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St. Anne's Academy for Girls


Esther Productions, Inc. is a Washington, DC-based national nonprofit organization. Founded in 2004, it is dedicated to inspiring and empowering girls and women. It is supported through generous contributions from Kerry S. Pearson LLC, Emmanuel Bailey, Veterans Services Corp, Pepco, an Exelon Corporation, Fort Myer Construction Corporation Charitable Foundation and Esther’s Friends.

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Esther Productions,Inc presents DISCOVERING ME…WITHOUT YOU Second Annual Personal Essay Contest designed for teens 14 - 17. Info:

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DC Public Charter School Board - October 7, 2020 Newsletter -
I am trying to contact the President, Principal or marketing director of your Christian School. If you could have them email me ([email protected]) I would greatly appreciate it!
Ad for the school in Fauquier Times (cute photo of the girls on the porch):

Welcome to the official page of St. Anne's Academy for Girls PK-5th serving homeschooling p Thank you for visiting St.

Anne’s Academy official page to learn more about our Catholic homeschool support program for learning experiences in a small girls. Learning takes place in small groups.

Operating as usual


Who was Mary, Mother of Jesus? Where did she grow up? Who were her parents? What games did she play?
Come and learn from the sisters of the Daughters of Holy Mary of the Heart of Jesus who will be hosting "Getting to know Mary Tea Time" on JUNE 29 from 2PM-3:30PM Water coloring, playing outside and having "tea" with the sisters.
If your daughter is AGE 6 to AGE 10 and she is interested in attending please text message to 571`338~7506.


Next Tuesday, girls ages 6 to 10 are invited to "Getting to Know Little Mary ~ Tea TIme" hosted by the Daughters of Holy Mary of the Heart of Jesus, a teaching order.
See flyer for more information.
If interested please send a text to 571.338.7506.

Join in praying the St. Anne Novena! 07/18/2019

Join in praying the St. Anne Novena!

A beautiful Novena to St. Anne.

Join in praying the St. Anne Novena! St. Anne is the Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary and a great Saint!

Timeline photos 06/07/2019

Jasmine Teal, one of our students who attended St. Anne's elementary school program and who was one of my students in sixth grade, graduated from high school today. Congratulations Jasmine! Best wishes in your Veterinarian studies!


Our Father never disappoints if we are willing to trust Him.

Photos from St. Anne's Academy for Girls's post 03/04/2019

ANNE OF GREEN GABLES playing March 8 - 17. If you need a copy of the book for your daughter to read before attending, St. Anne's has a half dozen copies! Just ask!


Music lessons before the age of seven have been shown to affect the corpus callosum, which aids in spatial thinking and abstract reasoning. Many reasons to invest in music lessons, regardless of instrument.

Mobile uploads 03/02/2019

Mobile uploads


Here is a sample of our students presenting their projects on the Classics. Each month they select a book, take notes on the chapters after they’ve read it, and create various projects to present.


This morning, St. Anne’s held its annual Winter Recital and Brunch. The students performed beautifully. We wish all of our friends and families a blessed Advent and Christmas season!


Due to inclement weather, all classes and activities for Thursday, November 15, 2018 have been canceled.


Due to the adverse weather conditions, St. Anne's Day of Thanks event has been canceled. We give God thanks for your love and support of St. Anne's and we wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

Virgin Mary appears to Harvard Professor Part 1 (Jewish Convert to Catholic) 11/08/2018

Virgin Mary appears to Harvard Professor Part 1 (Jewish Convert to Catholic)

You would be pleased if your daughter attended MIT and became a Harvard Business School professor by the age of 29?

This man reached the pinnacle of success and yet was filled with dispair. The man, Roy Schoeman, tells his story of how he became intimate with God and with Our Lord's mother, Mary.

It's enlightening as well as very funny, especially toward the end. There is a second video, but this one is a great introduction to faith.

Faith is ALL. Please enjoy!

Virgin Mary appears to Harvard Professor Part 1 (Jewish Convert to Catholic) April 11, 2015 - Roy's talk at the Eucharistic Convention at Sacred Heart College in Auckland, New Zealand. Roy Schoeman grew up studying Judaism under the m...

Photos from St. Anne's Academy for Girls's post 11/07/2018

A beautiful morning to prepare for St. Anne’s Day Of Thanks Lawn Party!


St. Anne’s is selling Attractions Coupon Books!
$20 each
They cover numerous restaurants and shops in Fauquier and Prince William Counties such as: Nando’s, Chili’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Foster’s Grill, Bonefish Grill, Broad Run Golf, and many more!
They don’t expire until December 2019!
PM me to purchase yours before we sell to the general public.


St. Anne's Academy for Girls has a new principal!

Meet Mrs. Patti Bentley.

Mrs. Bentley, who began teaching at St. Anne’s in 2013, has been appointed by the School Board to serve as the Principal of St. Anne’s Academy beginning fall 2018. As Principal she will oversee daily operations, including the supervision of teachers and staff. Mrs. Kathleen Katz will retain her position as the program’s Headmistress, overseeing major projects and heading public relations and advertising efforts.

Mrs. Bentley completed her Master of Science coursework from Troy University and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree (Summa cm Laude) from Troy State University. Mrs. Bentley has spent the last 17 years in a classroom, serving students in Catholic, public and military elementary schools.

Control (Somehow You Want Me)- Tenth Avenue North Lyrics 07/08/2018

Control (Somehow You Want Me)- Tenth Avenue North Lyrics

It's Sunday morning, and for many of us, there's so much we want to accomplish this day. But we often feel challenged to put it all aside and sit with our Creator. For some of us, it feels like there is a wall that prevents us from setting aside time to spend with Him.

This Sunday, I decided to sit down in front of a picture of Our Lord and spend time one-on-one with Him. How is it that I sense that this pleases Him? The King of Heaven wants my audience? He wants to spend time with me? This is a hard concept to grasp. Sharing this amazingly simple, but very powerful song with the lyric, "The King of Heaven wants me."

Have a Spirit-filled, joy-filled Sunday!

Control (Somehow You Want Me)- Tenth Avenue North Lyrics Control (Somehow You Want Me)- Tenth Avenue North Lyrics Control tenth avenue north lyrics: Here I am All my intentions All my obsessions I want to lay them ...


This photo was taken (by me, Mrs. Katz) in 2016, a week before closing on the new location for St. Anne's Academy for Girls, a Classical Catholic Independent Education Program. I learned that a dove with an olive branch in its mouth meant "new beginnings."

Click here to support Help To Rebuild the Playground Fund organized by Kit Katz 03/13/2018

Click here to support Help To Rebuild the Playground Fund organized by Kit Katz

Click here to support Help To Rebuild the Playground Fund organized by Kit Katz WINTER STORM RILEY DESTROYS SAINT ANNE'S BELOVED SWINGSET, DAMAGES ROOF Unfortunately, Winter Storm Riley ushered in March like a Lion. It also caused a problem for Saint Anne's Academy for Girls. The school suffered extensive property damage. We lost...


Preparation for Planning Science Projects.
Mr. Dugan, a retired chemistry and physics teacher, talked with the girls about science projects and the Scientific Method. Through a paper clip trick he taught the girls the power of observation.


St. Anne's Monthly Gardener JANUARY & FEBRUARY issues
are in the kitchen. Please help yourself to a copy!


This Week in Tuesday's Needlecraft Lass"
Embroidery~Today, Mrs. C taught the girls the running stitch, the back stitch and the split stitch. Next week the girls will learn to embroider their names!


St. Anne's Morning Routine ~ Getting out homework, reviewing Spelling words and above all, morning prayer.




Stay warm girls! See all of you next week!

Scientists find link between brain connections and intelligence using 'mapping' technique 01/05/2018

Scientists find link between brain connections and intelligence using 'mapping' technique

There's a correlation between brain connections and intelligence." Early and varied life experiences, early language development activities (using expanded vocabularies), early literacy opportunities will result in the connection of billions of brain cells received at birth. Cells not used are lost by age 10. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILD TO SIT IN FRONT OF A TV OR COMPUTER GAMING SCREEN. Give your child a lot of interaction in the home and community environment (nature walks, playgrounds, zoos, grocery stores, library children's section) and read to your child every day, and carry on discussions with them using "rare words" (Catherine Snow, Harvard University).

Scientists find link between brain connections and intelligence using 'mapping' technique A new technique has shown links between connections within the brain and intelligence in humans. Understanding the so-called “connectome” – the network of connected nerve cells that make up the brain – is a key area of research for scientists. While there have been significant advances in br...


Thank you for sharing Katie!

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