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Is this professional development? You bet it is! 😃

This is the pure essence of connection, collaboration, and learning.

We're so grateful to welcome Archgate Montessori Academy to their all-inclusive PD retreat today!

Thank you HEXA Coworking & Flex Space for sharing this gorgeous, inspiring space with all of us.

Join us for a Pampered Chef Fundraiser to benefit Archgate Montessori!! Join the party by clicking on the Facebook link below! Preview days begin tomorrow, Saturday June 13th, and the party officially kicks off Monday morning!!
Eleanor and Cyrus blew egg yolk and white out of the egg shells, painted the eggs and made nests for their eggs. Just something for the kids to do.
It’s Fri-yay! 🥳 You know what that means? It’s time for some Gorilla Math! 🦍🔢 It’s a thing. Just go with it.

On Fridays at NuMinds HQ we have SPARK sessions with our Inspirators where we share ideas and words of encouragement, question, create and ultimately fuel up for bringing real, inspired learning to the world! Our Inspirators use Gorilla Math and the likes in their daily lessons with kiddos at our partners schools such as Archgate Montessori Academy, Leadership Prep School, The Westwood School, Parish Episcopal School Greenhill School, Starwood Montessori School, Alcuin School, King Arthur Montessori Academy, St Christopher Montessori just to name a few.
FOMO is real, we know it.
So, what’re you doin’? Get off your buns and join the Edvolution!

Not many fields of knowledge incorporate creativity and fun simultaneously but we do at Archgate robotics and tech. We continue learning about science, engineering and maths, understanding how these subjects link together. Archgate Montessori Academy
At Archgate Montessori Academy our amazing engineers 👷‍♀️👷‍♂️ used the structure of atoms to construct a new science museum tower!
Recently, there was an amazing individual literacy challenge going around, and we want to do it, too, but with a twist! We want to help increase literacy awareness and make sure each child is reading or getting read to every day. The best way we thought to do so was to consult the experts themselves…teachers and schools. Each day for 5 days we will post one children’s book. Each day we will also challenge one school to take up this challenge.

Day #4 - We have accepted a challenge from The Woods, A Montessori School to post 5 books that we love (1 per day). No reviews, no explanations, just covers. Each day we will nominate a new school to take up this challenge. Let us promote children’s literacy and a book list! Today we challenge Archgate Montessori Academy. We can't wait to see what they pick!!
What better way to learn than through creative play? 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♂️

Our Archgate Montessori Academy students designed games using probability 🎛. Then they developed their sales and marketing skills! 👨‍💼
Our students at Archgate Montessori Academy became escape artists! 🔐

To find their way out of our custom-made escape room, these clever kiddos used tools 🛠 such as measurement, problem solving, reading comprehension, addition, subtraction. teamwork under pressure, and positive group dynamics.
Our students created fabulous Art Bots 🎨🤖 at Archgate Montessori Academy!
Cosmic Education is the ‘heart’ of the Elementary curriculum. Keeping into consideration the inquisitive minds during the second plane of development, Maria Montessori developed a specific curriculum that caters to the needs of the development of the 6-12 year olds. She called this the ‘Cosmic Education.’ It is based on the ‘Five Great Lessons.’

Last week my beautiful Elementary team and I were able to strike the imagination of those young minds as we presented the ‘First Great Lesson’ to our Elementary community. I truly felt nothing less than a narrator, as the rest of the team lead the students to see the bigger picture with the help of the material and the impressionist charts. It was fun to prepare for this lesson, present it and the Q&A at the end. We have been in absolute awe of your discoveries Maria Montessori!

I wish you the Happiest 149th Birthday, my genius ❤️. I love teaching about you, I love learning from you, I love talking about you, I love using the materials, you discovered and I ABSOLUTELY love wearing you on my t-shirts and telling ppl where I got them from!
Archgate Montessori Academy
Numinds Enrichment helping students and adults alike in transforming into at Archgate Montessori Academy in Plano, TX.

Archgate Montessori is a non-profit private school for children 14 months through 8th grade founded

Operating as usual


The concentration of a child is to be treasured and protected. 🩵


Happy International Rock Day!! 🪨

Photos from Archgate Montessori Academy's post 06/25/2023

Archgate and The Plano Garden Club received a Bring Back the Monarch’s to Texas Grant this spring. Volunteers have been working hard to create this lovely garden, and look forward to working with our young friends to make it an attractive stopover for our winged beauties on their way to Mexico!




Walking to class with matching pony tails. 💕


“The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see.” ~Alexandra K. Trenfor

Photos from Weeda Hamdan . Art Studio's post 05/12/2023

Our students have unique opportunities for learning off campus, but NOTHING compares to spending a day with Weeda Hamdan . Art Studio in nature and in her studio! Our hearts are forever grateful for the individual attention you give our students when they visit your studio and home. You exude love and art!! 💝

Photos from Archgate Montessori Academy's post 05/10/2023

Today the Backyard Bunch updated our palette garden by installing new ‘paintbrushes’ and weeding the color beds. The light sprinkles from above made weeding easier!


Archgate’s 7.5 acres of natural play scape provides perfect opportunities for skill building! 💚🌾🌱


💝How can we thank these two enough? Mrs. Ganesh and Mrs. Maldonado make coordinating our east and west offices look easy…we know their true titles should be “Chaos Coordinators”! They are our dream-team!!

Photos from Archgate Montessori Academy's post 03/19/2023

Archgate guides and leadership connect with educators from all over the world in Boston at
We can’t wait to hear and learn from their recent experience! Thank you for providing inspiration as we love and teach our students together!


Today we honor the woman who began it all and inspires us to this day to continue in her good work. The love of children and humanity unites us in education. 💚

Happy International Women’s Day! Today, we honor Maria Montessori—feminist, pioneer, and icon. Montessori was a trailblazer whose philosophy and activism is still as relevant today as it was when she began her work for social justice more than 100 years ago.


🌦️ Outdoor education is a valuable part of our lessons at Archgate. Mrs. Mirabella invites small groups of students each day to explore our beautiful 7.5 acre campus allowing their classmates to continue learning indoors with their classroom guides. The learning opportunities are endless! 🌱


My wish for all children!

We're meant to play in & experience nature in all of her wonders. 🍃🌿🌳


Our Backyard Bunch got their hands dirty and had fun planting peas and potatoes this afternoon!


Happy Valentine’s Day, spread some love and kindness today and always!! 💌


What is your child’s favorite sensorial work?

As with all the Montessori materials, there is much more going on with the child’s work than might appear to the casual observer.

Among the first in the sensorial materials, the Knobbed and Knobless Cylinders set the stage for a progression of exercises that train the senses, encourage attention, and develop intelligence; in short, exercises that indirectly prepare the child for later work in language, mathematics, and all future academic endeavors.

Benefits from working with cylinders include the development of:

- Skills in visual discrimination
- Sequencing and seriation skills
- Precision
- New vocabulary

To learn more, read the article titled "The Montessori Knobbed Cylinders: Introducing the Young Child to Changes in Dimension" and check out our new series about Montessori materials on the Montessori Life blog.


💫Wishing you a very Happy New Year! May this one be full of magic and drama and good madness. Harness your inner creative! 🖼️ 🎨 🧶📚📝 🧱 ⚽️


Ms. Velasquez took this beautiful photo as she accompanied our Backyard Bunch on a trash pick-up along the creek. . .Our young conservationists at work!


🍁Nature is our laboratory. 🍃


With humble hearts we honor all who served, we are grateful for our veterans.



“And a woman who held a babe against her bosom said
"Speak to us of children"
Your children are not your children
They are the sons and daughters of life's longing for itself
They come through you but not from you
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you
You may give them your love but not your thoughts
For they have their own thoughts
You may house their bodies but not their souls
For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow
Which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams
You may strive to be like them
But seek not to make them like you
For life goes not backward, nor tarries with yesterday
You are the bows from which your children
As living arrows are sent forth
The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite
And he bends you with his might
That his arrows may go swift and far
Let your bending in the archer's hand be for gladness
For even as he loves the arrow that flies
So he loves also the bow that is stable”~

~Khalil Gibran, “On Children”

art: Gustav Klimt

Toddler Guide at Archgate Montessori Academy - Plano, TX 10/25/2022

Do you know the perfect, loving guide to join the amazing Archgate community? Our Toddler Community seeks a co-teacher or assistant teacher to guide young toddlers as they thrive at school. Each toddler classroom has 12 students with two compassionate and dedicated guides.

Toddler Guide at Archgate Montessori Academy - Plano, TX Archgate Montessori Academy is an independent, non-profit, private Montessori school serving toddlers through adolescents. Our vibrant school was founded in 1986 by Montessori parents and educators committed to building a thriving Montessori community. The school campus sits on 7.5 acres and has ext...


Our Gardening and Nature elective classes have been making many, many wildflower seedballs to toss in our expanded wildflower meadow soon. The King of Seedballs was created this afternoon!

Photos from Archgate Montessori Academy's post 10/05/2022

Hug a teacher today! Their love of our children at Archgate is inspiring and sooo greatly appreciated! ❤️ We hope they feel the love today and every day!

Photos from Archgate Montessori Academy's post 09/30/2022

Montessori Education is known for offering Practical Life opportunities to children. At the toddler level this includes pouring from a pitcher to a cup, as they grow their Practical Life lessons grow with them. Real work creates ownership, belonging, and confidence. Not your average middle school project; isn’t it amazing to watch the collaboration?!? Imagine the wildflowers that will grow here next spring!!🌻🌸🌼🌱

Photos from Archgate Montessori Academy's post 09/07/2022

This sweet kitten was loved by all! Thank you Ms. Alford for sharing her and teaching us about caring for a baby mammal. She even received a handwritten card and specially crafted donut from her biggest fan. 😻😻😻 Thank you Lexi, kitty loves her card!


Today we celebrate Dr. Maria Montessori’s 152nd birthday! We are grateful to carry the torch she lit so brightly. 💫


Real life chores…💕


❤️ Does your child have a favorite lovey?


🍩 💕 Thank you Eva and family for the sweet treat this morning! Our teachers feel the 💗 💗

Photos from Archgate Montessori Academy's post 08/12/2022

🍎 Wrapping up the first week of school! Music, Spanish, Science and more with our friends at school. Welcome back everyone!!


Every child has their own unique gifts & the potential to share them with the world. Let them freely explore themselves & the world around them through play & they will thrive.


Our faculty just completed a two-day workshop on Positive Discipline with Chip DeLorenzo. We are ready with some new tools and principles for 2022-2023.

We look forward to welcoming your children tomorrow!

‘Peace begins with me,’ is our mantra this year ☮️.

Photos from Archgate Montessori Academy's post 07/22/2022

Not all superheroes wear a cape. 💜 Our children know these special members of as Chef Sal, Ms. Gladys and Mr. Mike.


When Dixie the Donkey comes to summer camp! ♥️


Grateful for the Plano PD keeping a careful watch on our school and community! 👮‍♀️ 💙

Timeline photos 07/02/2022

"We may think we are nurturing our garden, but of course it's our garden that is really nurturing us." - Jenny Uglow⁠

Are your kids interested in gardening?⁠

Gardening goes beyond the basics of seed + soil = plant and is valuable activity for kids to enjoy while spending time outside. ⁠

Along the way, they’ll grow in ways you hadn't expected and develop alongside the plants they are caring for. ⁠

So let’s get outside and grow something together!⁠

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