Escape Room Atlanta. Today brings the flight home, marking the end of this engaging Atlanta trip.

The Grade 11 final night at Woods Hole brought a karaoke session organized by the class officers, filling the air with laughter and singing, culminating in a beautiful rendition of Simple Gifts. On their final day, students immersed themselves in lab work, with each group utilizing the confocal microscope, while the CRISPR and Anatomy courses embarked on MBL Book Tours. The CRISPR group focused on imaging zebrafish embryos, Anatomy and Physiology measured fish tanks and explored model organisms, and Microbial Biodiversity used microscopy techniques to examine biofilm growth, achieving notable success in their experiments. The day concluded with a talk from Dr. Nipam Patel on butterfly research, complemented by a glimpse into his extensive butterfly collection.

Grade 12 students lived the true city-never-sleeps NYC life on their final day. The group enjoyed a sunny walk along the High Line trail to Chelsea Market for some food and shopping before heading back to Moynihan Train Hall for their journey home. The trip back to Providence was marked by some well-earned dozing, a lot of laughter, and a general feeling of “what a time!” Welcome home, seniors!

Photos from Lincoln School's post 02/29/2024

It was a day of reflection today as Grade 9 students explored the many exhibits at the National Mall and embraced the historical significance with respectful contemplation.

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