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Brown University is the nation’s seventh-oldest institution of higher education and the third-oldest in New England.

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“To be honest, up until the summer of my junior year in high school, I had no idea which college I wanted to go to. I had heard good things about Brown, and as I attended a few info sessions, one of which was held exclusively for my high school, I knew it was the place for me. I've never liked feeling restricted on what I can pursue academically, and I've always taken subjects in a variety of disciplines. The Open Curriculum was music to my ears. For the first time, I felt as if I could craft my own, unique educational experience, creating a path through my concentration that worked best for me and allowed me to fulfill requirements while also taking new and interesting classes.

Additionally, the supportive and collaborative academic environment immediately attracted me, and the wealth of resources is amazing, especially the many possibilities for studying abroad. Brown also stands apart as a school that has accessible undergraduate research opportunities, whereas at other schools these opportunities seemed much more limited.

More than anything, I love the collaborative and supportive environment at Brown. Everyone talks about it, but it really is so unique and refreshing. Everyone, from your classmates, to your professors, to your advisors, is extremely invested in your success. There's nothing wrong with not knowing here, and everyone learns from everyone. It's great to be in a place that values everyone's individual knowledge and experience.

As an international student, I felt welcomed the moment I stepped onto campus. Brown does an excellent job of helping their international students to acclimate to living in the US. through the International Mentoring Program (IMP). There is a wealth of resources available for advice and answering any questions I have. The international student community is amazing, and I've enjoyed meeting people from so many different backgrounds. The Global Brown Center also puts on many events that allow international students to mix elements of our cultures with classic American holidays, and we really create a family away from home.”

Justin B. ‘27
Applied Math-Economics and Africana Studies

Photos from Brown Undergraduate Admission's post 01/25/2024

As we look forward to welcoming the rest of the Class of 2028 this spring, meet some of our newest Brunonians, admitted Early Decision in December. Congratulations to all of — we can’t wait to see you in Providence!

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Happy first day of classes! 🎉📚 Wishing our Brunonians a successful and fulfilling spring semester ahead!


Whether you are interested in exploring our virtual events or visiting our campus in Providence, we invite you to learn more about Brown University. These carefully designed programs will offer insight into the academic experience, campus life, the Open Curriculum and more. You will find opportunities to connect with our community, including current Brown students. We encourage you to join us in exploring the possibilities that Brown has to offer on your academic journey.

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"I was excited to come to Brown to be on a tight knit campus where I could connect easily with students and professors. Brown has such a rich history: it’s exciting for me to now be a part of it and get to meet and work with so many bright minds every day.

I was a professional ballerina before I came to Brown, so being here has opened a whole new world for me. Having access to the resources here has given me many opportunities and I’ve already gained skills that will stay with me for years to come. Before Brown, I didn't know I would be interested in classes on Middle Eastern history or introductory programming, or that I would return to a longtime goal of becoming conversationally fluent in French! It's really cool that I can pursue focused concentrations in Economics in IAPA and also have so much time to branch out and explore other passions.

My experience as a Resumed Undergraduate Education (RUE) student at Brown has been good, the greatest challenge being campus awareness of the program due to how few of us there are (RUE comprises a small percentage of the student body). It’s been nice to have the RUE community as an added support layer while navigating the college experience, from organized monthly dinners to casual hangouts with other RUE students. It makes a big difference to be connected with those who are going through a similar shared experience.

As far as the wider Brown campus community, I appreciate that students here will lift you up with them instead of pushing you down. Daily, I am challenged to think about and actively shape my future. I have found that classmates and friends offer their own time and resources freely and are happy to brainstorm ideas about the future together. Likewise, I want to help others achieve their goals and thrive. A rising tide lifts all boats: I feel lucky to be in an environment where we can all push each other and succeed together."

Eugenia Z. ‘25.5
Economics and International & Public Affairs


A beautiful first snowfall of the new year ❄️☃️


“I chose Brown for the Open Curriculum, but more due to a gut feeling that Brown was filled with dreamers like me. The foundation of the University being unlimited curiosity with the Open Curriculum, I knew I would be able to explore the intersectionality of existence. As somebody interested in STEM, this was essential in making my decision. I want to study the brain because I find it fascinating that we all can perceive art in many different ways, remembering history can play different roles in different peoples’ memories, and our emotions are chemical happenings within us. Brown’s excitement towards curiosity allows for me to study Neuroscience from every point of view. I’m surrounded by dreamers, curiosity driven friends, and people who value understanding the world as a means of helping the world.

The Open Curriculum has allowed me to explore the brain beyond the biological and chemical happenings within it, but through the lens of Anthropology as well. Never would I have thought that an Intro to Cultural Anthropology class would’ve taught me so much about the brain than it did. In challenging my mind’s frameworks while simultaneously learning about the visual system, neurotransmitters, and motivation, I got to see the intersectionality of human existence.

At Brown, everybody functions with the intent of love. I have never been surrounded by such intelligent, kind, curious, and understanding people. Every student is so passionate about something so niche that there is no sense of competition amongst classmates. We all support and see the beauty in each other's passions. I feel so lucky to be part of a community where people will fight for what they believe in no matter the consequences.

My experience at Brown as a Rural student has been refreshing. I have met people from all around the world with such distinct backgrounds that I have not felt out of place once. We all discuss not only where we come from, but what makes us who we are. It is celebrated that although we are all different, we share the same love and curiosity for each other, Brown, and life.”

Lindsey H. ‘27
Undeclared (Interest in Neuroscience, pre-med)


If you are applying Regular Decision to Brown University, please make sure to submit your application by January 3 at 11:59 p.m., applicant's local time. We look forward to learning about you through your application! ⁣ 🐻


Congratulations and welcome to the newest members of the Brown University community! Early Decision has been announced for the Class of 2028. Share your well-wishes and excitement with Brown’s newly admitted student using the hashtag . 🐻🎉

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Update: Admission decisions for Early Decision applicants to the Class of 2028 will be available online tomorrow, December 15 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

We recognize that some students may be in school during the decision release time period. We encourage applicants to check their decision when it best suits their schedule to ensure adequate time and space to process the decision.



“Brown has opened up a world of possibilities for me thanks to its supportive community and celebrated Open Curriculum, which ensures no two students have identical journeys. As someone interested in education reform, public policy, and political theory, I feared my interdisciplinary academic passions would be restricted at other universities. But at Brown, I’m able to identify unseen connections across disciplines when studying policy issues. The Open Curriculum empowers me to explore coursework spanning political science, economics, education, sociology, and more without constraints. Beyond fostering academic exploration, Brown introduces opportunities for practical growth. Through Brown Initiative for Policy (BIP), I’m gaining hands-on experience informing real policy opportunities, rare for undergraduates elsewhere. I’ve also made meaningful relationships with peers passionate about activism and change. Together, we’re proposing and advocating for sensible solutions to problems in Providence.

I didn’t know much about Providence before coming to Brown, but I’ve grown to love how it inspires me to be curious and engaged with my community. My favorite thing to do in Providence is visit its many diverse neighborhoods to uncover hidden gems, from cozy used bookstores to street art murals to pop-up food festivals.

I was drawn to Brown for its celebration of intellectual curiosity and flexible Open Curriculum. Now as a student here, what I love most are the friends and community I’ve found—one that is passionate and has helped me expand my interests and find my voice. Whether having philosophical debates in the Andrews Lounge or cracking jokes over Ivy Room smoothies, I’m constantly inspired by my talented, introspective peers.

Just as meaningful are relationships with faculty mentors who energize me to take on new challenges. My professors help me link my classroom studies to tangible impact. I’m gaining relevant experience while building lasting bonds with incredible role models. At Brown, I never feel alone in my ambitions thanks to this supportive community, which has given me the confidence to step outside my comfort zone and kept me smiling through every late night in the Rock. The ever-curious, tightly knit community Brown facilitates is what I’ll cherish most when I look back years from now.”

Leo C. ‘27
Political Science and Economics


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A Campus Tour is an opportunity to explore Brown University's campus and learn about the academic experience, campus landmarks, residential life, dining and Brown history and traditions. Join a current student to walk around Brown's picturesque New England college campus while learning about the student experience.

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“I chose to come to Brown because of the Open Curriculum. This approach to learning has provided me the freedom and flexibility to tailor my academic journey to my unique interests and goals. Here, I am able to design my own course of study and explore a wide range of disciplines without being tied to strict major requirements. And for someone like me who is extremely indecisive, the Open Curriculum has been ideal. Brown's learning environment not only fosters intellectual curiosity but also promotes a holistic and well-rounded education that encourages creativity and a deep engagement with the material. I am beyond appreciative of the classes I have taken within my majors but also those outside, like courses in Visual Art, Urban Studies, History, and Applied Mathematics!

The possibilities are endless at Brown - I have the freedom to take a class in practically any discipline, I can have fruitful conversations with anyone and everyone so easily, and I get the resources and support to feel comfortable on campus, but also in the work I do outside of campus. The Open Curriculum has pushed me to explore a wide range of subjects beyond my major, fostering a holistic understanding of the world. It has enabled me to pursue my curiosities and ask more questions, fostering a deep sense of intellectual independence. As I choose new courses every semester, I get to learn about coursework that genuinely interests me and be in a classroom where my peers are engaged and enthusiastic every single day.

I have also met the best people in my life in my past three years here that I am eternally grateful for. I would have never thought that in such little time I would create extremely deep connections with those around me, but the collaborative nature of the school means that making friends is so easy, and great friends too. The people around me truly care, whether that be a professor, advisor, or classmate. They want to see you succeed and celebrate you for your successes. Brown students fight for each other in a way that is just beautiful to see and I am honored that I get to be a part of that force.”

Iman K. ‘25
Environmental Science, Economics


The Main Green's autumnal palette is a sight to behold! 🍂🍁


“I chose Brown primarily because of its unique Open Curriculum, which lets me delve deep into my interest for Biomedical Engineering while also exploring a wide array of subjects beyond my concentration. My initial encounter with Brown was at 14 years old during a summer water polo camp, and I was immediately captivated with the campus, its impressive facilities, and the welcoming atmosphere.

Brown provides incredible support in several aspects of college life, whether it's academics, athletics, or personal development.

Coming from Puerto Rico, I aimed to maintain a connection with my cultural roots, and what better way than delving into courses en español. The Open Curriculum provides the flexibility to pursue this interest. I have greatly enjoyed the advanced-level Spanish courses with enthusiastic professors and classmates.

As a student-athlete on Brown's varsity water polo team I've had the privilege of meeting and training with an extraordinary group of athletes and coaching staff who have become an integral part of my experience. This team embodies qualities like discipline and resilience. I've not only gained valuable experience in the sport but also had the opportunity to travel and engage in volunteer work, and community service.

There are so many events, student clubs and organizations that there's always something fascinating to engage in. I have enjoyed working in the Brown Formula Racing shop lathing and milling smaller cart parts in the BDW or hanging out with the familia of the Society of Hispanic Professionals Engineers (SHPE) at B&H.

My journey at Brown as a Puerto Rican student-athlete has been both demanding and rewarding, it calls for unwavering discipline and dedication, and having the support of one's college, professors, coaches, teammates, and parents makes this experience genuinely meaningful and distinct. We're not just studying or competing in sports; we're making memories and forging bonds that will last a lifetime. In doing so, we inspire others to join our Brown family and share in the extraordinary journey we're privileged to be a part of.”

Roberto S.P. ‘26
Biomedical Engineering/Pre-Med


🔔 Reminder: The deadline to apply to Brown University under Early Decision is Wednesday, November 1, 2023 (11:59 p.m. applicant’s local time). ⁣

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Brown's Veterans Application is live! 🎖️🎉

Veterans and current service members separating soon are encouraged to submit an application by March 1, 2024 for prospective entry in Fall 2024. It doesn’t matter when you graduated from high school or if you have any prior college credit, and the SAT or ACT is not required. In appreciation of your service, there is no application fee!

Find complete details and the link to start your application on our website:


“I came to Brown because of the Master of Public Health (MPH) program. I loved the Open Curriculum and the impact I would be able to make by applying my skills in the field of public health, medicine, and my community as well. Brown has a Maternal and Child Health concentration that will allow me to pursue my goal of becoming a Public Health Physician and apply my knowledge to help solve health disparities.

Brown has opened up new doors and possibilities for me through the various seminars and meetings that are held for students on a weekly basis. This past summer, I had the honor of being a member of the 2023 Hassenfeld Summer Scholars Cohort, with the opportunity to apply my Public Health research skills.

The Open Curriculum has allowed me to broaden my perspective in Public Health and has equipped me with the confidence to conduct research and afforded me the opportunity to learn more about the importance of policy in Public Health. The close-knit community allows students with important ideas to be heard and apply their beliefs in their concentration of interest.

I love that Brown provides students with the opportunity to thrive. There are so many opportunities that are presented to students and the community allows students to feel seen and heard throughout their academic journey. There are so many initiatives at Brown that students can find where they see themselves contributing to impact social change. I love that students like myself come to Brown with a purpose and are allowed to unapologetically explore it.

As a First-generation College student, my experience at Brown has been great. I've learned so much during my first year in the MPH program and I'm excited to complete my last year and acquire new skills as a Public Health professional.”

Cambridge J. MPH ‘24
Maternal & Child Health


🌙 Sayles Hall Aglow on a Chilly October Night 🍂✨

Did you know? Every October 31st at the stroke of midnight, Maestro Mark Steinbach, Brown University's Organist and Distinguished Senior Lecturer in Music, enchants us with the haunting melodies of the annual Halloween Midnight Organ Recital on the magnificent 1903 Hutchings-Votey pipe organ in Sayles Hall! 🎃🎶



"In 2017, my decision to remain in the United States was driven by my commitment to my wife. After leaving school in 2013, I knew returning to education would be challenging. However, I was determined to improve my English language skills and pursue further learning if possible. Seeking guidance, my wife registered me at Dorcas International, where they assessed my English proficiency and encouraged me to consider college.

I enrolled at CCRI, but financial aid remained elusive until 2020, coinciding with my first daughter's birth. Motivated by this transitional chapter in my life, I immersed myself in Math, Statistics, and Economics courses, achieving exceptional results. Through a coaching program designed to support black students at CCRI, I was fortunate to have Vice President Robert Gondola (Coach Bobby) as my mentor. He connected me with advisor Jason, who helped me select courses aligned with my concentration to avoid waste of time, considering my age of 36 at the time. Coach Bobby's unwavering support and motivation fueled my determination, helping me earn my associate degree from CCRI and set my sights on Brown University despite age concerns. His optimism and encouragement pushed me to pursue my dream, resulting in a moving personal statement that moved him to tears, reinforcing my belief in success at Brown.

In 2021, I was accepted into Brown as a sophomore. Now, as a senior, I reflect on this incredible journey with immense gratitude. Being a part of such an esteemed community is an opportunity I cherish. If given the chance to choose again, I would select Brown University. As a full-time student and father to two young children, my responsibilities often limit the doors I can walk through. However, being a Brown student has opened numerous opportunities for me."

Hermand D. ‘24
Applied Mathematics


As you begin to explore your college choices, it may feel as though there are endless questions.

While we don’t claim to have all the answers, we endeavor to help by offering programs that feature knowledgeable admission representatives, honest student ambassadors, supportive faculty, and experienced Brown alumni.

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“I can be very indecisive a lot of the time, but that is exactly why I knew Brown was right for me. It’s a place that defies categorization, so when I really don’t want to choose, I don’t have to. I knew I needed a university with a culture of exploration that would encourage me to pursue all the diverse experiences I wanted to and The Open Curriculum which would give me the opportunity to do that.

My classmates are genuinely so passionate about what they do, and I have found that kind of energy infectious. It’s inspired me to pursue things I never thought I would. As a Biochemistry concentrator, I never pictured myself being so heavily involved in international affairs in college. As I enter my second semester in the Brown Journal of World Affairs, I’m so glad I go to a university that encourages that kind of interdisciplinary involvement. I’m working with people I never thought I would have had the opportunity to speak to from all around the world, and it’s a very special experience I’m glad to have.

As cliche as it sounds, undeniably, what I love most about Brown is the people. I believe it is the culture of exploration that makes for a student body that is extremely welcoming, diverse, and eager to learn. From late night study sessions in Sci Li to listening to music on Main Green, I feel extremely lucky to be learning so much everyday in a community that accepts and appreciates me.”

Linda K. ‘25
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology


“I chose Brown because, to me, Brown is family: welcoming, warm, and endlessly supportive.

Family is always there for you. Family celebrates your successes and supports you through your darkest times. From the moment I stepped on Brown's campus, I knew that Brown is a family. Brown has a tight-knit yet diverse community of international students, veterans, undergraduates, professors, and more. When I learned about the Open Curriculum, grading practices, and campus events, I could tell that Brown sets students up for success, genuinely cares about their well-being, and emphasizes a love of learning. ”

Ava S. ‘27
History and International and Public Affairs


Views of Providence from the fourth floor of the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Library, affectionately known as "the Rock" among Brown students! The Rock serves as the primary teaching and research library for the humanities, social sciences, and fine arts.


"As a student in the Program in Liberal Medical Education (PLME) at Brown, I am pursuing a concentration in Public Health to learn more about the depth and breadth of topics that affect the practice of medicine and healthcare in the 21st century. Using my public health background, I hope to become a physician who understands the many determinants of health and how they can affect overall patient outcomes and the effectiveness of our health systems. Providence demonstrates both the power of public health and the stark health inequities I seek to address. There is no better interdisciplinary community than Brown.

Brown has provided me with an invaluable community to explore the changing medical field. On campus, I have explored my interests in policy, international relations, student advocacy, and community health in various capacities. I am involved with the PLME Senate, Undergraduate Journal of Public Health, Simulation of the United Nations, Initiative for Policy, American Cancer Society, and Be The Match. These groups have enabled me to build community at Brown while making tangible impacts. I am also involved with research and various preclinical electives at The Warren Alpert Medical School, School of Public Health, and Rhode Island/Miriam Hospitals and served as a Connect For Health Advocate with the Center for Primary Care.

Brown is a hub for collaboration--across disciplines, cultures, and people. I am always amazed by the conversations I have and the knowledge I gain whether in clubs, research, or in the classroom. There is no better place than Brown for disagreements and for exploring topics and challenges that may have no easy answer.

The PLME has given me the space to pursue a Data Fluency certificate and various community involvements including serving as Vice-Chair on the American Red Cross National Youth Council and on the Board of the American Lung Association--working on key disaster preparedness, environmental justice, and health policy advocacy and volunteer initiatives. Brown has built my skills as both an aspiring physician and a leader in medicine and healthcare."

Hamid T. ‘26
Public Health

Photos from Brown University's post 09/06/2023

"I felt my story at Brown really began when I visited campus last Fall. When I applied, I could only try to envision my college life through pictures and the internet. I always knew I would love Brown—the Open Curriculum, the organizations—all screamed "hey, that's me!" But I wasn't sure how my life would be here. When I reapplied as a transfer student, I planned an impromptu visit to Providence.

Upon arriving on campus on that sunny October afternoon, I could then see my life here: studying or doing work on the Main Green and having moments staring at the beautiful stained glass in the Applied Mathematics building. Life at Brown, to me, was more than just studying or pursuing my passion; it was also about loving life and living in the moment. Coming to Brown and Providence was one of the first solo trips I took after leaving home, and it was honestly one of the best ones. I don't want to get all cheesy and say it's fate, but everything seemed to work out perfectly for me here."

Catherine C. ‘26
Applied Mathematics


Embark on a journey through time to 1834, as we marvel at the iconic Manning Hall standing proudly on the Front Green of Brown's Campus. 🕰️✨


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