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Tom Mattson passed away on Wed. Dec 9th in Watsonville, California. He taught History at Paradise high School for 34 years, and live in the town of Paradise for over 30 years. He was a coach in Football and Basketball many years. He retired from Paradise High School in 2005. He serve in the Marine Corp during the Vietnam War as a machine gunner on a Helicopter that picked up wounded Marines. I would like if you could ask many teachers if they remember him. Also I as his friend would like to nominate him to the Paradise Hall of Fame.
My lovely 17-year-old High School Junior daughter came downstairs this morning wearing a Paradise High School Sweat Shirt. Probably the only one at her high school here in Plano Texas. I imagine children of Alums everywhere would look good wearing a PHS t-shirt or sweatshirt. It certainly would be unique. Here is the link to order all the PHS inspired items.
Any posts about the cancelation of Virtual classes this morning?
Does the school offer any T-shirts they are selling for any fund raisers? Looking to buy a Paradise T-shirt to help support your community. I reside in Florida so it would have to be shipped at my cost. Thank you.
Today Tuesday, August 25 is our last USDA Protein Box give away. We will have 20# of Chicken + 20# of Cheese for each household. Please stop by 5657 Recreation Drive in Paradise 8:00-11:00 am.
Please plan on waiting in the bus lane and refrain from smoking while on school grounds.
It's been a pleasure serving the community during this time and we will keep our fingers crossed for another program soon from the USDA.
This sweet guy that came up an filmed our boys explains his battle with covid 😥
Before BOBCATS ON THREE on ESPN2 at 5:00PM Pacific Time, at 4:30PM Pacific Time also on ESPN2 is Paradise - From The Ashes. A BOBCAT DOUBLE HEADER
I was wondering I am making something for my wife who went to school here in 1990. Can I get a picture of the Mascot Logo from that Time?
So when is the "official last day of school"
Save the date! June 6th 9am! All across Ca. We celebrate our Graduating class of 2020. Step outside and make NOISE! BANG POTS PANS HONK YOUR HORN. LET THEM KNOW WE ARE PROUD OF THEM. PASS THIS ON!
class of 1977,...
IF you are or know a PHS Graduate who is a Medical Professional on the front line, They need a shout out. PHS Grads Making a Difference Everyday. I will start with three.

1983 Dr. Gerald Maguire,
1984 Dr. Bryce Yerman,
1987 Christine Manthey Marcotte MSN, RN, CNL

Who else is out there?
Shout out!

Paradise High School
Paradise Unified School District
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Operating as usual

Photos from Paradise High School's post 03/17/2022

Congratulations to Andrew Axxton Jauron for being nominated Paradise High School Student of the Week. Andrew was nominated by Ms. Stephanie Swift Minderhoud and she said, “Andrew Axxton Jauron is a great example of a resilient Bobcat. The amount of maturity, humor, empathy, kindness, volunteerism, and friendship that Andrew has exhibited since 8th grade is incredibly commendable. He excels at music and is very creative. An example of Andrew's positive virtues is when he stayed late one night picking up the trash in the gym after a basketball game, without being asked! He has persevered through more life challenges than the average adult. Through all of this, he continues to push forward with determination and hope. Andrew is an amazing, senior, young man with a future of great opportunities ahead of him.”
Congratulations, Andrew!”

Photos from Paradise High School's post 03/16/2022

Our PHS Ridge Retreat had a fun cookie baking/decorating activity today! What a great way to finish out the school day - hanging with friends and classmates and baking/eating cookies! Thank you Ridge Retreat!


Hey seniors!
Check out these scholarship opportunities at NVCF!


Kindness Week is Coming!
March 28-April 1, 2022
Spread Kindness Like Wildflowers!
Get ready with our brand new Kindness Shirts!
You can pre-order shirts with this form at the student store


Today's Student Spotlight is sophomore Dorian Wells. Dorian plays soccer and his favorite part of this year was seeing the dedication of all of his teammates. He generally doesn't like to choose favorites, but said, Senora Najera is his favorite because he's been with her since freshman year and she has a good personality. Dorian likes all kinds of music and his biggest role models are his parents because he looks up to them."


Hey Bobcats!
Yearbook is accepting applications for next year! Take a minute and apply - even if you haven't decided. It's an amazing program that will give you tons of great experience and you could earn a FREE yearbook!
See Mrs. Martin with questions.
Use the QR code or go to:


Hey Bobcats!
Student Leadership is accepting applications for next year! Take a minute and apply - even if you haven't decided. It's an amazing program that will give you tons of great experience!! See Mrs. Martin with questions. Use the QR code or go to:

Paradise High School Daily Bulletin March 15, 2022 03/15/2022

Paradise High School Daily Bulletin March 15, 2022

PHS Daily Bulletin for Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Paradise High School Daily Bulletin March 15, 2022 Student produced news about the school. Today's video includes, ASVAB information, a US Navy program for 11th graders, and a focus on the Multimedia Apps Bro...

Photos from Paradise High School's post 03/15/2022

Congratulations to Donna Resendiz for being nominated Paradise High School Student of the Week. Donna was nominated by Mr. Doug Carroll and he said, “Donna is a key contributor to our broadcast team. She is capable and efficient at all aspects of video production from script writing to editing, and she approaches each task with alacrity and diligence. Donna’s is excelling in Multimedia and all her classes. Her hard work right now is creating incredible potential for her future. Great job Donna.”


PHS Classes of 1970, 1971, 1972 & 1973!
Here's info about a multi class reunion.
All PHS Alumni are welcome!
Check it out!

Photos from Paradise High School's post 03/14/2022

Spring is in full bloom at PHS! Students are learning and trees are flowering! 🌺🌸🌼


This week our student spotlights start with Dakota Jackson! Dakota is a freshman and her favorite food is pizza. Dakota really enjoys art and her favorite class is art with Mrs. Murphy.
In her spare time, Dakota enjoys watching football with her 4 cats.


Part of Breaking Down the Walls is a talent show. Students were so respectful and encouraging to their classmates. It was a wonderful site to see!

Photos from Paradise High School's post 03/10/2022

"It's hard to hate someone whose story you know."

Today finished our three days of Breaking Down the Walls, a program designed to create a safe environment for students to build empathy and understanding through their "play, trust, learn" model. By first helping students laugh together, they start to trust one another, and eventually want to learn from those outside their normal friend group. The intention of the workshops is to leave everyone with the realization we are truly BETTER TOGETHER!

Photos from Paradise High School's post 03/04/2022

Congratulations to Ronnie Knaus for being nominated Paradise High School Student of the Week. Ronnie was nominated by Ms. Vanessa Steward she said, “Ronnie is such a great presence in our English 9 class. She is conscientious about her grades, is always the first one in class and stays on task. She contributes in thoughtful and meaningful ways to class discussions. Ronnie is calm, cool, collected, and always respectful. She is a joy to have in my class. She is a great friend to her friends. Ronnie is an advocate for underdogs and fights against discrimination and bullying anytime she sees it which takes a lot of courage! She keeps us in the loop with leadership events and inspires us with her school spirit. She sets a great example for other students. Ronnie is awesome and it’s a pleasure to nominate her.”

Photos from Paradise High School's post 03/02/2022

Congratulations to Mia Boykin for being nominated Paradise High School Student of the Week. Mia was nominated by Ms. Vickie Regier she said, “Mia is a fun, funny, hard-working mathematician. She asks great questions, sees patterns, has impeccable penmanship, but one of the best things about Mia is her ability to articulate math concepts to her peers. She is going to be an elementary school teacher and I can tell already that she is going to be AWESOME. She is kind and patient and loves to teach! Thanks Mia for being such a great contributor to our 6th period Math 3 class :)”


Youth on the Ridge Community Foundation / Paradise Chocolate Fest is pleased to announce the "Young Authors Writing Contest!"

All K-12 students in Butte County are invited to participate in the fun at the 2022 Paradise Chocolate Fest while we celebrate the wonders of reading, writing, and publishing.

The “Young Authors Writing Contest” seeks to encourage youth to develop enthusiasm for, and expertise in, their writing successes. This contest inspires entrants to express themselves and their ideas through writing and literary skills to create a fictional short story.

The rules are simple; every K-12 student in Butte County is eligible to enter. Entries must hit a certain word count depending on their age group, and every story must include the word “Chocolate”.

Each entrant will receive two tickets to the Paradise Chocolate Fest to be held Saturday, May 7, at Terry Ashe Park, in Paradise. Writing Contest winners of all ages will be announced at the Fest’s grand stage at 11:00 am and will receive fabulous prizes, from gift cards at Barnes and Noble up to a $250.00 scholarship for high school winners.

We urge you to share this fun, creative opportunity with your students. And – we encourage your students to Be Creative! Be Bold! Have Fun!

Photos from Paradise High School's post 02/25/2022

Congrats to all of the students who earned at 3.0 or better in the Fall semester! They were treated to ice cream and cookies today and a certificate of their achievement! Way to go Bobcats!

Photos from Paradise High School's post 02/25/2022

Congratulations to Essence Flores for being nominated Paradise High School Student of the Week. Essence was nominated by Mr. Josh Bullock and he said, “Essence comes to class with a smile everyday. She contributes to discussions and helps her fellow classmates when needed. Additionally, Essence is a talented artist and has produced many outstanding works of art that now hang on our classroom wall for all to admire. Finally, Essence helps keep me up to date on the latest lingo and slang so I can understand what students are saying despite
my advanced age and lack of coolness. Way to secure the bag, Essence!”
(That means to achieve a goal or attain something good)

Photos from Paradise High School's post 02/23/2022

PHS had our annual Electives Fair! First time in awhile. Awesome electives on display - Ag Mechanics, AP Bio, Art, Anatomy, Band, Broadcast, Chemistry, Chorus, Engineering, Photo, Public Speaking, Physics, Student Leadership and Yearbook!


PUSD Is Hiring


Hey Bobcats! Today our Ridge Retreat is starting their Ridge Reels series with Disney’s Encanto from 3-5pm. Room 105!
There will be snacks, contests and prizes!! Don’t miss out!


Hey there Bobcats!

After reviewing the CDPH K-12 Guidelines, we have found that students are not required to take a COVID test prior to the dance. If you would like your student tested prior to or after the dance, please contact us.
As outlined in the CDPH K-12 and Public Health guidelines, masks are to be worn while indoors.
Please feel free to call the school office at (530) 872-6425 if you have any questions.


Congratulations to faculty & staff @ PHS! We just received notification that we have been awarded a six year accreditation! This is the best term possible! 💛💚🐾


Happy Wednesday Bobcats!
Today's student spotlight is senior Noah VanDerhagan. Noah likes Raising Canes chicken as his favorite fast food and his favorite animal is a lion. Noah enjoys his Ag Mechanics class here at PHS because he gets to tig weld. He also enjoys watching racing and his favorite race car driver is Kyle Larson.

Photos from Paradise High School's post 02/08/2022

Congratulations to Matthew Dunlap for being nominated Paradise High School Student of the Week. Matthew was nominated by Mr. Travis Kaye and he said, “Matt is a pillar in my 1st period class. He makes an effort to learn the material, participates in class discussions, and brings energy to the class. Beyond this, Matt supports his classmates: from carrying another student’s math binder to class so they don’t lose it, to encouraging and helping others to complete assignments. On more than one occasion I have heard him tell classmates “I do not want to see you fail.” First period would not be the same without him.
Thank you Matt for being a leader and support to our class!”

Photos from Paradise High School's post 02/08/2022

Here they come! The new buildings are starting to take shape. The first few pictures are of the framing and foundation of our new PHS admin/classroom building. The last two are of the new Ridgeview building across the street.


Happy Monday Bobcats!
Today's Student Spotlight is junior Jordan Jolly. Jordan likes to go to the gym in his spare time and his favorite class is weight training so he can work out some more!
Jordan's favorite college football team is the Nebraska Corn Huskers and his favorite thing about PHS and being a Bobcat is our Football team!


Hey seniors!
Next Thursday, Feb. 10 is our senior panoramic in the Green gym. Please report to the gym @ 12:20.


And here is your first place winner for Butte County Academic Decathlon: Paradise High School!

Photos from Paradise High School's post 02/05/2022

Congratulations to Baylee Hovey for being nominated Paradise High School Student of the Week. Baylee was nominated by Ms. Kim Foote and she said, “Baylee is our 5th pd. Office aide. She is very attentive and friendly to all that enter the office . She knows what needs to be done and she takes initiative to get things done. She is a breath of fresh air. We love having her as part of our office team.”

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