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Lope hits the road to celebrate GCU's family across the nation - GCU News 12/01/2023

Lopes on the Road relaunched as a formal campaign by Alumni Relations in August 2021, and Galdi says it’s a hit because it’s a perfect way for people to show their GCU pride in their own neighborhoods. Nicol was a good fit to grow the program with her event-planning and sports business experience. “Absolutely everything she does in her role comes from a place of love for GCU,” Galdi said. For more information on Lopes on the Road, visit the link below.

Lope hits the road to celebrate GCU's family across the nation - GCU News Sitting behind a desk is the job for a lot of people. But a lot of Assistant Director of Alumni Relations Kaitlyn Nicol’s job takes […]


If you are interested in working with outdoor recreation companies, you won't want to miss the Adventure Career Fair in the Canyon Activity Center TOMORROW, starting at 5 p.m.! Visit https://ow.ly/3oa350QcArR to register, and come ready to network and learn about summer opportunities.


Head to Prescott Field Nov. 30 for a Behavioral Health and Human Services Career Fair! RSVP at https://ow.ly/WCUT50Qaufn, and come ready to network.

Rejuvenated college paints a picture of transformation - GCU News 11/29/2023

The College of Arts and Media, also known as CAM, has been transformed the past few years. Dr. Craig Detweiler landed at Grand Canyon University in 2021, he saw a vibrant, faith-filled arts community. So he was flabbergasted when he was asked if he knew the fine arts program was dissolved in 2006. Since his arrival, there is nothing short of goodness that has occurred within the college. For more on how CAM has been rejuvenated, visit the link below.

Rejuvenated college paints a picture of transformation - GCU News The College of Arts and Media hasn’t been dawdling over the past couple of years. Not only did it go through a name change, but […]


Your career awaits you GCU seniors! Join us on Nov. 29, 3-5 p.m. at Prescott Field for Lopes Launch Senior Send-Off, a networking event connecting graduating seniors with potential employers. Elevate your post-graduation plans and register now! https://ow.ly/2YmT50Qaubq


Join us for Lopes Launch Senior Send-Off on Nov. 29, 3-5 p.m. at Prescott Field! Seniors, connect with potential employers and kickstart your post-grad journey. Don't miss this chance to network and explore exciting career opportunities. Visit https://ow.ly/tClq50Qauaz to register for the event.


Don't miss the opportunity to network with behavioral health firms and organizations during the Behavioral Health and Human Services Career Fair, Nov. 30! Find more info and register at https://ow.ly/ws8Y50Qauf0


If you're interested in the field of sports medicine, head to the Quad, Nov. 17 at 1 p.m. for the Science Dean's Speaker Series: Exercise Science and pizza! Learn more: https://ow.ly/frr550Q7ePC

CCOB students help over 48,000 stand up to cancer at World Series - GCU News 11/16/2023

CCOB students helped over 48,000 stand up to cancer at the World Series. It felt so fulfilling to "be able to participate in this event and be able to see the personal touch it had on people’s World Series experience," Natalie Kerr, one of the student participants said. "A once-in-a-lifetime day, for sure." For more on this story, visit https://news.gcu.edu/colangelo-college-of-business/ccob-students-help-over-48000-stand-up-to-cancer-at-world-series/.

CCOB students help over 48,000 stand up to cancer at World Series - GCU News Most college students couldn't envision themselves at the World Series, but that’s where 20 Colangelo College of Business students found themselves...


Come ready to network with companies looking to hire at the Government Sector & Non-Profit Career Fair, on Nov. 16! Learn more about this event at https://ow.ly/FpA350Q4Pw0


Hear from expert panelists at the COE Dean's Speaker Series, starting at 4:30 p.m. tomorrow! Register for this event at https://ow.ly/4xl750Q7eNw


Come network and learn about high-level businesses in the valley looking to hire! Register and explore more about this Career Fair at https://ow.ly/8EYt50Q7eLA


Lopes, are you interested in working for an international Christian school? Come network and meet potential employers at the ACSI Job Fair today, from 1-6 p.m. on Prescott Field! Learn more https://ow.ly/GT0850Q7eIu


This week is International Education Week! See what events GCU's College of Education has in store for students at https://ow.ly/aHo250Q7eSL


Interested in pursuing a career as a teacher? Join us on Prescott Field for a Lopes Leap to Teach Career Fair, Nov. 14! RSVP at https://ow.ly/OA2U50Q1K4n


Are you interested in working in arts and media within a technology company? Come check out the Technology Unplugged event Nov. 15 to meet with employers! Visit https://ow.ly/MHuX50Q7chE to learn more.


There's a Government Sector & Non-Profit Career Fair happening Nov. 16, from 12 - 2 p.m.! Learn more and RSVP at https://ow.ly/pNpO50Q4Pvz


Lopes, if you're considering a career in law enforcement, come meet agencies looking to hire! Register and learn more about tomorrow's Law Enforcement Career Fair at https://ow.ly/1Qhn50Q4PpQ

Loneliness During Fall Semester 11/07/2023

Even if you have been constantly surrounded by new people and you are making new friends, feeling lonely is normal. You don’t have to physically be by yourself to feel a sense of loneliness. Loneliness can be felt when you are around people you don’t feel truly connected to or when you miss that sense of familiarity that you had at home. Many college students get lonely around this time of year. For tips on how to deal with loneliness in college, visit https://www.gcu.edu/blog/spiritual-life/loneliness-during-fall-semester.

Loneliness During Fall Semester Discover effective strategies to combat loneliness and thrive both socially and academically in college.


You don't want to miss the opportunity to explore careers in education at the Lopes Leap to Teach and Lead Career Fair on Nov. 14! Visit https://ow.ly/tAeM50Q1K4b to register and learn more.

Day of Giving to embrace culture of philanthropy - GCU News 11/03/2023

Grand Canyon University's 4,100 supporters in 2022 contributed more than $450,000 during the second annual GCU Day of Giving, about double the amount raised from the previous year. For more on the Day of Giving, visit the link below!

Day of Giving to embrace culture of philanthropy - GCU News Thunder, pep band, cheer and dance performances are all set to kick off GCU's Day of Giving. Over 60 programs are participating and accepting...

IDEA Club's Marketplace mounts momentum for Canyon Challenge - GCU News 11/01/2023

The Grand Canyon University IDEA Club, dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship on campus, recently organized its inaugural student marketplace at the Colangelo College of Business courtyard, which exceeded sales expectations. Club president Connor Vicary expressed confidence in the group's ability to achieve even greater goals, emphasizing the marketplace's positive impact, as it generated nearly $30,000 in sales from 50 vendors in just 6 ½ hours. For more, visit the link below.

IDEA Club's Marketplace mounts momentum for Canyon Challenge - GCU News The IDEA Club sold nearly $30,000 at its first Marketplace, and club officials believe they could reach $100,000 in sales in two more Marketplace...


If you're looking for a job, stop by the CCOB Courtyard TOMORROW for a hiring event and the opportunity to network with potential employers! Register and learn more at https://ow.ly/13sQ50PZVAW


Head to the Honors Lounge, Nov. 1 at 4:30 p.m. for networking and mentorship opportunities, during the GMES Provost Speaker Series! Learn more and RSVP at https://ow.ly/Hbzn50PZPfa


Get dressed to impress and come meet potential employers at the Nursing and Healthcare Professions Career Fair! Register for this Oct. 30 event at https://ow.ly/4eKu50PZPne

Top Skills Needed To Be a Nurse 10/26/2023

Interested in earning a degree in nursing but not sure if you are the right fit? Read the following blog about the top skills needed to be a nurse!

Top Skills Needed To Be a Nurse Even if you’re already a working registered nurse (RN), you may be thinking about pursuing additional education to advance your career goals.


The GCU Hiring Event and Meet the Marketing Agencies is for all majors! Come by between 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. to network and meet companies looking to hire. Learn more at https://ow.ly/lnvA50PZVAt


Join Academic Leadership Nov. 1 for a GMES Provost Speaker Series in the Honors Lounge. Don't miss the chance to hear from and network with industry experts! Register: https://ow.ly/TTEQ50PZPe7


Looking to network with industry professionals in a variety of fields? Come to Prescott Promenade TODAY from 5:30-8:30 p.m. for a Career Services Career Fair sponsored by GCU Athletics! To register, visit https://ow.ly/9qfa50PYOAc

She crossed a river and a stage to thank family who saved her - GCU News 10/24/2023

College of Education graduate Stephanie Oliva-Castellanos clutched her diploma sleeve during last Friday’s Fall Commencement ceremony at GCU Arena. When she crossed the stage Friday morning, she didn’t make it about her, even though her mortar board carried the message: “My story. His glory.” For more on her story, visit the link below!

She crossed a river and a stage to thank family who saved her - GCU News Stephanie Oliva-Castellanos survived a perilous trip across Mexico to three decades later walk a Commencement stage at Grand Canyon University.


If you're considering a career in nursing or healthcare, stop by the Nursing and Healthcare Professions Career Fair, on Oct. 30! Learn more and RSVP at https://ow.ly/E4JB50PZPmu


Career Services and the College of Natural Sciences have another Pre-Health Grad School Fair on Oct. 25! Stop by building 57, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. to meet with schools, and learn more at https://ow.ly/WpSY50PZi6k

GCU's ROTC program celebrates milestone growth - GCU News 10/19/2023

GCU’s ROTC program has recently celebrated exceeding the 100-member mark for the first time. GCU ROTC Coordinator Trish Shipley says, “It’s just amazing to see the growth from the partnership between GCU and the ROTC program. “We’ve kind of outgrown our spaces around here, which is really just a beautiful thing.” Interested in ROTC? Check out the article linked.

GCU's ROTC program celebrates milestone growth - GCU News GCU's ROTC program celebrated a milestone. For the first time, the program has exceeded 100 members – that's 102 cadets in the Army program and […]


Interested in industries such as business finance, accounting, marketing and advertising, engineering, health care, education, and psychology or counseling? Come to Prescott Promenade on Oct. 24 from 5:30-8:30 p.m. to network with employers during a Career Fair sponsored by GCU Athletics, and hosted by Career Services! For more information and to RSVP, visit https://ow.ly/pqTX50PYOrr


Are you a sports enthusiast interested in a career in sports business? Mark your calendar for Oct. 11, 3-5 p.m. at the CCOB Courtyard and come ready to network and meet potential employers! Learn more at https://ow.ly/w1HJ50PRg35

Guest artists challenge GCU students to explore the diversity of dance - GCU News 10/10/2023

To kick off the semester, the first guest dance residency artist was Nhan Ho. Known for his contemporary fusion with the influence of modern dance style, Ho is the founder of the Nhan Ho Project where he provides mentorship for aspiring dancers and helps them discover their potential for the art. He has performed all over the country and influenced many dance programs, now including GCU. For more on the guest artist visit https://news.gcu.edu/college-of-arts-and-media/guest-artists-challenge-gcu-students-to-explore-the-diversity-of-dance/.

Guest artists challenge GCU students to explore the diversity of dance - GCU News Grand Canyon University dance program hosts guest artists to provide new dance experiences for students and mentor them in unique styles and...


Lopes, interested in an opportunity to network with employers hiring for a wide variety of roles? Stop by the Promenade Oct. 10 from 12 to 2 p.m. for the Unity Fair! RSVP and learn more at https://ow.ly/vPhV50PUKGn

From ACE Space to the metaverse, academic support is everywhere - GCU News 10/05/2023

Have you checked out any ACE spaces on campus? The new Willow ACE Space gives students a place to relax and enjoy video games, Foosball and other activities, as well as come in for help with their classes. Head on over to Willow to check it out! https://news.gcu.edu/gcu-news/from-ace-space-to-the-metaverse-academic-support-is-everywhere/.

From ACE Space to the metaverse, academic support is everywhere - GCU News With the campus' ACE Centers growing from six to 13 this year, it's not hard for students to find academic support. They even can find […]

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