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In working with my client Ashley today, we discovered that vacant land in Houston is selling like hotcakes.

I'm talking about small 3,000 SF lots selling for $75K 😮

Pretty cool, right?

We created a list of vacant lots that she'll be bidding on for the June 4th sale in Harris County, Texas. The minimum bids for these lots ranged from around $3K to $10K.

Now, we can't predict what the actual sales price will be, but I'll be sure to circle back witcha and let you know.

Just wanted to drop in and let you know that land in Houston is looking pretty good right now. Check into it if you're into flipping land.


So, Dallas, TX has a Land Bank program with a twist. It’s primarily open to experienced developers only that plan to build affordable housing. By “experience” they want folks who’ve developed at least 1 property in the last 3 years or so.

It’s also possible to just buy vacant lots through their Land Bank also.

Dallas, like many metropolitan cities, is undergoing a massive shift in property values, particularly in South Dallas. You can literally drive through and see $500K properties one block from $10,000 properties.

Their website is janky and doesn’t have any pricing lol BUT you can submit an application for any of the listings as long as you pay the $300 application fee.

Lemme know what you think. Bye for now.


Buying in a lower priced city and renting your primary residence can actually make a lot of sense if done correctly.

The median home price just hit an all time high of $433K. You’ll need to make over $150K a year to afford ALL the costs that come with buying a home at that price point. Since the median income is nowhere near $150K - it can be hard to figure out a way to make things work.

As I’ve mentioned a whole bunch of times, even the South is not dirt cheap like it used to be 20 years ago.

However, there are still pockets of affordable housing in places like Cleveland, Detroit, St Louis, parts of Alabama and Mississippi.

If you can buy in those areas and rent with enough margin to cover your expenses, you can still take advantage of the equity appreciation assuming you buy right.

Obviously this strategy comes with a significant downside if you rent to the wrong tenant, so you’ll want to take some time to fully map out this strategy if this is a route you want to go. Lemme know what you think down below.


Buy at $6,500.

Spend about $300K on renovations over a 5 year time period.

Sell at $410K.

The path this couple chose is open to just about all of us, but most don’t pursue it because it’s not a quick money scheme.

If money is funny, or funds are low or there’s a ton of fear present, it makes all the sense in the world to buy something cheap, take your time with the renovations, stack your money and sell when the opportunity presents itself. Whatcha think?


So, last night I directed people to a Zoom link which was different from the one I was on. As a result we ended up starting at 7:17pm instead of 7pm CST. But, we got it all figured out.

Due to this technical misstep on my part, I'm sending this replay out which will be available for the next 24 hours on YouTube. By tomorrow night, I'll be taking the video down and the replay will only be available for purchase.

This is an EXCELLENT video, if I do say so myself.

I forgot to hit the record button so my personal intro is missing lol. But, that may be good news for you all since the video jumps right into the information.

This video covers liens, deeds, land bank properties and/or seller financing for the following locations: Alabama, California, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio and Tennessee.

Check comments for the replay link which will work until 8:30pm CST tomorrow. Bye for now.


“Congrats To Lorie Partners LLC”

My tax deed student Ashley launched Lorie Partners LLC today to hold her tax deed properties. Her company is named after her beloved pet lol which I think is sooo cute. This week, Lorie and I took a deep dive into the tax deed process for the great city of Houston, TX. We’re developing a list of 20+ properties to bid on for the June 4th, 2024 sale.

Houston is one HUGE city with tons of development, highly rated master planned communities and green space for days. Oh…and it’s extremely hot with lots of bugs too, but I digress lol.
While the process for Houston is kinda straightforward, the research process is where all the work is needed. I always underestimate the amount of work and time it takes to find suitable properties. We probably have another 8 hours of work to go together. I’ll keep ya’ll posted on the outcomes. Bye for now.


The Supreme Court in Louisiana has agreed to allow the wealthy folks in Baton Rouge to form their own city called St. George - away from the poor folks. Is this the new wave? What do you think?


I was in 9th grade at Rich Central High School talking to the secretary about something and I noticed a sign in the office about becoming a caddie.

I didn’t know a thing about caddying or golf for that matter but I saw that you only had to be 13 years old.

Since I was a 13 year old freshman in high school, I figured I’d check it out cuz I didn’t have any other ways to earn money that I desperately needed. Fast forward a few weeks and I was in training to become a caddy at Idlewild Country Club in Flossmoor, IL.

Looking back, I suppose I’ve always been something of a risk taker. I had no transportation, no training, no money and no inkling about the game of golf - and yet I started out as a “C” caddie and worked my way up to “Honor Caddie” and right into a full scholarship to University of Illinois. I ended up caddying through the first couple years of college and I actually learned so much during those years. I learned that:

🔑 The cheapest, meanest golfers are almost always the worst tippers. This has been true in every service job I’ve ever had since then.

🔑 Golfers with the lowest handicap were the best tippers EVER!!!!

🔑 I learned that everyone wasn’t broke and that some people actually had disposable income….like A LOT of it. That gave me hope that I could one day be in that position as well.

🔑 Men gossip quite a bit. Don’t let them tell you any different lol.

🔑 Lots of business is conducted on the golf course among friends. I learned pretty early on that likeability is a huge factor in how far you can go in your career.

I became a caddie at 13 and immediately went into helping out with bills around the house, putting gas in the car, buying food etc. I didn’t get to keep nowhere near as much money as I earned…But, it was a life changing and transformative experience and one I’m truly grateful for.

If you have a young teen looking for a job and a way to get a full scholarship to college, consider reaching out to your local country club to see if they have a caddie program. I’m in the northern suburbs of Dallas and caddies can make about $600+ per week starting at age 14 here. Lemme know what you think down below.


I was today years old when I discovered that it was possible to use a Section 8 voucher and down payment assistance to become a homeowner. So far, I’ve only seen this at the New Jersey Land Bank - but overall I think this is a fantastic idea.

Honestly, most land banks are formed to help local cities reduce blighted, vacant properties and return them back to the city’s tax rolls.
Whatcha think? Good or bad idea?


Hey new people!

I just figured I’d introduce myself to my timeline again since it’s been a while.

I’m Danielle Nicole. I talk and teach about tax liens, property preservation and life as a full time entrepreneur. I’m in my 16th year of full time entrepreneurship. My background is Internal Audit and public accounting but it’s been so long that I’ve forgotten all of that stuff.

It has been an enlightening, transformational, life changing and verrryyyyyy ghetto experience! 👏

If I had to do it all over again, I’d probably NOT lol. I’d go back and do whatever it takes to become an international bestselling author. It’s still my dream and I'm keeping hope alive! :)

With that stated, I’m happy about all the folks I’ve been able to help over the years. I’ve helped dozens of folks launch property preservation businesses and helped dozens of clients acquire 100+ tax lien properties.

My overarching goal is to always practice what I preach. Ion wanna be charging folks for stuff I can’t walk all the way through from A to Z.

I have a real estate investment company, a field services company and a D.O.T. clinic. The D.O.T. clinic requires almost no oversight on a day to day basis. Last year, I also bought an e-commerce store which hasn’t shown much promise yet - no need for me to try and spin it lol. So far, it’s been an awful investment but I’ll circle back with an update by the end of year.

On the personal side I love house music, disco and ratchet girl rap - JT, GloRilla, Rubi Rose, Monaleo and I could go on but you get the idea lol. I also love to read, write and research - I'm very much a proud nerd. :)

Last but not least, I have 3 amazing kiddos. One is a brilliant Aquarian that I’ve never won an argument against. My super stubborn and very intelligent Ta**us son that is so likeable and charismatic. My youngest still thinks that I walk on water - I’m her favorite person on the planet right now. She’s my brilliant indigo baby. Appreciate y’all for liking, commenting and sharing my posts. Ta-Ta.


When I worked in Internal Audit they made it perfectly clear that we had to 1) avoid doing illegal activities and 2) avoid even the APPEARANCE of doing illegal activities.

This same thing especially applies to public servants…like say teachers. This video ain’t showing nothing illegal but it’s in that gray area. I’m somebody’s Mama and somebody's employer and this video was a Hell Nawl for a few reasons:

1. Allowing kids to play in your hair shows a strong lack of discernment and awareness - going on to record it shows incredibly poor judgment.

2. He brought a lot of potentially negative attention to his employer. That alone can be enough to cost you your job - just ask any business owner. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

3. In his response video, he mentioned that these girls were his “best friends.” Again - low judgement and awareness. I take issue with my kids throwing the word best friend around with people their age. They bet not eva call no grown a$$ man a “best friend.” WTFYTB? Lol

4. This video makes me question whether this teacher has a good support circle of other men around him…cuz men DO NOT play like this about their daughters. He’s literally asking for trouble.

5. In his response video, he also mentioned that “it wouldn’t be an issue if he was a woman.” Well, duh, no surprise there lol! We all know double standards exist and they ain’t going nowhere. All I could think about was R. Kelly saying “come on and braid my hairrrrrr”

Anyways, this Alternative Real Estate session I’m doing on May 15th is going to be absolute fire. We’ll be breaking down tax deeds, tax liens, land bank properties and seller financed properties. If you’re interested, I invite you to register. Link in the comments as always :) Ta-Ta


It’s wild to live in a country where so many folks go to work everyday but still cannot afford basic housing.

I really think I want to do my part to address the affordable housing crisis in this country. I just feel like it’s far deeper than what we realize and it gets such little media coverage. I don’t know where or when or how to even go about it but I know the answers are out there. I just hate to see so many folks go to a job every single day and STILL not be able to afford a place to live.

Recently a group of investors turned an office building into affordable housing units. If we could do more of that, we could definitely start to turn things around. Thoughts?


So, you’ve started a new business and you’re now official OFFICIAL. You got all of your i’s dotted and t’s crossed. Ayeeeee
Unfortunately, in today’s information age, all of that information you supplied to establish that business is now PUBLIC RECORD. I think there’s just a handful of states that don’t publish the owner’s information for new LLC’s - Wyoming and maybe Delaware.
If you live outside of those states, be prepared to be bombarded with foolishness and quick scams to get you to pay for stuff that you don’t need to. Open this for 7 scams to watch out for…


“We may be told “know your worth,” but the truth is you need to “work on your worth.” The mantra of many life coaches, “know your worth,” says you should never settle for anything less than you deserve. But while we deserve good friends and partners, as young people early on in our careers, most of us are somewhat worthless, and we should expect to be treated that way.”

This quote from a recent WSJ article is sooooo on point. Whew!

Too many young employees are entering the workforce with this superior attitude and disposition because they feel that they “know their worth” and “know their value.” They want their opinions to be valued, they want to feel heard and cared about.

Now, the problem is not that they want these things.

Hell, we all want those things lol.

The problem is demanding these things upfront without first establishing or showcasing any actual skills of value.
Inside of the workforce, none of us has value because we say we do - we have value because we SHOW IT. Period.

And do you know where a lot of this entitlement comes from? If you said “we the parents” you’d be absolutely right. A lot of us parents are raising the exact type of employees that we love to talk *ish about. It’s the same way that a lot of us women raise boys into the very men that we love to talk about - but that’s another topic for another day lol.

It’s important for parents to let our children know that they are worthy, valuable and amazing human beings in OUR eyes in our ecosystems. However, inside of the working world, the expectations are a bit different. In that setting, value is a function of what you do, NOT what you feel. The best employees across any industry are simply those that solve problems, get s**t done and don’t complain all day. If you can do that, chileeeeeee, I promise you that the world is in your hands.

Lemme know what you think down below.


“Super Tuesday” In Texas Is A Must See For New Tax Lien Investors.

Hey! I'm Danielle Nicole. I talk and teach about tax liens, property preservation, business acquisition and life as a full time entrepreneur. Join my FB group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thedaniellenicole


“The Boomer Generation Was Toxic And So Are We”

Hey! I'm Danielle Nicole. I talk and teach about tax liens, property preservation, business acquisition and life as a full time entrepreneur. Join my FB group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thedaniellenicole


Communities with an average credit score of 580 have a life expectancy of 61 years old. And half of Black Americans have a credit score below 620 according to a recent CNBC article.

Yes, I think most of us know that correlation doesn’t equal causation but if you’ve ever lived in a low income environment - these statistics won’t surprise you at all. Bad credit, poor health, low air quality, subpar education and low income are all kinfolk. This ain’t news to anyone.

The million dollar question always comes back to this: what do we do about it?

I’m always a fan of fighting on the income side - that is making MORE money vs trying to cut back every single expense. I’m also a fan of securing your home base so you can have stable housing before trying to master financial literacy. It’s hard to plan for the future when you can’t even predict the next 24 hours.

With that stated, alternative real estate investments like tax liens, tax deeds and land bank properties do NOT require a specific credit score to purchase them. Bad credit doesn’t matter. That’s the good news…

The bad news is that you are probably still going to need good credit to see one of these purchases all the way through from start to finish. You may need money for a rehab loan, you may need money to repair the property, you may need money to address some code violations and you will, for sure, need money for an attorney.

Having bad credit and low funds is definitely a much slower route and requires a lot of patience and clear strategy. It’s 100% possible though. On May 15th, I’ll be discussing tax lien, tax deed and land bank properties at 7pm CST. Feel free to join us and bring a friend. Talk soon,

Small Business Grant for Women-Owned Businesses | Fund Her Future 05/06/2024

Share with a Black female founder that you know and love.
The requirements are super simple and straightforward.

Small Business Grant for Women-Owned Businesses | Fund Her Future Apply for a small business grant for women-owned businesses. Block Advisors by H&R Block is providing $100k in grants for female business owners across the U.S.


When we think of the most expensive places to live, we almost always default to LA and Manhattan. But, Boston, Massachusetts is one hell of an expensive city that stays under the radar.

I think that’s how they want it lol.

I’ll never forget a friend of mine telling me that a neighbor walked a $600K cashier’s check over to another neighbor that was selling their home.

The reason?

He wanted to control who bought the house and make sure that the new buyer “fit” into the neighborhood. Do with that what you will lol.

In the Beacon Hill area, parking spots are sold for the same price as the average single family home in the country. Right now, there’s one available for a cool $500K! Crazy, right?

Just for fun, I checked out the Boston Land Bank to see what type of restrictions were in place. As I expected, the Land Bank is restricted to experienced developers with money. The properties are sold via an RFP process which I legitimately have NEVER seen before.

On May 15th, I’ll be talking about tax lien, tax deed and land bank properties as viable alternative real estate investments. Boston won’t make the list though because only the top 1% in the country can afford to live there. Link to register is in the comments.


Here’s 5 reasons why I think J Cole looks like a super genius right now for dropping out of rap’s biggest beef in years…

1. J Cole knew he was gonna be alright either way. He knew people would talk mad *ish about him but he also knew it wouldn’t last longer than 48 hours cuz collectively our attention span is smaller than a gnat. At the end of the day, he’s still rich, still famous, still has his family intact and still walking the path he set for his own life.

2. Kendrick’s latest diss involves allegations of Drake having an affinity for little girls. Cole was smart to not even involve himself in this discussion. If these allegations are true, it seems like Kendrick should be involving the police instead of dropping a diss track about it, but hey this is outta my tax bracket either way lol.

3. K dot has given the world a reminder that he’s an ELITE level lyricist. I wouldn’t want to be nowhere in Kendrick’s thoughts as it relates to a diss track. No, nope and nerp!

4. There won’t be any REAL winners out of this. How could it be? I mean Kendrick is clearly the better lyricist and rapper but he still looks kinda messy, maybe a little jealous and maybe a little petty. Drake just look a little sassy - but that's his norm lol.

5. Wise men don’t argue with fools cuz people from a distance can’t tell who’s who.


Kansas City, Missouri’s Land Bank is open for investors with just one catch…they only give you 4 months to renovate the properties lol. Anything over 4 months requires Land Bank approval to obtain extra time. Also, the Land Bank has the power to reclaim the property and grant it to someone else that can get the job done.

Ain’t it funny how cities will sit on properties for YEARS and keep them looking all raggedy, but then want instant results once a buyer comes into the picture?

So many big cities seem to operate like this, unfortunately. Whether we’re talking Detroit, Chicago, Memphis, Cleveland, Milwaukee and countless other cities - we’ve all seen city owned properties that have been sitting for years and years. Reminds me of that time Chicago hit me with a $600 fee for tall grass once I was finally awarded a $1 lot. The grass had been long on that lot for at least 2 years before lol. But, oh well, you gotta play by their rules.

Anyhoo, go ahead and join me on May 15th for an Alternative Real Estate Ask Me Anything session. I’ll be talking about land banks, tax liens, tax deed and seller financed properties. Link to register is in the comments.


10 years ago was the first time I acknowledged that I’ve far surpassed where I’ve come from and yet I’m sooooo far from where I ultimately want to be.

This creates a PARALYZING fear that most of us don’t ever talk about.

There are few things more mentally crippling than a little bit of success.

On one hand, I know that I need to learn more, invest more and excel more in order to keep pushing forward. On the other hand, there’s this lingering fear of making the wrong move, losing a big chunk of money, going back to payday loans, bad credit, IRS problems and living hand to mouth.

I watched Grant Cardone’s video where he said that he’d never take advice from a millionaire because millionaires are broke compared to billionaires. As much as I dislike some of Grant’s rhetoric, I have to agree with him on this.

A lot of us first generation entrepreneurs and 7 figure business owners have earned *just enough* to have the superficial look of success but not enough to create a deep foundation of lasting legacy. Most of us don’t have the programming in place to plant those deep roots to ensure that the next generation doesn’t have to go back to the starting line. So we keep going, keep working, keep making plans with the hope that the fear will work itself out over time. In my experience, it hasn’t left me yet.

I would love to close this out with a solution to this problem that I KNOW plagues so many of us. Unfortunately, I haven’t found it yet. Everyone talks about mindset but few explain the HOW aspect. Anyhoo, my plan is to keep going to therapy, keep dreaming, keep working and keep praying. Oh, and stay looking good cuz I ain’t eva tryna look like what I been through lol. What about you?


I had to think twice about posting this because I almost let my preconceived notions and prejudices get in the way about buying real estate in Mississippi lol.

So, here goes…

Mississippi is prone to floods, has a plethora of bugs and supposedly has flesh eating bacteria in some parts along the coastal waters. It’s also hot and humid for months at a time like much of the South. Oh…and there’s lots of rural roads that might break the suspension on your car lol.

On the flip side…

Mississippi is one of the few affordable places to live in the US. Median housing price is only $244K and rent for a two bedroom in Jackson is less than $1K. That’s pretty hard to come by these days. There’s also lots of nature, music and history.


I questioned a lot of the wrong things back in my 20s and 30s…and I sadly accepted a lot of nonsense as normal and factual.

Yesterday I mentioned how I thought tax lien investing was a scam. Yet, I was someone that regularly took payday loans in my 20s.

What level of goofy was this lol?

How did I not question borrowing $1,000 and repaying $2,200 at double digit interest rates BUT side eye the ability to buy real estate at the tax lien auction???

Conditioning is one hell of a drug, ain’t it?

I had a whole Accounting degree from UIUC with a 3.5 GPA and yet I didn’t blink at the super scammy and borderline illegal way that payday loan stores operated. All my common sense and book sense went out the window, I guess. Side note: do you know how hard it is to actually pay off a payday loan AND still have money left to last until the next payday? It’s kinda impossible unless you go and take out yet another loan with a different company. And the cycle just continues…

I guess that’s why they say that God looks after fools and babies lol. Cuz surely I should have known better and done better.

These days, I’m a lot more experienced and versed in tax liens and non traditional real estate. I’ll be talking about this during my next Alternative Real Estate Ask Me Anything session. I moved the date to 5/15/24 at 7pm CST. Come on through. Registration link is in the comments.


I’ve known about tax lien investing for at LEAST 20 years. My greatest mistake was that I took forever to get started because I thought it was some type of scam.

Well, if I keep it completely honest, I didn’t REALLY believe it was a scam. In reality, it just felt like an impossible thing for me to learn. I just called it a scam to justify my own inaction! 🙂

20 years later, I could be soooo much farther along than where I am. But, hey, that’s the price of inaction and none of us is exempt from paying it. In the past 5 years, I’ve worked to make up for that early skepticism but I’m still low key irritated at myself from time to time.

I know for a fact that this scenario describes a whole bunch of folks that follow me lol.

If you’ve been paying attention even a lil bit, you know that the land banks in Detroit, Milwaukee, and St Louis have cheap properties for sale. You also know that Indiana offers tax liens starting at $500 bucks. You know that there’s a couple of companies that offer seller financed land with cheap down payments. There’s a plethora of ways to acquire real estate in non traditional ways which I’ll be discussing this upcoming Wednesday at 7pm CST. Hope to see you there. Registration link is in the comments. Ta-Ta.


There’s a few places where I’d never consider going with a tax lien investment just because of the super long redemption period. One of those places is Alabama. Alabama has a 3 year redemption period which is the longest in the country.

On the other hand, the Birmingham, AL Land Bank has land and properties ready for IMMEDIATE sale starting at just a few thousand bucks.

I’m gonna go with the Land Bank property every time lol.

This week I’ll be sharing some of the best resources and websites for tax liens, tax deeds, land bank and seller financed properties. You’re invited. Link to register in comments. Bye for now.


Did y'all know that the St Louis Land Bank has multi unit properties starting at $1,000? There’s two things I love about their program:

1. You don’t have to be a resident of Missouri to buy these properties.
2. The city is actually taking the time to do some of the structural work on the properties prior to selling. The city is replacing beams, roofs, foundations, stairwells, porches etc. I actually have never seen that done before.

Now you still gonna need a bunch of money to get these properties in clean, safe and livable condition. But, I do think it’s pretty dope that the city is doing some work to make the properties more attractive to buyers.

I’ll be talking about the St Louis Land Bank and other land bank options next week during my Ask Me Anything session. Link to register is in the comments.


The person that you marry can genuinely make or break the trajectory of your life. That’s yet another lesson I wish I’d known way back in high school.

Anyhoo, I saw this article today about Venus and Serena’s daddy, Richard Williams. He’s been trying to divorce his wife Lakeisha Williams for 7 years now. She’s accused of forging his name on a deed transfer against the family home. Richard also accused her of stealing his SSI checks.

As it relates to marriage and real estate, there’s no better time to have all your sh*t in order. Spousal forgery is a real thing and it takes YEARS to resolve these types of issues. The only people that stand to benefit from these long drawn out court cases are the attorneys. I guess this is why my attorney friend Raven is theeee most skeptical person that I know, especially as it relates to marriage, money and legacy.

🔑 🔑 🔑 You may trust the person that you’re marrying but it REMAINS TO BE SEEN whether you can trust the person you’re divorcing if that scenario ever happens. I’m not an attorney but I’m gonna go out on a limb to say that placing your properties into a revocable living trust may save you some heartache and prevent deed forgery. But, if you married someone that’s determined to finesse you, you may just be out of luck.

I don’t have any tips on the marriage side BUT I do have some ideas on ways to acquire tax lien, tax deed, seller financing and land bank properties. I’ll be talking about it next week during my Ask Me Anything session. Link in comments.

Photos from Danielle Nicole's post 04/25/2024

Mortgage interest rates topped 7% this month, which seems unbelievable considering where they were 3 years ago. In true nerd fashion, I went looking to find out the rates for the past 50 years to get a clearer picture.

Did y’all know that in 1981, the mortgage interest rate peaked at 18%.


Now that 7% interest rate that we just hit this month, doesn’t sound so crazy after all, right?

All of this just tells me that there’s A LOT of room to raise rates and we may be a long way from seeing any type of rate reduction.

In the meantime, in between time…where will you live and what’s your plan?

I’m doing an Ask Me Anything session next week to talk about alternative ways to buy real estate including tax liens, tax deeds, land banks and seller financed properties. Link in comments.

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