Black Tiger Karate

Choose from classes for adults or kids in traditional Korean Tang Soo Do and Power or Restorative Yo Six Master level instructors are here to help you!

Train with us in the traditional martial art of Tang Soo Do! Improve concentration, balance, and fitness level while learning self-defense.

Operating as usual


Hey, friends, looks as if we experienced a little FB hack. No, we aren't promoting Gerry Brooks and, while it might be fun, we are also not offering a drag class. lol. Black Tiger classes are still in limbo, we have no dojang location at this time. Hang in there, stay safe.


Black Tiger training is on hold for the foreseeable future due to in-person safety concerns from the pandemic and the need for a new training location. Please message me, Master Sonda Stokes, with comments or concerns. Stay safe, friends. Tang Soo!


Friends - we're still considering when it will be safe and sensible to re-open to live classes in the dojang. We are following the lead of Plano Parks and Rec, which has put its martial arts classes on hold for now. Please comment below with concerns/options/ideas. I am not seeing that Zoom is a reasonable way to proceed, but I could be convinced. Thanks, Master Sonda Stokes,


πŸ€”πŸ™„πŸ˜•πŸ€¨πŸ₯‹ When will we be together again to train at the dojang? Soon enough, I'm sure. Stay strong, be safe, train at home as best you can. Tang Soo!


No April Fool - Black Tiger will continue to remain in hiatus through Thursday, April 30, at which time we hope the Gov Abbott will be able to lift the stay at home orders and we can anticipate returning to in-class training the first week of May. Stay safe and stay tuned! Tang Soo!


Friends, after re-evaluating the sensible management of this health crisis, the instructors here at Black Tiger have decided that for the time being, training at the dojang will be suspended. We encourage everyone to train as they can at home. Hopefully, this situation will pass without too much further disruption to our normal activities and we can meet together again. Stay strong, stay safe. Tang Soo!


Message from Master Sonda Stokes, owner and Senior Instructor of Black Tiger: As we get through this challenge, I wanted to assure all members and those interested in training with us that the dojang WILL remain open, weekly Tu/Th 6:30-7:30pm. We will maintain a safe social distance, training only forms and techniques but no self-defense/grappling for the time being. Should students wish to train at home, we certainly appreciate your concerns and anyone, BTK member or general public, may message me for at-home training tips. Stay safe, cover your sneezes, and Tang Soo!


Well, by the first of February, most people have given upon their New Year's Resolution. But, YOU haven't even begun yours, yet! Visit Black Tiger and get started - new activity, better health, stepping out of your comfort zone - regardless of that resolution, Black Tiger can help you achieve it!


So, it's been a while since we posted last. We've been busy training! Join us for a visit and get an early start on your New Year's Resolution to learn something new, get in shape, explore another culture, find out how to break a board. I could keep going, but you get the picture - Get off the computer and into the Dojang!


What are you planning to do when summer comes, the kids are out of school, and it's too hot to be outside? How about a cool karate class? Contact us on how to experience a free evening of Tang Soo Do with Black Tiger students and set your summer plans in motion (New student discount available!)


Hate do it, but due to unsafe weather travel conditions (tornado watch), we are cancelling class for this evening. Thursday night will be Game Night this month. Stay safe, folks!


So, start your resolution early - join Black Tiger NOW!


All this rain messing with your outdoor workout? Come to karate! We train in a dry, comfy gym year-round! New student specials. Message us about how to visit.


Summer is almost over - why haven't YOU come in to train? New student (and return student) specials!


It's cool to train this summer
- no, really - the dojang
has air-conditioning!


It's so hot outside - why aren't you at Karate class in the A/C?


Eid Mubarak to all BTK family who are celebrating the end of Ramadan tonight. Allow a little extra time for parking and carpool tonight after class as the parking lot may be a bit crowded.


What are you waiting for? Summer is nearly here! We have room in class for you.


Summer is coming! How will you keep the kids from getting bored? Martial Arts, of course! We study karate in a nice, air conditioned gym! Celebrating our 30th Anniversary, throughout the year we are offering a 3-fer: Pay your first month's tuition and get 2 months more FREE! $100 gets you three months of training. How's that for a summer special! Contact us today to get started!


Howzat New Year's resolutions coming? Hmmm... Join Black Tiger Karate! New members get our 30th Anniversary Special: 3fer - Get three months' training with just one month's tuition! Jump start your ambition today!


Congratulations to Mr Nima Sadri, assistant instructor, on his promotion to Cho Dan. Well done, Sir!


Hello - We have air-conditioning in the gym at karate class. Just sayin'.


Hey, bored because it's too hot to get some activity time outside with all that nasty Texas heat? Join a karate class - we train year-round in a nice, air-conditioned facility!


Hey, Black Tiger members - invite a friend to join us this summer. They can take advantage of our New Student BOGO Summer Tuition Special (pay for one month's tuition and get the next month free!) and YOU get 1/2 off YOUR next month's tuition for referring them!


It's the last day of school! How to celebrate? Sign up for karate class! Take advantage of our Summer BOGO New Student Deal - pay one month's tuition and get the next month free - and get those kids off the couch and into martial arts.


Summer Training BOGO Special for new students! All through June, July, and August, pay tuition for one month, get a second month free! Visit us for a complimentary lesson and see how you can get started in martial arts. Tang Soo!


Congratulations to all of Saturday's Dan test candidates on a job well done. Watch for information on the upcoming in-class Promotions Ceremony. Testing were: Master Sara McDonald, Mr David Lau, Ms Sonda Stokes, Mr Jack Stokes, Travis Dula, and Nima Sadri. We are grateful to KJN David Reed and Master Joe Polanco for their participation and leadership at the exam. Tang Soo!


On Saturday, May 6, BTK welcomes the return of our founder, KJN David Reed, who will hold a special training seminar for area Tang Soo Do practitioners before adjudicating a Dan Promotional Exam for our senior students and instructors. If you are interested in attending either as a Seminar participant or viewing guest, please contact Ms Sonda Stokes at [email protected] for more information.


We have been busy around here! Black Tiger is proud to announce the upcoming visit on May 6, of our founder, KJN David Reed, 9th Dan. Master Reed will be conducting a Black Belt exam for senior members and we invite interested parties to participate in the pre-test skills seminar. Contact BSBN Sonda Stokes through the school website, for more information.


IKIGAI - This is the Japanese word for "purpose in life." Your raison d'etre. Your reason for being. What is it you are here to accomplish? As we begin a new year, examine your goals in areas of your life. Are you achieving what you could? Want to do better? Let Black Tiger help you. We can bring focus to your health and fitness, physically and mentally. Visit a class and see how to start. Find your ikigai. Find your purpose. Tang Soo!


Congratulations to Jackson R., Gup student 2016 Tiger of the Year! At each class, a student is chosen to be Tiger of the Night for exemplifying that month's Tenet/Life Code. Each month, one student is chosen from the nominees to be Tiger of the Month and display a yard sign. At the first of the year, a name is drawn from the 12 Tigers of the Month nominees to be honored for the year. Jackson has worked hard this past year on not only his martial arts skills, but also his growth as a young man. We are proud of him and all our students. Tang Soo!


Keep that New Year's resolution this year - Get in shape, so,,, try something new, make new friends, have a new adventure. Meet us at Black Tiger Karate to discuss the new you!


Just because school is out for Winter Break, training doesn't stop! Join us for classes Tuesdays and Thursdays over the Break and get the jump on that New Year's Resolution!


Need to work off a little stress of recent events? Join Tu/Th evenings in the gym at Adat Chaverim - we'll let you kick something to feel better!

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