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Have a lot of cool stuff headed our way to the new website. I’m very excited and super grateful to those who worked so hard on this. Feel free to check it out. I’ll update when we open up the memberships and Tactical Garbage sale boards.


HOME | STA STA was founded by former Marine Corps Scout Snipers who wanted to bring current shooting techniques and high marksmanship standards to not just military and law enforcement but most importantly, to our nation's largest line of armed defenders, the American citizen.


We have match .308 and 6.5 CM in stock for those needing ammo for the class. First come first serve on ammo.


Website is almost redone. Here’s a flyer for anyone interested in 5 bad ass days of precision rifle.

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If you’re in the market for a long range scope package or a set of great binos our pro shop has them in stock for an awesome cost. I can’t post the price on here but if you email I can give it to you.

RITON 10x42 HD binoculars

Optics package (the price is ridiculous)
RITON X7 4-32x56
RITON X3 red dot
Maintube mount for red dot
Warne Skyline 34mm mount
Warne 34mm retractable bubble level.

[email protected]


God bless America and all who have sacrificed in one way or another to preserve it.

Never forget. Never forgive

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The pro shop at the ranch has a limited number optics package they are offering at a great price.

Includes RITON X7 4-32x56mm illum reticle FFP, Warne 34mm MSR Skyline mount, RITON X3 PRD (Pistol Red Dot) and a 34mm maintube red dot mount. If you’re interested in this feel free to email [email protected] and I’ll get you set up.

9th Circuit ends California ban on high-capacity magazines 08/14/2020

9th Circuit ends California ban on high-capacity magazines

So is it game on in California now?


9th Circuit ends California ban on high-capacity magazines A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday threw out California's ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines, saying the law violates the U.S. Constitution's protection of the right to bear fi****ms.

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Had a great 9 days of clinics and classes up at The Range in Grass Valley California. So great to see all our friends and train while catching up. Thanks to all who attended and we look forward to next time.

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We lost a very good friend last night and our hearts are broken. Prayers go out to Frank Desomma’s family during this rough time. It doesn’t matter if you knew him or not, he was on your side. If you love fi****ms innovation then you should miss Frank, if any of you love your 2nd Amendment then you should miss Frank, if any of you love the support to Veterans and first responders then you should miss frank and if any of you love anything we have offered over the last 11 years then you should miss Frank because without him we would not have stood up and been able to succeed.

I will miss you on hunts, I will miss you stopping by a class just to say hi, I will miss your advice, your unwavering patriotism that still gets an old Vet like me amped and ready to level cities for America, your disgust for Hillary Clinton and I will miss you not answering the phone when I call.

The Desomma family shared a great man with the rest of us and it means the world. I know he is proudly looking down at his family and friends who are showing their love for him and smiling.

We will all miss you Frank but we certainly won’t forget you and all you have done.

Some of these photos are mine and some were borrowed from friends of his that I wanted to include because I feel they represented his personality so that those who didn’t know him can get a taste of the kind of man he was.

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Upgraded one of my absolute favorite rifles that my boy Jim Hodge built for me years ago. The Special Putpose Rifle is by far a must have if you shoot precision rifle. I threw in a Timney Triggers 3lbs trigger to make my life a little easier. Alright I’m off to the range.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. Thank you for all your sacrifices

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Took the new for 2020 Riton Optics X3 ARD our for a spin on the M&P15 .22. I wanted to get it zeroed for some rabbit hunting. Was able to try out my new self sealing targets by Infinity Targets.

The X3 ARD comes as seen with a single height mount specific for AR type rifles. 2 moa dot and throw lever mount.

MSRP $349.99 so you should be able to find it on the errornet for less.

The targets are about $45 each and take approximately 1500-2000 rounds. Pretty good target and easy to spray over the shots between relays.


Here’s a great addition for your bolt gun mags from an awesome company. Going to order some up and see how they do

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Pro Shop has some used optics. PM if you fancy


I’m sure if you’re on this page you are more than prepared for things. Hope everyone is safe and doing well

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All wrapped up from the 5 day Precision Rifle Course here in Texas. Had a great group of shooters with different skill levels. The weather was a bit nutty with day 1 being hot and sunny and the remaining days filled with rain, wind and fog. Farthest shot 1795y (just over 1 mile) and few others really stretched the legs out on the specific calibers they were shooting

18” 6.5 Grendel 1456 yards
18” .308 1320 yards

Looking forward to our next course May 13-17 in Jacksboro Texas. Food, lodging, range fees and toilet paper all included in the course.

Special thank you to the Richards Ranch for all the great work they put in and letting us call this home.

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Having fun on day 3 of 5. Yesterday was 85 and sunny with today being in the 50s and pouring rain. Fought through some fog and rain but held strong through the elements.

6.5 Grendels
6.5 Bleedmoors
338 LP

Thanks to the Riton Optics guys who are out shooting and answering optic questions. It’s great having the support in the classes and the shooters love having them.

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All geared up for the March 11-15 Precision Rifle course with the next one May 13-17. Get in on it before the class fills. Due to the mirage/heat will be the last course here in Texas until the fall.

STA and Richards Ranch has invested a lot of time and money to get this place primed for some of the best precision training out there.

As always, we don’t charge to use weapon systems and food, lodging and range fees are all included. Match ammo from Hornady and AMMO, Inc. can be ordered at a discount for the courses.

Email [email protected] for details.


In Motion Targets T post hanger getting some use at the 620y target in our class yesterday. Good times with these California freedoms fighters. Thanks to The Range for hosting us.

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Can’t wait to get these dirty. Thanks In Motion Targets for the awesome T Post hanger targets. We will be littering our range with a lot of new targets from top manufacturers.


I can definitely relate to this. You post all the info on a class and people immediately go into asking the questions you specifically posted answers to lol

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February and March are gonna be busy for us. We are headed to N. California for 10 days of completely booked classes and head right back to Texas for 2 weeks of long range classes.

Lots of pics and videos to come. Can’t wait to see everyone and get in on some awesome training.

Here’s some pics from the past to keep you entertained.


Thank God. Well done to the Fighting Virginians


Have a few spots left for the March 11-15 Precision Rifle course in Jacksboro Texas. We have an awesome set up for all things long range. Food, lodging and range fees all included in the course cost. We have a beautiful lodge as well as individual cabins all set on the 15,000 acres ranch that’s been family owned since 1865.

Our intermediate range gets you warmed up from the information we pass on out to 850 yards. The extended range course is 3000+ yards with impact areas around each target to maximize impact observation. We will be maximizing the ability of your weapon system with distances realistic for 1st round impacts.

Email [email protected] for details.

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Had an awesome week working the woods to fill my buddy’s freezer. Jeremy came out for a four day hunt during a very cold week with winds to boot. He’s been through a couple courses in the past and is an avid hunter who wanted to stock up for the year on a meat hunt. Late season hunts are risky and tough because the deer have most likely encountered hunters in the earlier season, the bucks shed and those that haven’t are usually missing some head gear from fighting. We managed to get lucky with a nice 8 point that he took down at 125y with one quick and ethical shot.

Jeremy was running a Alex Pro Fi****ms 6.5 Grendel upper on a gen 4 POF-USA lower, warne 20 moa unimount, ammo was Hornady 123 grain ELDM, Vortex PST 4-16 topped with a RITON Optics red dot.

We managed to get 4 doe running in and he was able to get them all down in one quick sitting. They smattered all over as the first one went down but red dot came in handy as he traversed to other doe with ease versus fighting magnification to acquire a new animal.

This was a great hunt and leaving with 5 deer should hold you off til the fall. Always proud when I get to guide hunters/friends that have been through the courses and see their success. Congrats on your first Texas whitetail buck bro.

I’ll post the video of the buck being shot tomorrow


Patriot Ordnance Factory Precision Rifle Course March 11-15 in Jacksboro Texas. Now you can save $300.00 off the course cost by shooting the course with a POF-USA rifle or a Riton Optics Long Range scope. Food, lodging and range fees all included.

Email [email protected] for more details.

Home Page 01/28/2020

Home Page

If anyone is looking to support an amazing group I highly recommend you reach out to AmericanSnipers.org. They use all of the proceeds to buy much needed equipment for units in our military. There are probably folks on here who have served and benefitted from their support. They have been doing this for a long time and volunteering all of their free time at trade shows and other events to raise money that will help keep our troops alive and better equip them to crush our enemies. They need all the support possible so please consider donating to them. Their bad ass challenge coins make snowflakes melt.

Brian Sain

Home Page Snipers helping snipers in the Global War on Terror


4 optics from some of the best manufacturers in the industry going back for repair. Even top manufacturers have problems and that’s understandable. Everything can break or fail. I have high hopes these will be repaired in a timely manner with little or no cost on my end. Just wanted everyone to see that every manufacturer is prone to products having problems and none are perfect. I’ll never hesitate buying products from these manufacturers. I’ll update when they are back with details.


WATCH: Virginia Democrat Can't Define Assault Weapon

I would say something but I’m at a loss for words

Photos from S.T.A. Training Group's post 01/26/2020

Shot show 2020 items that caught my attention. I wasn’t expecting much from this show as the last couple years have been flooded with manufacturers coming out with a .300 BO or 6.5CM version and calling it innovation.

A few new fi****ms caught my interest this year.

Patriot Ordnance Factory:
10” .308 Rogue “Pistol”. This comes in weighing less than 6 pounds and is based off of the previously released and Rifle Of The Year Revolution. The BCGs are all compatible giving a great option for parts compatibility if you’re running a Revolution as your long gun as well as making production for those parts greater with more options in that category of unique AR.

Diamondback Fi****ms:
The 5.7x28 sub gun “Pistol” that has a European subgun look and accepts FN 5.7 pistol magazines. Personally I find this appealing for home defense for family members who struggle with charging an AR15 or manipulating a similar system. I like the idea of a shorter distance to charge and requires less muscle to charge than an AR15, low pressure round compared to the 5.56, shoulder fired, high round capacity ( 30 and 30+ extensions available) and the ability to attach accessories like weapon mounted lights.

Shooting accessories and ammo that caught my eye.

Sierra bullets and True Velocity:
Match bullets loaded in polymer cases. Weight reduction by 30%, match grade accuracy, better heat dispersion, supposedly less cost, consistent MV and SD and oh by the way you can use a magnetic roller to pick it up once you’ve fired it. Definitely waiting to see this available in quantity.

NightForce Wedge Prism:
This attaches to the front of your objective lens and one option gives you a 50 MOA shift and the other a 100 MOA shift making that mile and beyond shot less of a struggle by holding the bottom of your reticle to get as much of a stretch as you can before holding into the abyss just to make a guess hold at distance.

US Optics:
I got a quick run down of their economic line of products in the sub $1500 price range
TSX-20 was pretty cool with a 2.5-20x magnification range. Definitely going to get one for the school.

RITON Optics:
Another optic that will be selling in the $1500.00 price range is the RITON Conquerer X7 3-18. While I love this magnification range it has been plagued by other manufacturers with parallax issues. I’m told that is not the case here. The new look of the RITON line is great and the turrets look and feel great. Coming in with 46 Mils of adjustment makes this a great value, size and price point for a lot of applications.


Class is about half full right now but plenty of time to get signed up. This course is a great way to learn up to date information and techniques on the ever changing pursuit to precision rifle efficiency.

We will be shooting the weapon systems out to maximum effective range of the shooter with lots of challenging courses of fire that will validate what you know and what you’ll learn during the class.

Course cost is $2300.00
Food, lodging and range fees are all included in the course and we make sure no one goes home hungry. There is also a $300.00 discount if you’re shooting a Patriot Ordnance Factory Rifle in the class.

There is also an optional hog or high fence (exotics) following the course for those who are interested.

Please email [email protected] for details and gear list.


Long range Precision Rifle course is set for March 11-15 in Jacksboro Tx (1.5 hour NW of Dallas). Please email me to get signed up. Food, lodging and range use is all included in the course.

Optional hog or exotic animal hunt is available following the course for those interested


100 U.S. Marines, two Apache helicopters reinforcing embassy in Baghdad after attack 01/01/2020

100 U.S. Marines, two Apache helicopters reinforcing embassy in Baghdad after attack

Damn, why so many Marines? Slay bodies gents. God speed


100 U.S. Marines, two Apache helicopters reinforcing embassy in Baghdad after attack The Marines were requested by the U.S. State Department and their deployment was approved by Iraqi Security Forces.

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In Motion Targets T post hanger getting some use at the 620y target in our class yesterday. Good times with these Califo...
Day 3 of 5 was a blast.  Had some shots from tough positions.  Ran the .223s out to 1203 yards and put some time in stud...
Great day for shooting in AZ. Late June weather peaked at 93 with a breeze. The 100y Group Therapy Precision Rifle class...
Because hits on steel are always fun to watch. About 610 yards. N. California
Up here in N. California putting on our 100y Group Therapy Precision Rifle course. This course is designed to take the s...
Some video from last night using the AMMO INC USA Streak rounds.  This was an example of how filling a magazine with onl...
Out here with Ammo Incs Streak rounds demonstrating its capabilities
Great day working on improvised positions and putting shots on small and hard to find targets.
Zenith MP5 and Vortex Optics Venom making the steel sing.
A little heart rate drill to start day 2 of the Sniper Operations Intermediate Range course at the Ohio Tactical Officer...





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