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Orlando K-12 school - lifelong learning, 21st century skills, problem-solving, and entrepreneurship.

Many successful entrepreneurial dreams started in someone’s garage, leading to great things. Young minds in the Central Florida area deserve a place to expand upon their dreams with support for entrepreneurial development. Steve Jobs GaragesThat's why Pluris Academy was born - with the purpose of offering "garages" where our students can become effective problem solvers. We firmly believe that pro

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Pluris Academy has Officially Opened! We are officially inviting our parents to come this Friday to meet our teachers and enjoy our Garage Experience. We really look forward to seeing you all this big event!

Pluris Academy Open House 06/30/2023

Orlando, are you ready for something new?

At Pluris Academy, we are focused on making each classroom student-centered, where teachers will be the architects and create the blueprint of learning. In our diverse environment, we challenge our students to innovate instruction that is based on the Florida Standards. We honor creative thinking and promote entrepreneurship skills that will help our students succeed.

We invite you to our VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSE!
Thursday, July 13, 2023, 5:00 pm ET or
Tuesday, July 18, 2023, 10:00 am ET

Sign up today!

Pluris Academy Open House Pluris Academy is a K-12 private school in Orlando, FL that offers a comprehensive curriculum that fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, and the development of social and emotional skills.

Careers 06/30/2023

We are currently hiring for the 2023-24 school year. We are putting together an incredible team of collaborative, creative, and hard-working individuals. Pluris Academy will be a student-centered based school incorporated with technology, STEAM, and entrepreneurship.

We will be opening this new school together and will offer an opportunity to help us build from the ground up.

Visit our Careers page to apply.

Careers Pluris Academy is a K-12 private school in Orlando, FL that offers a comprehensive curriculum that fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, and the development of social and emotional skills.


Education is not the filling of a pot but the lighting of a fire.
–W.B. Yeats


There are ways to be respectful to someone yet not fully submit to the thoughts they share with you. Only if we treat people with respect and dignity will they be willing to hear our thoughts and what we say. If we don’t ingrain respect into our children first, they can enter into dogmatic arguments that benefit no one.


Children can deal with all kinds of stresses that we don’t fully understand.

As a parent, you get to provide them with a safe environment of affection, love, and understanding. Staying calm and encouraging, but not negating their emotions, will help them so much. Children often look to adults to know what to do. They are also looking to adults to know how to feel. They will mirror your attitude and emotions in regards to the outlook on the next school semester.


We often want to shelter our students and children from the challenges of this world. However, inviting them into opportunities where decisions need to be made and situations to observe allows them to take in the spectrum of many thoughts and ideas to wrestle with and form their own opinion and thoughts, guided by trusted mentors.


It's one thing to learn a language's theory and vocabulary from a textbook at home; it's quite another to live abroad and be continuously exposed to it. Even while both of these strategies can help students acquire valuable language skills, only one of them has been proven to hasten language acquisition.

Language acquisition through immersion is significantly more successful than traditional classroom instruction, reading from a book, or using an app. This requires surrounding yourself with the language in other spheres of your life, and utilizing it regularly and appropriately.


When setting goals, start with your child’s interest first when talking with them. If they are interested in choir, their goals for the semester or year could be making it into the advanced choir or succeeding at a festival/competition. If they are more interested in sports, they may want to hit a personal best record for distance or make the varsity team.


Private education provides many benefits to parents and students, including:

~Private schools have the freedom to choose their own curricula.
~Private schools typically have smaller class sizes than public institutions.
~Private schools utilize their lower student-to-teacher ratios to provide individual attention to students. They can identify areas where students are either excelling or struggling and accommodate their individual needs.
~Private schools like The Crenshaw School are able to provide programs that specifically benefit international students.


If you have a specific school in mind or have narrowed your choices down to a shortlist, you can begin reaching out to each institution for information about scholarships and financial aid. Many private elementary, middle, and high schools do offer some form of tuition assistance.


At the Crenshaw School, we are dedicated to our students having a great experience and maintaining the longevity to make it to the end of the school year. Our staff, and our school, work with parents to see to it that their children see success and become world changers and leaders.


It’s not enough in this world to just be smart, or just be athletic, or just be artsy. That’s why we hope to create a well-rounded student that has multiple facets of experience, which will give them an advantage. It will allow them to have authority in topics they talk about because they have experience as well.


Why should our child enroll at The Crenshaw School?

The Crenshaw School focuses on the individual needs of a child. Every child is different and learns by different means. Crenshaw does not force a child to fit into programs and standards – it works with each child. Our small class sizes ensure that a child will be known by name and not by seating charts.


Sometimes we stick to the study methods we know. This is fine, but sometimes spicing up your child’s study methods can make the process a little less dreary.


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin


If your child has a big test coming up, instead of cramming and staying up for hours and hours, it’s better for them to get a good study session in and then take a nap. That way, when they awaken and go into the test the next day, all of what they studied is stored neatly in their brain and ready to easily recall.


When we give our students and children the space to think, undoubtedly, they are going to make mistakes. They will have wrong answers, and they will make wrong decisions. It’s important for them to learn from their mistakes and then be able to correct themselves and move forward.


Our goal is to help those who don’t speak English, or don’t speak English fluently, learn the language as best they can! We know that the ESOL curriculum can vary at the district and state levels, but the curriculum at Crenshaw has been specifically designed to help everyone, no matter their age.


By mastering the academic basics in their early years, your children will be ready to take on every challenge as they advance through school into adulthood. We make sure learning is fun and fascinating, so your child will love learning. Students are taught the importance of self-discovery and education in a collegial environment, emphasizing academics, the arts, athletics, and community service.


Young children develop attitudes about learning based on their earliest experiences in school. With this in mind, Crenshaw offers a nurturing, safe environment and a distinct, sequenced program specifically designed to meet the needs of its Lower School students.


Knowing that in order to learn, children must be allowed to fail, it is important for us as teachers, parents, and guardians to create a safe environment for them to do so. We are not their harness to keep them from falling, but rather the safety net that catches them when they do.

As they fail, we must encourage them and give them praise to reassure them that they are in a safe environment to take chances.


One of the challenges of public education is class size. Even the best teachers only have so much time in the day to provide individual instruction and assistance. Private schools like The Crenshaw School often offer class sizes as much as 40 to 50% lower than state and national averages.


The Crenshaw School in Orlando, FL, is a great resource for starting your journey with ESOL. We offer in-person classes and work directly with our students to ensure success. We are committed to the success of our students.

We also welcome students from all walks of life, and you’re never too old or too young to learn something new. Learning a new language can be a daunting and scary process when you first begin, but our goal is to walk hand in hand with you through your entire journey here at The Crenshaw School.


ESOL stands for “English for Speakers of Other Languages,” and it has proven to be a very popular course. ESOL courses can be more than just a class for some individuals because they can improve the quality of their lives. It also helps individuals be able to communicate effectively to carry out everyday tasks.


As much as we want our students and children to be successful, one of the biggest mistakes we can make is giving them answers to questions too quickly. We must allow space and time for them to wrestle and actually think for themselves.

If we choose to constantly give them the “right answers” before they have a chance to think about it, they’ll step into a world expecting answers that many times they need to find themselves. Not to mention, if they don’t learn to think for themselves, they may be more likely to listen to illogical and uninformed “wrong answers.”


At the Crenshaw School, we are dedicated to our students having a great experience and maintaining the longevity to make it to the end of the school year. Our staff, and our school, work with parents to see to it that their children see success and become world changers and leaders.

After all, we are a community, and a community works together to see that each person becomes their best and reaches their full potential.


Having a planner is super helpful for your student to be able to refer to when planning their weeks and months. They can see what obligations they have and then sprinkle the rest of it with hobbies and things they enjoy. However, we would encourage them to prioritize hobbies as well!

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