Alpha Empath Coaching

Alpha Empath Coaching


Tiffany a beautiful being inside and out. From the first moment I met her she lifted my spirit up. Her magnetic energy is contagious. I've always looked up to her and admired her. She is extremely knowledgeable and understanding . She is transparent and free flowing . She has words of wisdom that invoke thought. She pushes buttons that will push you past your fears and self limiting beliefs. If your willing to work through your issues and learn to surrender and let go , she is there to assist and support. I'm so thankful that she was willing to take the time out of her busy day to choose to give me a reading. I needed to hear what she and the spirits had to say. She is amazing!!
I have never talk with a life coach nor have i ever got a reading done.... This experience was super amazing....
Everything she said waS true. All of it. I believe it and im going to manifest it. I waant to sure of my calling but because of tou its crystal clear.... Thank you... I will be telling my friends about you
Tiffany was absolutely wonderful. She was so accurate in her assessments and guidance that I was amazed. I would recommend her to anyone I speak to. She helped me recognize the blockages I am currently dealing with and gave great insite on how to change my situation. Love her!!
I just met with Tiffany for my first spiritual/life coaching session. I did not know what to expect but was blown away by her discerning spirit and the way God is using her. Thank you Tiffany for your time and willingness to speak
the lives of others.
Yes, ma'am building wealth/generational wealth is where our focus should be

I’m a spiritual advisor & through my teachings & insight I train ❤️ centered entrepreneurs to prosper At first, I thought that being an Empath was a curse!

I am an Empath that went from being disempowered, into turning myself into a boundary setting, self respecting, self loving Badass and now I teach others how to do the same. I was tired of feeling so many emotions and having people take my kindness for granted. Taking on so many emotions actually made me sick, and I suffered from 4 stokes, a brain tumor, sexual trauma, and a myriad of other things

Operating as usual


I am the daughter of a perpetual victim!

A woman who claims she never saw the red flags, and there was nothing she could do to protect me from the men that she brought into my life.

I was brutally r***d at fours years of age and had to be hospitalized for months while my ge****ls were being sewn back together.

I also had to be treated for STDS that a grown ass man had given me.

For years… I was so angry with my mom because she tolerated violent abuse and the abuse of me didn’t stop…it just continued to get worse.

And I swore to myself that my children would never go through the pain that I went through!

And I kept my promise…but the price to keep this promise was too damn high!

You see…my mother gave me affection but gave me no protection!

And I gave my children extreme protection, but I didn’t give them enough affection!

For years I thought that my sin was better than my mothers…how silly of me!

I didn’t know that my love was fragmented and unbalanced and she didn’t either!

And I didn’t know that I was creating a different kind of trauma!

We must break the cycles of generational trauma and create cycles of generational transformation!

I had to change and create a new pattern of love within my bloodline!

I had to destroy that cold fragmented version of myself to birth a woman that is capable of wholistic love!

It wasn’t easy and I lost everything and everyone because of my transformation, but it was worth it!

Empaths… you can’t stay a perpetual victim…your children are watching you!

And neither can you stay cold and isolated from the world…because you were designed to give this world warmth!

You must be accountable for your own healing!


The Story of the Dumb Ass Empath!

A retelling of Matthew 25: The ten wise and the 10 Foolish Virgins!


TicTok is savage!

They be talking about me so bad! 🤣🤣🤣


Message for the Devine Masculine!

You can’t keep allowing your heart to break your back!


He still mad at me because I didn’t remind him what day it was!

And he told me that as my punishment..I’m not getting a gift from him…



I’m trying not to be tired of him…but dammit he made me mad with this one!


Teaching Narrative 6: Open Your Heart Centered Business

Why Every Empath must either Serve a heart Centered business or oversee one!


Teaching Narrative: Radical Accountability!

Why every Empath must be Radically Accountable.


Teaching Narrative 3: Alpha Empaths are not victims!

Principles that help you to understand why you need to stay away from the path of the perpetual victim!


Teaching narrative 2: What does it mean to be Authentic

An Alpha Empath Embraces being Authentic, but do you really know what that means.


Teaching Narrative 1: What is an Alpha Empath?

This short Video goes over the definition of an Alpha Empath and why we must choose Authenticity!


Learn how to choose the correct pain!


Hey healers:

You know that you are called to help shift collective consciousness…

But your victim mentality is stopping you from hearing your masters voice!

You see…you learn how to WALK by faith when you are the sheep!

But once you awaken…it’s time to LEARN by faith! The shepherd phase helps you to learn your heart!

Then you become the steward…now it’s time to lead by faith!

And finally you become sovereign…now it’s time for you to LOVE by faith!

Stop skipping the fu**in steps!

Open your heart centered business and begin your training!

Dragon Hearted Ta**ra- Healing Arts School


"Family isn’t always blood, it’s the people in your life who want you in theirs: the ones who accept you for who you are, the ones who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what.”




As a heart centered entrepreneur, I had to learn how to choose my inner circle!

If you choose the wrong people, you will be forced to choose between them and the vision!

So choose wisely…has anyone else experienced this?


A slave will never live in the wealth that he inherited until he becomes free!

How long will you be a slave a serve a master that hates you!

Your freedom awaits!

Open your heart centered business!

Dragon Hearted Ta**ra- Healing Arts School


Healers…anybody else had a problem with the pearl hunter man?


Faith is not for the faint of heart!

Scientific Proof Thoughts And Intentions Can Alter The World Around Us! 04/26/2022

Scientific Proof Thoughts And Intentions Can Alter The World Around Us!

I did this experiment myself and my results were the same!

Scientific Proof Thoughts And Intentions Can Alter The World Around Us! Dr. Masaru Emoto, a researcher and alternative healer from Japan has given the world a good deal of evidence of the magic of positive thinking. He became famous when his water molecule experiments featured in the 2004 film, What The Bleep Do We Know? His experiments demonstrate that human thoughts...


And I’m too tickled!



You gotta find what works for you!


Let them do what they want to do, so you will know what they would rather do!


He probably still trying to start something with me…but imma let it go!

Because it’s more important to me to learn his language of emotions!

My indigo shows his emotions through his hands!

His drawings, his Lego’s, and when he real mad…his fists! (thankfully he only used his fist when some 12 year old talked about his momma).

Take your time to notice your child’s art!

Because indigos draw their pain through their art as well.


There is never a good reason to miscarry self love in an effort to obtain external love!


Everytime I tuned into a higher vibration…I felt like I was pregnant! That s**t started so many arguments in my life until I begin to understand what was really happening!

And I used accumulate instead of acclimate on purpose!

And I hope you got that 5d nugget!

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The Story of the Dumb Ass Empath!
Teaching Narrative 6: Open Your Heart Centered Business
Teaching Narrative: Radical Accountability!
Teaching Narrative 3: Alpha Empaths are not victims!
Teaching narrative 2: What does it mean to be Authentic
Teaching Narrative 1:  What is an Alpha Empath?





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