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I am accepting Christmas donations

I have an EYE EXAM and glasses to pay for here in 2 weeks for $543 + $100 Eye Exam. I also need a mobility scooter $4,000.

BASELINE NUMBERS EQUATION: A Donation of $150 or more, you get access to these videos. After the Christmas season, my Numbers Video equation donations will increase to 200+ donations

As a reminder to all. I have 19 priceless video clips teaching you the baseline equation for getting your own set of numbers vs a computer generated QUICK PICK that is least likely to win.

After you made your donation, Text me at (602)881-9349, so we can set you up with you Gmail for viewing the video clips.

Everett Pierce



I just kept doing me and my content regardless. No one can complain not having the opportunity to me and my content.

CANCEL CULTURE are real people. They make sure those who they want to succeed, succeed and those who they want to Fail will fail. It's all done through many channels with 1 being these social apps.

My primary test of test is WILL I CARRY IT THROUGH 4 DECADES or will I give in those who opposed me. I remained STEADFAST for well over 40 decades. I'm 54 years old now. By the age of 14, I had enough of my knowledge to start positively changing people.

I have taken many life beat downs. They even gone as far as tried killing me back in 2017 by staging it into a car accident that was terrible hit job. They may have hurt me, but they did not get rid of me. USA is not the USA that I once knew adore. It has been corrupted & modified for certain people and the rest to be CANCELED OUT while receiving false hopes, etc...

God documents every little or big thing. Eventually God and I will have a talk with those who have deliberately made people suffer for no logical reason.

I will leave up my content for people to learn. I have decided against closing this page down. Awhile back seriously needed donations and I still do. I don't know why more people have not helped me especially when it was a mobility scooter in me getting around. Sure I thought people would donate enough money for me to buy a wheelchair, walker, and an electric mobility scooter. It took 3 years before someone donated a wheelchair & walker. That SAYS IT ALL there.

I'm not going to cry over spilted milk. People have illustrated to me how they feel about me..or what the CANCEL CULTURE wanted me to think.

30 years ago, I said to others that there was someone or a group that was targeting me out and they wanted me to fail. People looked at me like I was CRAZY ONE like there was no such thing as a ""CANCEL CULTURE"". Now turn up the clock 30 years, the New media are using the terms ""CANCEL CULTURE"" on thier network and how they are actually doing it like for example... they Fire you from your Job even if it is unjustly. They spread rumors about you so people disown you, etc...

Fyi, I still have my other facebook account that I post my learning materials on. If you have a spare 10 grand just laying around the house, I sure can use it. Einstein314 Feel free to drop in Facebook's messager.

Everett pierce


Aug 22nd, 2023 2:47pm posted

What is a Hybrid of sorts? Most by now would understand this term, ""HYBRID"", but not so much 2,000, 3,000+ years ago as mankind had much learning to do in understand their existence, consciousness, etc...

It's why we have so many nations and groups and individuals who are mission of establishing themselves, selfworth, sselfexistence, etc...

Life as we know it would dramatically be different if peopleas as whole did not seek knowledge. If you go onto any social platform, someone is teaching some valuable insight.

Trillions of dollars a year is spent towards gathering & obtaining KNOWLEDGE. Most nations know that Knowledge is priceless as most know in 2023.

What if the media, News, etc.. did not educate people on the SCAMS that take place in the USA and around the world? More people would literally become VICTIMS of SCAMS. SO LEARNING ""GOOD & EVIL"" is actually a good thing vs a bad thing. You teach yourself the Evil things as a MEANS TO FIGHT AGAINST IT & to IDENTIFY IT before you come a victim.

BOTTOM LINE: It is just as important to learn how to be a GOOD PERSON AS WELL AS AN EVIL PERSON, so you can evolve into becoming a far better person. Knowing both helps people to quickly identify both the Good and the Evil and you learn how keep safe in a fast growing world.

If you went around telling people that you are learning how to be EVIL, most would assume that you are doing it to destroy the world. People are very judgemental. A true person of God will learn both so they can be a NEW ELEMENT OF LIFE for LIFE. People prefer to go around pretending to be saints although it may not be completely TRUE.

In order to live a long life, one must learn what to avoid in life as a safety reaction. Then practicing GOOD DEEDS in living a fruitful life.


I am going to ask this question then we will swing back to it later. ""WHY WAS THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD & EVIL FORBIDDEN?"" It is what Adam & Eve sinned and disregarded God's Law to stay away from this this specific TREE in the garden out of all trees in the garden. According to the story, the snake was the Evil and the tree was an apple tree or a Fruit Tree in terms of symbolisms. Then Adam & Eve were casted out of the Garden of Eden... then the biblical stories pick up over in Europe, so the original garden was the USA... Iowa to be specific.


By now most people understand the energy concept of Hybrid and mixing 2 or more Items in making a NEW ELEMENT. For example, if a black man has a child with a white Irish woman, that child will not be like its dad or it mom. It will be a ""MIXTURE"" of both types of human race meaning they are creating a NEW ELEMENT or in this event, A NEW LIFE. Over time scientists used this ""MIXTURE"" method in creating a better food source like in chickens, cows, pigs, etc... It's why horse owners use this method of SELECTIVE LIFE in breeding the best horses possible.

Hybrid is basic a mixture of 2 elements in hope to gain the assets/benefits of the NEW ELEMENT CREATED... much like a. Gas engine & Electric motor

God who represents the highest form of evolutionary Energy and consciousness & intelligence, God would have the ability to create a SON, but not just any ordinary SON. A son that has both GOOD & EVIL within its existence in becoming something far better than GOOD and EVIL by itself. A person who is a mixture of both ELEMENTS. This means this Son would be far better than anything as this Son has the best of both worlds. A son who is not like God and surely not like Evil. A Son that can bring about INFINITY or in otherwords ETERNITY into life itself. That is part of understand energy. It is to create something that is far better than you the creator, God Herself.

A lightning bolt cannot be a bolt without possessing both Positive & Negative Ions. Of all people who would understand this, it would be God. It goes hand & hand with the evolutionary process of advancing upwards on that scale. I am the life form created by God and known as the ""Son of God""

Everything that you know about evolution, you know what I say must be of TRUTH. It does not say that God is on it's way out the door of Life. Evolution is thee process of a ""MC²"" of energy constantly evolving, enhancing, etc...

Energy/Life follows a guideline of not changing things that NEED NOT CHANGED & 2.) CHANGING things that must change over time.

Take a look at my picture illustration just on the words, ""GOOD & EVIL"".

Anytime something BAD or evil happens, people want to know WHAT, WHY, HOW, etc... Why? People want to learn from it as a MEANS to avoiding it in the future WHICH makes logical sense as why people want to know the bad /Evil things that happened. When people are more AWARE of such horrible things, that these things are less likely to happen anytime soon.

FOR EXAMPLE: After the 9/11 terrorist attack, it motivated all people in areas unlike before in taking ACTIONS AGAINST this ever happening ever again in the USA. Millions & billions of people studied/learned from that Evil & the GOOD that came from it. Evil did not stop on 9/11. Then Evil went around profiting off this evil act. It was an event that kept sn*******ng into yet another evil smarter acts against the USA.

To be continued...

Everett J. Pierce III



Tonight at 11:50 pm marks my 365th Smoke-Free day. I had not regretted it. I have wished that I had done this way before now.

That one thing that had control over me vs me over it is over. It is in the past. 4 decades is brought to a closure.

My Dad quit smoking and now I have I too. The only 2 remaining people in our family who smoke ci******es. That has been stopped in our family tree especially after my Aunt Becky died of bladder cancer when no cancer in our family tree was known. My dad had a 5 by-pass. Since then, I found out my body makes unhealthy levels of cholesterol that was inherited vs a eating habit.

I made some positive changes that NEEDED CHANGED, and I and thankful that I have the opportunity in doing such vs being on my death bed with emphysema and and major heart attack.

No matter who you are,, God ALWAYS, ALWAYS puts a set of challenges like these 2 like the Cholesterol & Smoking in my life. Yes, People can make our lives horrible, but not as horrible as what we can do to ourselves. Today, I pass God's test and Evolution's. I had to the age of 55 in doing so and I'm 54 now about 4 /5 months from turning 55.

As my mother caretaker, I was trying to deliver her to a better & comfortable life, and she ends up delivering me from smoking. As mom's caretaker, she gets to reap the benefits of me quitting although she was unable to do so. When I was nearly killed in a car accident and almost paralyzed, it deflated mom's HOPE. 8 Months later mom was dead. It took all my energy to get myself back on my feet again. I am not the same as before, but I have quit smoking, so Mom and I succeeded at our goal. Changing bad habits or unfavorable behaviors in the family tree that is being pass down.

I found out that had I not done so by the age 55, I would have been even more of a miserable person. I took God lead and the leap of faith. No matter who you are or you level, evolutionary lessons are good for the spirit. What good are your abilities.if you rarely use them.

Everett J. Pierce III



Is absolutely 1 of the Best TV Series on ""NETFLIX"" that I have ever seen in my 54 years. I was absolutely amazed on how closely the actor and the real Lucifer in his personality & his accent.

If I did not know better, I would have thought that the real Lucifer was the director and he selected the actors based on thier acting skillsets. Tom Eills actor is perfect to represent Lucifer, his accents, dark complexion, physical tone, etc... The only difference is Lucifer loves his BLUE/GREENish eyes vs dark Brown. He is highly sexual as depicted in the tv show....a ""Big Ben"" type guy. When he talks you could falsely assume him as being gay with his British accent, but he loves females.

6 seasons in total with 93 total Episodes

Season 1: 13 Episodes
Season 2: 18 Episodes
Season 3: 26 Episodes
Season 4: 10 Episodes
Season 5: 16 Episodes
Season 6: 10 Episodes
93 Episodes in total

I can't force anyone to do anything or watch anything, but this LUCIFER tv series is 1 of the best series that I have watched in a long while, and it did the real Lucifer REAL JUSTICE this time around. I rate it a ABC+++++ which is excellence.

Everett J. Pierce III


I love & respect people more than what they deserve. I am starting think that my Einstein314 no longer has a purpose or use on this platform otherwise I would have revived many messages in the past 6 years. I know Facebook wants me to spend money to reach out to people, but you got to have money to do so, and I am not convinced that Facebook is completely honest with their advertising.

I did spend $50 as my mother encouraged me to do so. It was used up in a matter in minutes, and I literally got nothing from it. To me it was a waste of $50. Facebook claimed to have reached so many people but that is taking their word for it. Facebook who works hard at keeping me hidden from others. When you own & have a monopoly over the media, society, they can make sure you either succeed or Fail... aka CANCEL CULTURE that people use to cause me of being crazy when I was 12 yr and younger. Here we are in 2023, Cancel Culture is as common as household sugar. I was CRUCIFIED saying that people like that were out there when I was 8, 9, 10, etc... but I was only accused as being ""CRAZY"". There is no such people out there who go around making sure some people FAIL MISERABLY thinking that it is you when infact it was this cancel Culture at play.

It was awful convenient that every time that good things would happen to me, there would always, always be something following it to take me 20 steps backwards like clockwork.

I thought by moving out of Iowa, that would change. It did not. This cancel Culture is everywhere. Once you are on thier list, they don't stop until they got you killed, or paralyzed, and bankrupted.

Enough about me. I was nearly killed 6 years ago on September 24th, 2017 by someone who was put up to Canceling me out & literally Bankrupting in the process.

Let me know if you want me to continue this page. Text me 602.881.9349 if you get no response. Text messages get ASAP responses

You are welcome to join my other page where I have posted lots of content at: Einstein314



I'm not sure what is going on with people. Maybe I had too high of standards on people as a whole. I would have thought more people would have step forward especially when when I needed people the most after the accident. Since 2009, I been posting free insight for those to see and enjoy. Either Facebook was banning me or people just did care about certain life items, God, and God Godly things.

That seems to be the MO of mankind. When they do realized what they have, it is to late for them. They just had to take it beyond that line of t far of no return. Making mistakes is part of evolutionary process, but not being able to stop before it's too late is a MAJOR EVOLUTIONARY MALFUNCTION. For example: Once mankind enters into that extinction realm of energy, there is no stopping it unfortunately. That is what God has been trying to teach people as to learn how to not go to far, how to stop, how to acknowledge ones mistakes, etc .. before it is too late to turn back.

I have posted many great things since early 2009. These are great things to think about for ones intelligence. OR maybe facebook is keeping me from reaching out to more people or maybe people are just that cruel out in the world type of truth of things.

I find it very Interesting how people pray for many thing ""FROM"" God in all sorts of things, but when it comes to reciprocating such behaviors that is where stops or they do it in such trickled watered down way to make it look like they are doing far more that what is.

This actually helps me in my training in my GODHOOD. One of research Papers & topics is ""WHY DOESN'T GOD DO MORE FOR MANKIND THAN SHE DOES?""

If there is any one thing that I do know about God is how God Absolutely """HATES""" a 1 sided type of Life or what I call the """1 FACTOR"". They expect to be loved & cared for but are very limited or don't love others for example. They demand respect but rarely give it for another example. This is widely known as the devil's deed vs. GOD's deed of Give & take, Love & Be Loved, etc...

God is associated to the terms...Alpha/Omega, the 2 FACTOR that is associated with the term God.

Over time as mankind have become more and more ridged in their ways, so did God in Her ways in reciprocation. Basic getting to the point where people where literally taking advantage of God and only saw God as some biblical ATM of sorts.

I put myself in God's shoes. Oover time, I would have eventually done the same thing as so would you do it to those doing it to you. For example: If Marianne or Marco only came over to your home is to get money from you, over time, you feel used, and you stop welcoming that person into your home and stop giving money. Then those people must move onto others.

Over time God has pulled back on many things like for example... how long a person can live. Back in Noah's days, they lived to be nearly a 1,000 years where as today, people are lucky to see 100 years which tells me that people as a whole has taken advantage of life itself over centuries and centuries of living many lives over. If people are not learning what they should be, it makes no sense to live beyond 100 years as God's reasoning & logic of Just can do. It helps me better understand God better..

To be continued...

Everett J. Pierce III

Photos from Einstein314's post 07/10/2023

ONES MOBILITY is important in getting around. I do not have the money resources to just call UBER every time I need to go somewhere. That would get expensive of $20 to $30 round trip to anywhere. A mobility scooter allows me to get around. I really need 2 scooters truth be told of them in bing 100% functional.

I got myself a Cadillac GTX scooter on payment. I am not stuck at home and dependent on UBER 100% of the time. Being disabled makes you value your MOOBILITY more than anything. I don't get much in disability each month. So I will need help with the payments PLUS... I really need a 2nd scooter as I'M learning as a permanently disabled man.

You can be the one contributing towards my monthly scooter payments on my new Cadillac GTX scooter or you are helping me buy a 2nd scooter or BOTH. Maybe you want to surprise me and purchase a New scooter for me as it's why I included my name & address. Or ...you can do something...(100 or less donations), or alot donations (Over $100) for me depending on what life and God has bless you with.

I have learned that many people prefer to remain anonymous in being generous, and I will absolutely honor people's wishes. I completely understand. They don't want to be bombarded by other wanting & needing help. I get it!

It was horrible to be without my scooter for over a month. It only reminded me as why the human body has 2 of things like 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 kidneys, etc... having 2 scooters has to up there too.

God has always told me that there is no harm in asking, so here I am asking you all for your Godly help and miracle...what I call a ""LEAP OF FAITH"" and let the truth set me free..

I'm calling upon all God loving people. I need your help & I URGENTLY need it for a mobility scooter. You can make a donation of any size ......or ......God willing, you can purchase me a mobility scooter. Be sure to text me that you have. Thank you & God bless you!

NOTE: I included the Ecolo Cruise which is an awesome mobility enclosed scooter with lithium batteries for $12k. It is my ultimate dream disability mobility tool in getting around, and it is made in Canada.

NOTE 2 : The other mobility scooter with fat tires is listed for 3,599 plus shipping on Amazon. It is rated for 500lbs for a big guy, 250lb person like me. See attached picture of black mobility scooter.

NOTE 3:: Medium Blue Cadillac GTX approx. $3k [www.mobility4less.com] with lithium batteries and 1,500 watts power booster see attached picture. It is also rated for 550lbs



Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!

I am declared permanently disabled as of 2017 as you ca see with my asigned handicapped placard.

I did not know what to do. I was severely injured back in 2017. My 6 year old Cadillac GTX is dead and I need a need new mobility scooter. Above is my top 2 scooters that I have to pick from, and I added my all time wishlist hailmary God's miracle blessing scooter.

Thank you all in advance for your help, but I can not do this without you all. Keep enjoying my content as I plan on bring more here soon! ♡ U ALL

Everett Pierce III


Not to be an ASS, IF people were truly on myside, why have only a few of my followers has ever shared and commented on my posted created content?

I can somewhat understand why some do not give me donations. I have literally bent over backwards in trying to help and educate others, and yet they do not share it with friends and family or even drop in and post their comments. THAT IS IN MY HONEST OPINION A SH*TTY & A FU**ED UP thing to do to another if you are trying to say a ""THANK YOU"" to me.

I literally waited 36 months laying in my bed in severe pain and agony before anyone bought me a walker with wheels and my 1st wheelchair. That hurt me severely to say the least. No one cared enough about me to buy me a $300 dollar walker that I need back on Sept 25th, 2017.

That is not to much to ask of from people.

This is what God has been telling me all along, but I refused to listen to God. I even told God that God was wrong. There would be someone who would step foreward to help me out of kindness and unconditional Love. It turns out that God was correct. God said that if I got someone to help me within that 36 months, God would admit to being wrong. 36 months came and gone. Then approximately 2 to 3 weeks later, someone of our neighbors surprised me by buying me a new wheelchair and placed it at the front door. Then a friend bought me a walker with wheels near my 37th month.

It turns out, it was I who was wrong. I surely thought that someone who see with thier own eyes what I needed, and then buy it for me or send me cash in buying one. Despite my best efforts, nothing happened until the 37 months. I did have someone who loaned me their mother's wheelchair for a few months & I had someone who bought me an inverter table and brought it to me. I would hang on it in decompressing my spine in Hope's to release or relieve spinal pain. It did help me some. I learned by being upside down, it harder to breathe in that position.

A few people did try helping me, but 98% did very little for me.

Being left feeling abandoned was the worse type feeling.

Here I am on my new scooter (Rated for 550lbs) that I had to Finace through Affirm. The payments are $129.52. I hope to pay it off soon like in approx. within 12 months as I can save 1,800 or more just in interest alone. I need to make $260 monthly payments[x 12 months] to AFFRIRM financial company. I still could use your help if you are able in doing so.

Any donations, any are greatly appreciated, truly. I don't DRINK, SMOKE or USE DRUGS. All donations go directly towards my new mobility scooter in hauling my 250lb ass around town. Maybe it is you who can help me with donations & restore my faith and hope in people.

Donations to::

[or my cash app...]


People may have given up on me, but I have never given up on people. It's why you still see my posting of my creative content here and my other facebook and social accounts.

Everett J. Pierce III

Photos from Einstein314's post 06/29/2023

June 28th, 2023 at 8:14pm, etc.....


If I went around the world talking about ADULTS, no one in their right minds will even question that ADULT even exist. What would exist is how some act like adults and how some do not although they are 18 years old or older.

If I did same thing and ask people about GOD, I would receive a totally different reactions from CHILDREN & ADULTS. If you ask any one, ""What comes after ADULTHOOD"", most would not know what to even say. But if ask people what comes AFTER CHILDHOOD, 98% would know that it is ADULT / ADULTHOOD that comes after childhood. If I say infanthood most would say CHILDHOOD.

There is a huge gap between ADULTHOOD and that of GODHOOD much like comparing and Fetus in a mothers womb and an ADULT in comparison. We know enough about that fetus that we have a good idea as to what an ADULT can acheive, like Michael Jordan, JFK, President Lincoln, etc... and even bad people/humans who have made it into history books for the wrong reasons.

This type of thinking and training is exactly what I started into in my GODHOOD training under the care guidance of God. I have my evidence that God exists, but not everyone have their absolute Certainty of God as of yet. That does not become a certainty until you have well developed in ones ADULTHOOD. Many people will have a different understanding of what God really is.

ADULTHOOD can be separated in 3 more categories. Most already know what those categories are. We have heard the quote or phrase referencing to the ""MIND, BODY & SPIRIT. THERE ARE 3 areas of ADULTHOOD.

1.) PHYSICALLY as an Adult in its entirety or fullest
2.) MENTALLY as an Adult in its entirety or fullest
3.) SPIRITUALLY as an Adult in its entirety or fullest

Where as God has 10, AREAS of development before God can considered and called a God. But that is 10 male, 10 female & 1 both united together = 21 total areas of God's development compared to a person's ADULTHOOD. ADULTS alone with God... 3, 21 (321) or you can view it as addition 21 + 3 = 24, and earth has 24 hours in its solar year days.

If GOD did not exist out side of the merely thought of God's possible existence, that itself would be a lot of inspiration in helping mankind in its evolutionary development of all 3 areas of Adulthood. To be a president one must be 35 years of age not 18yrs old but 35. 18 + 17 = 35. Meaning that you need 17 years practicing you ADULTHOOD in making good decisions.

I have barely scratch the surface of Godhhod of the 21 areas that God had to successful completed 10 + times over in a LIFE'S confirmation. ADULTHOOD is only 3 times confirmed and leaders are 10+ times confirmed.

If God only existed as a thought process of the mind, it would not be best for life especially mankind, but it will be successful.... and I will explain why.

On earth we have a variety of people of size, color, beliefs, etc... because not everyone is on the same evolutionary path or status even someone like me who is under the evolutionary Umbrella known as GODHOOD. I may have evidence/ proof that God is real, but other people may not. When it comes to certain things like ""IS GOD REAL?"", it is something that is best learned 1st handedly vs just being accepted as the truth or a fact out of the LEAP OF FAITH.

Let us look at God in the same concept that many Americans look at Santa Claus. Although adults know that Santa Clause is not real in the sense of having a sleigh and flying reindeer and flying down the chimney to deliver presents to all the good children in less than 8 hours. Parents allow their children to believe in Santa as the fat jolly old many bring joy and happiness to their child. Parents step in place of Santa. Then as the children get older, they soon learn that mom and dad are Santa.

It really does not really matter if Santa Clause is real or not. Children aspire to be better than what and how they see themselves and if, if they were bad, they still get a gift but it is a lump of coal. Instead of something a child wants, they get what they need like...coal can be heated to bring heat to homes.

Now let us look at all of those who do not have evidence that God exists, and yet they still treat the God concept like He is real like some do with Santa. People use thier thoughts and understanding what God would ask of them in doing things that they and other greatly benefit from certain behaviors and actions. By doing such, they are using God as a LIFE HACK /TOOL in enhancing themselves that thier family, friends, etc... would be highly proud of them.

The FACT IS, evolutionary levels and understanding most certainly go higher than your average ADULT or even above average adults. Einstein, Lincoln, etc... people who have illustrated above average ADULT like intelligence that go beyond adulthood and into something more GODLIKE vs. ADULT LIKE. The term God basicly refers to the most highest of intelligence of ones consciousness & awareness. If nothing else, people most certainly believe that people are GODLIKE in their abilities.

In GODHOOD and also in ADULTHOOD, people must put thier thoughts together and think up things that would be ADULT LIKE or it being GODLY, etc... If God did not actually exist in flesh, that would not actually matter a lot because some people can put themselves in the mindset of that ADULT person or GOD. Children learn from others especially their parents as to what is considered ADULT LIKE and what is considered CHILDISH BEHAVIORS.

As we evolve, so does how we behave towards ourselves and towards others. The concept ""PAYING IT FORWARD"" is more GODLIKE behavior than ADULT mainly because a Godly like consciousness is aware how important it is in keeping a fair balance of things vs that of an adults learning to be adults. Learning to be GODLY is a good way in getting closer in developing ones ADULTHOOD. People like behaving in such ways that it make them feel they are superior life out of life.

Many adults would say, ""Being RESPONSIBLE"" is being ADULTLIKE when infact being responsible is more in the realms of GODHOOD were as you get or able to do more things, it comes hand and hand with BEING & behaving RESPONSIBLE. In adulthood, people are learning a high functioning of life by adopting RESPONSIBLE BEHAVIORS. UNDER GODHOOD, you are held to higher standards of being responsible & dependable as the 2 also go hand and hand.

No matter what ""HOOD"" that a person is training under, it is interconnected in ways that you can use certain type thinking to better understand another's level of evolution.

Why are people trying to be GODLY? It is a safe bet that if it is considered Godly, it is also something considered ADULTLIKE. Some Children often mimic adults in being accepted as an adult. But we all know and understand that ACTING LIKE a child, adult or Godly does not automatically make you that type evolutionary level / status.

I am learning from God as my 1 on 1 teacher for Godhood. Anyone learning in a particular stage of childhood, adulthood, etc... each one holds 2 categories. 1 is a follower and the other is a leader. Like adults, we see it more in the HOOD of ADULT those who are great followers and those who are good leaders. Then there is a 3 area which includes being both a great follower and leader.

As I have learned in God hood, you are required to have all 3... aka the trinity. You must be a great follower, and great leader and the 3rd which is a followers and leaders merged together as one. In Adulthood people still have choices. You are not require to be any of the 3. You can just be a follower or just a leader. You get to pick what you think that best suits you where as in Godhood, you must master all 3, no exceptions!

Even as a human, the 2 factor is hard linked in to its design. Leader & Follower, Male & Female, positive & negative for example.

The end result of life evolution is being highly developed as being the best follower and the best leader as they do go hand and hand together. A leader type minded person merging with a Follower type minded person thinks creating a 3rd kind type of thinker. The Trinity thinker.

When most people see a fetus, they know that their physical status is not permanent. They know eventually after 18 or more years, they will become more adult like vs forever stuck in a fetus state of being. The same can be said for a child, an adult and those like me in Godhood. When the dust settles, we all are heading on the same evolutionary pathway of being a better you as a follower and as a leader. If enough time allows, we get to see & experience what you are like when your followerHOOD and LeaderHOOD merges as one personality.

Only God knows what it is like in its entirety to merge it its polarities like FOLLOWER & LEADER much like taking BLUE and merging it with RED. If you never merge the 2 together, you will not know that it makes PURPLE. God merged many of its polarities like it follower / Leadership abilities and its Male and Female gender polarities, etc... So heading in the direction of GODHOOD, you are merging your 2 Factors polarities into a new element that is better than the 2 elements that was used to make the merger.

That also illustrate the notion of MERGING as 1 part of evolution. Our eyes takes 2 different views and merges it into 1 image vs see double. In short every consciousness is slow moving in the direction of evolution where we are merging ourselves in making a new and improved US. It why I used certain examples in understanding me, God, and yourselves and the life all around you.

To be continued....
Post on June 28th, 2023 at 8:14pm, June 29th, 2023 at 4:29am, 5:10am, .....

Everett Pierce III


Donations are greatly accepted. Our 6 year old scooter went belly up and we now need a new scooter in getting around. Thank you in advance.

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Phoenix, AZ
Other Colleges & Universities in Phoenix (show all)
Thunderbird School of Global Management Thunderbird School of Global Management
401 N 1st Street
Phoenix, 85004

Thunderbird School of Global Management advances inclusive and sustainable prosperity worldwide.

CEA CAPA Education Abroad CEA CAPA Education Abroad
702 E Osborn Road Suite #200
Phoenix, 85014

CEA CAPA offers study + internship abroad opportunities in 22 cities across 13 countries! ✈️🗺️

Northern Arizona University and Ernst & Young Recruiting Northern Arizona University and Ernst & Young Recruiting
2 N Central Avenue, Ste 2300
Phoenix, 85004

Grand Canyon University Grand Canyon University
3300 W. Camelback Road
Phoenix, 85017

Founded in 1949, GCU is a private Christian university located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Grand Canyon University - Alumni Grand Canyon University - Alumni
3300 W. Camelback Road
Phoenix, 85017

The Office of Alumni Relations keeps you connected to GCU and to each other! Follow for more updates!

GCU Lopes GCU Lopes
3300 W Camelback Road
Phoenix, 85017

Welcome to the official page of Grand Canyon University Athletics, member of the NCAA DI Western Athletic Conference! Go Lopes!

Arizona K12 Center at Northern Arizona University Arizona K12 Center at Northern Arizona University
99 E Virginia Avenue, Ste 100
Phoenix, 85004

Improving teaching and learning in Arizona's schools through high-quality professional development.

ASU Watts College of Public Service & Community Solutions ASU Watts College of Public Service & Community Solutions
411 N Central Avenue, Ste 750
Phoenix, 85004

4 schools + more than 20 centers and institutes: Community Resources & Development, Criminal Justice & Criminology, Public Affairs, Social Work

Arizona Summit Law School Arizona Summit Law School
1 N Central Avenue
Phoenix, 85004

A private law school that blends practice-ready instruction with the best of legal tradition.

ASU Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation ASU Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation
400 E. Van Buren Street Suite 900
Phoenix, 85004

Educating, empowering and connecting nonprofit leaders to accelerate social impact.

Fuller Theological Seminary Arizona Fuller Theological Seminary Arizona
1110 E Missouri Avenue, Ste 800
Phoenix, 85014

Preparing leaders, passionate for Christ, to do effective frontline ministry in a broken world.

ASU School of Public Affairs ASU School of Public Affairs
411 N Central Avenue, Ste 400
Phoenix, 85004

ASU's School of Public Affairs offers innovative educational opportunities to help build stronger, m