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NEEDED!! 5 front end developers, 1 designer, 2 QA folks, and 4 UX still needed for 2022 Hack for the Community.

We are honored to be participating in Hack 4 the Community in April. Many volunteers are needed to pull off this monumental non-profit support event. Hands on Nashville is still looking for a few more volunteers to round out the 2022 Hack. If you know of folks who could help, please encourage them to sign up!


LEARN MORE HERE: http://ow.ly/SAqE50IvyVE

Your help is greatly appreciated!
They came, they SCHWA'd, they conquered! We hosted 21 teachers and learning specialists for Orton Gillingham training through the The Schenck School to meet the needs of our growing city and students with Dyslexia. WOOT!!!!

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Hey kiddos! Have fun!
🌟Our administrative offices will be closed from Dec. 23rd through January 4th. We will be checking voicemail occasionally. We're looking forward to seeing our students smiling faces in 2022!!! 🌟
From all of us Learning Matters, best wishes for a joyful holiday and healthy new year. If you'd like to make a donation to help a family afford Dyslexia intervention, visit http://ow.ly/6fyW50HgES2.

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Any time is a good time to give thanks to those who help you on your journey. On this global day of giving, we offer gratitude to our donors, whose gifts support and sustain our work of providing intensive academic intervention for under-resourced students impacted by a learning difference. 💜

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On this global day of giving we wanted to take this opportunity to give props to teachers everywhere who are hanging in there and sharing their gift with our kids. We are grateful for you! 💚

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This year we are thankful for relationships. We are thankful for our tutors who find creative ways to connect with their students after such a weird year of learning. We are thankful for our families who entrust us with those dearest to their hearts. We are thankful for our partnership with schools as we navigate this year with students at all levels of pandemic learning loss. We are thankful to our Board of Directors who give their time and talent to advance our mission. And we are grateful to our donors and community of supporters who ensure we can serve those most in need. 🦃 From all of us at Learning Matters, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃
Wow. We recently received the most thoughtful note from a parent. We love our work, but it does get emotionally tough, as some nonprofit work can be. And then, out of no where, a reminder to stay the course.💚

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A nonprofit organization with a mission to reduce barriers to learning and ensure educational equity Learning Matters, Inc. began in July, 2006 in response to a need in the Nashville community for high quality educational support services for children from all economic backgrounds.

Given the cost of private tutoring, assessment, and advocacy services, the unfortunate fact is that this type of extra, individualized help has only been available for those students whose families could afford it and beyond the reach of those whose families could not. was formed to address this situation.

Operating as usual

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It's ❤️ Let's talk facts: Did you know that dyslexia affects 1-in-5 people? Everyone knows someone dyslexic, whether they know it or not!

Teachers... think about that statistic in regards to your class. It is very likely that you have dyslexic students in your class!

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To celebrate and fundraise to provide tutoring and assessment services for students who could not otherwise afford them, we will be hosting an ice cream social at Jeni's in Hillsboro Village!

Come out to and eat some delicious ice cream! ❤️

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It is a myth that people with dyslexia see things backwards! It is not a vision problem! Dyslexia is a difference in the brain.

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Hey Nashville! It's Dyslexia Awareness Month, and thanks to the folks at Blackbird Media, we're letting y'all know right in the center of midtown all week long! We'd love your support...because learning matters! ♥️www.give2LM.com


We're back with another tip tuesday: edition! Calling all teachers, parents, and dyslexics! 🚨"Overcoming Dyslexia" is a great read for anyone impacted by dyslexia!

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During we want to remind you that 1 in 5 are dyslexic. Whether you are a parent of, teacher to, or dyslexic yourself, you are not alone! ❤️ Swipe to see just a few prominent dyslexics!


The beautiful Eiffel Tower in Paris, TN is for dyslexia!! ❤️❤️

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This it is importantant to acknowledge the inequities that exist for dyslexic students who aren't economically priveleged.

Dr. Julie Washington shared this sentiment at last year's IDA Conference. She is director of the Learning Disabilities Research Innovation Hub funded by the National Institutes of Health and is director of the Dialect, Poverty and Academic Success lab at UC Irvine. Her research focuses on the intersection of literacy, language variation, and poverty.

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What is Orton-Gillingham? Orton-Gillingham is a research-based approach for teaching students with Dyslexia how to read.

*It introduced explicitly teaching the connection between letters and sounds.

*It introduced systematic and sequential instruction. Instruction breaks reading/spelling into smaller skills that build over time.

*It introduced multisensory education.

For more check out this article: https://www.readingrockets.org/article/orton-gillingham-what-you-need-know

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We are so excited because starts in October! All month long, we are turning our page red and sharing information about dyslexia to raise awareness! Dyslexia impacts in people. Whether you realize it or not, you know someone with dyslexia!

"Go Red For Dyslexia is a global campaign all about changing the narrative for people living with dyslexia and low literacy. We want to end the stigma and shout from the rooftops about all the amazing things people with this learning difference can do."
-- https://www.goredfordyslexia.org

Tell us why you are engaging in dyslexia awareness month in the comments! ❤️

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We're here to shout out Percy Priest Elementary, Hillsboro High School, and Harpeth Valley Elementary! 🥳 In recent IEP and 504 plan meetings, we loved seeing their work to support students!

Metro Nashville Public Schools

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What is... ADHD? 🧠

ADHD is very common and understanding it is important for supporting those in your life who have it! ADHD is not a matter of intelligence or laziness. Read on to learn more about ADHD.

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Is your student struggling while doing homework and studying? Try rotating work spaces! What is important to remember is that each environment should always be low distraction.

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Following up on our recent post about Auditory Processing Disorder here are 3 ways to help kids with APD! These are just three examples of supports you can use as a parent, educator, or anyone who works with children with APD.

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At Learning Matters we are committed to supporting your student in achieving their goals. We strive to reduce barriers to learning and ensure educational equity for K-12 students with learning disabilities.

We are so grateful for this student sharing their story 🧡

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Building a growth mindset is so important to build in students. Students must learn to persevere through difficult tasks in school and beyond. What we say to students matters. It can impact a student's attitude toward school and toward difficult tasks.

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What is... Auditory Processing Disorder?

People with auditory processing disorder struggle with understanding speech. As a teachers, parents, or anyone who works with individuals with APD, it is important to understand what it is so we can best support them! 💛

Adapted from Understood.



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Love this


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Thanks to Fourth Capital for inviting us to the Nashville Public Education Foundation Public School Hall of Fame! It was an honor to be in the presence of educators and community leaders working to make our Metro Nashville Public Schools even better!

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As progress reports come out we know that this can be a stressful time.

At Learning Matters we work to reduce barriers to learning and ensure educational equity for K-12 students with learning disabilities through skillful academic assessment, interventional tutoring, and school advocacy.

Our team of experienced learning specialists will assess student academic abilities and offer intensive intervention to: remediate the student’s needs, improve performance and grades in school, increase students’ feelings of self-worth, and enhance opportunities for success in life.🧡

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Executive function skills are how we "get things done" and they take time to develop. Some students might need more support to help grow their executive function skills than others. ✏️

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Dysgraphia is a disorder that effects written communication. It has to do with fine motor and processing skills. It is not a matter of intelligence and students can succeed in school with appropriate accommodations and supports!

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Multisensory learning is a research-based methodology for teaching students, including those with dyslexia. It is a key principal of Orton-Gillingham (the research supported reading methodology for student, originally designed for dyslexics). ✨

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At Learning Matters, we work to reduce barriers to learning and ensure educational equity for K-12 students with learning disabilities through skillful academic assessment, interventional tutoring, and school advocacy. 🧡

For more information on Learning Matters and how to receive services, go to our website (link in bio).

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Closing out our series... now that school has started, how is your family feeling? 🔍

Back to school can be a stressful time for both students and parents. Make sure to check in with yourself and with your child.

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Today is national nonprofit day 🎉 🙌

In honor of we are tagging local nonprofits that make a huge impact on our community!

What is a cause you are passionate about? 🧡

Nashville Book Connection Book'em Read To Succeed The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee Nashville Public Education Foundation Diverse Learners Cooperative Metro Nashville Public Schools BeWell in School PENCIL

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Following up on last week's post about agendas we are back with suggestions for virtual agendas! Many older students prefer virtual organization methods. Both physical agendas and virtual ones are effective; it's all about finding what works best for your student!

Why do you like to use a virtual or physical calendar? Let us know in the comments! 🧠

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Next up in our series... setting up a beginning of year support team meeting. 🏫

The beginning of the year is a busy time for your family, teachers, and administrators. To ensure your school is best supporting your child and get ahead of the beginning of school rush, reach out to your child's school to set up a beginning of year meeting.

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tip 🎒

Agendas are very important for organization in school! Here are some tips we have for what to look for in an effective agenda.

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At Learning Matters we are committed to supporting your family to help your student succeed in school. 🤍

Our advocates will work with you and your school’s personnel to ensure your child receives the services needed. We are here to help you navigate the complex process of receiving the appropriate modifications, accommodations, and services for your child.

Timeline photos 08/04/2022

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 08/04/2022

🕐 Next up in our series... getting ready for a routine shift!

🎒Adjusting to a new routine can be difficult for many children, including those with ADHD. Discussing and practicing a new routine can help alleviate stress and lessen a harsh transition back to school.

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A course for students with ADHD to learn strategies for their college career. Enroll for free: https://chadd.thinkific.com/courses/a2a-navigating-college-with-adhd.

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At Learning Matters, our experienced and passionate team is ready to support your family as you gear up for the school year. Whether you need to schedule a beginning-of-year advocacy meeting or need high quality tutoring for your child, our team is ready to help!

We are now enrolling home school, after school, and virtual learners. Services include K-12 tutoring across subject areas, structured literacy for struggling readers, organizational management/study skills, and speech and language therapy.

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A common misunderstanding is that people with ADHD just need to try harder to focus. However, it is not matter of laziness; it is a matter of brain differences. A helpful comparison: To tell someone with ADHD to "just focus" is like telling someone who is nearsighted to "just see." 🧠

Adapted from understood.org

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Tip Tuesday ✨ Did you know phonological awareness is the greatest predictor of reading success?

Phonological awareness is imperative to reading development. "Readers must have awareness of the speech sounds that letters and letter combinations represent in order to move from a printed word to a spoken word (reading), or a spoken word to a written word (spelling)" (Moats, 2010). For example, If you hear the word "fast" as "fas," that will influence the way you spell it.

Adapted from Reading Rockets and the Massachusetts Development of Elementary and Secondary Education.

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