IHSI Institute of Massage

The IHSI Institute of Massage program's training focuses on clinical massage therapy with foundational knowledge of the structure, function and movement of the human body. It also covers musculoskeletal disorders, massage theory, techniques and treatments

Mission: IHSI Institute of Massage is dedicated to the idea that sound, evidence-based, natural and complementary medicine is beneficial for all people. Thus, the Institute demonstrates a strong commitment to promoting a positive image of natural and complementary health care. This provides opportunities for the serious and motivated student to serve his or her community through natural medicine and the natural healing arts. The Institute recognizes that there are many different approaches to health care, ranging from the allopathic approach, to the very esoteric approach. With respect for the various approaches to health care, the Institute chooses to support evidence-based sciences as they apply to natural health care. In this way, the Institute hopes to give support in building the bridges of understanding between medical communities and the many different alternative and complementary health care communities, while remaining true to its own mission of supporting evidence-based, natural and complementary medicine as it applies to massage and manual therapies.

We are now taking enrollment for our End of Summer Medical Massage Class!!! Call Pam today for an interview and reserve YOUR place in class!!!!! (269) 685-8114

I just got in from Plainwell where the temp is now - 11 F. I don't know what the windchill is and I'm pretty tough but it just hurts. Please be safe. Campus is closed tomorrow Thursday January 31. - Dan

I know everyone is enjoying the weather here in Southern Michigan so we have decided to let you keep enjoying this stretch of Winter Wonderland with yet one more snow day! Campus will be closed Thursday January 31st while everyone goes to the beach. We'll keep you posted on Friday. Thanks - Dan

With the weather deteriorating we will cancel the Student Clinic for today Monday January 28th. Please be safe, stay warm and for the Michiganders GO GET YOUR BIG COATS, YA ALL!!! (Photo by Zac Durant)

[01/28/19]   We are closing clinic due to weather for the morning. If weather improves we will open this evening. I will keep you posted. - Dan

We are now taking enrollments for the January 2019 class!!!! The class is beginning to fill. Call now and reserve your spot. (269) 685-8114


Many times I am asked to define Medical Massage Therapy. What exactly is Medical Massage? The following article gives a definition in the form of a discussion of what Medical massage is and what it is not. Enjoy! http://ihsiinstituteofmassage.com/articles/IHSI%20Institute%20of%20Massage%20What%20is%20Medical%20Massage.pdf


IHSI Institute of Massage's cover photo

IHSI Institute of Massage

Come join the Spring Massage Class!!! Our April/May massage class is shaping up! (: Call Pam at 269-685-8114 to reserve your spot!

Thanks to all of our wonderful students for helping to make this event such a success!!

Thanks to our friends at IHSI Institute of Massage for providing free massages. The free massages filled up fast!

Many times I am asked what is the difference between Medical Massage and a more Relaxation style massage. The biggest difference is Medical Massage is applied to systematically and progressively reduce acute and chronic inflammation and to restore normal joint complex function.

Medical Massage must also seek to assess and then address the client's chief concern(s). There is no part of Medical Massage that is without specific application. Although very focused and specific Medical Massage is also relaxing and will "feel" good, too.

If you knead some "focus" or if you would like to learn how to "focus" for others by giving Medical Massage check us out! - 269-685-8114

Happy Monday everybody!!! Did you survive the snow storm? We did and Student Clinic is warm and happenin'. (: Come join us for some TLC after all that shoveling!!! 269-685-8114

[02/09/18]   IHSI Institute of Massage and Integrative Health Sciences will be canceling the Friday Student Clinic tomorrow February 9th due to the predicted severe weather. Please be safe everyone. We will be open Monday February 12th as usual. See you all then!

We still have a couple of seats available for the January class starting the 23rd. Give Pam a call to hold your place! 269-685-8114. See you there!!! (:

IHSI Institute of Massage would like to congratulate Kim Szasz on passing her board exam for massage therapy!!! W-O-O-H-O-O-O!!!! Way to go Kim! The world has yet another outstanding Medical Massage Therapist. Kim is a dedicated Therapist who truly cares for people. I highly recommend Kim as she begins her new career!!! - Dan

[12/11/17]   Dr. Pignataro, owner of Pignataro Family Chiropractic in Richland, MI is looking for massage therapy graduates to work in his practice. Massage therapy therapists will be considered self-employed and will be required to provide their own linens and supplies.

Pignataro Chiropractic will provide the room and all utilities as well as patients and advertising. Therapists may bring their clients/patients in for massage therapy sessions as they wish.

Treatment room is available Mondays and Tuesdays with opportunity to grow. Pay and pay structure is negotiable.

Call: 269-339-0889 and ask for Sharon. The available spot wants to be filled ASAP.

WOW!!! Here we are coming into the last days of Fall!! Soon the Holidays will be upon us and we'll be thinking of a NEW YEAR!!! IHSI Institute of Massage would like to remind you that we have new classes starting in January!! So while we're planning for the New Year why not plan for a NEW Career in Massage Therapy!!! Call Pam TODAY!! 269-685-8114

We are nearing our FALL CLASSES start up dates!!! September 19, AFTERNOON CLASS. September 21, EVENING CLASS. There is still room for enrollment in both classes. Also, please remember we are introducing AIMEE NEWMAN who is joining our staff as a teacher of Medical Massage Therapy. Another exciting change at IHSI Institute of Massage is a slight change to our curriculum to comply with new State requirements for all schools in Michigan. We are also introducing ASHLEY JACKSON, one of our graduates, as she completes an internship to become a teacher of Medical Massage. We are so excited for this FALL and all of the new STUFF!!! Come and check us out and see if Massage Therapy could be in YOUR future!!! 269-685-8114

We at IHSI are preparing our Fall Classes!!!! We will be adding an afternoon class as well as an evening class!!! We are also proud to introduce a NEW TEACHER - Aimee Newman!!! Aimee comes to us with an impressive knowledge of natural health, is a successful massage therapist specializing in Medical Massage Therapy, and is one of our every own GRADUATES!!! We are taking enrollments NOW!!! Call for an interview and see if YOU can be a SUCCESSFUL massage therapist, too!!! 269-685-8114

Dear friends, IHSI Institute of Massage has been without Internet Service for most of the day. We checked with Charter and they reported that 4 "hubs" were down in our area and that there was no Charter in Plainwell. I know we have missed phone calls and messages. I apologize for this. We now have technology back!!! Our phones and computers are up and running. Please don't hesitate to call we can now hear you. (: 269-685-8114

Just a quick note to say that the website will be off line for a couple of days. Be assured that everything is secure. We have someone aggressively trying to get our contacts form. I can only imagine this person wants to sell the names. We have the site set up to prevent this. (It's a two step process that only we can control.) But in the meantime we are being bombarded with false contacts at a rate of 30 to 40 per hour!! So, what's a person to do? We have the site closed down in the hopes that this annoying person will move on. Our web master says that should work. In the meantime we may be contacted through facebook. Thanks!! - Dan

This goes out to all you LuLaRoe fans!!!! This Saturday April 1st!!! Check it out!!!

Have you ever had one of those days when you just want one more hour of sleep??? When I came into Clinic today - five minutes late - I was greeted by all these beautiful massage therapy students with all their shining faces, just waiting for me. Once inside the building they quickly and efficiently went about getting the rooms ready for clients and getting clients in to the treatment rooms for their massage session. What a GREAT day!!!! I just wanted to say thank you to all of these dedicated and talented massage therapy students for being so dependable and for being so wonderful!! If people in the community are looking for an excellent massage experience, IHSI Institute of Massage has some of the best student massage therapists you can find!!! (: We at IHSI have been fortunate to have had excellent students in every class since we have opened our school. Here is a BIG THANK YOU to each and every one of you!!! - Dan

New Class starts TOMORROW EVENING!!!! We still have a couple of seats left. Call Pam and save your spot!! Massage Therapy is a rewarding and "IN DEMAND" profession that could allow you to make good money while helping others. Massage Therapy is FUN, PROFITABLE, FULFILLING and may exactly what you are looking for!! (: So call Pam and come join us!!! See you in class!! (: 269-685-8114

IHSI Institute of Massage is PROUD to announce that the world has yet one more excellent massage therapist available to help human kind!!! Graduate Diane Elaine VanHuffel has just received her license as a Professional Massage Therapist!!!! Let's raise the roof!!!!! YAY!!!!!

Integrative Health Sciences Institute

Just a reminder that Integrative health Sciences Institute will not be having exercise classes tonight Thursday March 2nd and Saturday morning March 4th as we will be at the Women's Lifestyle Expo in Kalamazoo. We will be back next week and look forward to seeing everybody in class starting Tuesday March 7th. (:

Women's Lifestyle of Greater Kalamazoo

IHSI Institute of Massage will be at the Kalamazoo Women's Lifestyle Expo this Friday and Saturday March 3rd and March 4th!! Come join the FUN!!! Our students will be providing FREE mini massage therapy treatments to the attendees!! We are in the South Exhibit Hall booth number 214. See you THERE!!!

Essential * Enlightening * Entertaining


IHSI Institute of Massage is starting a Springtime Evening Class in Massage Therapy!!!! We still have a few seats left!! But it's filling FAST!!! Classes begin Tuesday March 21, 2017 at 6 PM. Massage Therapy is the FASTEST growing profession in America offering flexible hours, excellent pay, and TREMENDOUS personal satisfaction! And yet.... There are not enough Professional Massage Therapists to go around!!! WE NEED YOU!!!! Come join the FASTEST growing profession TODAY by studying at IHSI Institute of Massage. 269-685-8114 See you in class!!! (:

[12/11/16]   IHSI Institute of Massage will be closing the campus for tomorrow Monday, December 12th due to weather. Clinic will be closed. Students need not come in for Clinic Class. We plan on being open as usual for Tuesday, December 13th at this time.

Students as you read this message, please message me and let me know so that I won't worry about you. Also please pass this information on to fellow classmates. Thank you, Dan.

[11/17/16]   IHSI Institute of Massage is pleased to announce a new massage therapist is in town!!!! Tina Northrup passed her board exam and is now ready to be licensed as a Medical Massage Therapist!!!! Congratulations Tina!! Well done. (:

[09/13/16]   Hi everybody!!! We are getting ready to start another class!!! Does anyone who has graduated from IHSI have their used textbooks that they would like to sell? One of our students is looking to buy. (: Please let me know. - Dan

[08/13/16]   We at IHSI Institute of Massage are pleased to announce we will be having another class GRADUATING next week!!! To all of the hard working students who have reached this accomplishment we want to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!! WELL DONE!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!
Many of our students will continue to participate with Student Clinic on Mondays and Fridays. We also have an excellent staff to help meet your massage needs. Come enjoy the experience!!!!

Calling all massage therapists!!!

YAY!!! A new class is starting!! We still have room for more students. Massage is more than a rewarding career. And medical massage is virtually guaranteed to keep you busy and successful!!

I have literally DOZENS of perspective employers contacting me looking for graduates. Can I recommend you? If you are looking for a fun, satisfying and ENERGIZING career/job call Pam today!!! Obstacles are Pam's expertise!! She can come up with solutions to just about ANY challenge!!!

Call 269-685-8114 NOW!! Let's get STARTED!!! Dan (:

[03/21/16]   WOW!!! We at IHSI have had a busy couple of weeks!!! We have been to the Women's Lifestyle Expo. The Plainwell Art Hop. The Day of Dance. And we are getting ready to go to the Senior Expo. I would personally like to thank all the students and graduates who have helped make this such a great success!!! It makes me very proud to have such a caring and diligent student body support our communities in this professional way. I would and do recommend all of them (you) to anyone and everyone. Thank you! - Dan

[03/21/16]   IHSI Institute of Massage would like to congratulate Amber Richards on RECEIVING HER MASSAGE LICENSE!!!! Way to go Amber!! Congratulations!!! (:

Happy second day of SPRING from IHSI Institute of Massage!!!! With spring having finally arrived, new spring classes are gearing up to begin! (: We are looking forward with excitement and anticipation to our new class. We are interviewing new perspective students right now for acceptance for the new class. Massage is still growing at an incredible rate! Each week I receive requests for graduates from eager employers. I cannot help fill this need fast enough!! (: Apply now and prepare to take your place in this successful, rewarding, and financially satisfying career!!!! 269.685.8114 What does success look like to YOU??

[03/01/16]   This is Michigan weather, round two!!! Classes are closed today. We will be open tomorrow as usual. Thank you! Please be safe. Dan

[02/25/16]   Well, it snowed last night.... WOW! As Plainwell and surrounding communities dig out we are going to close campus for the day. No classes today. We will see everybody tomorrow (Friday). (:

Would you like to learn how to save lives doing a job that you love? We have extended enrollment for the January class. Come see what all the fuss is about!!! Massage is a rewarding career!!! 269-685-8114 Call TODAY!!!

"Men are born soft and supple; dead, they are stiff and hard. Plants are born tender and pliant; dead, they are brittle and dry. Thus whoever is stiff and inflexible is a disciple of death. Whoever is soft and yielding is a disciple of life.

The hard and stiff will be broken. The soft and supple will prevail."
From: Mitchell, S. Tao Ti Ching: A New English Version.

Stiff sore muscles are more than just an inconvenience. Let us help!! Integrative Health Sciences Institute. 269-685-8114


This Turmeric Lemonade Is Better At Treating Depression Than Prozac

www.stayonthehealthypath.com                 Turmeric is one of the most potent natural cure-all The golden root is a powerful anti-inflamatory that stops the growth of pre-cancerous cells(1), helps Alzheimer’s, lowers bad cholesterol, and treats skin cancer. It’s also used to treat arthritis, heartburn (dyspepsia), stomach pai…

Less than two weeks to the start date for the January Class!!! We still have some room. Join the elite group of special people trained to DESTROY pain by calling Pam at IHSI Institute of Massage now!!! 269.685.8114 (: Please like and share.


Union Enterprise | Allegan News

Are you a fan of the Union Enterprise newspaper? IHSI Institute of Massage in co operation with the Union Enterprise is helping to distribute the newspaper for FREE!!! Stop by and pick up your FREE issue today!!!


New massage class starting January 28th!! Looking for a new career or just looking to complement what you are already doing? IHSI Institute of Massage has just what you are looking for. Come and check out this exciting and GROWING profession!! You could be in control of your brand new career in as little as 9 short months!!! Call Pam today!! You'll be glad that you did!! (:
Pam at: 269-685-8114 PS Check out our website: www.ihisinstituteofmassage.com. See you in class!!!

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