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CEA Study Abroad - Galway
CEA Study Abroad - Galway
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The EA Expo Sponsor Raffle has been drawn! Thank you to CEA Study Abroad, CIS Abroad, MSU Federal Credit Union, SRAS, and UVA Education Abroad for the fabulous prizes!

Congrats to our winners! Olivia W. won a t-shirt from UVA, Lillian K. snagged a box of Polish candies from SRAS, Jayne M. carried home a MSUFCU goodie bag, Grace S. drew a notebook from CIS, and Emily B. and Noah V. won worldwide adapters from CEA.
Les Ateliers d'Échange Culturel ont repris cette année !

Brooke et Connor, étudiants américains à Aix-en-Provence, animent des ateliers auprès des enfants de l'accompagnement scolaire afin de leur faire découvrir leur pays tout en s'amusant.

En partenariat avec CEA Study Abroad et Aix ma ville !
Are you applying for a Spring 2023 semester program with CEA Study Abroad? If so, do not miss out on the chance to receive additional funding! As one of FEA’s newest , students studying abroad with CEA may be eligible for an FEA Access Partner Scholarship!

The FEA Spring 2023 application closes on September 15, 2022, at 12:00 PM ET! Start your application today here: https://apply.mykaleidoscope.com/scholarships/FundForEducationAbroadScholarship
So, what do I bring to wear in Amsterdam in septrmber
We are wrapping up the University of Missouri College of Arts and Science Week with an appearance from Makenna, a Mizzou Textile and Apparel Management student studying abroad with CEA Study Abroad in Paris this semester. Check out our Instagram story to hear about her most meaningful experience abroad and how she adjusted to life in Paris!
sometimes the moves you make affect others
Law Enforcement: Mastering Corrections
Law Enforcement: Mastering Corrections
Law Enforcement: Mastering Corrections
Attention University of Wisconsin-Platteville Students in STEM! ⚠

A couple of our Affiliate Partners, API Study Abroad - Academic Programs International and CEA Study Abroad have worked to highlight the STEM programs they have this Summer. Check them out here ➡️ bit.ly/Summer22STEM

UW-Platteville College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science UW-Platteville Women in STEM Program
My daughter arrived just a few days ago in Spain and CEA has been absolutely amazing, is what I am being told by my daughter.
She stated her Host was wonderful and the hospitality is beyond what she expected - Host has went over and beyond call of duty when my daughter's luggage was lost - she provide her with some of her clothes and gave her any essentials that was need to feel complete for that day. As a parent I am truly grateful and can rest a little easier tonight...

Studying abroad pushed me out of a comfort zone and I was presented with new experiences I never would’ve had. I was able to learn alongside students whose lives look very different from mine which a learning experience in itself. Studying abroad was an experience I always knew I wanted. Every alum that comes back describes their semester as the best of their college career and after my own trip, I completely agree. I chose my program because they gave me the chance to learn a new language in a city at a smaller university so I would be able to get the support I needed. After studying abroad I feel more independent and motivated to learn about other cultures so I’m better able to relate to them.

A challenge I experienced was the language barrier but through plenty of practice with professors and my host mom, I learned so much and have never been more confident in my Spanish. A piece of advice I would share with those thinking about studying abroad would be although it seems daunting and impossible, it will be the most important semester for them in college. Also take advantage of all the resources available online and on campus before departure. UWL wants your experience to go as smoothly as possible.

Mara Abrahamson - Spring 2020 UWL graduate studied abroad in Madrid, Spain in Spring 2018!
CEA Study Abroad
UI student and CEA Study Abroad blogger Brianna Bentler is spending this summer as a virtual intern in Dublin, Ireland. Whether in-person or virtual, read why Brianna recommends journaling to further both her professional and personal goals. https://bit.ly/3jNtwtn
“Growing up in a small town, I know the importance and value of traveling. Although my study abroad experience was cut short, it was nothing short of eventful. I met so many amazing people in the month that I was there and built lifelong friendships from our adventures together. I was able to practice my Spanish with the locals who were so hospitable and welcoming. I remember my first time on the bus, or Colectivo as an Argentinian might say, a woman scooted over so that I could sit next to her even though there were plenty of empty seats on the bus. From Argentine cooking classes with my host mom who was a professional chef to staying up until 6 am bailando en los boliches, are just a sampling of my favorite memories.”
📸 Photos and caption by UWL student- Karlee Kirking
CEA Study Abroad
It’s ! Syracuse University students can spend the semester in Barcelona or Prague with CEA Study Abroad🌎

CEA offers a range of options to suit various majors that allow students to live like locals in one of these incredible cities. In both locations, students can study social sciences and add an internship to each program to gain international workforce experience.

Applications are now open for Spring 2022 study abroad programs! Apply now at suabroad.syr.edu/apply
We're back!!! The CEA Center has officially reopened and we will be working from here! CEA Study Abroad
3 meetings left this week to learn more about CEA Study Abroad options all around the world!

CEA CAPA offers study + internship abroad opportunities in 22 cities across 13 countries! ✈️🗺️ We provide quality study abroad programs to U.S.

and Canadian students around the world, designed to meet the varied and diverse needs of today's globally minded college students. Share your planning updates, your adventures onsite & your alumni memories (just remember to follow our community guidelines: http://ow.ly/B4zp302FmO9).

Operating as usual


While studying abroad in Sydney, Jason B. had the opportunity to visit both the Blue Mountains and the Featherdale Wildlife Park. Explore more about Jason's adventures: bit.ly/3qE7yia



Photos from CEA CAPA Education Abroad's post 08/25/2023

Reminiscing on a summer in Barcelona

(📸: Abby S. · CEA CAPA Summer 2023 Content Creator)


Views from the Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence!

(📸: Lucey S. · CEA CAPA Summer 2023 Blogger)


The Sydney team has implemented a great initiative in which they partner with a local food donation service. The team encourages students to donate leftover items, often food, at the end of each program. Thank you to our staff and students for making a difference for those in need in Sydney!


Abby S. noticed several differences between business culture in Spain and the U.S. during her summer internship program in Barcelona. Learn more about what she experienced and how she navigated a new workplace culture: https://bit.ly/44a0AiA


CEA CAPA students ventured to the beaches of Vada during a hot summer day in Florence, Italy. To learn more about their adventures, visit bit.ly/47uYzAE


Sup, Stonehenge?!

(📸: Shivani V. · CEA CAPA Summer 2023 TikToker)

Photos from CEA CAPA Education Abroad's post 08/18/2023

It's all palm trees 🌴 and coconuts 🥥 in Australia!

(📸: Jsaon B. · CEA CAPA Summer 2023 Blogger)

Photos from CEA CAPA Education Abroad's post 08/17/2023

So very green 💚


Emma shares a 5 step process to prioritize mental health while studying abroad. From mindfulness to embracing the new, there is a step for everyone.

To learn more, visit bit.ly/3DGdIRU.


How've you Ben?

(📸: Veronica G. · CEA CAPA Summer 2023 Blogger)


There's no better spot in Florence for a photo session than the Piazzale Michelangelo!

(📸: Livia H. · CEA CAPA Summer 2023 TikToker)

Photos from CEA CAPA Education Abroad's post 08/10/2023

Summer days in Spain 🤩

(📸: Abby S. · CEA CAPA Summer 2023 Blogger)


CEA CAPA interviewed Grace Wurzer, CEA CAPA London alum and Ursinus College student, on her internship experience abroad with Nucleus Legal Advice Centre. Learn more about the experience she gained in this role, the classes she took in London, and her advice for other students interning abroad!

Read more: bit.ly/3s3kQoJ

Photos from CEA CAPA Education Abroad's post 08/08/2023

The Adventure Life!

(📸: Ananya P. · CEA CAPA Summer Student · Pitt Global Experiences)


"I reflected on my robust arrival process during the initial days of my study abroad program and realized Sevilla became more of a home to me through new routines, culture, and people I surrounded myself with." - Sarah E., Seville, Spain, 2023

Read more about Sarah's experience: bit.ly/47ijtTk

Photos from CEA CAPA Education Abroad's post 08/04/2023

Having the best summer in Madrid!

(📸: Alejandra O. · CEA CAPA Summer 2023 TikToker)

Photos from CEA CAPA Education Abroad's post 08/03/2023

CEA CAPA summer 2023 student Nicholas F. contributed to various art pieces while abroad. Nicholas shares, "My trip abroad was a very impactful experience for me. The weather, people, and buildings inspired and influenced many paintings during my stay. I feel grateful that I was able to go on this journey."

Photos from CEA CAPA Education Abroad's post 08/03/2023

One of the perks of studying abroad in London? Easy train access to other parts of the UK, including the magical city of Edinburgh!

(📸: Mariam H. · CEA CAPA Summer 2023 Blogger)

Photos from CEA CAPA Education Abroad's post 08/01/2023

What could be more perfect than exploring the Amalfi Coast during your summer studying in Italy?!

(📸: Lucey S. · CEA CAPA Summer 2023 Blogger)

Photos from CEA CAPA Education Abroad's post 07/30/2023

Happy International Friendship Day! 🌟🌍✈️ Studying abroad isn't just about the places students see; it's about the friendships they make that last a lifetime. 🤝💫 From exploring new cultures together to sharing unforgettable moments, study abroad buddies become a global family. 💕🌏

Read more about a lifelong friendship built in Barcelona in 2018 --> bit.ly/44Mvlva


Celebrating with love across borders! 🌎💕 Tag your study abroad mates! 🌟

Photos from CEA CAPA Education Abroad's post 07/28/2023

Exploring Barcelona!

(📸: Abby S. · CEA CAPA Summer 2023 Blogger)


🛼👛🍭🪩🎀 vs 🧪💣👨‍🔬🌌📚

Photos from CEA CAPA Education Abroad's post 07/27/2023

Happy National Intern Day! As an international internship provider, we celebrate student interns' incredible contributions and growth worldwide. 🌍✨ Today, we recognize and honor talented individuals who gain valuable experience, expand their global perspective, and shape their future careers through international internships. Thank you for being part of this exciting journey! 🙌🎓

Looking to embark on your own international internship? Learn more today: https://bit.ly/3CZguS2

Photos from CEA CAPA Education Abroad's post 07/24/2023

Granada: where history breathes!

(📸: Sophie M. · CEA CAPA Spring 2023 Photographer)


Texas A&M University students, Elle & Gage, met during their high school French class back in 2018. In 2023, while studying abroad in the French Riveria, the Texas natives got engaged. Their dreams of studying abroad in France proved way more exciting than they could've imagined! Join us in celebrating this heartwarming journey, where cultural immersion brought them together. Read their unforgettable love story in our CEA CAPA blog: bit.ly/3DgXT41
Love knows no boundaries! ❤️📖


France vs. Greece


Life's good & the views are great!

(📸: William L. · CEA CAPA Fall 2022 Blogger)


During Disability Pride Month, join us in recognizing the achievements and experiences of study abroad students within the disability community. Today, we want to highlight the story of Rebekah, one of our students who studied abroad with us last semester. Rebekah, who is visually impaired, embarked on a journey that forever changed her perspective on the world. In her enlightening blog post, Rebekah shares her transformative experience and how she navigated a new country with her visual challenges.

If you or someone you know is interested in studying abroad but has concerns or questions regarding accessibility and accommodations, please reach out to us. Our team is here to provide guidance, support, and resources that can empower students to find the study or intern abroad experience that best fits their goals.

Read more: bit.ly/3OdEhnt


Surf's up!

Photos from CEA CAPA Education Abroad's post 07/17/2023

Summer in Spain!

(📸: Dylan F. & Ellie H. · CEA CAPA Summer 2023 · Lenoir-Rhyne University)


JJ shares her study abroad experience from a perspective of a first-generation college student and offers some tips and insights on how you can consider managing your finances while studying abroad.

Read now: https://bit.ly/3pE0LES



Embark on an excursion to Morocco with the CEA CAPA Granada program! Let Merritt take you along for the day.

Photos from CEA CAPA Education Abroad's post 07/14/2023

Bath & Stonehenge

(📸: Caroline B. · CEA CAPA Spring 2023 Blogger)


CEA CAPA seeks to provide all students with an academically robust and impactful program regardless of major or discipline. To ensure engineering students can study abroad, CEA CAPA has developed a range of opportunities that align with core engineering courses that allow students to experience an academic term abroad while staying on track for graduation.

Learn more: bit.ly/3XArEWH



In the U.S., July is Disability Pride Month, an opportunity to celebrate people with disabilities and honor their history, achievements, and experiences. Why July? It marks the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, (ADA) a 1990 landmark legislation that broke down barriers to access and inclusion and prohibits discrimination based on disability. At CEA CAPA, we celebrate this month with a commitment to improving access, belonging, inclusivity, empowerment, and challenging misconceptions. Join us in fostering acceptance and promoting inclusion!

Photos from CEA CAPA Education Abroad's post 07/12/2023

The Blue City📍Chefchaouen, Morocco


Explore Toledo on a CEA CAPA Madrid excursion!

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Join us in celebrating International Education Week with a CEA Alumni Panel next Wednesday!When: Nov 16, 2022, 03:30 PM ...
Join us  to ask our alumni about all things study and intern abroad. Learn about how they prepared for their time abroad...
"One of the most impactful parts of the trip for me was the homestay. Living in a home with native people immersed me in...
Join CEA and CAPA The Global Education Network in celebrating Native American Heritage Month. This November, we're dedic...
"I’d expected study abroad to challenge me; I just hadn’t expected it to start before I left! " – CEA Content CreatorRea...
Calling all 2020 to Summer 2022 CEA alumni! Enter the CEA Video Contest by Wednesday, November 9 for your chance to win ...
"My biggest piece of advice would be to take classes that center around your interests." – CEA Content CreatorRead More:...
“Studying and interning abroad allowed me to explore multiple career paths I might have otherwise not considered.” – Ann...
"Studying abroad is a time of challenges, changes, and growth." – Emily B, Paris, France, 2022Read More: bit.ly/3SBtaEs#...
“Some of my favorite memories from my study abroad experience happened because I was willing to get comfortable with the...




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