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I love Sandy Greenberg
Brown A in Round 5 at WUDC :)
Hey can someone from Brown please vote on the N.A. Women's constitution?
#479 - Vote for Brown Debating Union's zipcar funding! (And no, this OP is not a member of the BDU, just someone who enjoys their friendship and admires their talent :) )

Mod note: We realize this isn't a compliment - but we think that the BDU is a wonderful complEment to the league! Go vote!

Brown Debating Union, fresh free & fly We run we jump we swim and play, we debate and go on trips. But the thing that lasts forever, is our dear friendship.

Brown Debating Union, we hold you in our hearts, and when we think about you, this thing it fell apart.

Operating as usual


THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER - we got our first general body meeting (Monday 8pm at Jo's), demo debate & novice session all kicking off this week AND a tournament next weekend🕺

gcal these dates rn go go go 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️


After a scant 4 hours on Zoom, the BDU has a new executive board! (If this trend persists, the 2032 elections will take just 7.5 minutes. Impressive!)

The BDU has elected the following individuals in these roles:

President: Toby Arment
Vice Presidents for Recruitment and Training: Renny Jiang and Mac Hays
Vice President of Operations: Wesley Chiu
Vice President of Finance: Jay Philbrick
Vice President of Administration for APDA Tournaments: Roza Kavak
Vice President of Administration for the Hicks Tournament: Christopher Vanderpool
Vice President for Social Events: Gabriel Ritter
Vice President for Communications: Karim Zohdy
Vice President of Social Media: Ashley Ganesh

Congratulations to all, and we look forward to carrying the team forward as we expand our team's outreach, and return to in-person operations!


This past weekend, five generations (loosely interpreted) came together for ProAms! We paired up varsity (and even alumni) debaters with our newly initiated novices to travel to Fordham/George Washington, virtually, of course. We made the much shorter commute to Barus and Holley instead. Congrats to Raymond Dai for being 6th novice speaker and to Karim Zohdy and Mia Stone-Molloy for breaking! Attached, see their beautiful faces!


Members of the Brown Debating Union are fundraising for the Rhode Island Urban Debate League until August 16th!

RIUDL offers students in the Providence area the opportunity to build confidence, think critically, and excel academically through debate. RIUDL uses debate as tool for equity, justice, and liberation for Providence’s students.

To donate, send any amount to the BDU’s Vice President of Finance, Toby Arment (Venmo: -Arment). Donations will be matched up to $200 and all funds will go to RIUDL to support debate education. For more information, reach out to BDU President Mia Stone-Molloy (mia_stone-molloy[at] or Communications Chair Jay Philbrick (jay_philbrick[at]


After resting up over winter break, and preparing for the first sanctioned semester in a while, the BDU hit the ground running to start the year, further proving that we need not be together in person to be bound a collective passion for debate and a knack for picking up some major Ws.

So, over the past three weekends, the BDU sent teams to host of tournaments, including Villanova/Amherst, Bates BP ProAms, NorthAms, and Rutgers/Yale

At Villanova/Amherst:

Renny was 4th Novice Speaker!

Mia was 2nd Speaker!
Jackson was TOP Speaker!!

Mia and Jackson WON THE TOURNAMENT!!!!

Mia qualified to Nats!!!!

At Bates:
Chris and Elaine broke to Quarters!!!


Over the past few weeks, the BDU has continued to cope with our election anxiety by engaging in vigorous online debates , because nothing makes you feel better than time spent arguing with friends against other friends in an organized fashion. In fact, the BDU closed out the final three weeks of October by debating at the Hart House IV, the Penn/Tufts tournament, and the Hopkins/MIT tournament, the last of which did not quite deliver on their promise for “fun” motions on Halloween.

At Hart House,
Max and Roza made Novice finals!

Sandy and his hybrid dennis broke 4th to Quarters!

At Penn,
Renny was 7th Novice speaker!

Sai and Jayden won novice finals!


On the beautiful sunny fall weekend of October 10th, the BDU sent teams to both the Harvard tournament and the North American Championship tournament, because what better way to spend a long weekend than debating with friends!

The BDU sent 7 teams to Harvard, and continued its streak of excellent results there

Chris was 2nd Speaker!
Jackson was TOP speaker!

Chris and Jackson tore through prelims, went 5-0, broke first, then proceeded to do the same in outrounds and WON the tournament

At NAUDC, Sandy judge broke!


Last weekend, the youths of the BDU got their first chance to compete at the 2020 APDA Novice Tournament!! Despite the fact that it was all on Zoom, we had an awesome time playing trivia, engaging in intense games of Among Us, and welcoming the novices onto the team. We also picked up some Ws along the way.

Mac was 16th speaker
Renny was 13th speaker
Roza was 12th speaker
Max was 7th speaker

Alex and Anirudh broke to Octas
Max and Roza broke to Semis
Mac and Sai WON the tournament


To our members, followers, and the Brown community:

The BDU calls for justice in solidarity with Black communities across the country, who are protesting against the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and countless other victims of white supremacy and systemic racism.

We find it particularly incumbent upon debate teams like ours to fight for racial justice in light of our historical and contemporary complicity in white supremacy. The debate space is often hostile to Black debaters from recruitment to retention to representation in leadership roles.

We recommit ourselves, as an institution and a community of learning, to the work of anti-racism. If you possess the financial means, we encourage you to donate to mutual aid and bail funds. (Link:

If you live near Providence, we hope you will read up on protest safety and turn out to the June 5th rally at Kennedy Plaza organized by Sep Up RI

In solidarity,

Edit: An earlier version of this post incorrectly identified the organizers of Friday's action. the group is Step Up RI, not the RI chapter of Black Lives Matter

Bail Funds/Legal Help by City Los Angeles (inc. Oxnard, San Clemente, Santa Ana, Long Beach, Victorville, Chino, Santa Monica): ← bail, supplies, transport overall fund


Over the past few weeks, the BDU has competed in not one, not two, but three online tournaments, because our passion for debate transcends the stress of quarantine. Rounds have featured apples in roads, body switches, impossible burgers, and lots of team support. We also won not one, not two, but all three of the tournaments.

Ann was 4th Speaker!
Sandy was 3rd Speaker!
Ann and Sandy were CHAMPIONS!

Chris was 8th speaker!
Ann was TOP speaker!
Chris and Ann were CHAMPIONS!

Monica was 10th speaker
Ann was 9th speaker!
Mia was 7th speaker!
Sandy was TOP speaker!
Jackson and Mia made semis!
Sandy and Monica were CHAMPIONS!

Photos from Brown Debating Union's post 03/04/2020

Last weekend, the BDU hopped on over to Wellesley to celebrate the lovely extra bit of February that we get every four years. It was a fun-filled tournament full of Frog puns, suspicious smells, and wholesome team support.

Sandy was TOP SPEAKER!! (what’s new)

Mia and Chris Morillo broke to octas!
Ann Garth and Elaine He broke to semis!
Sandy Greenberg and his hybrid Craig broke to finals!

Photos from Brown Debating Union's post 02/24/2020

We debated at our very own tournament last weekend! You call it "corruption," we call it "helping out the league." Special thanks to our friends at NU who actually, you know, ran the tournament. We had a great time watching Phineas and Ferb, romancing with our valentines

Photos from Brown Debating Union's post 02/15/2020

Last weekend we put-put-puttered our way to rut-rut-Rutgers for the tournament of a lifetime. We dined at a Whitecastle that was pretending to be much fancier than it had any right to be and met a very friendly cat. We also walked out with some Serious Hardware:

Sandy and his NU hybrid Dennis broke to octos!
Ann and Elaine broke to quarters!
Jackson and his Harvard hybrid Justin broke to semis!
Ann was 6th speaker!
Sandy was 1st speaker!

Photos from Brown Debating Union's post 02/07/2020

Last weekend we had a blast and a half over at Brandeis where we reunited with some beloved dinos and feasted on pasta. Special shoutout to our Uber driver who got us to the station for our 7:08 train, even though our ETA upon entering the car was 7:07. A legend.

We loved some govs and bopped some opps:
Toby was 9th novice speaker!
Tucker was 2nd novice speaker!
Sandy was 9 varsity speaker!
Jackson and Chris broke to partial octos!
Ann and Elaine broke to partial octos!
Sandy and Mia broke to quarters!

Photos from Brown Debating Union's post 02/03/2020

Last weekend we drove 9 hours to Canada to debate. Really. The drive was ultimately worth it because we managed to smuggle back 3 barrels of maple syrup, which have greatly enhanced the quality of our team socials. We are also pleased to announce that no one got the coronavirus. Mia and Jackson even won these sick plaques in recognition of their competitive prowess for breaking to octofinals!

The real story was The Road Trip that Never Was. Some members of our team who dislike Canada on principle decided to go to the much closer tournament at Williams. Unfortunately, they didn't get very far due to their car not starting. After hours spent buying jumper cables, identifying a Mercedes with a working battery, watching a YouTube video on how to jumpstart a car, thoroughly searching the new car for the battery (it was in the trunk), calling our car friends for counsel, and DRIVING THE MERCEDES UP A SNOWY HILL, we concluded that there was no hope for the problem car and didn't make it to Williams. Was it all for naught? No. For maybe the real battery was the friends we made along the way

Photos from Brown Debating Union's post 01/22/2020

Double whammy!!! While y'all were off hibernating winter break away, we were out here *grinding*. We explored a winter wonderland at UChicago where Ann was second speaker, Shruti (of Yale) was 3rd speaker, they broke first and made it to semis!

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! We still hadn't sated our tremendous appetite for discourse, so we raised the roof with our friends over at Tufts. Between shenanigans, Sandy was first speaker, Ann was 10th speaker, and Sandy and Sarah (of Harvard) broke first and made it to quarters.

It was a nice break, but now we're ready 2 rumble 😈

Photos from Brown Debating Union's post 11/29/2019

Today we're thankful to all the cool cats who came to Fordham last weekend. Despite some logistical challenges, we couldn't imagine a better way to close out the APDA semester. Late on Friday night we feasted on vegan sliders at White Castle and on Saturday the Sophs even took a detour into Manhattan to enjoy some ramen. Debate gives us lots to be thankful for, but this Thanksgiving we're especially appreciative of each other and the wonderful community we share.

Ann was 8th speaker!
Elaine was 3rd speaker!
Ann and Elaine made it to Finals!!!


Back in the olden days we traveled on horseback to Amherst, the land of yore, to compete in that most noble of endeavors, parliamentary debate. It took us many days and nights, but our travails yielded great fruits. We enjoyed a delightful social function and exposed our novs to an eclectic menu of road trip jams. We were having so much fun, we forgot to take pictures, so you'll just have to take our word that we had a great time, but isn't the performative realization of impermanence the most compelling account we could offer? Absolute rep monsters that we are, we also had some competitive success:

Tucker was 3rd novice speaker!
Anna Kate was 2nd novice speaker!

Ann was 10th varsity speaker!
Sandy was 1st varsity speaker!

Tucker and Anna Kate won novice finals!!!

Jackson and his Wellesley hybrid Isabella made it to Quarters!
Sandy and his Yale hybrid Ko Lyn made it to Semis!
Ann and her Northeastern hybrid Gabbi made it to Finals!!! (Meaning that Ann is now qualified for Nationals!)


Last week we competed in a debate of enviable distinction at the University Club of NY on the topic “This house believes the United States federal government should substantially increase its control of the entry of undocumented immigrants." Our friends at the Yale Debate Association were assigned to say yes. We said no. We prevailed with a floor vote of 50-37, securing our spot at next year's debate! Here are the bios of our champions:

Michael Froid is a Junior at Brown University, who hails from St. Petersburg, Florida. He is concentrating in Philosophy, with particular interests in Marxism as well as Phenomenology. Outside of class, Michael serves as the Finance Chair of the Brown Debating Union, and as the President of the Brown University Film Forum. His other passions include collecting vinyl records, spending time with his wonderful dog, Lyla, and supporting the Tampa Bay Rays.

Rocket Drew is a sophomore from California studying linguistics and economics. As the Brown Debating Union’s Communications Chair, he enjoys the honor of crafting teamwide emails and curating the team’s sterling social media presence. When he’s not defeating Yale, he’s talking about housing policy, animal rights, or utilitarianism.

Sandy Greenberg is a senior from Barrington, Rhode Island studying linguistics, with particular interests in field linguistics, applied linguistics, and language policy. He is currently the Brown Debating Union's VP of Operations. His other interests include medieval theology, comparative politics, and death metal.

Ann Garth is a Brown senior studying Systems Change and Environmental Policy. She is a committed debater and President of the Brown Debating Union. Along with debate, Ann’s interests include climate change advocacy and policy, spending time with her friends, and reading good books!



Last weekend we competed at the one, the only, Wellesley Gender Minority tournament!!! We had a great time and also brought home the gold:

Ann was 6th speaker!
Mia was 4th speaker!
Mia and Sam (Smith) broke to quarters!
Ann and Brianna (Harvard) broke to semis!

Photos from Brown Debating Union's post 11/09/2019

Ah, they grow up so fast. Doesn't it feel like only yesterday we were but ams, swimming with the sharks at our first ProAms? One might say that last weekend's ProAms was the best ProAms yet, and one would be right. Some of the weekends top coordinated costumes included "trash", "high school debaters", "unicorn/narwal onesies", and "Elaine". We debated some fun rounds and didn't even regret not being at school for Halloweekend parties even a little bit.

We also copped some dubs (what's new?):
Jackson and Andrew broke to ocots!
Darren and his hybrid Justin broke to octos!
Nyla and her hybrid Jay broke to quarters!
Wesley and his hybrid Asher broke to quarters!
Darren was 5th novice speaker!
Sandy "the mandy" was 5th varsity speaker!

Photos from Brown Debating Union's post 10/20/2019

Last weekend we pahked ah cah in Hahvahd yahd and competed in a fierce test of our wits. We had a number of delightful experiences, including getting very rained on and feasting at Jefe's. We debated many fun motions including Indian beef production and solo weddings . Also enjoyed an educational and inspiring DI panel featuring our very own Kavya!

Tucker was second novice speaker!
Sandy was 6th speaker!
Ann was 5th speaker!

Tucker and his hybrid Ethan won novice finals!
Ann and her hybrid Dennis broke to octos!
Sandy and Elaine made it all the way to FINALS!!!


Once upon a time, not so long ago...

We mitosised and sent one platoon to NAUDC at HWS and another to Columbia. The NAUDC folks had a blast recording cryptic videos by the Finger Lakes (come to Brown 1 to witness the glory) and some of our novs got their first taste of the BP life.

Wesley and Darren broke to novice semis!
Sandy and Elaine broke to quarters!

Meanwhile, in the Big Apple: the Columbeans had a wild time exploring campus and getting locked out of various buildings into the wee hours of the morn.

Jackson and his hybrid broke to quarters!

Photos from Brown Debating Union's post 10/03/2019

Last weekend we tempered our debate skills in the crucible of the Smith tournament. We forged enduring friendships over smores by the light of the camp fire and feasted on a selection of vegan delicacies throughout the weekend. The season is off to a great start! VROOM VROOM, BABY

Ann was 3rd speaker!
Sandy was 1st speaker!
(A feat for which they received friendship bracelets)

Ann and Elaine broke to semis!
Sandy and Rocket won the tournament!

Photos from Brown Debating Union's post 09/30/2019

Last weekend we reveled in the joy of reincarnation. Like molting phoenix chicks, our beloved novs emerged from the ashes of a team still mourning the loss of last year's seniors.

We had a wonderful time at BU Novice, full of laughter and learning. In fact, we were having so much fun that a student from another college decided to join our ranks at the train station. En route, discussions of ridiculous theory arguments abounded ("vote for the team with the sickest beats!")

After an enrapturing demo debate, we got down to business with some fun and educational rounds. Can't wait for the next four years of BDUnity.

Congrats to

10th Speaker: Nyla Crayton
9th Speaker: Tucker Wilke
8th Speaker: Isaiah Paik

Breaking to Octos: Tucker Wilke & Nyla Crayton
Breaking to Quarters: Anna Kate Lembke & Meghan Murphy

Nationals 2019 08/18/2019

Hey, remember Nats? Yeah, neither do we. 🙄

Just kidding. The BDU had a blast at nationals! Our beloved novices, Mia Stone-Molloy and Mia Stone-Molloy were the 2nd novice team! (That's right, Mia iron-manned all of Nats.) Mia and Mia were also the 4th novice speaker, but were/was ineligible to win due to the 1-body problem! Harry Xie and Jackson Segal were 4th novice team, and went 4-3! Our beloved Claire McMahon Fishman and Ann Garth also went 4-3!

Claire also won the Kyle Bean award (an honor bestowed to those who brought betterment to the league for the enjoyment of the activity, rather than competitive success)!

Finally, Elaine He and Jack Glaser finished the season as 10th Team of the Year, and the Brown Debating Union as 6th Club of the Year!

yale_proAms_2k19.gif 08/09/2019

In the words of Mario Benedetti, "Five minutes are enough to dream a whole lifetime -- that is how relative time is."

And, somewhere in the feverish convolution of imagination and experience, the Brown Debating Union attended Yale ProAms! Ann boasted stock-photo-level salad consumption! The team indulged in "fancy" Taco Bell! We grew old, gasped our first breath, found love, and saw fear in a handful of dust!

.. Sandy and Mia were 3rd team! Jack and Rocket were 9th! Sandy was 2nd varsity speaker! Mia was 7th novice speaker! And Jackson, the rascal, came in 10th!

Photos from Brown Debating Union's post 07/01/2019

It's somewhere, so let's take a little trip down memory lane to the Rutgers APDA Summer tournament. Team SAnndy, besides having a comically portmanteauable name, had a great time debating about every topic under that hot hot sun, including Pokemon, mass murder, and love

BDU Banquet 2019 05/06/2019

And so it happens once again. The curtain of snow opens on the debut of the green grass. The birds remember their right to fill the air with song. Winter gives way to spring, that fateful season when we lose our beloved seniors and brace ourselves for an incoming novice class. What a year it's been. Full of triumph and and defeat, highs and lows, nights close to home and others far far away, but through it all the constancy of family

Photos from Brown Debating Union's post 04/26/2019

Last weekend we competed at the Wellesley Gender Minority tournament! Great times were had by all and we really appreciate our Wellesley friends for the unique opportunity that this tournament presents gender minority debaters!

President Ann and her hybrid Sophia won the whole heckin' tournament!!!
Kavya and Lauren made it to novice finals (catch Kavya with chocolate while Lauren grinds in the background)
Ann was second speaker!
Kavya was 6th novice speaker!
Lauren was 9th novice speaker!

Photos from Brown Debating Union's post 04/20/2019

Last week we used the time-honored divide and conquer technique to send one squad to the Dartmouth tournament and another to USUDC at Clemson.

Dartmouth surpassed all expectations by providing vegan food to put every other tournament to shame. This nourishment was so powerful that our very own vegan president developed Scott Pilgrim-esque vegan powers and went on to win the tournament!

Claire and her Browndeis hybrid Rachel broke to quarters.
Elaine and Jack broke to semis where they suffered a crushing defeat* at the hands of Ann and her Browndeis hybrid Craig, who went on to win finals!
Jackson and Rocket broke to novice semis.

Jack was 1st speaker
Elaine was 2nd speaker
Claire was 8th speaker
Jackson was 8th novice speaker

Meanwhile, down South...
Chris and Sandy broke to octofinals! See pictures below as evidence of their shenanigans, which included spotting Lindsey Graham out and about.

Photos from Brown Debating Union's post 04/12/2019

Once upon a time, the BDU competed at the Providence College tournament, just a hop and a skip away from our own beloved campus. We enjoyed a delightful, Halloween-themed weekend full of candy, decorations, costumes, and spooky debates. Honestly, every tournament should just be Halloween-themed.

For many, the highlight of the weekend was sleeping in our very own beds. Other memorable events include Jackson leading a groups around an entire building in the pouring rain in search of an Uber and Chris struggling to get the Zip Car to cooperate.

We were also showered with competitive success:
Both Jack & Michael as well as Ethan and Jackson broke to varsity semis.
Rocket and Ben broke to varsity quarters.
Charlie & Ben as well as Harry and Nicolas broke to novice semis.
Jack was 1st varsity speaker, Ethan was 5th, Rocket was 6th, Michael was 7th, and Jackson was 10th.
Ben was 10th novice speaker.

Photos from Brown Debating Union's post 04/07/2019

Last week we bit adieu to spring break with a journey to the Town of Princes to compete at the Princeton tournament. Big shoutout to the Brandeis Debate Society for the sweet ride in the Deismobile and for teaching us the hallowed "George Washington Bridge Chant."

We enjoyed some lovely motions during the day and some intense elections action by night. Rocket and Michael stayed up into the wee hours of the morn to cast our team's votes. Then they slept through their alarm and didn't wake up until 11.

Congratulations to Harry and Jackson for winning novice finals! Harry took 9th novice speaker and Jackson took 10th!

Photos from Brown Debating Union's post 04/02/2019

Nothing like a little spring (break) cleaning to catch up on all the tournament announcements that slipped through the cracks over this busy, busy season! Hold on tight because we're taking a ride down memory lane.

Once upon a time, we competed against some cool cats at the Wesleyan tournament, where Jackson and Mia broke to novice finals. Jackson also copped 5th novice speaker.

A few weeks later, we found ourselves in Maine (of all places) for the Bates tournament, at which Claire and her hybrid Teddy from BU broke to semis. In an intense intra-team novice finals, Mia and her hybrid Maya from Wellesley picked up against Rocket and Kavya. Mia was 7th novice speaker, Rocket was 8th, and Kavya was 10th.

But that's not all folks! Because while some spring breakers were off soaking up some sun (cough, Jack, cough) the True of Heart endured another weekend of Northeastern cold. Claire and Michael broke to octos. Charlie and his hybrid Michael from UChicago broke to novice finals and Andrew and his hybrid Hannah from Smith broke to novice finals. Jackson snatched that 10th novice speaker award.

Photos from Brown Debating Union's post 03/15/2019

Last weekend we traveled to Wellesley for a delightful tournament!

Some would say it is impossible to identify the single greatest highlight of the trip. Others would say it was the couches. The abundant cushions of wonder that cradled our tired frames after a long day of competition.

After our rejuvenating slumber, we took the competition by storm!
Harry was 5th Novice Speaker!
Mia was 1st Novice Speaker and 10th Varsity Speaker!
Claire was 3rd Speaker!
Ann and Claire broke and made it to finals, meaning that Claire is now qualified to attend Nationals!
Kavya and Mia won novice finals!

Photos from Brown Debating Union's post 03/06/2019

Last weekend we traveled to Boston University for a rootin' tootin' good time at the BU Tournament!

Jackson and his Wellesley hybrid Cindy varsity broke, and Jackson was 8th novice speaker!
Claire and Michael semifinaled, as did Anagha and Ann!
Finally, we're super proud of our recently-ousted President Claire for TOP SPEAKING THE WHOLE TOURNAMENT!

Our weekend was full of exhilarating gustatory experiences: Ann tried an incredible vegan burger that would put all you silly carnivores to shame and Chris munched on a nutritious disc of snow (see evidence below).

Photos from Brown Debating Union's post 02/18/2019

As highways go, I-90 >>> I-95. Browndeis was fortunate enough to enjoy a picturesque roadtrip along the former this weekend as we journeyed to Binghamton!

Ann was 4th speaker! Anagha was 6th! Their hybrids Ravi and Rachel were 1st and 5th, respectively!

Both Browndeis teams reached finals; Rachel and Anagha won the tournament, and are now both qualified for Nationals!

As the BDU always says, "maybe the real points are the friends we make along the way (and various bastardizations thereof)" -- this weekend really exemplified that. Big shoutout to Brandeis Debate Society for their loyal friendship, and Jacob Bezner and Binghamton Parliamentary Debate for running a great tournament 💖

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Our Story

We run, we jump, we swim and play, we debate and go on trips. But the thing that lasts forever, are our dear friendships. Brown Debating Union, we hold you in our hearts, and when we think about you, this thing, it came apart.



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