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RISD Architecture kicked off its spring lecture series with visiting architect/educator/novelist Lesley Lokko, founder and director of the African Futures Institute in Accra, Ghana, an independent postgraduate school of architecture and platform for public events.

During the lecture Lokko reflected on the global architecture community’s response to this unprecedented moment in racial justice history.
Five Questions: Jacqueline Shaw Assistant Professor RISD Architecture.

Last year, RISD announced the “Race in Art & Design” cluster hire initiative as part of its commitments to address institutional racism and advance social equity. The new faculty members who joined the community as a result share their approaches to designing a more equitable learning experience in this Q&A series running through February 2.
Five Questions: Jess Myers Assistant Professor RISD Architecture.

Last year, RISD announced the “Race in Art & Design” cluster hire initiative as part of its commitments to address institutional racism and advance social equity. The new faculty members who joined the community as a result share their approaches to designing a more equitable learning experience in this Q&A series running through February 2.
RISD REUNION Summer 2022 for the Class of 1996. I graduated in 96 from RISD Architecture. I am the volunteer coordinator for our class. If you are interested in attending, or know someone from the year that might, please contact me through facebook. We have a FB group starting Artvibes Reunions 96 Thank you,
News RISD Architecture faculty members Malcolm Rio and Germán Pallares-Avitia explore architectural history through the lens of decoloniality.
Apply for the C-IDEA Design Award 2021
From 1st September 2021 to 28 February 2022
Call For entries | Find More information on our website: https://cidea-union.com/2021-call-for-entries/

The C-IDEA Design Award is the Worlds’ annual juried design competition. It aims to recognize and promote visionary talents in a wide array of categories ranging from communication design, industrial design, architecture, interior design, fashion design, and new media.
A yearbook and exhibition of the nominated designs are also presented as part of the event.
The jury consists of twenty countries with over thirty representatives from high-profile designers and educators. The C-IDEA Design Award aims to recognize outstanding design with social value, excavate more farsighted, and responsible excellent design forces to help the development of the design industry!
The C-IDEA Design Award hopes to create more opportunities for excellent designers to communicate and cooperate with exhibitions, awards ceremonies, and international events. Each year’s results are announced during a ceremony that is hosted in a different country. So far, the CIDEA Design Awards ceremonies (and accompanying events) have been hosted in Russia, Poland, South Korea, Czech Republic, Taiwan China, and so on.
The affordable net-zero Sheridan Small Homes designs grew out of an advanced RISD Architecture studio led by Professor Jonathan Knowles BArch 84.
Since the pandemic began in early 2020, international students studying in the United States have had to face a choice: confinement in the US at the mercy of an ever-shifting immigration system and away from family and friends, or confinement at home with no guarantee of return, studying remotely in far-flung time zones. Many students decided on the latter.

Starting in Oct 2020, a group of undergraduate and graduate students at RISD Architecture have been reflecting on their experience of being unable to study in the US. Join them (and us) for an online discussion by registering: https://www.cca.qc.ca/en/events/78094/the-launch-of-the-student-visa-review


Depuis le commencement de la pandémie au début 2020, les étudiants internationaux formés aux États-Unis se sont retrouvés face à un choix : le confinement aux États-Unis, à la merci d’un système d’immigration en perpétuel changement et loin de leurs familles et amis, ou le confinement chez eux, sans garantie de pouvoir retourner sur place, étudiant dans des fuseaux horaires éloignés. Nombre d’entre eux ont choisi la seconde solution.

À compter d’octobre 2020, un groupe d’étudiants des premiers cycles et des cycles supérieurs du département d’architecture de la Rhode Island School of Design (RISD Architecture) ont entamé une réflexion sur leur impossibilité d’étudier aux États-Unis. Joignez-vous à eux pour une discussion en ligne en vous inscrivant ici : https://www.cca.qc.ca/fr/evenements/78094/lancement-de-la-revue-du-visa-etudiant
Rhizoma Lab invites you to share your insights and reflections on how the pandemic has affected the use and perception of public space. If you want to contribute, please see all the info at https://backtothefutureofpublicspace.tumblr.com/
and send us your "postcard"!!!

EXTENDED DEADLINE!!! 15th February 2021

best wishes,
Rhizoma - Design Research Lab
Graduate degree options
Dear Student
Online TUTOR – at your service!
Architecture – Graduate and Undergraduate level



20 Years Of Experience Tutoring One-On-One At Pratt Institute, Parsons, Columbia University, FIT, City College, Special Attention To ADD Students

Architectural Design, Interior Design, Autocad, Rhino, Revit, Sketch-Up, Photoshop, Illustrator, Hand Drafting, Model-Making, Concept Development, Portfolio Design, Research Papers, 3D -Modeling, Perspective Sketching, Figure Drawing, Lasercutting, 3D Printing Set Up, Structures, Statics, Steel, Concrete Homework, Sciences Etc.

Tutoring is conducted over the phone and online via TeamViewer or Zoom
Call Alex : 917-822-8243 (125$ an hour) Eastern Standard Time
Join us in an hour (6pm ET) on Zoom to hear Michael Murphy speak with RISD Architecture about the role of architecture in response to COVID-19: https://risd.zoom.us/j/91389100536

Official page of RISD Architecture Department

As part of an art college, the Architecture department is unique among its peers, which are typically set in universities or technical colleges. Our values as artists and designers set us apart: Artistic sensibility, material reasoning, spatial cognition, critical visual thinking, symbiotic meaning/making and imagination prosper here. By studying architecture, you will learn to think critically; t

Operating as usual

Photos from RISD Architecture's post 05/26/2021

The Architecture Senior Show “Studio Denouement” is currently on view at Woods-Gerry from May 25-28th. With this final exhibition, the graduating class of 2021 makes a small ode to studio culture and shows work that encapsulates each of their methods of production and representation. We hope you enjoy the work!


Please join us Thursday, May 13, 2021, 6PM EST, for the final installment of the RISD Architecture Lecture Series, the keynote lecture titled "On Dispossession" with Cameron Rowland and Rizvana Bradley. 

Open to all within the RISD () and Brown () community, link in bio!

Photos from RISD Architecture's post 04/30/2021

Please join us for the second event in the Heterogeneous Constructions lecture series Monday, May 3 at 11.30a EST, link in bio.

This event will feature a conversation between architect Roger Boltshauser () and structural engineer John Ochsendorf (), moderated by RISD Architecture faculty Aaron Forrest () and Brett Schneider and Harvard GSD faculty Yasmin Vobis (). The Heterogeneous Constructions series explores ideas and practices that challenge contemporary conventions around architectural materials, bringing together leading thinkers and makers from a range of disciplines. The series is funded by the RISD Architecture Design Research Seed Fund.

Photo by Philip Heckhausen.

Photos from RISD Architecture's post 04/08/2021

“The Student Visa Review" is an interactive online exhibition, the result of a collaboration between RISD Architecture and the , launching Friday April 9th. The exhibition is comprised of a collection of audio reports by undergraduate and graduate students in the RISD Architecture Department who reflect on navigating their remote learning experiences during the pandemic.

To learn more and participate in the launch event, click on the registration link in our bio! You can also watch the event which will be live-streamed on YouTube.


Stay tuned for these upcoming lectures and events at RISD Architecture. More details to follow!

Photos from RISD Architecture's post 09/26/2020

We are pleased to announce the fall segment of the RISD Architecture 2020-21 Lecture Series: “Systems of Architecture.” Through a series of conversations, we will explore the systems of power at work throughout the built environment. Our guests, who include practitioners, writers, researchers, artists, and urbanists, will discuss labor, borders, hierarchies of knowledge, economics, privatization, and much more. The series will be fully remote, free, and open to the public. Swipe through for a rundown of key dates, and be sure to check back here for more information on each of the lectures and all of our guests. If you’re joining us from outside of the RISD community, we look forward to welcoming you- please email [email protected] to be added to our newsletter, where you'll receive updates and the links to join in on these conversations.

Timeline photos 05/18/2018

A wild model appeared! Johnny Yueh Han Lin MArch18's secant and folded plate panelization of closely intersecting tori is on the loose. From and Nick Safley's advanced topics in computation course.

Photos from RISD Architecture's post 05/01/2018

Drawings by Inhwan Ivan Tae BArch17 () from Carl Lostritto's () Architecture Based On Drawing Building's Advanced Studio.
@ RISD Architecture

Photos from RISD Architecture's post 04/29/2018

Model of a housing and urban development project by Wilfred Rodriguez MArch19 () for Urban Ecologies Studio with Laura Briggs
@ RISD Architecture

Photos from RISD Architecture's post 04/28/2018

Model and plans for a desk crit by Peter Shanahan, a Brown student taking courses at . ()
@ RISD Architecture

Timeline photos 04/27/2018

Axon from Architectural Analysis of SANAA's Rolex Learning by Fan Wu BArch18 ()

Photos from RISD Architecture's post 04/26/2018

Event spaces between the physical and digital from an ongoing thesis by Nick Meehan BArch18 () advised by David Gersten ()
@ RISD Architecture

Photos from RISD Architecture's post 04/24/2018

Model from the entry studio, Making of Design Principles by Noah Shipley BArch21 ()
@ RISD Architecture

Photos from RISD Architecture's post 04/22/2018

Model of an office tower with the character of a tree by Adelaide Mackintosh MArch18 () from Nick Safley's Character Creation advanced studio.
@ RISD Architecture

Timeline photos 04/21/2018

A pine wood wall-hung mirror constructed of hand-tooled joinery by Sage Dumont BArch18 () with .furniture

Timeline photos 04/19/2018

"It's actually the first drawing I did for my thesis. The red lines are a plan of Machu Picchu and the black are family spaces." fom Gelei Mai's BArch18 thesis advised by Emanuel Admassu ().

Timeline photos 04/18/2018

Drawing fom "Orientation of The Outlier" by Celeste Martinez MArch16 () from her thesis advised by Hansy Better ()

Timeline photos 04/17/2018

Detail of a drawing pretending to be an engraving of a model by D**g Eun Lim BArch19 for Nancy Nichols' () and Nick Safley's advanced topics computation course on surfaces.

Timeline photos 04/16/2018

Constructed by folding Yupo paper with an oscillating plane in mind. Split/Mirror/3point. Model by Jimmy Cheng MArch18 () for Nancy Nichols' () and Nick Safley's advanced topics in computation course on surfaces.

Photos from RISD Architecture's post 04/15/2018

Mapped connections form a network and solidfy into this model by Oleg Mulanov BArch19 (). From Architectural Projections, a course exploring methods of orthographic projection.
@ RISD Architecture

Timeline photos 04/12/2018

Model by Claire Yang BArch21 () using principles of sectional expansion and contraction for the entry studio Making of Design Principles with Jacqueline Shaw ().

Photos from RISD Architecture's post 04/12/2018

"Standards and Deviations" is a study of the subtle misalignments generated through iterative processes and present in the environment. From an ongoing thesis by Marcus Lee BArch18 () advised by Amy Kulper
@ RISD Architecture


"Staged Frames" by Leah Lin MArch19 () from Silvia Acosta's and Yoko Inoue's Transformations in Japan studio, a joint travel studio of the Architecture and Ceramics departments that explored imaginative revision of spatial and material environments uncovered in Kyoto and Naoshima. Work from the studio is on display now in the BEB gallery.

Photos from RISD Architecture's post 04/08/2018

Details from Architectural Analysis drawings by Clarisse Empinado BArch20 (.e) of Rudolph Hall for 's section.
@ RISD Architecture

Photos from RISD Architecture's post 04/08/2018

Drawings of models by Christopher Villalta MArch20 () of Wrapped Trees by Christo and Jeanne-Claude for Architectural Design Studio
@ RISD Architecture

Photos from RISD Architecture's post 04/06/2018

An ongoing thesis titled 'Opine' focuses on inverting systems of global corporations to fund missing social needs. In this example, becomes even more luxurious to fund an affordable housing project that sits above the store.
By Kevin Crouse MArch18 () with his advisor Emanuel Admassu ()
@ RISD Architecture

Timeline photos 04/05/2018

Axon of a performance hall in Bermuda by Abbie Zhang MArch19 () for an advanced studio with John Gardner and Warren Schwartz (.design )

Photos from RISD Architecture's post 04/05/2018

A study in hyperbolic paraboloids by Andrea Kelly MArch18 () for the entry studio, Making of Design Principles
@ BEB Studio At RISD


Anthony Azon BArch19 () works on his tile in collaboration with local artists from the CFQMA-BATHA-FES in with Laura Brigg's advanced studio

Timeline photos 04/02/2018

Oil painting from a winter day in Providence by Gaby Carucci BArch18 ()
"I studied different views of Providence and the effect that different phenomenons, such as light and the weather, had on the landscape and how this changed our very own perception of the elements in it; such as the buildings."

Timeline photos 04/01/2018

Process model by Cherry Yang BArch20 () for Making of Design Principles, the entry studio at


A windswept field of grass meets the aberrant force of human (Its a mouse pointer) by Daniel Stone BArch18 () for Carl Lostritto's () Introduction to Computation course.

Timeline photos 03/31/2018

Design of a mall for the merkato in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia by Hiba Karim BArch18 and Tyler Mills BArch17 ( ) from Emanuel Admassu's () Between Content and Container (volume ll) advanced studio

Photos from RISD Architecture's post 03/29/2018

Process diagrams for an island by Montana Gray BArch19 () for Silvia Acosta's Advanced Studio
@ BEB Studio At RISD

Photos from RISD Architecture's post 03/29/2018

Models made by hand over the course of a semester. Tweaked and edited by Daniel Stone BArch18 () for the design of a building to support creative production for Jim Barnes' BArch69 advanced studio
@ BEB Studio At RISD

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