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Teaching Art and Science through the lens of history. Educating next generation innovation in k-12 and at-risk youth for STEM aviation innovation..

Educating next generation innovation in k-12 and at-risk youth for STEM aviation innovation.

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History matters...


We have something cooking in Bosnia-hertzogovina...can you guess what it involves?? Hint: art and culture and aviation. ;)


This painting is missing along with two more originals. It was last seen at Sun Studios in Tempe, and is a tremendous loss. No one seems to know anything... Seen anything?

Title: "The Spirit in Silver"
Medium: Acrylic, Ink, pencil
Artist: Nova Hall


Anyone know where this scene from a popular movie came from?

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Chrisevensoffical SciTech Institute


The show is coming.


At the old Sun Studios... It was here, after this show...that three major paintings disappeared. Heartbreaking and nearly $60,000 gone. If you know anything, please please contact me. I will be listing them as stolen and the perpetrators will be found....


I'm grappling with the purpose of Twitter (baby x). It's just there to pick fights, right? And to organize your community.

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Happy MLK Day! What is your favorite service or experience that you give to your community on this day? Past years I've painted, and volunteered at ASU West campus, where a past mentor, Professor Charles St Clair delivers Dr. Kings famous speech to the community.


My grandfather was on this project. Can you name it?


What is your most memorable experience with aircraft? One of my most memorable experiences is with the Spirit of St. Louis 🛩️ Here posing with a family and the iconic replica "Spirit of St. Louis" at Fantasy of Flight in Florida. This place is a must-visit location.🌟


Remember this from "The Battle of Midway" doc?🌊 I just saw it with color. Pivotal moments & brave hearts that reshaped the War. What's YOUR top documentary? Share a pic 📸, its cover or join the discussion! There are a few Spirit of St. Louis ones...

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Grow Spirit Flying Over Time unveils its latest initiative, Grow Spirit, a progressive development fund committed to bolstering minority-owned enterprises in specialized industries. Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Spirit flight and honoring native cultures, Grow Spirit integrates technological advanc...


Vintage roadway heading off into the distance. Where do you think this was taken?


The great lakes or the coast?? Anyone have a guess? Grandfather moved to Buffalo, New York after working at the Curtiss Aeroplane company in Garden City, long island.
Notice the amphibious airplane floating in the water... What type do you think it is?


An autogyro was an aircraft that was both helicopter and aircraft. Would you go up in one?? I've only seen a handful in all the airshows I've visited.


Does anyone know what this device is called? My dad had one and that's him driving it. They were all the rage in the 40s and apparently we're a blast, and very dangerous.


Hall Aeronautical Development was formed after the Spirit of St Louis when Mahoney had moved the company to St Louis. Here is a gentleman that I'm not sure of, but who worked with grandfather. More than likely he is working on the patent pending new airplane development the company was going to create.


The inside of the huge main fuel tank was a lattice work of holes to prevent sloshing during turns or in the air. Grandfather was counting every ounce of weight in the plane. When he noticed the workers had used to much soder per seam. They had to start over with specific instructions to the crew and the production manager.
This is a closeup of the inside. What are the holes?


Did you know there was a serial #002 of the Spirit of St Louis? A sister ship built a few months after the original was flown to world renown by Charles Lindbergh, that went overseas. This photo is of it, taken by grandfather when they attached the wing to the fuselage. They had learned their lesson from the challenges of building the wing upstairs in the wing department.


It's 6:23am, and Donald Hall has arrived at the factory early. The frame of the Model NYP is looking good. New welding has been added overnight. The fuel lines are looking good, and the underside of the main fuel tank is exactly as intended. Donald has been keeping a close eye on the special "template" soft metal that it's made from.


In celebration of the successful flight of the Spirit of St Louis and its pilot Charles Lindbergh! I've been saving this photo of the airshow next to the aircraft factory in San Diego. Here from the roof of the factory itself, grandfather took photos of the show and his team (and a few guests) watching a celebration of their own efforts. There are more in this series, including hundreds of parked cars. So would you have joined them? What type of biplanes are these? Can you hear the band playing?


A normal day, from a bygone age. Camp Baldy (now called Mount Baldy) is an unincorporated community in the San Gabriel Mountains, in San Bernardino County near the eastern border of Los Angeles County, in Southern California. During prohibition, this was where the affluent visited because you could get an alcoholic drink and enjoy the casino and pool.


Flying in formation. Imagine seeing this regularly? Aviation has changed a lot since the 1920s. Do you enjoy such demonstrations at airshows? Where?


Living the vintage life! This is my Aunt Alice in her pearls. I'm not sure who the baby is, maybe one of her kids? Such an iconic photo though from the past.


Everyone pullover! There is a fire to get to! Have you ever thought about an fire engine in the 1920's? I hadn't till I saw the ganges of New York and this photograph. I love that it's clearly being driven hard, and grandfather captured it! What does this make you think no of?


We are starting a new phase of our nonprofit, including fundraising and promotion as we get closer to the publication of my new book about the Spirit of St Louis and the Spirit100th project. Originally we were a traveling exhibition , ...and these were the t-shirts that were available at each show in LA Sala ballroom. Are you interested in getting an original version like these or the new version? What colors would you like to see? I want your input!
Checkout a few of the starting items in our shop on the website in my profile.

Photos from Flying Over Time - STEM Aviation's post 05/24/2023

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Grandmother Elizabeth Walker-Hall was so beautiful. I've wondered how she would have been many times. I know that she loved to play the piano and was a sweet woman in her old age. Grandpa and her loved to go on adventures. I never got to meet her since she died the same year Lindbergh passed away. Here they are somewhere in San Diego bay (more than likely).


The first radio broadcast about Charles Lindbergh and his airplane being sighted in Ireland was made by Herbert Morrison on KNX radio in Los Angeles on May 21st 1927. This broadcast was live from Roosevelt Field airport in New York where the spirit of st. Louis had previously taken off on May 20th, 1927. He said, "Ladies and gentlemen, it is reported that Lindbergh has landed in Paris. That is the last we have of him. Good night and good luck to Lindbergh"
This photograph was one snapped by my grandfather's, standing next to another photographer that snapped the famous shot most historians have seen. You can tell that it was taken in San Diego because the nose cone is different than the final one that he used to cross the Atlantic. The original is on display at the Smithsonian National Air And Space Museum in Washington, DC.

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Do you know what this is? in 1927, Grandfather designed a plane that would achieve the impossable. He designed and built...
Taking it back to the good ol' days
West Valley Art Museum FOT and Peoria -Nova Hall
Flying Over Time - Morning Scramble with Nova Hall





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