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Join us April 1st at our annual fundraiser! College Admission & Financial Aid Success Is Our Specialty!

We have helped families go to college for free as well as get into their top college choices. It's time for you to beat the business of higher education & get the system to work for you.

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Photos from College Confident's post 10/13/2020

College tours were always a blast!


Hard work pays off! You can accomplish everything you put your mind and energy into!


Flushing High School seniors showing their excitement for college!
These students worked so hard, they were receiving acceptance letters before the deadline!


Avoid these common errors with completing your FAFSA!


The Do’s & Dont’s of FAFSA!


College Application Timeline: 12th Grade


Meet Ms. Tiarah Vergara, one of our college advisors. She takes an enthusiastic and empathetic approach when working with students. Her tenacity continues to help students achieve the dreams they’ve for themselves.


FAFSA ProTip - The Data Transfer Retrieval Tool can help you avoid manually typing in tax information; thus, saving you time and preventing unexpected errors.


Introducing one of our college advisors, Mr ibro. He takes a peer-to-peer approach when working with students and families. He believes setting an environment where students can share their stories and struggles allows him as a counselor to set his students for success. He continues to inspire his students to “Shoot for the moon even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.”


College confident is here to remind you that Fafsa opens on October 1st😊

Timeline photos 07/09/2020

Devin McCray ladies and gentlemen! 👏🏼👏🏾👏🏿

Photos from College Confident's post 06/20/2019

It’s staff and curriculum development time! We are already preparing for the 2019-2020 school year. Thank you for hosting us!

FAFSA Deadlines You Should Know 06/12/2019

FAFSA Deadlines You Should Know

FAFSA Deadlines You Should Know The federal deadline to submit the FAFSA is June 30, but college and state deadlines are often much sooner.

Timeline photos 05/30/2019

from Congratulations! Love you! You came a long way! 💕👨🏾‍🎓🎓🙌🏼🎈

Photos from College Confident's post 05/22/2019

and Mr. Willie help host with a panel on Greek Life!

Photos from College Confident's post 05/21/2019

Graduates! Some of these folks have been youth leaders in their high schools, some are joining our ranks as new College counselors, some have been old counselors and are now new HEOP officers. It’s all full circle. Time to celebrate!

Photos from College Confident's post 05/21/2019

alumni are crossing graduations stages across America right now and we couldn’t be more proud! Our students from all five boroughs are now college 🎓 graduates. They worked so hard and deserve all the success in the world. Speaking of alumni don’t miss our June 8th alumni reunion! Come by, visit, hug and network! Link in the bio....

Photos from College Confident's post 05/14/2019

Help our kids visit Ghana, bring a laptop to college and sponsor some of their college application fees! Link to fundraising event in bio ☝🏻

Photos from College Confident's post 05/13/2019

Great time at the carnival! We present to you their seniors with Counselor Veronica.... Photos are of - Seána Leece , Kymarlie Gayle College ,Isabella Nawrocki Smith and Katana Groce-Thompson

Photos from College Confident's post 05/12/2019

Today’s Happy Mother’s Day goes to Natalie - mama to the entire team, staff, a million high school students, and also the real mom to the cutest little boy in all of Brooklyn. She works her butt off, never sleeps, and has unconditional love for all our students, the work we do and the team we have. 💕👨🏾‍🎓👩🏽‍🎓🎈🙏🏼

Photos from College Confident's post 05/11/2019

Congrats to this joy of a human on his graduation day. We are so proud of him, he started as a youth leader in high school with us and is now starting a career on Wall Street. 💕👨🏾‍🎓🎉🎈🎂🥳 @ Syracuse University

Timeline photos 05/10/2019

Its time to countdown to our summer College Prep Bootcamp with some insight from our amazing CC advisor, Veronica Agard! Theres still time to sign up! (link in bio) 💯📓✏️

Timeline photos 05/09/2019

Its time to countdown to our summer College Prep Bootcamp with some insight from our amazing CC advisor, Veronica Agard! Theres still time to sign up! (link in bio) 💯📓✏️


at the greatest guy of all time!

Timeline photos 05/05/2019

She committed to Pomona! California here we come....check out Emmy’s story of how she was accepted to every school she applied to on our blog ☝🏻. (Financial aid packages play a huge part in ) Emmy’s Colleges & Acceptance Rates
College – 11%
University of America – 37%
College – 68%
College – 47%
College – 6.9%
University – 12%
College – 28%
– waitlisted – 9%
– 16%
– 46%
Mawr – 38%
– 14%
– 33%
– 50%
– 52%
University – 29%
Oxford College – 19%
University – waitlisted – 15%
University – 34%

Timeline photos 05/03/2019

Youth Leaders Visit (As a this brings me joy) Thanks to their counselors Shanell and Pablo! 🙏🏼😎

Photos from College Confident's post 05/01/2019

is proud to present to you the ladies of on
Their decisions are testimony that hard work combined with great support pays off. We thank their college counselors Pablo and Shanell and their youth leaders for all their hard work. @ Flushing High School

College Confident Banquet 05/01/2019

College Confident Banquet

Our first ever alumni reunion! Let’s network and share opportunities and stories!

Shout out to Bentley Gordon Terrell Smith and the hostess with the most-tess Alison Martinez who came up with the idea and took the lead!

College Confident Banquet Please come celebrate with us as we highlight the achievements of students part of the College Confident program while providing career opportunities from various professions.This banquet will serve as our first professionalism event to reconnect with old friends, share our experiences and connect w...

Timeline photos 05/01/2019

Photos from College Confident's post 04/30/2019

Sometimes life puts you in the exact place you were meant to all my high school seniors get ready for their tomorrow to commit to their futures and remind you to follow your path-there is greatness down the road for you that you might not even know yet....
Also a shout out to CACNY for their scholarship to Terrell his freshman year and to his loving HS principal who believed in his future....

Timeline photos 04/19/2019

New blog post up by our Marketing Intern Danielle!
“It wasn’t until I met with my college advisor that I realized how important my AP scores would be. I was fortunate enough to come into school with enough AP credits to allow me either to graduate an entire semester early or to spread out my classes into smaller course loads. This allowed me the flexibility to decide whether I wanted to save a lot of money in tuition or to have less hectic semesters so I could use my free time to build my resume through internships or jobs.”

Photos from College Confident's post 04/18/2019

This kid! Acceptances from , , and , , , and the list goes on. Congrats ! Thank you to his counselors Ibro and Christabel! Thank you most to Ms. Tunisia Riley for making magic happen everyday! @ Urban Assembly School Of Design And Construction

Timeline photos 04/16/2019

visits with their Counselor Mr. Pablo and gets a personalized tour from former Principal Mr. Bryant, current PhD in Education candidate at . If you can dream it you can achieve it!

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