Thank you BE$T program for helping me get to this point! my first Art Exhibition! Please come out if you have a chance! Happen to be busy this holiday weekend?! Visit my website!
You are cordially invited to the graduation celebration and market event for the Business Education Support and Training (BE$T) class. Support our community's new businesses and check out their displays!

Tuesday, March 6th 6:00 PM
1201 Park Ave, Bremerton, WA

Keynote Speaker:
Mayor Greg Wheeler, City of Bremerton
What another great event. Thank you Dayna for having us this year. Each year the participation gets better and better. It is so exciting how many entrepreneurs we have here in Kitsap County, who have benefited from the BE$T Program. I am so happy to have been a student and an alumni. See you next year!

BE$T is Business Education Support & Training for aspiring entrepreneurs and those wishing to improve

The BE$T micro-enterprise program is designed specifically for individuals who are interested in mastering the skills necessary for starting and expanding their own business. The BE$T program receives funding from multiple sources including Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding from Kitsap County and the City of Bremerton. CDBG funding allows us to also serve low-income residents of Kit

Operating as usual

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🤔Do you have a social media strategy?
🤔What about social media goals?

Trying to build a brand on social media without a defined strategy can be totally counterproductive.

You will find yourself just posting for the sake of it, with little rhyme or reason, and as a result, seeing no return from such efforts.

✅Here are some social media goals that every business should aim.

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➡-If the only tool you have is a hammer, it's hard to eat spaghetti. David Allan

✅Using free tools for their marketing is essential for small businesses. When you are just starting these tools can be very helpful for reaching more people.

✅Look at the tools that we have shared in the graphics below. We are sure that those will help you in one or many aspects of your marketing strategy.

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🤔To be or not to be...
on social media?

➡That is the dilemma for small businesses that are just starting.

Assuming that social media is a game for only the big players with hundreds of thousands of dollars to spare is more than wrong.

Social media platforms offer an opportunity for small businesses to grow and engage with a close-knit community of present and future customers.

➡Let us present you with 4 socials that we think almost every business should use.


Take a look at the BE$T class that graduated yesterday.

✅Full of dreams deciding to take a step on the adventure of entrepreneurship.

We wish all our students good luck in their new business ventures.

✅Remember: The BE$T team is always there to support you.


FREE Seminar - Business Taxes


BE$T - Free Business Tax Seminar

✅Bring your questions and get a better understanding of how taxes impact your business from our featured speaker: Joyce Oswald, M.Ed. from the Small Business Development Center and Western Washington University.

✅Networking events are very important, especially for small businesses. Join us in the event below.

Where will it happen?

-At the KCR building at 845 8th Street in Bremerton.

When will It happen?

-At 6:00 P.M., on February 28th

Music Copyright for the video:
Music from (free for Creators!):

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✅Establishing your brand from the ground up that stands out is no easy task.

🤔What should it look like? How should it make people feel? Will it resonate with your target audience?

➡These are the main questions that arise when you start thinking about how to connect the dots between your product and your target audience.

Check our post to learn some basic things regarding this topic.


✅Support our BE$T small business Tax Trust

We want to make sure everyone knows about this because it can be helpful.

You can also communicate in Spanish with the team.

✅Call: Edgar (253) 509-4191 or email [email protected] to schedule
your appointment if you have not filed your taxes yet.

Late appointment times are available until 10 pm.


Every businessperson has tax questions and on February 28th, you can get some answers! BE$T is offering a special business tax seminar for our graduates.

Bring your questions and get a better understanding of how taxes impact your business from our featured speaker: Joyce Oswald, M.Ed. from the Small Business Development Center and Western Washington University.

Joyce not only has a background in both tax accounting and business management, but she currently works at putting that background to use by helping small businesses in Kitsap County.

This opportunity part of our BE$T networking group that takes place on the last Tuesday of the month, so we encourage you to come to not only learn from Joyce, but to meet other local entrepreneurs (including an exciting batch of new graduates), share ideas, and grow your business!

Networking events are very important, especially for small businesses. Join us in the event below.

What is it? A free tax seminar for entrepreneurs
Who is invited? All BE$T graduates and Alumni
Where will it happen? At the KCR building at 845 8th Street in Bremerton
When will It happen? At 6:00 P.M., on February 28th

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There are a variety of different strategies when you are considering how to expand your business.

These will depend on the services you provide, the industry you operate in, your available resources, and how much of the geographic market you are currently serving.

✅Still, there are some common strategies that work for every industry that we would like to share with you.

Photos from BE$T's post 02/07/2023

Building your own business from the ground up is an exciting opportunity, but it can also be challenging.

Here are some tips if you are starting out.

Remember: BE$T is always here to support you on your entrepreneurship journey.

Take a look at our program and if interested pre-register so we can save you a seat.

Google Business Profile Set Up: 2023 Step-by-Step Tutorial for Best Results 02/02/2023

Google Business Profile Set Up: 2023 Step-by-Step Tutorial for Best Results

If you have a business in 2023 you need to make sure you have a Google Business Profile.

Check out the video below to learn why.

Google Business Profile Set Up: 2023 Step-by-Step Tutorial for Best Results In this video, you'll learn how to set up a Google Business profile for your business in 2023 step by step including:- How to create a Google account (if yo...


Branding vs Marketing?

This was one of the things we were discussing on our last BE$T class.

What are your thoughts?

Let us know in the comments below.


Join the Greater Kitsap Chamber of Commerce for an informative virtual session about the 💰Greater Businesses Grant:

They will discuss grant eligibility, grant money use, what business growth means, and virtual classes. Learn what it takes to maximize your business’s potential and make the most of the grant money. 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️Bring your questions and they'll answer them.

➡️Register here:

See you there!


Hey Kitsap entrepreneurs,

Can you relate?


Google, Apple, and Disney are not the only companies that started from home. As much as 69% of all active startups are home-based small businesses.

If you have an idea and want to develop it further, join us tomorrow on a FREE CLASS.


For registering:


We are excited for our Business Basics program starting tomorrow.

For any inquiries, please contact us via:

EMAIL BE$[email protected] OR CALL +1 (360) 517-5042

For more information on the program and the content visit our website:



Beginning January 11, BE$T classes will be held weekly every Wednesday evening from 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM at the Kitsap Community Resources 845 8th Street Building in Bremerton.

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Hey Kitsap residents,

It's a New Year, it's time to learn new things.

Learning new things usually costs money. Well, not in this case.

KCR is partnering with different organizations from community and offering FREE classes for everyone during the whole month of January.

The topics vary from Credit Score, Writing a Business Plan, Budgeting, Communications, First Aid and many more.

For checking out the time, venue and how to register, please click the link below and you will be redirected to our January Calendar.


Our team at BE$T wishes you and your families a Happy New Year!


Hey Kitsap residents,

Do you have an idea for a business but don't know where to start?

Our 8-week Business Basics Program is a course that will walk you through everything you need to know to get started.

From developing your idea, to understanding your customer, we have everything you need. And it's all in one place!

Beginning January 11, classes will be held weekly every Wednesday evening from 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM at the Kitsap Community Resources 845 8th Street Building in Bremerton.

For more information on registering and tuition visit our website:



✅BE$T team wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Best Advice to Small Business Owners 12/23/2022

Best Advice to Small Business Owners

These insights from famous entrepreneurs can change your whole perspective on how to build a business from scratch.

Best Advice to Small Business Owners At an event honoring the twentieth graduating class of the 10,000 Small Businesses program at LaGuardia Community College in New York, we asked some of the b...


This is a photo from our last BE$T class for this year.

We are happy to help people achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

Photos from BE$T's post 12/15/2022

Whether you are going to college or trying to start a new business, these two classes may be very helpful for you.

Join us tomorrow on December 15 to follow these FREE CLASSES from 9 AM to 1 PM.

09-11AM - Olympic College Orientation
11AM - 1 PM - Defining your Business Idea 102

These classes will be held Administrative Building (845 8th Street, Bremerton, WA, 98337).


Check out the FREE CLASSES that we are offering tomorrow for the community @845. 8th Street, Bremerton (KCR Administrative Building).

Learning about finances and techniques for searching for a job can empower you to make better decisions.

And we all know, better decisions mean a better future.

For registering click here:


Join us today at 11 AM to 1 PM to understand more on how a business idea can be defined and thought as a business model.

Sometimes the journey of a thousand miles it takes only a small step.

The CLASS is FREE and will be held @ KCR Administrative Building. (845 8th St, Bremerton, WA 98337)


Join us if you want to learn more about the adventure of opening a new business,

The class is FREE, but the knowledge you will get from it is very valuable.

For upcoming classes visit the link below:


These are only some of our FREE classes for December.

Check out all the classes here:

You can learn a lot about business, personal finances, communication, sales and other things by following our classes.


It's that time of the year...


December is the last month of the year, and it brings a wonderful atmosphere for everyone here in Kitsap County.

It goes beyond saying that this month has so much to offer such as cozy winters, the warmth of the blanket and the Christmas!

But you can also follow some of the FREE CLASSES that we are providing here at KCR. If you want to learn more about:

Personal Finances
Debt Management
Job Hunting
Credit Score
Writing a Business Plan
Sales Basics

you should definitely check our classes at the link below:


Join us on DEC 6TH (09 AM to 11 AM) to learn more about how to conduct great job interviews and get hired faster.

A job interview is a both-way process.

On the one hand, this is the first chance a company has to get to know you and decide whether or not you’re a good fit for the position.

On the other, it’s also your first chance to get a perspective on the company culture.

In short: the interview is the most crucial part of the hiring process.


Photos from BE$T's post 11/30/2022


Join us tomorrow , 845 8th Street, Bremerton, WA to learn some exciting information on starting a business and team building.

Register for these FREE classes by completing the form below:

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Save the date: 29 & 30 November!






All these classes are FREE and teach you valuable skills varying from personal finances to job searching and sales.

For registering complete our short form here:


Let us share some important resources for entrepreneurs who are trying to open or grow a business!

🎉Happy Entrepreneurship Day! Kitsap County is an ideal place to spark innovation and have a thriving entrepreneurial journey. We have abundant resources available for you to start and exit a business.

👇Check out the list below and feel free to add!

➡️The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) exists to provide businesses with the support and resources needed to start a business all the way through exiting a business. Learn more about them here:

➡️Kitsap Community Resources offers training for under-represented and marginalized community members that want to start their own business and need the guidance to help them achieve their dreams. Check out their BE$T program here:

➡️The Kitsap Regional Library offers guides and resources to help you get more informed about starting, running, and exiting a business. Connect with a library in-person or checkout their digital resources here:

➡️ Kitsap Economic Development Alliance is here to support and promote the growth and health of our local economy through education, community outreach, and partnerships. Learn how we can support your entrepreneurial journey here:

Don't forget to check out the Kitsap County website to help you figure out the documents and licenses needed to form your business or startup:

👉Honorable mention goes to our local co-working spaces where you can connect with fellow entrepreneurs, startup founders, and develop a community of folks on similar paths, or can at least provide you with resources.

💪Wherever you're at in your entrepreneurial journey, Kitsap's got the resources you need to build, grow, and thrive.


That fulfilling feeling when you finish the Business Support Education Training!

How to speak so that people want to listen | Julian Treasure 11/08/2022

How to speak so that people want to listen | Julian Treasure

Communicating well is one of the key traits of leadership.

Check out this talk to see if you can improve your communication skills.

How to speak so that people want to listen | Julian Treasure Visit to get our entire library of TED Talks, transcripts, translations, personalized talk recommendations and more.Have you ever felt like yo...

Photos from BE$T's post 11/07/2022

Hey there Kitsap residents,

We are providing some FREE CLASSES that can help you a lot regarding your finances, employment, or business.

For details on the classes and registering, please click the link below:


Our student, India Johnson, was able to network with other BE$T graduates and get her first client to help start her Bookkeeping business: A&J Financial Consultants LLC.

We love training entrepreneurs who bring change and help the community simultaneously.

If you have an idea and want to learn how to bring that idea to life as a business, then wait no more:





3200 Rainshadow Court
Port Orchard, WA

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