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Private Christ-centered international school, *PK3* through High School. Spanish, Robotics, Drones.

ANCS's mission is to nurture the hearts and minds of all students and to pursue academic excellence, with a mindset of continuous growth and learning. We have small class sizes and credentialed teachers providing highly individualized learning.

Operating as usual

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It’s official - our first team of this VEX season to make it to the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP is our High School team Order 66!!!

Congratulations to Sarah, Scott, Caden and Jay for their stellar performance today! We can’t wait to watch you at the VEX VRC World Championship in May!

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Thanks for posting our Open House info,!

Register for tomorrow’s Open House at

All grade levels PK age 3 through High School!

Photos from All Nations Community School's post 02/23/2024

Friendships, fun, line dancing and Texas pride this morning at Community Time. And Mrs. Hewitt taught us some fascinating facts about the and the Trail Riders! 🤠

Photos from All Nations Community School's post 02/23/2024

Nothing like games and cultural experiences in Spanish class to put some friendly and fun pressure on for using the language!

G4-5 played with grammar on teams today where the wheels generated the combination of subject, verb, and student on the hot seat to answer correctly. 😅👏🏼

Heritage/intermediate students read outside and played Mafia, which requires a lot of hilarious and *spontaneous* narration, debate and negotiation.

Meanwhile, high school beginners made gazpacho from scratch…in Spanish, of course!

Never a boring moment around ANCS for sure! 🤩


Summer camps galore coming up this June at ANCS!

Whether your child wants to unleash their inner superhero, get a head start on the VEX competitive season, design Barbie and Ken wearable art, cook amazing food with a real chef, or "travel" around the world, we have a camp for you!! Several camps are Spanish immersion, which is great for families wishing to extend their child's exposure a little longer over the summer.

Grab your spot before they fill up!

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Open House this Saturday at 10am for all grade levels PK*age 3* through High School!

Register at the link (

Share this post with friends who are looking for an outstanding private school with affordable tuition, Spanish, STEM, service learning, and especially, where their child is loved, unique and valued for who God made them to be.

Photos from All Nations Community School's post 02/22/2024

Outdoor partner reading in G4-5 Spanish for the win! It’s too beautiful a day to be cooped up. 🤩☀️ This activity is always a favorite part of the week! We are also enjoying an additional new student who has joined us, and our beginners are coming along quite nicely making strides with their reading fluency. Lovely to hear their progress! 👏🏼

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Sometimes math class looks like logic games! G4-5 math did a racing game that involved logical analysis and mathematic operational skills. So much fun, and there was candy at stake, after all, once they solved it! 🤩

Photos from All Nations Community School's post 02/21/2024

So proud of our sixth graders who participated in the SEFH science and engineering fair in Houston over the weekend. This was their initial setup on Friday. Kudos for working hard over their break! Thank you to Mrs. Welty for mentoring them through the whole process. Go Falcons!

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Happy Valentine’s Day to our teachers! We love our teachers here at ANCS! 🤩❤️

Private Schools in The Woodlands, TX 02/14/2024

Maybe you didn't know yet, but we are on Niche's Best Private Schools in The Woodlands again for 2024! 👀 Page 1 of the list 🤩🥳

Only the top 3% of schools on Niche have an A+ rating, which ANCS is proud to have maintained. Thank you to the parents and others who support us, and to the TEACHERS who work so hard every day to provide the quality that leads to that A+ rating!

Psst - we have an Open House coming up Feb. 24 for PK3-8th AND High School. Share with friends!

Private Schools in The Woodlands, TX Ranking of private schools based on statistics, test scores, and reviews.


Curious to learn more about what makes All Nations Community School unique and wonderful? Hear from our students and parents in their own words!

We have Open House sessions for all grade levels on Feb. 24, or you can schedule a private tour. Register for either at:

From Pre-K (age 3 added for fall 2024!) through High School, each student receives individual attention and learning. Opportunities include integrated service learning, AP and Dual Credit, award-winning Robotics and Drones, and so much more.

At All Nations, we are a Christ-centered, globally minded international school. We love our neighbor, learn with joy, and serve with humility! Come visit and see for yourself.


What makes All Nations unique, in a sea of private schools in The Woodlands / North Houston area? See these quick shots for a hint!

Enrolling now for Fall 2024, age 3 through High School, as space permits. Sign up for an Open House or private tour at the link in our bio! We look forward to meeting you.

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Our Falcons elementary school Robotics teams and so many volunteers from our parents, teachers and friends of ANCS hosted our second VEX IQ tournament on Saturday. We have some exciting news about our teams 🤩 but first, we want to say thank you to those volunteers!! Thank you also to .woodlands for providing tournament space.

We had coaches, judges, helpers, and organizers who ran the check-in table, skills area, timers for rounds, and so much more. Even some of our experienced students served as judges or other helpers.

We don’t have pictures of everyone at the moment but here are a few!

Feel free to add pictures and tag us with

Thank you to ALL our volunteers. We could not run a robotics program this large without your support, and we appreciate you so much.


It’s CHILLY 🥶🥶 this morning, but Student Council is out there selling Candygrams for Valentine’s Day and working our food drive to support local families in need! 🤩❤️

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The moment we’ve been waiting for all week has arrived: GLOBAL PLAY DAY! 🤩🥳 Everything from hoverboards to board games to role playing games to fort building and so much more! 😍👏🏼

Unstructured play is essential to children’s social and emotional development. Global Play Day celebrates and highlights this need.

At ANCS, our students get plenty of outdoor time as well as two recesses to have that unstructured time daily to build social skills, communication and self regulation.

Global Play Day exists partially because in today’s world, many schools sadly do not allow children enough of this crucial time.

Participation in Global Play Day has become a beloved tradition at ANCS! It might sound scary to let children direct their own play the entire day, but they work out so many skills on their own when given the chance: when to rest, when to engage, when to share, and more. Believe it or not, even teachers love Global Play Day!

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It was so lovely to see our spring CTC gardening club getting underway outside on Friday! The weather is finally cooperating to be able to start prepping our community gardens. Mrs. Nespory and her troops have gotten off to a great start cleaning the spaces and prepping the soil.

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Experiencing culture through food doesn’t always mean simply trying food from another place.

It can also be a way to travel to other eras through their cuisines. Middle schoolers made Anglo-Saxon griddle cakes today with Mrs. Welty for World History!

Whole grain milled barley flour and chopped dried fruits were the main ingredients in these earthy, unusual “pancakes” that didn’t actually hold together all that well. Maybe there were some *unwritten* techniques or ingredients not included! 😅

It’s worth nothing that all the middle schoolers tasted them despite their admittedly somewhat unappetizing appearance, and they even convinced a couple of high schoolers to join! A few students even enjoyed the earthy, tangy taste.

What a great way to “taste” history! 😍

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The middle and high school students who are in the early to high novice range for Spanish got to interview their more advanced friends yesterday.

What a great challenge for the emerging bilinguals, as well as the advanced speakers, who have to figure out how to adjust their language level to communicate, also incredibly important for social skills such as building empathy.

We love these kinds of interactions, enabled by our small class sizes and collaboration between teachers.


Important announcements! Due to predicted weather we will begin school at 9:00 am tomorrow (Jan. 25) with carline opening at 8:45.

Our PK-8 Open House scheduled for 9:00am will therefore be cancelled. Please register for our next PK-8 Open House on Feb. 3 or schedule a private tour.

**HIGH SCHOOL OPEN HOUSE AT 4:30 pm is STILL OPEN! We look forward to seeing you there.

Photos from All Nations Community School's post 01/23/2024

We celebrated "Medal Monday" yesterday morning at Community Time! Our student and teacher runners who completed last weekend's races in Houston wore their t-shirts and finisher medals to be recognized.

ANCS had the privilege to be chosen to participate in the We Are Houston program, sponsored by the Foundation. We are thrilled our students had this opportunity to represent our school, hear from elite athletes, receive shoes, and more.

Congrats to students Malia, Cole, Cora, Sebastián, Julieta, Isaac, Scott, Sarah, Ayda, Antonio, Manuel and Emerson for completing the We Run HOU 5K! Special congratulations to Emerson who finished first of the ANCS runners at just over 25 minutes. Congrats also to Dr. Puig and Mr. Michalik for completing the Chevron Houston Marathon and shaving off a whopping 30 and 28 minutes off their previous times, respectively.

Thank you to Stephen Michalik for applying for ANCS to the We Are Houston Program, and to XC Coach Sharon Morin .morin.7 and G4-8 PE teacher Nicole Puig for helping our students train for this distance. Thank you, also, to all the parents and family members who supported their students throughout this process. They could not have done it without you!

Several of our students are already excited for their *next* 5K -- no doubt, in part, thanks to the enthusiasm of the adults and teachers around them who model active lifestyles, including the possibility of running being fun and rewarding.


Community Time on Monday and Friday mornings is a time to share good news, failures, challenges, birthday celebrations, and so much more.

Young leaders like kindergartener Talin also have the opportunity to lead prayer and grow their faith alongside older students who act as role models.

Photos from Montgomery County Hispanic Chamber's post 01/12/2024

Our director Ms. Christina Callaway met up with the Montgomery County Hispanic Chamber breakfast this morning at Galindo's Coffee Co. We look forward to getting to know the Hispanic business leaders in the area!

Photos from All Nations Community School's post 01/12/2024

Calling all ANCS runners extraordinaire!

This morning in Community Time, we celebrated and prayed for all the students who are running in tomorrow’s We Run Houston event for a select number of schools in the 5K, as well as for Mr. Michalik and Dr. Puig who are running in the Chevron Marathon! What an exciting weekend in store! Come cheer on students Scott, Sarah, Emerson, Isaac, Manuel, Ayda, Cora, Malia, Cole and Antonio in the 5K tomorrow!

This afternoon, the first members of the “Marathon Club” Emerson and Manuel, who each logged more than 26.2 miles in the 2nd quarter, also went off campus on a special mini field trip lunch treat with Dr. Puig to celebrate their accomplishment! We are so proud of our athletes and their achievements!

We look forward to seeing all our runners cross the finish line this weekend!

Photos from All Nations Community School's post 01/11/2024

Racing to be the first pair to complete a math escape room in Mrs. Welty’s class had students sweating it out!😅

Photos from All Nations Community School's post 01/11/2024

Partner reading in Spanish class today! 🤩 Grades 4-5 have worked hard on their reading fluency this year.


Wonderful to be back in Community Time this week together! Praise God for the rain AND a break in the rain to get around campus easily! 😊

Photos from All Nations Community School's post 01/04/2024

Happy New Year, everyone! What a lovely couple of days of sunshine we have had welcoming us back for 2024! ☀️


This week our students are deep into preparing for their Student-Led Portfolios, which will happen this Thursday and Friday. Students present their semester of learning to their parents in a formal presentation…starting with our tiniest friends in Pre-K! The younger students get some leading questions from their teacher to help them verbalize what they learned, obstacles they overcame, and so on. By the time a student has presented a few times, they know the drill and become amazingly comfortable with public speaking. Watching the Middle and High School students confidently present their work is a real joy. Included in their portfolio are pictures to show their struggles, growth, and accomplishments. Here are some books middle school student Julian is showing he read in Spanish!

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About ANCS

All Nations Community School is an independent, not-for-profit school serving students in PreK4-8th grade. Our standards-based academic program engages students in meaningful activities, encourages them to ask questions, and collaborate with their peers. As a globally-minded school, our desire is to promote understanding and awareness of other peoples and cultures through language development and exploring developmentally appropriate global ideas and issues.

We are a Christ-centered school that welcomes students and families from all religious backgrounds.

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