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I created this page to allow ease of contact with families homeschooling their children in WV.

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I hope you all enjoy the Christmas season with your families.


Hope you are all having a great autumn. Please message if you have any questions. Enjoy the upcoming holiday season.

Send a message to learn more.


Homeschool Freebie! – A Treasure Chest of Free Resources for your Homeschool

Some freebies most days of the week. Check out the site below:

Homeschool Freebie! – A Treasure Chest of Free Resources for your Homeschool The First Spelling Book August 11, 2022August 7, 2022HomeschoolFreebie THE FIRST SPELLING BOOK (PDF ebook) Today’s resource is this wonderful spelling lesson book, originally published for primary grade students… Read More

Nature Collection Notebook (2nd Edition) 08/27/2022

Nature Collection Notebook (2nd Edition)

Free digital nature study notebook. (Not an affiliate link.)

Nature Collection Notebook (2nd Edition) This 120 page Nature Collection Journal is exactly what you’ve been looking for to explore Nature with your preschooler through high school student! It’s a PERFECT companion to Gentle + Classical Nature AND is included in the Term 1 Bundle. This PDF Download includes: 90 Pages for Mounting, Sket...


An easy to read graphic about NOIs. Please let me know if you have questions or concerns. I am still available to do "off season" reviews.


Text, Message or email me if you are still in need of a portfolio review. (Phone calls aren't working on my phone now.)


If you need help getting an assessment done, please message me.


June is here and passing quickly. If you haven't scheduled and are in need of a portfolio review this year, please schedule soon!


I do still have openings! I am having issues with my phone so please be patient with texts, voicemail and Messenger!


Text, email or Messenger are the best ways to contact me to set up a review. If you want to schedule for this year, please contact me soon.


Just to keep you updated:


I am currently scheduling reviews for this spring. My Messenger account is being finicky and not working properly on my phone. If you send a message, I thank you for being patient as I have to get to my laptop to reply. You can also feel free to text me at (304)680-3232. Just make sure you let me know who you are when you message.


I am currently scheduling portfolio reviews for this Spring. Feel free to PM me for your appointment. I am offering in person reviews in Grafton as well as reviews via Zoom, email, mail or Messenger.


Merry Christmas! I hope you and your families enjoy the season.


Question:. When can I schedule my portfolio review?

Answer: I start scheduling in January. Due to expected busyness for our family, it may be best for you to call after January 10th.



If you need to contact me....my phone is not able to do phone calls where we are staying currently. Please text (304)680-3232 or message me on Facebook or email me at wvportfolioreviews at gmail dot com

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Fall is here and many begin to plan for annual assessments. Testing with CHEWV or WVHEA or completing a portfolio review are the two most recommended and chosen options. Let me know if you have any questions. I don't start scheduling til January 2nd but I answer questions anytime.


I am here to answer questions you may have. I don't turn families away for portfolio reviews. Happy to help calm any fears. Homeschooling rocks! We start back Monday. When did you start or plan to start?


Did you get your annual assessment done? If not, message me so I can help you figure out what you need to do!


Annual assessments are due to your local BOE by June 30th for 3rd, 5th, 8th and 11th grades. All grades must have an annual assessment. Let me know if you want to schedule a low stress portfolio review.


Some updates to the law. There are especially interesting ones about Kindergarten and highschool. Please read to update your understanding. There are some changes we were not aware of ahead of time.

Nothing is in effect yet and nothing affects this homeschool year as far as I know.

We have made some great strides this past legislative session. New laws that are going into effect will make some great and well needed changes in homeschooling.

I am going to take a few minutes to go over some of these. I have spoken with the State Board and made sure that everything was in place. Be sure to keep a check on laws and bills at www.WVHEA.org

HB2785 - Effective date July 6, 2021 - Relating to public school enrollment for students from out of state (IN STATE STUDENTS INCLUDED)

Relating to requirements for compulsory school attendance; providing that parent and guardian make determination to remove child from kindergarten program; updating references and removing outdated language; providing option to parent to apply for Hope Scholarship for child prior to enrollment in kindergarten and every year thereafter; allowing students who successfully complete publicly or privately supported, state-approved kindergarten program, Montessori kindergarten program, homeschool kindergarten program, Hope Scholarship Program, or private, parochial, or church kindergarten program recognized under subsection (k) of §18-8-1 of this code to be placed into the developmentally and academically appropriate grade level; requiring enrollment in same grade level as state or program from which student transferred; and requiring certain transcripts or credentials to be accepted as record of student’s previous performance for placement and credit assignment

This bill puts a directive into effect that homeschool transcripts must be accepted, and students enrolled in the grade level they should be in.

This bill will allow those that have filed a NOI for Kindergarten to enroll their children into 1st grade without issues. IF a NOI was NOT filed for Kindergarten, but the student needs to return to school, this will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

For High school – where as our high school credits were NOT accepted, now with a transcript showing classes, the student will receive credit for any course that has an equal to it at their particular high school. Any other courses would remain on their transcripts, although credits would not be issued.

All other school policies would have to be followed for enrollment, including vaccinations.

SB 435 – Effective Date June 24, 2021 - Requiring county superintendents to authorize certain school principals or administrators at nonpublic schools to issue work permits for enrolled students

All relating to issuance of a work permit for a child 14 or 15 years of age; authorizing certain additional persons to issue a work permit; requiring review rather than receipt of certain documents required as a condition of the issuance of a work permit; providing exception to the requirement for a certificate showing that the child is attending school; resolving conflict as to whether child must appear before the person issuing the work permit; and requiring the printed forms for work permits be made available to all authorized to issue work permits.

This bill allows HOMESCHOOL parents to fill out all sections of a work permit for those students who are 14 and 15 – excluding employer section – Parents will no longer have to go to the County Superintendent to have that section of paperwork filled out.

New work permits should be located here once they go into effect

HB 2013 – Effective date June 15, 2021 - Relating to the Hope Scholarship Program

Relating to establishing the Hope Scholarship Program; creating exemptions from compulsory school attendance requirements under certain conditions; providing a parent of a prospective kindergarten student the option of applying to the program on his or her child’s behalf; providing funding for the program and the parameters thereof; providing a title for the act and the program; providing definitions; creating the West Virginia Hope Scholarship Board and providing for membership qualifications therein; establishing powers of the board; establishing the application process for the award of Hope Scholarships; creating the West Virginia Hope Scholarship Program Fund and the West Virginia Hope Scholarship Program Expense Fund and the funding mechanisms and parameters therefore; establishing qualifying expenses for Hope Scholarship Accounts; creating a renewal process for accounts; providing for a Hope Scholarship student’s participation in the public school system; providing for administration of accounts; providing for the auditing of the program, suspension of accounts and providers under certain circumstances, and creating a right of appeal; establishing requirements for and rights of education service providers; establishing responsibilities of resident school districts; and providing for legal proceedings and severability

This bill puts into effect ESA’s for students. Basically the money follows the student. Although this is not for current homeschoolers/private/charter schoolers at the moment it is for future homeschoolers/private/charter schoolers or those homeschool/private/charter schoolers families that have a student eligible for Kindergarten.

ESA’s will begin with the 2022-2023 school. The directives will be out soon as it has been sent to the state treasurer’s office to set up the guidelines and application process. Funds should be in the amount of ~$4600 per student and will remain with the WV State Treasurer office and paid out to qualified vendors. The money does not go to the parent directly.

Although current Home/Private school parents are not eligible, it is said they would be eligible in 5 years. Possibly sooner depending on demand.

As with all government money there are and will be rules and regulations. Please make sure you know what these are. ESA Homeschoolers will fall under some different law, rules, and regulations from NON-ESA Homeschoolers.

HB 2529 – Effective July 6, 2021 - Prohibiting West Virginia institutions of higher education from discriminating against graduates of private, nonpublic or home schools by requiring them to submit to alternative testing

Relating to nondiscrimination in the higher education admissions process; allowing an institution, once a student has been fully admitted, to administer placement tests or other assessments for certain purposes; prohibiting state institutions of higher education from discriminating against graduates of private, nonpublic, or home schools by requiring them to submit to alternative testing as a precondition for acceptance into the institution of higher education; and prohibiting institutions of higher education from rejecting a person with appropriate diploma or credentialing for admission to an institution of higher education solely because their secondary education was not accredited by the state Board of Education or agency the board approves

HB 2791 – Effective July 4, 2021 - Relating to enrollment and costs of homeschooled or private school students at vocational schools

Relating to requiring county boards of education to permit students who are homeschooled or attend private schools to enroll and take classes at the county’s vocational school at no additional cost beyond any costs charged to public school students

*** We are waiting on directives as to if a student MUST attend one of their county CTT Schools, OR if they also have the option to attend one outside of their county.

~Kathie Hess Crouse – President West Virginia Home Educators Association.


(Update: I am feeling better and doing my best to catch up this weekend. I thank you for your patience. Please feel free to check to see if I got your email or payment. I am working to make sure things are moving. The end of June is approaching quickly.)

Under the weather today so please be patient if you message or email. Thanks for understanding.


I have sent reminder emails or messages to almost everyone scheduled for this week. Last week, 10% of my emails did not go through. Please, if you are scheduled for this week and do NOT get my reminder, please let me know.

Should I Homeschool? 05/27/2021

Should I Homeschool?

An article to help you consider if you should continue homeschooling.

Should I Homeschool? Parents often ask me, "Should I homeschool?" I can't answer that question for you, but I can tell you why we chose to homeschool and why I'm glad we did.


Portfolio Reviews are one option for annual assessments for homeschoolers. If you sent in a letter of intent, you legally must obtain an assessment. They are probably the easiest to get done by the deadline of June 30th this time of year. I can help you have a stress free process. You choose the method you prefer and we schedule it. Let me know if you want more information.


I hope your spring is going well. If you haven't secured an annual assessment appointment now is the time to do so.


This seminar is always wonderful! If you have 7th-12th graders and want to attend I have always found it beneficial.

We have not forgotten our high school homeschoolers!
Whether high school is on the horizon or you have begun, this seminar is helpful!


What questions can I help with today? Don't get overwhelmed because you have to do an annual assessment!


I am busy scheduling reviews. If you haven't scheduled yet and want to, please text me at (304)680-3232 or email at [email protected].


If you message me and I do not respond within 24 hours I did not get a notification. I try and respond promptly. Please try again or tag me if I don't answer.


FAQ: When should I schedule a review?
Answer: Assessments should be completed by June 30th and the earlier this spring that you schedule the more flexibility I can give you in options. My calendar is getting busy.


It is March now. What questions do you have as you look forward to wrapping up your year?

College Readiness for Homeschoolers (Feb 25, 7PM ET) 02/23/2021

College Readiness for Homeschoolers (Feb 25, 7PM ET)

This looks helpful for highschool questions. I have attended their highschool seminar series twice.


College Readiness for Homeschoolers (Feb 25, 7PM ET) Looking to prepare your teen for applying to and succeeding at college? Watch this webinar to find out how to map out your teen’s high school journey, and equip your homeschooler to thrive in college and through their transition into adult life.


I now have the first week of May open for appointments. Six other weeks to choose from as well...


February is here. It is a great time to enjoy some snow days, find your groove for spring and continue enjoying the journey of homeschooling. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Now is the time to consider annual assessments. These will still be required for homeschooled students regardless of the pandemic situation. I am offering in person reviews in Grafton (outside only) as well as many virtual and remote options. If you can't meet me in Grafton, please consider what is best for you. I offer live chats via Zoom, Skype or Messenger as well as reviews you can do at your leisure during your chosen week via mail, email, Messenger, Dropbox, text, etc. I try to make your reviews as easy for you as possible. Schedule early for the most flexibility however I will fit you in even if you call mid-June. (Methods may be more limited if time is an issue.)

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Merry Christmas!  I hope you and your families enjoy the season.






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