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Merry Christmas to all
Our Haney Academy of Karate family! And a very Merry Christmas Birthday 🥳 🎄🎉🎁 to our very own Master Nash…. Safe and Happy Holiday’s to everyone from the Roberts Family.
We had a fantastic Fundraiser/Dinner for Master Haney last night. There were so many people that showed up that they had to go get pizza on top of all the food they had, Region 9 rocks and Master Haney you are the captain of our ship, keep us sailing! You are the best and I owe you so much for all you taught me. Luv & Hugs Debby and all your Region 9 Family!
Is there no karate tonight?

Lessons in the traditional Korean Martial Art of Tang Soo Do. Classes for all ages, Learn Focus and Respect, Improve physically and mentally

Operating as usual


#Worlds2022 #HaneysHeroes

After the tragic cancellation of the 2020 World Championships due to the pandemic we are now in a place where we can get our world wide family together again.

This will be the 40th Anniversary Year of the WTSDA

So who’s gonna be joining us on this historical event

Give this a like and drop a comment with the region and country you will be representing

Photos from Haney's Academy of Karate's post 10/30/2021

Karate in your costume! Happy Halloween!

Haney's Academy of Karate updated their website address. 08/07/2021

Haney's Academy of Karate updated their website address.

Haney's Academy of Karate updated their website address.

2021 WTSDA Region 9 VIRTUAL Championship 04/09/2021

2021 WTSDA Region 9 VIRTUAL Championship

2021 WTSDA Region 9 VIRTUAL Championship This championship is in person from your home dojang (hub) or virtual from your home if you meet the requirements stated in the application. We invite all registered WTSDA studios to join us for our second Virtual Championship.


It is fair to say that Senior Master Haney influenced all of us at PKA and beyond more then he ever realized. He is a Master amongst Masters, a true professional and a gentleman. The world lost this great man today and we are all less complete because of that. We take solace in knowing he is no longer in pain and we take comfort realizing we will see him again.

Sir, Thank You. We already miss you. But rest assured we will do our best to make you proud and carry on your legacy. Tang Soo. We Love You


In case you’re still thinking about donating but the campaign is closed!

Thank you everyone the response has been amazing and we will keep donations open for a while longer via offline donations.
We be have a virtual bingo game as a fund raising event on February 20th at 2:30 pm est. Bingo cards available at the link below, limited number of tickets.


Thank you and Tang Soo!


To quote Master Ohlson - "If you knew him, you miss him. If you wear a WTSDA uniform, your life has been touched by him. His smile, his humility, his passion and his joy are his legacy."

When we lost the man, none of us were ready. Please don't allow us to lose his legacy, too. Some amazing people are making sure that his memory carries on through his studio, but they need our help. Please consider sponsoring to the Indiegogo link below. Every little bit helps! There is also an amazing video if you follow the link if you need more convincing that this is the right thing to do!


To quote Master Ohlson - "If you knew him, you miss him. If you wear a WTSDA uniform, your life has been touched by him. His smile, his humility, his passion and his joy are his legacy."

When we lost the man, none of us were ready. Please don't allow us to lose his legacy, too. Some amazing people are making sure that his memory carries on through his studio, but they need our help. Please consider sponsoring to the Indiegogo link below. Every little bit helps! There is also an amazing video if you follow the link if you need more convincing that this is the right thing to do!



Getting set up for today’s Region 9 Virtual Tournament! Good luck to our competitors!


WE ARE OPEN through the construction. Please just enter by Peachwave, the roofers have our side of the lot blocked off.


We are open! All students will receive these Covid instructions when they return to class and Mama Nash is helping us celebrate with these Ninja Bread cookies!


Ki Cho Jang Gum Hyung

Happy June everyone! The focus of this post will be our sword forms. I'm only posting the first two since I don't believe we have any students that are working on the third one. Let me know if you have any questions! #HaneysHeroes

Ki Cho Jang Gum Hyung: https://youtu.be/O9tep410Ly0

Jang Koop Jang Gum Hyung: https://youtu.be/uBB3wylbvl0

WTSDA Sword Form 1


Arteca's Karate Academy

Here's a message from Master Arteca about a great training opportunity this Saturday:

Good morning Family 9!

Hope you're doing well, hanging in there, and staying safe!

Over the past several years, we've developed a great relationship world champion Chip Townsend, and this relationship only continues to deepen. He visited our school in November 2019 and put on an epic seminar on kicking, flexibility, and breaking that we're still buzzing from!

He's a 6th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and is the owner of 7 highly successful martial arts schools in the mid west. He's also a 14 time ISKA world breaking champion and he's been featured on a America's Got Talent. But most importantly, he's just a great person overall!

👉 We have an opportunity to train with him over Zoom this coming Saturday (5/30/20) from 12:30pm to 1:30pm and we wanted to extend the invitation to all dojangs in Region 9. To register, just visit the event registration page and follow the instructions: https://tinyurl.com/LikeAChampEvent20200530.

Please feel free to share with your students!

If you have any questions or would like more information, just say the word!

Thanks! Tang Soo!!

Jared Arteca



Intro 5

Hello Again,
We are here again for some forms review and this week will be our staff forms! Once again, it will not be frowned upon if you look ahead to your next form, after all I know that I can't atop you! This week was a little special in that I was able to film these videos at Grandmaster Beaudoin's Academy of Karate with a couple of our Ko Dan Ja! It's always special being in that building!
Hopefully you are all continuing to stay happy and healthy during these strange times.
Intro 5: https://youtu.be/SMmK-J4FRZI
B**g Hyung Il Bu: https://youtu.be/S8lPK7FEMog
B**g Hyung E Bu: https://youtu.be/wat2-__VkSA
Song Hyung Sam Bu: https://youtu.be/VXNBNSUddHQ



If you are an active instructor or an adult student or a parent of an active student, please join our private group! Let me know if I missed you and I’ll send you the invitation!


Not bad at all, Abby! A form done completely self taught just from watching the video we posted! Does anyone else have this kind of proof of amazing progress!? #HaneysHomeschooling #Family9 #WTSDAITrain


Intro 4

Hello Again,

Tonight we have basic stretching with some kicking drills that you can use a kitchen chair with. This week we'll be focusing on things you can do in the limited space of a living room or basement. Enjoy and please feel free to post pictures or videos of you training!

Intro 4: https://youtu.be/mVa8r6OUzME

Stretching: https://youtu.be/NI0NORXYBXM

Calisthenics 1: https://youtu.be/NhaQbZeBOgw

Calisthenics 2: https://youtu.be/CjFLjYBVvuk

Eight Point Blocking System: https://youtu.be/QaCc30YnhrU

Forms in a Box: https://youtu.be/N_ukpoWMaQ4

You should have the links to the live classes with Valentin Karate, if not please let me know and I will resend them to you. Please also check Remind for the live Zoom Meeting classes with Beaudoin's Academy of Karate!

#HaneysHomeschooling #WTSDA #Family9 #WTSDAITrain

Haney’s Homeschooling Lesson Four


Wash Your Hands to the WTSDA Anthem

Hello and Happy Easter! I hope that everyone had a safe and healthy holiday. This week we have some special things for you guys! We have classes filmed by Ms. Schwarz, an Instructor at Porco‘s Karate Academy with help from Ms. Russo and Master Farrelly. We also have a great way to make sure you’re washing your hands well enough, it may be something new for a lot of you newer students. It’s me singing the WTSDA Anthem! You can find the music sheet in your Student Manual if you’ve yet to hear it.

Tigers & Dragons: https://youtu.be/bIyqgk1sVh0

Beginner Gups with: https://youtu.be/eGlUEvLyjH0

Advanced Gups: https://youtu.be/q3owJ0j_Z-A

Black Belts: https://youtu.be/Zdg4ZO235y4

The best way to wash your hands ever: https://youtu.be/6wsKT-jd2BY (Credit Master Gallagher for the great idea, thank you Sir!)

#HaneysHeroes #HaneysHomeschooling #ITrain #WTSDAITrain #Family9 #Region9 #WTSDA

Sing the WTSDA Anthem while washing your hands to make sure they’re nice and clean!


And the award for the first student to prove that she’s training at home goes to Abby! Great job, Abby! Can anyone else show that they’re continuing their training!? #HaneysHomeschooling #HaneysHeroes #TSDRegion9
#Family9 #ITrain


Intro 3

Hello, we hope that you are continuing your training while staying home and staying safe. Here's this week's study material; 1-20 Kicking One Steps and the three Naihanchi Hyungs.

Intro: https://youtu.be/ALjgQlk3fjM

1-5 Kicking: https://youtu.be/Tyyr6OxgChk

6-10 Kicking: https://youtu.be/jPUsy7GMV3s

11-15 Kicking: https://youtu.be/icVPwXkBYsU

16-20 Kicking: https://youtu.be/L4RlfoydPl4
16 Applied: https://youtu.be/aU53lScg6Mc
19 Applied: https://youtu.be/6jBcuUYzZv8

Naihanchi Cho Dan: https://youtu.be/NH-UifgnlUY

Naihanchi E Dan: https://youtu.be/tP_e4rOaJQk

Naihanchi Sam Dan: https://youtu.be/se22qqqFz-M

Also please check your emails/Remind for Master Valentin's weekly classes!

Third intro for #HaneysHomeschooling


World Tang Soo Do Association

Wonderful message from Grandmaster Strong thank you sir and Tang Soo!

Please see the message below from Kwan Chang Nim Strong. Text of his message will be posted in a separate post.

youtube.com 03/30/2020


It's that time of the week again! Here is #HaneysHomeschool Class 2! This week's focus will be our Hand One Steps.

Intro: https://youtu.be/PxkYWNiWHUQ

1-5: https://youtu.be/VVwSxlRnJR0

6-10: https://youtu.be/n4v4DbWa7Z0

11-15: https://youtu.be/kmVgjv5pQHk https://youtu.be/Gt0W8HSZSi8

6-20: https://youtu.be/UpJ0K7Pc3Rg

That is as far as our Color Belts go. If you are an overachieving Color Belt or a Black Belt, here are all of the One Steps from World Headquarters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-vXqL-0oUo&t=6s

#ITrain #HaneysHeroes #WTSDA #Region9 #Family9

youtube.com Il Soo S*k Dae Ryun(One Step) Soo Ki(Hand Techniques) 1-30 Jok Ki(Foot Techniques) 1-30 Ho Sin Sul(Self-defense) 1-30


Get ready for more Haney Karate eLearning! We’ll start filming soon. Love and miss you all! #HaneysHomeschool #HaneysHeroes #Region9 #Family9 #WTSDA



Hello! Are you ready for your first eLearning Class provided from Haney’s Academy of Karate!?
This week’s focus will be on our forms. Please watch the short intro, then select any form(s) that apply to you or your child’s current rank. Please enjoy! Also, no one will get in trouble if you peek at a form or two past your current rank! Black Belts, this is your review for the beginner forms. There will be videos in the coming weeks for the advanced forms.


Dragon Forms:
1- https://youtu.be/wf5lP1j5cUI
2- https://youtu.be/P6MmOZfhT7c
3- https://youtu.be/07FoH2WUXfI
4- https://youtu.be/iq1NoNkSsh8
5- https://youtu.be/4fqEzPfSw4k
6- https://youtu.be/FFDazRtUk40

Color Belt Forms:
1- https://youtu.be/kXqj07G8rRw
2- https://youtu.be/BgXppgVMI_I
3- https://youtu.be/u8kahIdVpEY
4- https://youtu.be/PLK4zg_xfkc
5- https://youtu.be/SCSglh_MMs0
6- https://youtu.be/8KztsbPKPEY
7- https://youtu.be/MY44QRy93HM
8- https://youtu.be/tCNHLebWDaM
9- https://youtu.be/nZoasZTyo38

Red Belts Form 9


Blooper #1

Here’s ONE OF MANY bloopers from our recording session tonight. Overall, it was a huge success and I can’t wait to start sending material out to our students and parents!


It feels great to be back in the studio! Parents & adult students, stay tuned for some eLearning!


Hello everyone. I am at the studio for what will be our final night of classes until further notice. This is as a result of an Executive Order issued by the Governor that closed all gyms effective 8pm tonight. We looked into the State Statute definition of a gym and it includes fitness clubs such as martial arts studios. We will reschedule Wednesday’s test once we reopen. I apologize but there is no tentative date set as to when this order will be lifted to the beat of my knowledge. I will be in contact with you in regards to possible eLearning platforms for future training during this time. I have created Remind groups for communication with adult students and parents of young students. If you have not received your invitation or know of someone who has not, please let me know! I look forward to working with you guys on Google Classroom and seeing everyone again once this all blows over!


2020 Region 9 Championship

First registration deadline ends the 11th! Register today!

wtsdaregion9.redpodium.com Online registration for 2020 Region 9 Championship on March 13th 2020. Online registration ends March 14th 2020.


GBTSD Stand United to WTSDA

Thank you to our brothers and sisters in Great Britain!

In Loving Memory of our Grandmaster Beaudoin we stand united to support the WTSDA February 8th 2020 - GBTSD National Black Belt Class Video conducted and edi...


McCarty's Academy of Karate

August 1987


We will not be holding classes tomorrow evening, Monday February 3rd. Instead of coming to the studio, all students and families are invited to attend Grandmaster Beaudoin’s calling hours: Monday evening from 4:00p.m. to 7:00 pm. at Casey’s Eastside Memorial Funeral Home 1987 East Main St Waterbury, CT 06705.

moodukkwanhistory.com 02/01/2020

World Moo Duk Kwan® Proudly Remembers Master Robert Emile Beaudoin, Dan Bon #5661 - Moo Duk Kwan® History

moodukkwanhistory.com At the 1975 Convention, then L to R: Mr Ben Cortese, Master Robert Beaudoin, Mr. Robert Shipley, Founder Kee Hwang, Mr. Frank Bonsignore, SBN Yu Ki Yul, SBN Chun S*k Kim.


McCarty's Academy of Karate

The question was. How old were you when you started Tang Soo Do? The answer from Grandmaster Beaudoin.


Huntingdon Tang Soo Do

Wise words from Grandmaster Beaudoin set to an inspiring video featuring our Tang Soo Do brothers and sisters.

eastsidememorial.com 01/31/2020

Robert Beaudoin Obituary - Visitation & Funeral Information

Services and obituary for KCN Beaudoin.

eastsidememorial.com Share Memories of Robert & Support the Beaudoin Family

eastsidememorial.com 01/31/2020

Robert Beaudoin Obituary - Visitation & Funeral Information

Here are the visitation hours for Grandmaster. I’m sorry again everyone.

eastsidememorial.com Share Memories of Robert & Support the Beaudoin Family

World Tang Soo Do Assoc. Certified Studio - Haney’s Academy of Karate

WTSDA Certified Studio that teaches traditional Korean Martial Arts. With over 40 years of Karate tradition, we teach ages 3 through adult. Improve yourself mentally and physically. Continuous enrollment means that beginners are always welcome!

Videos (show all)

Not bad at all, Abby! A form done completely self taught just from watching the video we posted! Does anyone else have t...
Blooper #1
A look back at one of last year’s Gup testing. Thanks for all the help from other Instructors/Masters!
Black Belts Breaking at class





71 Oxford Rd.
Oxford, CT

General information

Oxford Classes Mon-Wed-Fri 71 Great Hill Rd Oxofrd, CT 06478

Opening Hours

Monday 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Wednesday 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Friday 6:30pm - 8:30pm
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