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Outdoor family music classes coming to a park near you in Riverdale! Heart & Beat Music’s spring session of Music Together classes (age 0-5) starts March 15th!
We have classes in Van Cortlandt park, Seton Park and Henry Hudson Park.
Full spring schedule:

Hey everyone! Here's a little video preview of the NEW program offered on Wednesdays at 1:30 for Big Kids - Rhythm Kids! It's a class for kids in Pre-K or Kindergarten and brings in rhythms and songs from around the world for us to sing, dance and drum to! You can try it out for FREE this Wednesday Sept. 9!

We offer Music Together®—a world-wide and highly-acclaimed Early Childhood Music Enrichment Progr It's a balance that makes us both serious and fun.

Music Together is an internationally recognized music program for children from birth through age 7—and the grownups who love them. Parents, primary caregivers, early childhood professionals—everyone is involved in the educational process. Music Together® program is a secular educational opportunity for everyone in the community where families with young children from any culture come together and

Operating as usual


A little how-to on how to stream and/or download the Bongos collection this fall!

Opinion | We’re Teaching Music to Kids All Wrong 09/25/2023

What a great article! Really gets at the heart of things!

“We also teach language through immersion, so let’s focus on creating an immersive experience in the language of music. Kids learn best when they’re part of communities filled with people of all skill levels for them to play along with, listen to music with, mess up with and just be silly with. Parents, this means you.”

Opinion | We’re Teaching Music to Kids All Wrong The problem isn’t getting instruments into students’ hands. It’s keeping them there.


Happy Autumn! Fall is now here officially, and we are settling in to our wonderful classes; looking forward to a fall filled with family, friends, music, and laughter. 🍂🍁

Experts Agree! Really, Babies Don't Need To Read - Janet Lansbury 09/21/2023

"I believe that formally teaching reading to preschoolers is a serious intrusion on natural mental growth. Only a few, who spontaneously, motivated by their own curiosity, teach themselves to read because they want to find out the meaning, are true early readers. Pushing others to call out words is a grossly oversimplified version of a complex intellectual feat. If we get children to “read” words before they have ideas, thought, and language to make reading interesting, we hand them a key to the door of an unfinished garden.”
- Dr. Jane Healy, Your Child's Growing Mind

Experts Agree! Really, Babies Don't Need To Read - Janet Lansbury I received this caring mom’s comment in response to How To Help Your Baby Become A Math Genius (Or Not): I am a mother of a 17 month old girl and I had her do the Baby Can Read program. I did this because I struggled with reading and vocabulary in school. My daughter has … Continued

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Small class specials!
We have a few classes that are on the smaller side. We are offering a $25 discount if you sign up for one of these classes between now and Sunday. Discounts automatically apply.


Trust in play.


Do you have a 4 to 8 year old? Do they like to MOVE?! We have the perfect music class for them— Rhythm Kids! 💥

Rhythm Kids is a music, movement, and drumming class that teaches the way kids this age want to learn…using their own ideas, games, and lots of silly, musical fun!

This fall we have 1 class time at our space in Inwood:

• Tuesdays, 4:30-5:15 (great for an after-school activity!)

Encourage your child’s innate musicality, by enrolling them in this exciting and energetic music class! We’d love to make music with your child this fall in Rhythm Kids!


Join us this fall!

We are offering classes in four different neighborhoods: Riverdale, North Riverdale, Inwood and Woodlawn!

We are offering lots of classes that are surely to work for you and your family:
*Music Together mixed-age family classes (for kids 0-5 and their grown-ups)
*Musical Parenting Class for Newborns (for BABIES-ONLY 0-9 months)
*Canta y Baila Conmigo (Spanish music via immersion for kids 0-5 and their fave grown-up)
*Rhythm Kids (for ages 4-8...watch your big kid thrive musically!)

Some of our classes are already SOLD OUT so don't wait!

Register at our link in bio.


Registration is OPEN for our 12-week fall session! We begin on September 10th and end on December 17th.

We are offering classes in Inwood, Riverdale, North Riverdale and Woodlawn/Yonkers.

Classes offered this fall:
--mixed-age Music Together (ages 0-5)
--Musical Parenting for Newborns (ages 0-9 months)
--Rhythm Kids (ages 4y - 8 y)
--Canta y Baila Conmigo (ages 0-5)

You can register here:

Join us!!


Registration for our 12-week fall session will be open in the next couple of days! You can preview our fall schedule here:

We are offering the tried-and-true Music Together program, the Babies-Only class, Rhythm Kids (for kids 4-8) AND Canta y Baila Conmigo is back! We can't wait!!


Registration for fall classes should be open very soon! We are dotting our i’s and crossing our t’s but we think this fall schedule is going to be awesome!! Stay tuned!


Happy Fourth!!

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The summer Kazoo session is almost here! I’m excited to sing some of my favorite songs with you.. “Me, You, We,” “Tingalayo” and “Shake Those Simmons Down,” just to name a few. We’ll have the best time singing and making music together this summer, so join us, won’t you? Call today or visit link in bio


Musical memories with your child last a lifetime.

There are still a few spots left in our classes this spring!

Link in bio.


I love giving a good pep talk to grown-ups in our classes the first day! I encourage our grownups to let down their inhibitions and sing and dancebecause they are their children’s musical role model! And oh boy, do we have fun in class!


Many parents have shared with us how important our Hello Song, "Hello Everybody", has become to them and how much the children love it. 🥰

We can safely say that the Hello Song is the most well-loved Music Together song all around the world!! 😱

One of the reasons for that is the ritual nature of it—we do it EVERY week, EVERY semester. We’ve found that making a ritual of it actually helps children transition into the class—it helps them settle in, so to speak. In fact, sometimes you’ll notice that your child may have trouble acclimating into the class if they’ve missed the Hello Song. So if you happen to be running late one week, try singing the Hello Song in the car en route—at least that way your child experiences that important ritual moment! 😍

🎵 Hello Everybody, we're so glad to see you! 🎵

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We love creating community through music at our classes with Heart & Beat Music!

We offer the Music Together program (caregiver & me music program for kids 0-5) in Riverdale, Inwood, Woodlawn and Yonkers and have been doing so since 2014!

We also offer the Musical Parenting for Newborns group (age 0-9 months) which is a fabulous way to meet other parents in the 'hood and also to learn all about the amazing musical being your baby already IS!

Registration for our 10-week spring session is OPEN! Classes start on March 25th. Most of our classes this winter SOLD OUT, so reserve your space now!:

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Registration is OPEN for our spring session!

Our 10-week spring session starts on March 25th. We offer the Music Together program: a developmentally-appropriate, play-based, community-building curriculum. Everything we do is based on research as to how kids actually learn...which is through play!

We offer classes for our littlest friends (age 0-9 months), a mixed-age family class (age 0-5), as well as a class for big kids (ages 4-8 years). Whatever it is your family needs, we got you covered!

Many of our classes sold out this winter, so sign up today to join in the fun!


So interesting. In Music Together classes, we are always developmentally appropriate. This means we do not expect your child to share! We have plenty of instruments so your child can focus all their attention on their favorite maraca/drum/egg shaker.


We are so very exited to be starting our winter session this Saturday, January 7th!
We offer the Music Together program and the Rhythm Kids program to families in Inwood, Riverdale, Woodlawn and Yonkers. What a gift it is to make music with you all!


This is beyond brilliant.

This is genius!! 😂


It is Small Business Saturday. We take pride in being your local small business go-to, where you can make music as a family AND as a community. We have been a local, small business in the Riverdale and Inwood neighborhoods since 2014. Support us by signing up for winter classes today! Or grab a gift certificate for a friend in the area. All links in bio. Thank you for letting us be part of your musical community for all these years! We love what we do!

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Winter registration is OPEN!

Our 10-week winter session begins on January 7th.

We are offering the Music Together mixed-age (newborns-5years), Musical Parenting for Newborns (0-9 months) as well as Rhythm Kids (4-8 years) at our locations in Riverdale, North Riverdale, Inwood and Woodlawn/Yonkers!

Reserve your spot for winter here:


Sunday HIR families: no class today (11/13)! I just sent you a message about it as well.


How many times have I had the conversation with other parents about kids loving the box the present came in?? The answer is: so many times.


Hahahahaha! Daylight Savings Time Confusion is real!


Good evening, families! If you are enrolled in fall classes, I just sent an email (check your promotions folder!) to announce that priority registration is open for our winter session.

What is priority registration, say you?? We give currently enrolled families first dibs on classes before we open up registration to everyone next week. In the email, you got a code in order to register.

We are doing a whole new set of songs (the Sticks collection, it's a good one!), so if you are sick of "Hey Lolly Lolly" and over "Tiny Tim", lol, good news...a whole new set of songs are on the way!!


Love this one!


I. Am. There.


There is a really great reason why we take our shoes off during class!

Photos from Heart & Beat Music's post 10/27/2022

Take us back to 1979!! Which one of these graphics looks more like how a childhood should be?

Photos from Heart & Beat Music's post 10/19/2022

It is still not too late to join one of our classes this fall!  We have been having a wonderful time: singing together, dancing together, and making music together!

There are still some spots in some of our classes. We can prorate it for you so you are only paying for the classes you attend! Message me for a prorate coupon code.

Come see what all the fuss (and fun) is about!


“Look at the differences between a typical preschool child’s hand (left) and a typical 7 year old hand (right). Want to know why a preschool aged child isn’t able to write yet? This is why! Their hands are still developing and are not fully formed. So what should they be doing to support this? PLAY!! Playdough, colouring, cutting, gluing, playing outside, digging in dirt, sensory play, dress up play, science experiments, beading, puzzles, throwing balls, etc.

All of these things help their hands develop. When they are physically ready to write, they will! No need to rush them, they will show you when they are ready.” ❤️

via Raising Them Barefoot

We would add that manipulating age-appropriate musical instruments, like the ones we work with in our classes: egg shakers, maraquitas, jingle bells, resonator bells and mallets, can help little hands develop, too. 😊


We love our space at the Riverdale YM-YWHA! We still have some spots left in our Thursday 10am class with Siobhan. Join us!!

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Why do we move so much in a Music Together class?




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