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Photos from All the Write Colors's post 02/09/2024

Our student, Tomas, has published a book on Amazon!📔🖍️
This could be your child one day. Kids get fun results by having classes that are adapted to their literacy and executive functioning needs.
👉🏻 If your childs needs a new book to read, you can grab a copy of his book Amazon today. Otherwise take a look at our teaching approach here!

Love, Katharine 🧔🏻‍♀💕


I want to show you what the journey is like in creative writing classes! 🚙🖍️
We help kids become authors by first adapting to their spelling level, learning style and their interests.
Throughout the whole journey they write their book while we praise them with strategic compliments. This leads to them loving the process and becoming proud of the book they publish.
By becoming an author, they learn that their ideas and opinions are valued! This is how we build confidence one book at a time!
Love, Katharine 💕


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Two similar spelling rules are sometimes too confusing to teach at once. So instead, make a flip book to highlight just one spelling rule. ✨🚀

Fold a piece of cardstock and staple pieces of paper between it. Then write different word combinations and play!
I flip, you flip, we flip! 🌈


We believe in teaching out of the box, where we empower the gifts of each individual by working from creativity and empathy.

Enrich your universe,

With love, Katharine👩🏻💕 !

Photos from All the Write Colors's post 01/12/2024

🔜Stay tumed for more insights on teaching reading and spelling in our upcoming posts! 📚✨️

Unlock the world of reading and writing for your child with these smart hacks! Which one will you try first? ✍️


My first activity of 2024 is painting! I didn’t plan on painting today and when I tried to mix paints, I failed at the original plan. But, the “messed up” paint colors however, evolved into this fun silly painting. What an encouraging way to start the year. 🥰 Happy New Year! May your 2024 be full of creativity, fearlessness, and proud moments.

Photos from All the Write Colors's post 12/05/2023

Post 2 of 2: As we met in person for the first time, Tomas finally got the chance to sign his book for me, and Nico showed me his game board. Flip to the last pic for the scrumptious Puerto Rican/Spanish brunch the families made for me! Would you ever feel comfortable inviting your child’s teacher or tutor over for dinner? This weekend’s visit assured me that All the Write Colors is doing more than tutoring. We are changing the relationship between teachers and parents…and as a result, the kids thrive!

There shouldn’t be this wall or hierarchy between educators and the families. We should be a team, where we are consistently praising, smiling, and working together to bring out the brilliance of every child.


Post 1 of 2: These two kiddos have been writing online with me for a year and I finally got a chance to meet them in person this past weekend! Despite living 1,000 miles away, these two have become confident writers because of the praise-based approach used here at All the Write Colors. Even online, they connect and feel seen! I know we grew up with “tough love,” but in all reality, you can get A LOT more out of a kid from praise than critique.


The kids have spoken! For the holidays, I asked my students their book recommendations and they gave me a dynamite list! 💥
Parents-Aunties-Grandparents-Uncles: these are the books to get this holiday!

It’s important to ask the kids what they recommend because it is often DIFFERENT than any list recommended by a grown-up (i.e. Barnes&Noble gift guide). If we want to get our kids into reading, we’ve gotta ask the kids!

Graphic Novels definitely won by a landslide. I read several of these and holy moly, they are so engaging with incredibly relatable storylines. The kids know what’s up! 🔥

Holiday Gift Guide in no particular order:

🎁 Mallory McDonald Series - by Laurie Friedman (hilarious)

🎁 Jukebox - by (time travel)

🎁 Measuring Up - by

🎁 Allergic by - by (allergies/new baby)

🎁 Mr. Wolf’s Class series - by (big hit for 3/4 graders)

🎁 Stargazing - by (friendship)

🎁 Anti-Hero - by

🎁 Ghosts - by

🎁 Minecraft Mega Builds - An AFK book

🎁 Diary of the Awesome Friendly Kid - by Jeff Kinney

🎁 Fly Guy Series - by Tedd Arnold


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Did you know All the Write Colors has gifts and teaching resources for purchase?

This week only at the Color Shop - buy 1 item, get a 2nd item FREE!

Enter CYBERBOGO at checkout. We have downloadable resources and positive, colorful gifts as well! Spread the fun and love.

Sale ends Friday, December 1st



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Photos from All the Write Colors's post 11/22/2023

As we close for Thanksgiving break, I am reflecting on what we are most proud about out this past Fall. And that is helping kids rebuild social skills and confidence. We’ve been working with kids one on one who’ve had negative impacts in social settings, and then working towards combining kids into pairs that match in writing level and interests. Watching kids go from not talking at all to laughing with a new friend while making books together, is priceless. Here are some tips you can apply to your students and kids as you help them socialize both over the holidays through next year.

Have a wonderful holiday!



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Our online writing club for girls 5th/6th grade is back and starts Tuesday Nov 28, 4PM! If you’re interested, please DM me! The girls will use Canva and make a book - in the hopes of publishing on Amazon one day!

12 weeks (excluding holidays)
Class is 60 minutes
4pm CT/ 5pm ET Tuesdays

Message me ASAP if interested!


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Winter Writing Club Online is BACK!! ❄️

This is for 5th/6th grade girls who love to write. We’ll be working towards publishing a book on Amazon one day and building identity, voice, and confidence.

$50/class for 12 weeks
No classes during holiday break
Starts Nov 28
Tuesdays 4 PM CT/ 5PM ET


DM me if interested or email [email protected]


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Happy Diwali to all our friends and families who celebrate! 🪔 ✨ May your life be illuminated with colors of joy, love, and serenity. 💕 🎨

Photos from All the Write Colors's post 11/10/2023

Tips for this holiday season! This is based on my experience both as a first generation kid growing up in America, AND working with kids from all over the world. I’ve been asked by kids what turkey stuffing is, what is pajama day, and what if I don’t celebrate Christmas? We can help them as teachers and school leaders. These are easy adjustments that can make a WORLD of difference this holiday season. 🪔🎄🎃🧧

How do you feel about holiday season?

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Happy one year anniversary to brilliant Tomas!! This guy! In one year with All the Write Colors, Tomás has blossomed into both a confident writer and human. He started taking classes because he was having a hard time writing. In reality, he was simply having a hard time “dumbing down” his thinking to a second grade writing level. He needed permission and tools to help him write as verbose as he talks. And voila - he’s now got one published book & publishing party in the books, and almost done with his second!!!

The other day in class, he said “I’m going to change this word because it needs to sound more like Tomàs.”
BOOM! That’s what confidence sounds like.

I don’t think everyone realizes how important it is for writing to be taught in a therapeutic way where we are boosting kids’ confidence and adjusting to their needs. If your child needs something like this, let’s connect!!

So proud of you, Tomás. You are an amazing author and kid!

Rosaura Conde Eduardo Conde


When your book characters become puppets!


School vs Reality. Teaching writing has to adapt with the times, y’all. We can’t keep teaching in the past when we need our kids to be ready for the now…and the future.

Photos from All the Write Colors's post 11/03/2023

One of our first classes together was around Halloween time and dressing up was such a powerful way to build safety and trust quickly. It has given me a new appreciation for Halloween. 🎃♥️

Have a happy weekend, everyone!

Photos from All the Write Colors's post 11/02/2023

Happy Dia de Los Mu***os! 🌺 💀 Here is an awesome board book that all ages could enjoy. It’s colorful, not too wordy, but also detailed enough to explain a lot about this special holiday (Nov 1-2). It is All the Write Colors! 🌈 Beautiful illustrations by

*not sponsored, just sharing.


Too many worksheets sometimes cause kids to confuse one spelling rule with another. Sprinkle in some active learning days so that the spelling patterns stand out from each other. Moving forward, I can always reference cup-pong when this student needs a reminder of the -all spelling pattern. Best part? Almost no prep work needed!! Just some cups and paper. 👍🏽

P.S. I looooove low prep activities. Or ones that you can reuse. Making learning active doesn’t always mean more prep time. It just means more joy and connection to the learning.


We now have downloadable games and resources for teachers and parents! 🎉 It’s 🏈 so today we are featuring a customizable football review game you can use in the classroom or at home. Pro-tip: laminate the footballs so you can wipe off the words and reuse. There are 19 teams to choose from! Rules and How-To Play are provided. If your kids play any of the games, we would love if you could share and tag us at !

Photos from All the Write Colors's post 10/19/2023

When your student becomes a guest author/speaker for their elementary school! The school also now carries copies of Mateo’s book for kids to check out! Mateo’s gifted him with a brilliant mind and I’m so excited that the world now gets to reap the benefits, and kids get to learn from him tomorrow. It’s so important that we look for the in every kid and not just see their (dis)abilities. I’m so happy for you, Mateo!! Can’t wait to hear about your first guest appearance. 🥰🥰


The way we set our kids up for success is by measuring creativity. It is not by measuring whatever is on those current standardized tests. Advocate for lessons that teach creativity, thinking for themselves, asking questions and curiosity. This is how we prepare our kids for the now, and for the future.


Photos from All the Write Colors's post 09/08/2023

Book Title: Briana’s Adventure in India.

We love when writing gives kids a safe place to celebrate their life and culture. Have you heard of the term, “third culture?” It means to create a culture of your own that combines the best of your home country/family’s native country, with the best of your current home and country. Creating third culture means being proud and accepting who you are. It’s the feeling of “I belong.” We believe writing and making books helps kids say “I belong here.”


Do you ever see a child/student have a full meltdown because of a tiny problem? In their heads, it’s like a crisis is happening. If this happens a lot, sometimes a proactive activity like this one can help. Here’s what you do:

1. Wait for a day when things feel happy and calm. (Aka they’re in the Green zone)
2. Create a chart with them and start listing problems from big to small. Brainstorm together how one would resolve each problem. Make sure to include the small problems you’ve seen that child struggle with. A store-bought chart will have far less effect bc kids do not get a chance to have any input, so don’t skip out on this step.

3. Moving forward, when a situation arises, you can use these terminologies to deescalate any small problems that have escalated into a “meltdown.”

Don’t worry if the child doesn’t respond to it the first time they have another meltdown. Wait again until they are back in the “green zone” and go back to the chart to discuss how that problem could’ve been resolve. Try to be consistent. And over time, they will be able to regulate it during the moment. You can even try modeling it as an adult in front of them when you’re getting emotional.

I’ve found this approach to be much more effective for than doing things in the heat of the moment, because it is impossible to think straight when emotions are elevated.

To be honest, I use this strategy on my grown-up self all the time! 🤭🥰

Photos from All the Write Colors's post 09/01/2023

Today, we’re sharing four positive statements that we sprinkle into every class for every kid. 🧁 Each statement targets a specific area of identity: their intelligence, their character, their personality, and their worth.

If you try these at home or at school, think of them as zero-calorie words. YUM! They are healthy to use, so you can say them all day long!

When we don’t fill a child’s mind with loving beliefs, who’s to say they won’t digest all the words of self-doubt and criticism instead.

✅ Tag a friend who would appreciate hearing a “zero-calorie” compliment right now!

Photos from All the Write Colors's post 08/22/2023

Today, we congratulate Mateo for his book on Amazon! Mateo is 11 yrs old with , and it doesn’t stop him from becoming an author. He develops the most exciting stories and I do the honor of scribing it for him. Every word in the book was his idea! The only difference is I type or spell it out for him. But Mateo is the writer.

He also created every clay figure you see in the book! Such a talented student. Swipe right to see him signing my personal copy. 🥰

Thank you to for designing the graphics of each page to match Mateo’s vision. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Can you imagine the impact and confidence this has on a child? Sometimes a superpower of dyslexia is . It’s important to separate that ability from the phonics work.

A great author is not the person whose good at grammar and spelling. It’s the person who can tell the best stories.

You can buy Mateo’s book now on Amazon. Kids LOVE books written by kids! It already has ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 star reviews!!



Is bad handwriting really a flaw, or is it just another cool characteristic of a successful child? Save your worry energy for other things, but handwriting doesn’t need to be one of them. There’s never been someone who gets fired because of bad handwriting, yet sometimes this is what kids are stressing over to please adults.

Especially with typing, speech-to-text, and incredible accessibility options today, we can let this one go. They are . 💕

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