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Holy Angels Preschool and Kindergarten is located in Plaistow, N.H. We have students from the surrounding towns of Plaistow, Atkinson,Newton,and Haverhill.

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The older my kids get, the more I want them to be mediocre.

Mediocre at all of the things. Sports. Academics. Music. And more.

Sure, I want them to do their best and learn some hobbies they truly love, but honestly, I don't care how much they excel. I don't need trophies, straight A's, or any of that.

The pressure is too much for kids now. It's simply not how it was when we were young. We played neighborhood games of basketball and rode our bikes until dark. But now kids have personal trainers and are reading before age five.

Of course, all of that is fine and dandy if that's what the child wants.

But my goal for my kids is to just be kind and giving humans who know how to love themselves.

Because their successes are not mine. My life still needs to be lived for myself. I won't have my kids' achievements do that for me.

If I'm being honest, though, it took me a while to truly get here. And sometimes, the outside noise still gets to me. I play the compare game.

And often, the first question people ask is, "Oh, are they playing a sport?" or "How are their academics?"

I smile and answer. But in my head I'm like, "Uhh they're 7 and 9. They like to play."

Mediocrity is underrated.

And I won't be sad, not for a minute, if my kids achieve just that. As long as they love others and know how to nurture themselves...that's all I want.

Because to me, they won't be mediocre at all.


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It wouldn’t be 100 Day without a visit from Granny Dooley!!


There is chatter about a possible delayed opening for TRSD because of the below freezing temperatures tomorrow morning. If there is a delay or a cancellation for this reason, then we will continue to open at our regular times.

Welcome 12/23/2021


Hello All, the state of NHhas replenished their stock of free, at home rapid tests. Just follow the link and click the free at home rapid link. These will be nice to have on hand after the holidays!


Welcome An official New Hampshire Government web site.

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We may not have had an audience, but we still had a successful Christmas Show! Families should be receiving a link by Tuesday or Wednesday!


Barrio Palermo | Palermonline Noticias | Información del Barrio de Palermo | Desde 1999.

Please take 2 minutes to read this article below. We here at Holy Angels are witnessing these changes and concerns in our Center. We are so fortunate to have such wonderful families, but I think everyone can learn from this article! Parenting is hard,especially in this changing world. If you can take just one thing from this article you are a step ahead! ☺️

Dr. Ovid, pediatric neurologist, warns of a silent tragedy that is unfolding in our homes today.

There is a silent tragedy unfolding today in our homes, and concerns our most beautiful jewelry: our children. Our children are in an emotionally devastating state! Over the past 15 years, researchers have given us more and more alarming statistics on an acute and constant increase in childhood mental illness that is now reaching epidemic proportions:

Stats don't lie:
• 1 in 5 children have mental health issues
• A 43% increase was observed in ADHD
• An increase of 37% in teenage depression has been observed
• A 200% increase in the suicide rate among children aged 10 to 14 has been observed.

What's going on and what's wrong with us?

Kids these days are over-Stimulated and over-given material objects, but they are deprived of the foundations of a healthy childhood, such as:

• Emotionally available parents
• clearly defined boundaries
• Responsibilities
• Balanced nutrition and adequate sleep
• Movement in general but especially outdoors
• Creative gaming, social interaction, informal gaming opportunities and spaces for boredom

Instead, the last few years have been filled with the children of:
• Digital Distracted Parents
• Pampering and permissive parents who let children "rule the world" and be the ones who make the rules
• A sense of law, to earn everything without earning it or being responsible for getting it
• Inappropriate sleep and unbalanced nutrition
• A sedentary lifestyle
• Endless stimulation, technological teddy bears, instant gratification and absence of boring moments

What to do ?
If we want our children to be happy and healthy individuals, we need to wake up and get back to the basics. It is still possible! Many families are seeing immediate improvements after weeks of implementing the following recommendations:

• Set boundaries and remember that you are the captain of the ship. Your children will feel safer knowing you have the government in control.
• Offer children a balanced lifestyle filled with what children need, not just what they want. Don't be afraid to say "no" to your children if what they want isn't what they need.
• Provide nutritious food and limit junk food.
• Spend at least one hour a day outdoors doing activities such as: Cycling, hiking, fishing, bird / insect watching
• Enjoy a daily family dinner without smartphones or technology distracting them.
• Play table games with the family or if the kids are too small for board games, let your interests be carried away and let them be the ones sending in the game
• Involve your children in a task or housework according to their age (folding clothes, ordering toys, hanging clothes, unwrapping food, setting the table, feeding the dog etc. The whole world
• Implement a consistent sleep routine to ensure your child sleeps long enough. Times will be even more important for school-age children.
• Teach responsibility and independence. Don't overprotect them from frustration or error. Being wrong will help them develop resilience and learn to overcome life's challenges,
• Don't load your children's backpack, don't carry your backpacks, don't take them the task they forgot, don't peel their bananas or peel their oranges if they can do it themselves (4-5 years old). Instead of giving them the fish, show them how to fish.
• Teach them to wait and delay gratification.
• Provide opportunities for "boredom", because boredom is the moment when creativity awakens. Don't feel responsible for always keeping kids entertained.
• Do not use technology as a cure for boredom, nor offer it at the first second of inactivity.
• Avoid using technology during meals, in cars, restaurants, shopping malls. Use these moments as opportunities to socialize by training the brains to know how to function when they are in "bored" mode
• Help them create a "Boredom Bottle" with activity ideas for when they're bored.
• Be emotionally available to connect with children and teach them self-regulation and social skills:
• Turn off the phones at night when kids have to go to bed to avoid digital distraction.
• Become an emotional regulator or coach of your children. Teach them to recognize and handle their own frustrations and anger.
• Show them to greet, to take turns, to share without being left without anything, to say thank you and please, to recognize the mistake and apologize (don't force them), be a model for all these values that it instills.
• Connect emotionally - smile, kiss, kiss, tickle, read, dance, jump, play or spoil with them.

Article written by Dr. Luis Rojas Marcos, psychiatrist.

Barrio Palermo | Palermonline Noticias | Información del Barrio de Palermo | Desde 1999. Barrio Palermo | Palermonline Noticias | Información del Barrio de Palermo | Desde 1999.

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Even though parents aren’t in the school, we still display our art work proudly! Happy Thanksgiving!


A belated thank you to all of our Veterans! Thank you to the kindergarten class for recognizing them!


What great fun we all had on Halloween!!

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Once again, thank you to The West Fanilt for bringing their hayride to our Fall Festival! We had amazing weather, amazing donuts and amazing fun!

Photos from Holy Angels Preschool and Kindergarten's post 10/26/2021

Our Scarecrows are out! If you are familiar with Big Pumpkin, then you will know the characters!

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A great big thank you to the Plaistow Fire Department! They made 2 trips out today and they will make another one tomorrow so all children can have the same experience!


It’s official! The playground is finished! It definitely took much longer than we thought especially since this process began last spring! Many of the students got the opportunity to watch the bobcat in action while putting the rubber mulch into the area around the playset. For this particular group , it was the highlight of the day! You can hear them chanting “dump it!”

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We are getting SO close!!! That kindergarten class got to Try it out today! The bobcat should be coming soon so we can fill it in with the dirt and the rubber mulch. Once that’s in it will be open to everybody!



With the lack of outside social interactions this year, THIS is a huge help to those that need it.



What a great Open House today! We still have another group tomorrow as most others have their first day! Happy School year 2021-2022!

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What a busy week this has been! The teachers have been prepping their classrooms, the gym and the playgrounds! We are all ready for Open House on Tuesday and The first day ( and a preschool Open House) on Wednesday! Plus.. the new play set is on the way!!!!


Open House letters went out this week! Keep your eye out! The school is also hiring a part time custodian, the job description is below.


Here it is! 2021-2022 School year calendar! You will be receiving more detailed information in a few weeks!! Enjoy the rest of the summer!!!!


Just one of the updates being done this summer. This is the kindergarten class getting a fresh coat of paint! Gone are the “ baby aspirin orange” walls! The floors in the whole school are being washed and waxed, new hooks are being installed in the down stairs hallway and best of all……. The new play structure should be in( crossing fingers) by the start of the school year!!
**A BIG thank you to The Knight of Columbus for donating their time to paint the classroom!

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We could not have planned a more perfect day! The weather was amazing, the Kona Ice Truck came and we had a unicycle performance as well as balloon twists!! I know I am exhausted and I’m sure the children are as well! What a great way to start closing up the year! 

Photos from Holy Angels Preschool and Kindergarten's post 05/18/2021

A great big Thank You to The Tibiero Family and the LeBlanc Family! The Tibiero family treated us to a Panera lunch on Monday as part of teacher appreciation week! Today, we were also provided lunch, that was a combination of a donation to our Lunch With the Teachers winners as well as teacher appreciation! Thank you to Chris’ Pizza Box in Newton, NH for the yummy pizza and calzones!


A BIG Thank YOU from all of us here!
There are no words to tell you all how grateful we are for just about a 100% participation rate for our Art Show/Fundraiser! We know it didn't look the same as years past, but I also think, like many Covid changes, that we stumbled upon a new way to approach the Art Show! In the past we had the event in one night and boy, was it crowded, but fun! I was always exhausted and mentally drained afterward, but with a bit of frustration that I didn't get to speak to everyone. This year I was able to speak to just about everyone as they joined us. Not only that, the teachers were able to join you and talk about the processes of the art to you. Next year, we will plan on doing this event into small groups again. Maybe not this small, but definitely on the smaller side. Thank you to those who took the time to email me or approach me and tell me how happy you were that we not only had the Art Show, but that we stayed open with success and continuity for the children. My night was made! Next year I cannot wait for the missing piece to hopefully come back to us and that is whole families, grandparents etc., joining us for our special night! Thank you to everyone who took the time to donate both through donations for the raffle and monetarily aside from our special purchases. We raised just about $2,000! We like to give back to those, especially those who will be moving on next year, in some way. We will be bringing in the Kona Ice truck, having a few special days and making some purchases' for end of the year gifts. I always use some of the funds to thank my staff for all the hard work they put into, not just the Art Show, but the whole year...especially THIS year! Teacher Appreciation week is coming up and they will certainly be appreciated! The remainder of the funds will be used to update our playground area and "gift" the teachers with some items needed for their rooms. We did receive a Grant that will be helping us to replace our 17 year old playset, but the Art Show money will help spruce the remainder of the playground up. This will be an end of the school year project. Speaking of end of the school year. I cannot believe that we only have 1 month left of school! The teachers will all be sending home Newsletters and calendars to apprise you of our end of the year Celebration Days and Graduation (Kindergarten) .
Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Before you read the list of winners I must share a story with you. After I put the collage of hands up for raffle I instantly regretted it. I thought that it would be much better suited in the halls of our school, especially THIS year. My ticket donations mostly went into that raffle, and a few into the Prime Butcher..haha, but who didn't put one in there! On Friday, Mrs. Dooley and her class and Miss Chandra and our class took turns pulling out the winning numbers. The VERY first one we did was the hands. I was number 67 and I had the children chanting 67. But, alas, number 66 was pulled. Number 66 was my father who had given me some money to put tickets into each item donated and he won the hands! He does not have use for 62 hand prints on his wall, so he donated it right back to the school! With that being said; if you won a personalized item from a classroom and one day find no use for it or do know the children that helped create it, please consider donating that back to the school. We'd rather see it back at school than Savers or a yard sale!


Hands of Holy Angels: Cliff Olson
Pot of Gold: Milani Debenedetto

Pete the Cat book bag:
Miss Chandra's class Gwen Giarusso

Coffe mug/Heavnly card: Katherine Hilbert
Chris' Pizza Box: Mrs. West and Ben Russell
Hair Care: A VERY excited Miss Chandra
Ice Cream Fixings: Lennox McDonald
NH Fun: Elivia Dagley
Tax Time and puzzle: Cliff Olson
Beach Bag: Autumn Strickler
Summer Fun/Target: Elivia Dagley
Stillwells Ice Cream: Elivia Dagley
Bag of toys: Quinn Hills
Prime Butcher basket Jim Edwards (our janitor!)
Bird House/ garage tune up: Lila Lynch
Texas Roadhouse/summer toys: Chase Thibodeau
Mrs. West a.m. flower pot: Henry young
Mrs. West p.m. flower pot: Milani Debenedetto
popcorn: Donald Leblanc, Ben Russell, John and Katie Lopes, Landon Labatte
Bag of toys: Kian Keohane
Jamison's gift card: Alyssa Gangi
Lunch with the Teachers(and Tshirt): Jewliette Martinelli, Ryder Delaney, Janitor Jim Edwards, Gwen Giarusso,
Pig in a Pancake Donald Leblanc
Honey Bees (Mrs. Sherwood's class) Cheryl Gottwald
Mrs. Dooley picnic basket Kendall Daly
Mrs. Dooley picnic basket Anna Mitchell
Summer Fun: Kian Keohane
Heart of Hands: Karolyn Martin

I will be at the school Thursday, April 29th 10:00-2;00 if any winners want to stop by and ring the bell. Otherwise, you will receive your item on the return to school!
Congratulations and again, thank you!!

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