North Charleston High School (NCHS)

North Charleston High School (NCHS)


Cougar Scholars! Please check out NCHS alum ReZsaun Lewis and learn more about this wonderful program!
Zoom Link: Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 868 1924 4219
Mobile Dial-In Only
Phone Number: 1-646-558-8656
Meeting ID: 86819244219#
The faculty and staff miss our Cougars
Just want to take this opportunity to say Thanks to Coach Tony Eady, for agreeing to engage our young men and boys at the 2020 Boyz to Men Conference on Saturday August 29th at Burke High School.
Every since I met Coach Eady he has been motivating and uplifting our young men so I was extremely excited and honored when he accepted my invitation to come out and encourage our young boys at the 2020 Boyz to Men Conference.
So often both Men and Boys have been left out of the conversation when it comes to ending violence against women. This conference serves to change that narrative and to Enlighten, Encourage and Empower young men and boys.
We will have speakers and breakout sessions, some of the topics covered will be healthy relationships, bullying, gun violence, understanding male masculinity and the root cause of physical / sexual violence.
Our mission is to give our youth solutions and alternatives to violence and teach them consent and respect for women in general.
I'll be opening registration for the conference soon so if you have a son in middle school or high school and you want him to be a part of this conference please inbox me..
To our Cougar Scholars, class of 2020 - we love you and your accomplishments!
Mrs. McIntosh, class of 1996 - Dutch Fork High
NCHS alum ReZsaun Lewis sharing his time and support for all scholars!
Check it out and please register - it’s free and a great experience to add to your high school resume 🙂
Please share and join us for helpful info and updates from various industries impacted by COVID-19.

We're a school of many. Our Motto " Education is a Possession in Which Man Cannot Be Robbed." Home o This is our song to thee.

North Charleston High School
Home to the Cougars
Our Principal is Henry Darby
Our Alma Mater:

Hail to North Charleston High! Long may our banners be
Crowned with victory. We pledge our loyalty,
And our sincerity. We will be true to thee,
North Charleston High!

Operating as usual


Happy Kwanzaa and late Hanukkah Cougar families🕎🕯


From the NCHS Cougar family to yours, Merry Christmas! We hope you all had a beautiful holiday and we wish you an early, prosperous, and safe, New Year. 🌲☃️💙💛🎉


Important information sent by Berkeley High School Athletics for Wednesday night's varsity games:

Please find information below regarding online ticket sales for our upcoming contests here at Berkeley High School. Tickets are on sale now. Cash will not be accepted for admission. It is recommended that spectators take a screenshot or print a copy of their ticket as internet capability may be difficult depending on the service provider. We will have an athletic trainer on site. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Use this link: 

Processing fees will apply. Berkeley County School District Employee/Senior Citizen and SCHSL Coaches passes will be accepted. Children 5 and under are free. 

Berkeley High School enforces the BCSD Clear Bag Policy for all spectators.

Thank you, on behalf of Berkeley High School and Berkeley County School District.


And our JV...let's GOOOOOO

Coach Stimer and the men's JV team get back in the win column


Repeat: Let’s gooooooo Cougars!!!

Coach Eady and the Cougars move to 5-2 on the season.


We wish our Cougar Family a happy, healthy, and prosperous holiday season!


Please read in full:

Tickets available now at or cash at the door until 8:00 pm.

Doors close at 8:00 pm sharp. No guests will be permitted to enter after 8:00 pm, with or without a ticket

CCSD follows a clear bag, no bag policy.

Anyone 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult or they will not be permitted to enter.

Concessions are cash only.

Spectators must be seated at all times; standing in the doorways, walkways, and stairwells is not permitted.

Photos from North Charleston High School (NCHS)'s post 12/16/2022

Shout out to our North Charleston High School Fine Arts programs for hosting our Band and Concert Chorus Holiday Spectular Event!!! Both groups did awesome! Shout out to our Chorus Teacher, Jerrell R. Gray and our Band Teacher Margaret Martin for doing such a great job with our students! This was the first band concert since 2019! We even had some NCHS staff participate with our students in the performance! Also, shoutout to our Culinary Students and Chef Lucia Smoak Boinest for helping make the meal!!! Great night to be a Cougar!!!


Let us say it again..."Let’s goooooooo Cougars!"

Cougars win match 2 of 2 on tiebreaker criteria K: takedowns


We were so lucky and excited to have two former NCHS students, now freshmen at The Citadel, come talk to our NJROTC students.


The only thing ugly about NCHS are our ugly Christmas sweaters


Today Ms. Rosendary's English 2 classes made smores in the bus lot while they learned about different holiday traditions and cultures that also align with their English 2 reading and writing lessons. What a great way to incorporate the holiday spirit with priority standards and learning


Let's goooo Cougars


Let's see some more holiday spirit tomorrow Cougar family!


Way to go Ca’Vashia Johnson! We have some very talented students and former students here at NCHS!

Did you know?! Sophomore Ca’Vashia Johnson of women’s basketball is currently ranked NUMBER FIVE in the nation (NAIA) with 65 total assists so far this season.

NCHS c/o 2020


Lady Cougars get back on track. See you at Burke tomorrow night.

Photos from North Charleston High School (NCHS)'s post 12/08/2022

NCHS staff starting our Holiday spirit week off right on Tree Topper day


The Best Cougar award is back and we have a winner. Marcus Simmons was nominated by Ms. Bryanna Smalls as the November Best Cougar of the month. Congratulations Mr. Simmons. We are proud of you!

Photos from NCHS Art's post 12/08/2022

NCHS creating leaders and beautiful art


Please read and respectfully adhere to all guidelines if you plan on attending

Round 1 of the oldest rivalries in the state will take place on Dec. 10 starting at 5pm. The Bulldogs will host the Cougars in what is expected to another set of epic games between the rivals. Tickets are currently on sale and in limited supplies. Sales will end at 7:30pm the day of the game or maybe sooner. The band will be performing, GDD will be in attendance, and the cheer squad will be in full effect along with student body. Come out and show your BULLDOG PRIDE.

Here are a few rules to remember as the will be strictly enforced. NO EXCEPTIONS

RULES OF Modie Risher Gymnasium

Clear bag or no bag only
Alcohol or drugs
Animals (except for service animals)
Fi****ms or other weapons
Outside Food or Drink (to include open water bottles)
Use of to***co products, including smokeless to***co and e-cigarettes
Re-Entry after leaving the GYM

Students younger than 15 must be accompanied by an adult (21+). Burke students must present school ID and proof of purchase of game ticket. All other students must present a valid ID and proof of purchase of game ticket. No refunds will be given.


Clarity: In accordance with district and state safety and security protocols, Friday's buyout event is not open to the public until 4:00 pm when school has dismissed for the day.


Woohoo Cougar Holiday Spirit Week is here. Let's see who has the most spirit. Parents and Stakeholders feel free to participate if you are in the building.


Here at NCHS we have a collaborative approach to everything. Pictured here you will find the 9GR 22 MTSS team working hard in their weekly huddle to determine students that need extra academic or SEL support. Each team meets at least once a week and is made up of administrators, instructional coaches, counselors, Combined Intervention, Parent Advocates, Communities in Schools, and other support staff. We all believe in doing what it takes to support the well-being of our students and families. Pictured here: Ms. Studemeyer, Mr. Spitulski, Ms. Vickers, and Mr. Bowens


Hello Cougar families
Any student has not taken their English 2 writing EOC, is scheduled to take it in the auditorium tomorrow, December 7th upon your arrival at school. Please ensure that you have rested, studied, and had a balanced breakfast. Thank you!

Photos from North Charleston High School (NCHS)'s post 12/06/2022

Here at NCHS we believe in student voice. We have begun a new program with students and Mr. Darby to gain insight into what the students need, what needs to be heard, to brainstorm, and to collaborate together. Our new "Donuts with Darby" began today with our Student Influencer leaders in their 3rd block Global Citizenship class. The students were even able to pitch their winter spirit week ideas to Mr. Darby. We are very excited for this new project and very proud of our student leaders at NCHS.


Congrats. NCHS is on fireeeeeeeee in athletics this week!

Congratulations to Coach Pool, Coach Floyd, and the Cougar varsity wrestlers on their duals victory over Military Magnet tonight


Students, Teachers, and Stakeholders: Tomorrow, December 6th we will have mandatory English 2 EOC writing make-ups. If your student is enrolled in an English 2 class and missed the writing EOC today, December 5th, they must report to the auditorium first thing upon arrival tomorrow, December 6th. Please ensure they have rested, studied, and eaten breakfast. Please ensure they are on time tomorrow. Thank you for your assistance with this.

Estudiantes, maestros, padres, y tutores: mañana, 6 de diciembre, tendremos recuperaciones del examen obligatorio estatual de escritura de inglés 2 EOC. Si su estudiante está inscrito en una clase de Inglés 2 y no presento el EOC de escritura hoy, 5 de diciembre, debe presentarse en el auditorio a primera hora de su llegada mañana, 6 de diciembre. Asegúrese de que hayan descansado, estudiado y desayunado. Por favor, asegúrese de que lleguen a tiempo mañana. Gracias por asistir con esto.


We are so proud of our NCHS JROTC cadets. They are marching in the North Charleston holiday parade today


Buenos días familias de Cougar.El lunes 5 de diciembre de 2022, cualquier estudiante inscrito en una clase de Inglés 2 tomará el examen EOC estatal solo para la escritura de Inglés 2. Este es un examen obligatorio para todos los estudiantes inscritos en la clase de Inglés 2 y también cuenta como una calificación importante en su clase. Es MUY importante que se asegure de que su estudiante llegue a la escuela a tiempo, preparado, bien descansado, habiendo desayunado y listo. Su estudiante se reportará a sus clases regulares programadas y seguirá un horario regular de campanas. Tomarán el examen estatal durante la hora de la clase. Si tienen Inglés 2 durante el bloque 4, se presentarán en el primer almuerzo y luego tomarán su examen de escritura de Inglés 2 durante el bloque 3 con su maestro de Inglés 2 en el salón de clases. Asegurense a sus estudiantes que estudien todo el fin de semana como sus maestros los han preparado para hacerlo. Si tiene alguna pregunta, no dude en llamar a la oficina principal y preguntar. Nuevamente, este es un examen muy importante y queremos que a nuestros estudiantes les vaya bien. Estamos muy orgullosos de su arduo trabajo. Además, asegúrense a su estudiante de participar en el concurso de preguntas del día de EOC hasta el 10 de enero de 2022 para tener la oportunidad de recibir algunos Air Pods de Apple. Llamaremos más cerca de las fechas del EOC de enero para informarle sobre la logística de los exámenes estatales para el 9 y 10 de enero. Gracias y pasen un buen fin de semana.

Send a message to learn more.


Hello Cougar families:

Monday, December 5th, 2022, any student enrolled in an English 2 class will be taking the state EOC exam for the English 2 writing only. This is a required test for every student enrolled in English 2 and it also counts as a major grade in their class. It is VERY important that you ensure your student arrives at school on time, prepared, well-rested, having eaten breakfast, and ready to go. Your student will report to their regular scheduled classes and follow a regular bell schedule. They will take the state exam during their class time. If they have English 2 during 4th block, they will report to 1st lunch and then take their English 2 writing exam during 3rd block with their English 2 teacher in the classroom. Please encourage your students to study all weekend like their teachers have prepared them to do so. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the front office and ask. Again, this is a very important test and we want our students to do well. We are very proud of their hard work. Also, please encourage your student to enter the EOC question of the day contest until January 10th, 2022 for a chance to enter a set of Apple air pods. We will call closer to the January EOC dates to inform you of the testing logistics for January 9th and 10th. Thank you and have a great weekend.

Photos from North Charleston High School (NCHS)'s post 12/03/2022

Our NCHS basketball teams are on fire this season! Congratulations to our Varsity, JV, and Lady Cougars on their win tonight!


We are very thankful for Clint Echols, our FCA representative for his hard work in starting to establish this organization at NCHS. Coach Keefe is pictured here introducing new students to what FCA is about. If they wish to join they may see Coach Keefe.

Photos from North Charleston High School (NCHS)'s post 12/02/2022

At NCHS we love our community partnerships. We are so lucky to have a partnership with Trident Technical College. The Trio Talent Search team and TTC Educational Program Coordinators came to NCHS and joined all lunches in search of talent among our amazing students. Scan the QR code to apply.

Photos from North Charleston High School (NCHS)'s post 12/01/2022

Today Ms. Camarillo, one of our instructional coaches, Ms. Studemeyer, one of our assistant principals, and Ms. Murray, our teacher librarian, assisted in Ms. Rosendary's English 2 classes with writing preparation for their EOC on December 5th. Ms. Rosendary does a great job setting her students up for success

Photos from North Charleston High School (NCHS)'s post 12/01/2022

Wednesday, College of Charleston's Upward Bound Representatives were at North Charleston to show their support and recruit students for their awesome and supportive program. Parents, Guardians, and Students, please check out this program and the wonderful services they provide for our students.

Photos from North Charleston High School (NCHS)'s post 12/01/2022

Photos from North Charleston High School (NCHS)'s post 11/30/2022

At NCHS we believe in student voice. We believe our students should have a say in their education, be able to express what works, what needs tweaking, and be able to collaborate on ideas to best fit their needs. Once a month Mr. Darby will meet with a different group of students during "Donuts with Darby," to engage in a student voice session. Today was the first of these sessions with our brand new Global Citizenship class (our student leaders). The students were also able to present their idea for a winter spirit week coming up at the end of the semester. We are so proud of these student leaders and so grateful we have a team that stresses the importance of student voice

Our Story

North Charleston High School
Home to the Cougars
Our Prinicpal is Henry Darby
Our Alma Mater:

Hail to North Charleston High!
This is our song to thee.
Long may our banners be
Crowned with victory.
We pledge our loyalty,
And our sincerity.
We will be true to thee,
North Charleston High!

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8/12/2022 “Embracing Fatherhood in Education” Press Conference#EmbracingFatherhoodInEducation
Free Food Distribution
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NCHS Homecoming
Crazy Sock Day!
North Charleston HS In-Person Graduation Stream
Welcome back Cougars!  This is how we greeted our students at North Charleston High School.




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