Revolution School

Revolution School is a new high school in Philadelphia where students co-create their unique academic journey.

Mission: We break down the walls between learning and life.

On behalf of Revolution School, we invite you to read a letter from our Head of School, Henry Fairfax.

This is the time to question why things are the way they are—and that's exactly what students did during Tuesday's end of year Presentations of Learning. Each presentation started with an essential question:

❓How does addiction impact the city of Philadelphia?
❓How could every child get equal access to an education?
❓How can nonprofits org help people with addiction get stable?
❓How are trans-women excluded from traditional gender-critical activism?

Students shared research and innovative solutions and challenged families, friends, and peers in attendance to weigh in on these timely issues facing our city and our world. Thank you RVLTN students for expanding our knowledge, challenging our thinking, and calling on us all to #makeadifference.

On Thursday, part two of Presentations of Learning will feature original monologues written by students and performed with local actors!

In addition to building storytelling, communication and acting skills, our final integrated project of the year, “Lessons from the Stage”, has allowed students to explore the technical pieces of the stage productions; building set, lighting design, and sound design. In math, students have been busy building mock sets using TinkerCad while investigating the geometry of shapes and imaginative ways to turn a fixed space into anywhere you can imagine. Science investigation has been focused on waves. Students have explored the way waves interact as they move around a closed space, and consider the ways light and sound add depth and feeling to a theater production. We will round out our investigation by considering simple circuits and the ways we might improve our sets by including lighting fixtures. Take a look at the start of one of our student's set designs!

“What will Revolution learning look like in the fall?” That's the question students tackled today in a Design Thinking workshop facilitated by Micky Wolf of Dent Education

Students made their ideas visible using Miro and Zoom chatrooms to gain deeper insight into one another's experiences and perspectives.

A few takeaways from today's workshop:
💡Working as a group can help ideas get better - one idea can lead to another
💡Lead with empathy - connecting with someone can help you expand your understanding of a challenge
💡Be confident in your ideas - get comfortable just sharing!

As part of their theatre project, this week students performed scenes as their 'alter ego characters.' We utilized breakout rooms on Zoom where students worked with a scene partner on a simple 'open scene' learning about given circumstances. Given circumstances refer to what the play or scene offers the actor to create a baseline for the character. After working with their scene partners students came back to the main session and then performed their work with their scene partner for the class. All the students did an amazing job performing, supporting each other and taking adjustments!

JUST PUBLISHED! Our own Robb Dunn finds opportunity in crisis & captures RVLTN student voices in the latest is issue of Well-Schooled. Thank you Well-Schooled, the site for educator storytelling for sharing our story! Congratulations Rob and RVLTN students!

The May 2020 issue of Well-Schooled, the site for educator storytelling, is now live with 14 amazing new educator stories! Visit to read them all!

JOIN US on Tuesday, May 19 at 7:00pm for an evening with Tim Klein. Tim will share evidence-based best practices for guiding parents of teens in a rapidly changing world. Participants will learn how to support their teens in the face of adversity and also how to make meaningful decisions in a rapidly changing educational landscape. Click here to register:

This week, RVLTN students participated in a #debate4action with students and teachers from across the country. The topic was a mandatory National Service Program which would take place after high school graduation and before the start of college.

Some of the arguments for pro were to:

👍build skills
👍discover passions
👍pursue interests
👍to mature before college
👍 to meet community needs.

Some of the con arguments were:

👎if one went into the military without true interest it may prove dangerous to others
👎difficulty in enforcing
👎possible disparities along socio-economic and racial lines
👎it's unconstitutional according to the 13th amendment regarding servitude.

What do you think?

Thank you Inspire Citizens for moderating!

A global threat like COVID-19 touches every person around the world, and presents an opportunity to come together and #makeadifference. This week students are continuing work on Purpose projects inspired by our work with Project Wayfinder and are designed to empower students to combine knowledge of themselves (their talents and interests) with a need in the world. Teachers have been working with students over the last two weeks to look inward and come up with ideas for a project. These range from simple ideas that can help their immediate community to larger ideas that would impact others on a grander scale. The goal is for students to engage in work that is achievable, impactful and connects to students' individual passions.

#rvltn23 #rvltnschool #jointhervltn #highschool #education #phillyhighschool #independentschool #purposelearning #philly

It's #teacherappreciationweek and we are so grateful for all you do to #makeadifference so our students will #makeadifference! We are sending all our amazing faculty and staff big virtual hugs - we miss you and thank you!

#rvltn23 #rvltnschool

What a moment! Thank you to the Blue Angels and Air Force Thunderbirds for today's fly over Philadelphia in support of COVID-19 first responders. At Revolution School, we're honoring #healthcareheros by writing thank you letters to healthcare workers as part of this week's #takeaction challenge. Join us in expressing thanks!

As we enter our 6th week of remote learning, we continue to embrace new opportunities to learn and create in ways that are unique to the digital space. What if, at the same time we’re all separated, there’s a through-line, connecting us? Students are finding that through-line as they develop monologues about family sacrifice that could come together as a larger shared narrative. As part of the creative process, students are guided by a “zoom” guest or two each from the local Philadelphia theatre community. Recently, they met with Director, Liz Carlson Guerin, to learn about taking a play from the page to the stage and Sound Designer, Damien Figueras, to better understand how sound can elevate the play. There is no better way to learn than from experience earned and shared! We look forward to the final production coming soon…

We're celebrating our home planet on the 50th anniversary of #earthday by taking action today - and each day. As part of the difference-maker curriculum, RVLTN students are presented with a new "civic action" each week. In honor of #earthday2020, this week's action is to join the Global Climate Strike. Join with us and make a difference! #takeaction

Today, as part of our civic engagement work, students started civil discourse training with our friends from The Impact Center. They are learning to dig into a topic, to engage in differences with civility and respect, and to effectively address challenges. Thank you to Sandi Richards and Josh Kline for offering your deep experience as local activists and committed community members.

As we launch into another week of COVID-19 induced separation, this quote has special resonance for us all. A student suggested this quote during last Friday's "Community Meeting." Some quick internet sleuthing turned up that it is often attributed to a young Abraham Lincoln but that it may go as far back as medieval Persia. It was a good reminder that throughout human history we have grappled with disorienting and huge social changes just as we are today. People have been innovative and resilient to weather these "storms" of circumstances beyond their control. Our collective and personal challenge is to embrace the limitations and not to wallow in them. Students have power when they can accept the givens and imagine new possibilities.

7 months ago, we opened our doors for the first time and welcomed our founding class to Revolution School. This week, students returned from Spring Break to enter our fourth week of distance learning. And, as with all things Revolution, we are focused on iteration and improvement.

We are harnessing the dynamic shift happening around us to create relevant, connected and meaningful learning experiences. Students are examining the role of government in the COVID-19 response, learning to participate in this discussion-heavy environment through civil conversation training, and capturing the youth experience of the crisis through a journaling project.

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a sobering moment for all of us - locally, nationally and around the world - it is also forcing us to see ourselves differently and stay connected in new, powerful ways. We are embracing this as an opportunity grow our understanding of the world and our network while we are at home. Although we are apart, we are in this together.

During last week's wellness lesson, Holly Olshefski helped students take inventory of their brains and what each part of the human brain is responsible for. What really hit home, was the idea of the brain renewing itself, especially when faced with new tasks or approaches to learning. For all of us, the last few weeks have asked us to do things that seem familiar in a brand new way.

Working or learning from home is not what we usually do. Maintaining our social relationships via screen and phone is not the main way we usually connect. Holly's lesson was clear - we need to be patient with ourselves and one another in this process of change!

As we embrace school closures through the academic year, we can anticipate more "new" and it will help us to remember that this is also "renewal." Making a commitment to our own learning and one another in this will make the months to come all the more rewarding.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve accepted our first 9th grade cohort for Fall 2020! Congratulations incoming diffference-makers!

If you're a Revolution School hopeful, spots are limited but it’s not too late. Take the next step and start your application today:

We're making it easier to connect while campus is closed - our Wednesday school tours have moved to one-on-one “tele-tours” with our admissions team and are now available 5 days a week. Email [email protected] to schedule your tour today!

One way to find #joy while #socialdistancing. How are you staying happy and maintaining well being?

Surprise! Flowerbombing brings beautiful bursts of color and #joy to Rittenhouse thanks to DFW Event Design DVFlora Fabufloras Impacting the world around us and learning to #makeadifference is at the heart of our mission at Revolution School. Where are you seeing #joy and people who are making a difference?

As 2020 unfolds in an unprecedented way, we are stepping back to appreciate how our school is growing in our first quarterly highlights bulletin!

Spring is literally on the horizon and we're hoping to spread #hope and celebrate renewal where it's happening.

Learning from and in the real world is integral to Revolution School's approach. Where are you seeing #learning and #growth in your life?

"These are complex times and unchartered territory for everyone. They require us to adjust, readjust, and remain patient. " - Henry Fairfax, HOS.

Revolution School's campus is temporarily closed but we're still here for you! Contact us via email: [email protected] or phone 215-631-3697.

We look forward to re-opening campus after our regularly scheduled Spring Break.

Did you know we are a rolling admissions school? That means no deadlines - no waiting! We make decisions in rounds, giving you more flexibility and opportunity to join our growing community. Ready to take the next step? Start your application today!

Yoga is our newest wellness offering! Jake Panasevich leads our students & staff during Monday yoga sessions. He engages local Philadelphia schools that are committed to making a positive impact on their students, the community, and the environment. We're very excited to work with Jake with us!

Some behind the scenes of our students partnering to work on their neighborhood projects before leaving for Thursday's expedition! This week they will be exploring

RVLTN parent Caryn Rivers led our students in three sessions on inclusion, diversity, and community building! Thanks Caryn!

Meet the newest addition to our storytelling team and a current RVLTN student, Jaida!

Jaida is excited to share the behind the scenes stories and thoughts of students while they go throughout their school day. We are so excited to have you, Jaida!

Wonder what it would be like to go to Revolution School? Come visit! Join us for a Wednesday school tour and immerse yourself in in what it would be like to learn out loud as a founding student at Revolution School. Check out our event's tab to register for school tours.

One of the highlights of last week's National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) conference at the convention center was a rousing keynote by Angie Thomas author of "The Hate You Give". Her personal story of courage and inspiration to write her bestsellers helped to keep the educators captivated. She is all about amplifying the voices of youth.

We couldn't help but think of our young writers and difference makers at 3033 W. Glenwood as they make their way into an unknown world with parents, teachers, and community behind them to help them stay resilient. Every student is working on something important right now, both personally and academically. They are all striving for a new level in what they do and who they can become. We are so proud of them. It's great to have adult amplifiers like Angie to remind them (and us) that youth voices are already there--it's just on us to hold them up!

“If you want to see what inflection points look like, this (Revolution School) is it. Snow melts from the edges, so if you want to see change, look at the edges. I’ve seen schools that are doing similar things but I have not seen this anywhere. What I have not seen is connecting a radically new pedagogy with a mission for diversity and access.” - Dr. Tim Fish

Thank you Dr. Tim Fish, Chief Innovation Officer at NAIS -- National Association of Independent Schools for visiting Revolution School!

One of last weeks challenges: make a circuit! There is no shortage of hands on learning at Revolution School!

The Innovative School Collaborative had a highly successful 3 hour workshop this week at the Annual National Association of Independent Schools Conference. Here, Head of Mission Tom McManus talks about the commitment needed to bring a new school to opening day! We are thrilled to have the opportunity to share with other educators who are interested in starting schools, as well as those who are interested in innovating from the inside.

Jehiza Feliz, Revolution School's Admissions Associate, is doing amazing behind the scenes work to recruit new Revolution students for next year and to support current students during the re-enrollment process.

Jehiza loves working with RS students because they inspire her each day. She speaks fluent Spanish and is a planner who LOVES to travel.

Come and visit us for a school tour on Wednesday's and say 'hi!' to Jehiza!

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