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Devastating news. “The body of missing University of Missouri [Delta Chi] student Riley Strain was discovered Friday morning in the Cumberland River in West Nashville — approximately eight miles from downtown. Foul play is not suspected.

Metro Nashville police and Nashville firefighters responded to 61st Avenue North in the Nations after a work crew spotted a body shortly before 7:30 a.m. in the Cumberland River, Police Chief John Drake said Friday morning at a news conference. Strain still had on the same shirt and watch he was wearing when he went missing, Drake said, which helped authorities identify him.” ~Kirsten Fiscus and Evan Mealins of Nashville Tennessean newspaper.


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This week’s Wednesday comes from Townsend Vogt. Townsend is a freshman from Corpus Christi, Texas.


Are you a current member of a college fraternity in the Dallas area? We want to hear about your experience! Join us for an exclusive (anonymous) interview session on Friday, January 12, 2024, between 8 AM and Noon. We’ll come to you! $50/hr.

This is your chance to share your insights about life in a fraternity and how it shapes your college experience. Whether it’s about deep friendships, brotherhood, personal growth, or your fun times, we’re eager to learn from your stories.

These interviews won’t ask for any secret or incriminating information. We’re only looking for information about the positive benefits of your fraternity experience.

Here’s What You Need to Know:

Date: Friday, January 12, 2024
Time: 8 AM - 12 Noon
Location: TBA, to meet for coffee or a meal
Compensation: $50 per hour
Project Name: Heroic Fraternities
Website: https://www.heroicfraternities.com/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/heroicfraternities/

Must be a current college student and a member of a fraternity in the Dallas area.
Willingness to share your fraternity experiences and insights candidly. The interviews are confidential and your name will not be used publicly. Here’s a link to a series of interviews for a our podcast to give you a sense of what we’re looking for: https://www.heroicfraternities.com/podcast

This is a fantastic opportunity not only to earn but also to reflect on and share the values and experiences that define your fraternal journey. Your insights will contribute to a broader understanding of Heroic Masculinity and its role in college fraternities.

Limited slots available! To participate, please reply.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to voice your fraternity experience and get compensated for your time. Join us in shaping the conversation around Heroic Masculinity in college fraternities!


I’m speaking the national leadership summit for Lambda Chi Alpha! If you’re here come say “Hello!”


To all my brothers of , Happy Founders’ Day!


I had the distinct honor of addressing last Friday night, alongside their pledges, at their Brotherhood retreat. I must express my admiration for the profound dedication these men showcased during our discussion on being a heroic fraternity! Their enthusiasm, receptiveness, and determination to uphold values that transcend individual aspirations were truly remarkable. After the event, they invited me over to their house for a tour and more discussion. Truly honored to be in the presence of greatness!

During my lecture, the central focus was on illuminating three pivotal facets: Firstly, the discourse touched on the profound significance of living out the mission. The emphasis was on instilling the understanding that true men, irrespective of geographical or social bounds, should unite and ardently strive for the triumph of good over evil. The commitment shown by these young men to this ethos was palpable and inspiring.

Secondly, the discourse emphasized the cardinal importance of building the fraternity's reputation upon the foundation of character development. It was heartening to witness their unwavering dedication to upholding values that foster a sense of responsibility, integrity, and honorable conduct, thus amplifying the stature of the fraternity within the campus community.

Lastly, I must underscore the overwhelmingly positive response exhibited by the students following our interaction. Their eagerness to contribute positively to campus life, coupled with a resolute willingness to collaborate with the university administration, was a testament to their genuine desire to elevate the collective experience at Grand Valley State University.

The men of this chapter represent what I believe to be what hopes to send into the world. Also, should be extremely proud of this chapter. Exceedingly impressive!

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Outstanding hands on heroic work from the men of !!

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Over the weekend, brothers of Epsilon Nu worked with Rebuild Upstate, a nonprofit organization, to build Mr. Wright and his family a wheelchair ramp. We take a lot of pride in our community and find it important to give back whenever possible.


Was just in New York to record a book interview for “Socrates In The Studio” a new series by Eric Metaxas. His videos have about 2.9M views so I was happy in this episode to brag on the fraternities that launched the HF movement including: , , , and others, as well as the CEOs we’ve met with who are moving their organizations in this direction: , , and others. The program will air in early 2024. Really excited to recommend these fraternities and others as ones their parents should send their sons to join. Where hoping to add to our “Certified Chapters” list this year!

Photos from Heroic Masculinity USA's post 11/01/2023

Outstanding hands on work by !

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Pi Kapps keeping up the help at Habitat For Humanity Chicago’s by preparing donated items!

⚔️ Π Κ Φ 🛡️


New Heroic Fraternities podcast out today! I interview Jackson Habor, president of the AEPi fraternity ( )at Auburn. A values-driven but open to all students. They’re changing Greek life in the SEC. I’m heading to Auburn to visit them this weekend. Such an outstanding representation of . Wow!!


Coming soon… We’ve spent a few weeks looking for more fraternities driven by a culture of values forming men’s virtues in pursuit of heroic excellence. AEPi is one of those at . We interviewed Jackson Haber, 2023 president of Auburn’s Theta Chapter, about what they’re doing to produce America’s next generation of leaders. Stay tuned…


When we set out celebrate fraternities, we knew it was going to be an uphill battle. People think fraternities are a “waste.” If you’ve read to book and think the opposite, we’d love to have you leave an Amazon review. Link’s bio…


I’m speaking with CEO of about the Heroic Fraternity Movement and my book Heroic Fraternities about the fact that values-character driven fraternities are the future of Greek Life in America. Lambda Chi Alpha is nationally taking the lead right now! Outstanding! Link’s in the bio…

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Heroic Fraternities 101: get physically involved in helping other people. Well done!

Repost from Shout out to our AMs who spent this past Saturday building houses for Habitat of Humanity. We're proud of their work!


In 1978, fraternities became associated with reckless, self-centered tools. Prior to that, they were associate with churning out the nations’s leaders. Heroic Fraternities, is gathering the best fraternities across America who want to recapture the original vision at Union College of deep brotherhoods that forge the men who will make their communities better while having epic fun while doing so. Why? Because the fraternity develops characters and this what the country needs. Please recommend any chapter on your campus that’s forming men of impeccable character through (1) developing close friends, (2) strong brotherhoods, (3) helping brothers discover their strengths, (4) fun that makes people better off, (5) person and professional development, & (6) holds men accountable about their character. This is future of fraternity life in any America! Please let us know which chapters are building the next generation of leaders with integrity!


Outstanding work by an award-wining fraternity certified by us. The men of , the Alpha of Virginia, is fundraising for UVA Pediatrics Cancer Research. They’ve have already hosted one successful event and have one coming up soon. As part of their greater outreach with pediatrics cancer, the brothers recently hosted a Gift of Life event. Gift of Life is a leading blood cancer research nonprofit working to improve the bone barrow registry. After hearing two volunteers speak, the brothers swabbed their cheeks and entered themselves into the bone marrow registry to potentially save a life. This chapter is such a great representative of Sigma Phi and UVA.


🔥🔥🔥 We just interviewed Jackson Haber, this year’s president of , and we can say, without a doubt, that under this man’s leadership this chapter of is one of the best fraternity chapters we’ve come across in the country. Simply outstanding! They are making a better place. Auburn President Christopher Roberts needs to know! Last week, we contacted all of fraternity presidents on campus and this chapter was first at being will to share how their transforming good men into great men! Looking forward to more. Greek life at Auburn is different! The interview will be posted very soon. Stay tuned!


This week, we’re telling about 50K people that is an excellent choices for developing college men into great men; and is fully endorsed and certified by us! The chapter is featured our Heroic Fraternities Podcast series. They are also fully certified and endorsed by HF! Looking forward to adding more this year!!


Heroic Fraternities is looking at Auburn University this fall. We just invited a bunch of fraternity presidents to conduct interviews to share the great things their chapters are doing! If you know of any chapters at Auburn building great men, and destroying the negative stereotypes from the media, please let us know! We’re looking to certify a new slate of chapters this year.


Today, we’re telling about 50K people that is an excellent choices for developing college men into great men; and is fully endorsed and certified by us! The chapter is featured in the book, “Heroic Fraternities.” They are also fully certified and endorsed by HF! Looking forward to adding more this year!!


Congratulations to Christopher Kitchens of on co-authoring an article on helping formerly incarcerated women with . True story: I met Chris Kitchens at a conference last summer. He later recommended to me that I visit Phi Tau at GA Tech. I agreed. I, then, met Patrick Huntington, the chapter president, at the Phi Tau house at GA Tech last January. The Alpha Rho chapter of Phi Tau at Georgia Tech then invited me to speak at their southeastern regional conference in April 2023 (that’s the yellow shirt I’m wearing.) I didn’t know this until later but Chris spent the summer at the ’s Emerging Leader Program where I was also working this summer. After, I connected the dots, I was like, “let’s right an article together.” The rest is history…😂😎 Link’s in bio…


Today, we’re telling about 50K people that Triangle Fraternity at The Ohio State University is an excellent choice for developing college men into great men; and is fully endorsed and certified by us! Thanks to the leadership of former chapter president, Steven Egnaczyk, this chapter is also profiled in our book. Looking forward to adding more this year!!


The best fraternities first and foremost add value to campus life! Helping freshmen move is a great way to introduce students and parents to the fact that fraternities produce men who use their presence, power, strengths, etc. for the benefit of their brothers & those with whom they come in contact. Well done, .

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Yesterday our brothers helped move freshman into the 17th dorm!


It’s always a great idea to show gratitude and appreciation for the university support staff that make Greek Life possible. Outstanding!

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Today, brothers went to the IMU to personally drop off a thank you box of crumbl cookies to the women who make sure all of our events have a room and space.

Thank you to Mary, Tammy, and Shefali for looking out for the Alpha Chapter Nupes! 👌🏾


Today, we’re telling about 50K people that these three fraternities at Clemson University are excellent choices for developing college men into great men; and are fully endorsed and certified by us! Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc, Alpha Sigma Phi, and Chi Psi. All three are featured in the book, “Heroic Fraternities.” Looking forward to adding more this year!!


interviewed me for their national podcast on what makes fraternities great! This is first in a three-part series. I’m thrilled to see the nationals of a fraternity really get what we trying to do at Heroic Fraternities! Link’s bio…Stay Tuned!


Brotherhood, as it should be, is the No. 1 reason guys join fraternities. These life-long bonds facilitate greatness. Brotherhood retreats like this are a great place to deepen friendships. Well done !

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BROTHERHOOD RETREAT🏕️🪵🔥 We had a great time at our annual retreat - not only did we talk about our chapter and set goals for the year, but we enjoyed competing in Triangle’s Survivor Games🏅Thank you to Brotherhood Chair .alec for planning this awesome day, and shoutout to the Pink Team for winning the games!


Today, we’re telling about 50K people that Sigma Phi (SERPS) at the University of Virginia is an award-winning, excellent choice for developing college men into great men and are fully endorsed and certified by us! This are winners of of 2023 John Hart Hunter award for their work in advancing the cause of . Looking forward to adding more this year!!


Being good neighbors. Outstanding!

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“After an eventful weekend. The brothers of Sig Tau cleaned up UGates, we are grateful for everything UGates does for us.”


Today, we telling about 50K people that these two fraternities at Univ of Arkansas are excellent choices for developing college men into to great men are fully endorsed AJ’s certified by us! Looking forward to adding more this year!!

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