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In honor of the new edition of their bestseller Help Them Grow Or Watch Them Go available next Tuesday, enjoy these AthenaOnline career developments lessons with authors Beverly Kaye and Julie Winkle Giulioni.
Do you sometimes find yourself making the wrong assumptions about the silence of your global team members? Have you ever wondered what the potential reasons for people to remain silent could be?

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Follow this link to see my next lesson on AthenaOnline >> It's only live until November 26 so click through today!
Most of us are pretty familiar with the idea of giving feedback. The problem is that feedback often focuses on the past. In this AthenaOnline video, I explain one of the core concepts of my executive coaching practice, the idea of giving feed-forward. Follow this link to learn more >>

AthenaOnline does top-notch, innovative work in the microlearning video space. If you're not familiar with our friend, Jon Peters and his team, here's a sample of their handiwork - Julie's short video lesson on listening. (Note: the link expires on 4-9.)
Thank YOU Jon for a fantastic, inspiring day! am heading home in awe of your work and sooooo excited to work with you again!! #
I love the SmartByte of the week that AthenaOnline puts out.
Your videos are really awesome, short, and to the point.
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AthenaOnline A pioneer in eLearning, AthenaOnline created the first #microlearning platform over 20 years ago.

Athena's SmartBytes™ provides a quick overview of subjects through online video, animation, and supporting material, helping employees and their organizations achieve greater #performance and #engagement. Management lessons are presented by thought-leaders such as Drs. Homa Bahrami, Marshall Goldsmith, David Ulrich, Beverly Kaye, Guy Kawasaki, and many others. Topics range from coaching and feedback skills to merger and acquisition issues.

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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Learning and Development 07/16/2023

If you're in or and are trying to understand how might impact you, then we highly recommend attending this complimentary 60-minute program with author and business futurist Graeme Codrington - speaker. Click below to learn more and register.

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Learning and Development This special one-hour program for HR leaders looks at how Artificial Intelligence (AI) might impact the field of learning and development.


We're very excited to be incorporating AI into our AthenaOnline platform in several ways. I want to thank Julie Winkle Giulioni, Author and Graeme Codrington - speaker who opened us up to some of the possibilities of how we might incorporate it in a way that supports our customer partners and their employee development.

Limited Promotions: 3 Strategies for Managers 06/22/2023

Some managers struggle to keep employees motivated when promotions are not an option. We always love getting the chance to work with Julie Winkle Giulioni, Author to tackle issues like this. We're happy to share one of Julie's microlearning lessons where she provides three strategies for managers trying to keep employees engaged.

Limited Promotions: 3 Strategies for Managers Discover 3 effective ways for managers to navigate the complex landscape of limited promotional opportunities and career development. Empower your team

9 Whats To Empower Employee Decision Making 06/21/2023

We're thrilled to have gotten the opportunity to work with the amazing David Dye and Karin Hurt, authors of the best-selling book Courageous Cultures and founders of Let's Grow Leaders. Their insights on creating a culture of psychological safety that fosters collaboration and innovation could fill a book. Oh wait, it did! 😉

Here is a terrific video we wanted to share of David explaining how to empower employee decision making using the '9 Whats' method.

9 Whats To Empower Employee Decision Making Best-selling author David Dye suggests using a coaching method called the "9 Whats" to empower employees and develop their critical thinking skills. By asking a series of questions beginning with "what," such as goals, attempts, and consequences, individuals are encouraged to find solutions independ...

3 Ways to be More Inclusive for Better Collaboration 06/19/2023

workplaces are more collaborative and innovative. Here is a great lesson from Maya Hu-Chan that provides 3 ways to get more to create an environment of .

3 Ways to be More Inclusive for Better Collaboration If you want to get greater performance, innovation and collaboration that you need to work to create a more inclusive environment that encourages sharing of ideas. Author Maya Hu-Chan offers three ways over overcome barriers that inhibit collaboration.


Sometimes there are too many good employees, and not enough upward mobility. In this short video best-selling author Dr. Beverly Kaye explains why careers should be viewed more like a climbing wall than a ladder.


6 Steps to Keep Long Projects on Course 06/05/2023

One of the most important skills to enhance your coaching abilities is Marshall Goldsmith's transformative concept known as "feed forward."

6 Steps to Keep Long Projects on Course If you have ever had a project go off-track time-management expert Helene Segura can help. Follow these six steps to better manage those long-term projects to keep you, and your team, headed in the right direction.

3 Steps to Prepare for a Difficult Conversation 06/01/2023

Preparing to have a difficult conversation? As a former talk show host, Miss America, and communication specialist Dr. Debbye Turner Bell will give you practical advice to help you handle your next challenging discussion.

3 Steps to Prepare for a Difficult Conversation The most important part of a consequential conversation is the preparation phase. Communications expert Debbye Turner Bell provides three tips and six questions to ask yourself before you engage in a difficult conversation that will help you achieve a more positive outcome.

Upskilling employees for performance and engagement 05/30/2023

Today is the final opportunity to join best-selling author Julie Winkle Giulioni, and AthenaOnline Microlearning for a complementary program on Upskilling Employees: Future Proofing the Organization. You will learn simple, practical, budget-friendly ways to offer the make-it or break-it development required for success. Be sure to register today! 😊

Upskilling employees for performance and engagement Best-selling author Julie Winkle Giulioni presents findings from her latest book that will help you upskill, engage, and retain your key talent. By attending this program you will also receive free lessons from Julie and and and excerpt from her book Promotions are SO Yesterday.


In a recent poll employees said that the number one thing that bugged them about their manager was dealing with unclear expectations. This short lesson from author and accountability expert Linda Galindo will help. It includes a worksheet to help clarify expectations.

3 Ways to Handle Difficult People at Work 05/15/2023

Look, you've probably dealt with a difficult person in the workplace or on a team. And sometimes you probably are that difficult person, right? In this short lesson leadership author and authenticity expert Mike Robbins gives some tips for dealing with these people and actually learning from them in the process. Have a look.

3 Ways to Handle Difficult People at Work You


If you have ever had a project go off-track time-management expert Helene Segura can help. Follow these six steps to better manage those long-term projects to keep you, and your team, headed in the right direction.


Leadership expert and author Todd Dewett, PhD explains why good listening skills are crucial to be an effective communicator. He provides seven key behaviors to be a good listener and three things you should avoid.

Microlearning Platform | Bite-Sized Video Lessons | AthenaOnline 05/09/2023

A lot of people are fearful of losing their jobs due to the recent advances in artificial intelligence. Not to worry, assures author and business futurist Graeme Codrington. In this short lesson from AthenaOnline Microlearning he provides 3 ways to keep your job safe from AI.

Microlearning Platform | Bite-Sized Video Lessons | AthenaOnline Athena online e-learning provides a custom microlearning platform and SCORM compatible bite-size lessons for your LMS or LXP.


In this bite-sized lesson Dr. Jeanne Porter King provides a helpful guide for anyone looking to overcome challenges and turn them into opportunities for growth and success.


65% of American workers consider employer-provided upskilling to be 'important' when evaluating new opportunities. This is why upskilling is a strategic imperative for forward-thinking companies. But how can you do it intelligently and cost-effectively? That's what best-selling author Julie Winkle Giulioni will be exploring during a complimentary program on May 31 at noon ET. Learn how to future-proof your organization while cultivating a learning culture... all without breaking the bank! Register now using the link below:


You may already know what it takes to have presence in a meeting, but what happens if you are not in the room? Body language expert and best-selling author Dr. Carol Kinsey Goman provides 8 ways to project presence over email or phone.


It takes just 3 minutes ⏱️ to improve your managerial skills with best-selling author and employee retention expert Dr. Beverly Kaye. 🌟


QuickCoach - The 6 Question Coaching Process with Marshall Goldsmith

Executive coaching expert Marshall Goldsmith gives six steps that never fail to help get structure, direction and clarity in your coaching.


Are you an ? Perhaps you work with introverts? In either case Jennifer Kahnweiler Ph.D. CSP has a framework that will help with organizational success.


We're excited to offer this complimentary program for employee development professionals, with best-selling author Mike Robbins. If you are in training and development please join us on March 2nd to learn how to build a culture of trust and collaboration.


A reminder to all of our colleagues that AthenaOnline is hosting a complimentary program for learning and development professionals with best-selling author Julie Winkle Giulioni on June 20th. Learn more by clicking on the link:


We had a wonderful day last Friday filming new lessons for AthenaOnline with Dr. Beverly Kaye. She addressed The Great Resignation that is taking place in organizations today.

Drawing on information from her best-selling books and research on talent development and retention Dr. Kaye created new bite-sized lessons that Athena will be providing to organizations free of charge. Contact us for more information.


With distractions all around us it's hard to keep long-term projects on track. In this week's AthenaOnline productivity expert Helene Segura, gives 6 steps:


David Burkus is an amazing educator and author. We're happy to feature one of his videos this week on managing remote team performance:


As people start returning to the office it is important to know how to create effective hybrid teams:

This from Athena features futurist and best-selling author Graeme Codrington, who teaches you the five essential elements that will make sure that your hybrid teams are engaged and productive. Feel free to share the lesson, but please note that it expires on 6/16.


Employees are under a great deal of stress. In this week's bite-sized lesson from AthenaOnline best-selling author Julie Winkle Giulioni provides 5 steps to lead them through it:

This lesson will be available until May 18th.


In this week's bite-sized lesson Todd Dewett shares seven tips that will help you become a better manager by improving your listening skills:

Feel free to share, but this link will expire on May 12th.


is critical for collaboration and innovation. In this bite-sized lesson with global thought-leader and author Maya Hu-Chan, she provides 3 ways to create a more inclusive culture:

This link will be active until May 4th.


Hard staying focused when working at home? In this week's bite-sized lesson author and learning technology expert Bobbe Baggio, Ph.D. gives tips for being authentically productive:

This link will expire on 4/28/21


Best-selling author and World's #1 Executive Coach Marshall Goldsmith shares his proven six-step coaching process in this week's bite-sized lesson:

This link will expire on April 5th, so please share it soon.


From her book 'Way to Grow' accountability expert and keynote speaker Linda Galindo explains how to get increased performance by recognizing the differences in employees:

Feel free to share this from AthenaOnline with your managers. Please note that it will only be available until 3/29.

Keynote Speaker Linda Galindo, The Voice of Accountability


3 Factors for Successfully Leading People Through Change | AthenaOnline

In this bite-sized lesson from AthenaOnline, best-selling author Mike Robbins teaches three factors for successfully leading people through change:

Feel free to share the lesson with your teams, but please note that the link will expire on March 23rd.


With so many working remotely it is critical for leaders to know the key elements required for high-performance virtual teams:

This bite-sized lesson from AthenaOnline will be available until March 17th. Feel free to share it with your virtual leaders until then.


With so many of us working remotely these days we wanted to share this lesson on virtual delegation with author and thought-leader Maya Hu-Chan:

In this bite-sized lesson from Athena, Maya provides eight steps that will help you effectively delegate, even when you cannot meet face-to-face.

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