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Photos from Ballet Folklorico Mexico Lindo Idaho!'s post 05/20/2024

🇲🇽❤️💯😭🎉Mexico en el Corazón 🇲🇽❤️💯😭🎉 Nampa, ID May 19, 2024
My Ballet Folklorico México Lindo had the honor of opening for the cast and crew of Mexico en el Corazón last night in Nampa, Idaho. And it was truly a magical night! Not only did we get to open for these incredible dancers and musicians, but we were able to take photos with them and share our experiences after the performance. As a teacher, it was pure joy to witness my dancers seeing Themselves professionally on stage. And as if the night wasn’t amazing enough, I received the most beautiful compliments from the Mexican Consulate of Boise, Ricardo Gerardo Higuera, and his lovely wife. 😭 Amazing. ❤️ So on days when I wake up sore from teaching seven dance classes a week, and I need to put gas in the car again from running errands for dance, and I’m buying tights and red lipstick for the millionth time, I will remember moments like these that make it all so very worth it. Corazón llena, corazón contento ❤️🇲🇽
Siempre orgullosa de ser Mexicana. I even have the birthday to prove it. 😉🇲🇽🙌🏽❤️🎉💯 Grateful for this incredible opportunity.

Photos from Ballet Folklorico Mexico Lindo Idaho!'s post 05/15/2024

Ballet Folklorico México Lindo/Cinco de Mayo 2024
Thank you so much to everyone who came out to support us and show their love and pride for our beautiful Mexican culture. It was a fantastic Cinco de Mayo season! 🇲🇽🎉 Thank you to the event organizers who allowed us to share our time and talents. We had a blast! 💥 Thank you to the BFML parents, families and friends who do the behind-the-scenes work like driving and prepping and purchasing and photographing and making and sharing. 🤣 🚘🧵📸 🧷 We can’t do this without you! ❤️ And an enormous Thank you- especially going out to each and every one of my beautiful BFML dancers- who put in so many hours of practice to make sure that they were ready and feeling confident on stage. You amaze me every time. ❤️ I’m so proud of you all, Dance Fam! You make this work so worth it, and I can’t imagine doing anything else. For as long as God allows me to be healthy and able bodied, I pray that we have many more continued community connections through dance. 🥰 ❤️

Photos from Ballet Folklorico Mexico Lindo Idaho!'s post 04/23/2024

So this happened this morning 🤩 had the opportunity to share our time and talents with fellow powerful women artists in support of “Sabiduría Conectada”, Connected Wisdom, a production by the students of Idaho Fine Arts Academy sharing the representation and artistic excellence of Latin American women in the arts. Showcase will be on Saturday, April 27 at 7 PM at the Centennial High School auditorium in Boise.
Had a great morning performing at KTVB News Channel 7 on the Idaho Today Show with host Melissa Paul, and giving a sneak peek of Saturday’s program!
@ Melissa Paul- thank you for not letting me go on camera with red lipstick smeared all over my mouth 😂 Thank you for the opportunity, Amigas, here’s to strong women! 💕💪🏽

Photos from Ballet Folklorico Mexico Lindo Idaho!'s post 04/08/2024

It is with a very heavy heart that I share that the Folklorico world has lost a great Maestro, Maestro Miguel Ponce, of Houston, Texas. Houston and the folklorico community will never be the same without him.

BFML had the privilege of hosting Maestro Ponce several times out here in Idaho. Every time he visited, he shared his passion for dance, along with his strong ability to connect with both dancers and parents in a way that made us all feel comfortable and unafraid to learn new regions and dances. We learned regions that we still incorporate in our repertoire to this day. He was such a wonderful teacher, and will be missed greatly by so many.

I initially met Miguel at Danzantes Unidos Festival, where I flunked his Machetes class not once, but twice. Lucky for me he was a patient teacher. 🥲 Thanks to him, my dancers learned the regions of Nuevo León, Tamaulipas, Sinaloa and Nayarit. We will carry on those traditions you shared with us, Maestro, and we will perform them proudly each and every time.

To his family, and students, there are no words. We send our love and condolences to you all. I cannot imagine the pain you are feeling. He was a great man. Know that you are all definitely being held in prayer during this difficult time. Desde Boise, Idaho, les mandamos un fuerte abrazo.

Descanse en paz, Maestro Ponce. May you be free of pain and suffering. Gracias for taking the time to share your talents with me and my dancers in Idaho. You made a lasting impact and difference on us. I pray that you sleep in the eternal peace of Christ. And may you be dancing one hell of a Huapango in heaven. 🙏🏽💔🕊️

Photos from Ballet Folklorico Mexico Lindo Idaho!'s post 03/25/2024

Thank you, !! ❤️‍🔥 Once again, no Spring rain, nor sleet, and not even the funky morning hail could stop from sharing our passion and dancing with everyone on Saturday at Kidfort! 🙏🏽 Thank you to Everyone who came out and braved the weather with us! The rain cleared up, the clouds moved out, and we had so much fun dancing and sharing with you all! To my BFML Dance Fam, you make me insanely proud. ❤️ Enjoy your much deserved spring break… Cinco de Mayo is calling! 😉🇲🇽

Photos from Ballet Folklorico Mexico Lindo Idaho!'s post 03/16/2024

So honored to have been nominated for this award! I woke up to messages from friends congratulating me, and I literally had no clue what they were talking about. 😂 Absolutely amazing to be nominated, and especially to be in community with so many powerful Latinos in Idaho. Thank you Amiga for the nomination. Thank you to especially to my family, friends and community for seeing me, and for honoring the work that I do with Ballet Folklorico Mexico Lindo. Ironically, I received three rejection letters just this week. The same week that BFML celebrated 21 years in Idaho. Pero ¡Siempre Adelante! She Se Puede! 💪🏽❤️🇲🇽🎉💥


Wow! What an honor to be included with so many wonderful, powerful Latinos in our community! Thank you so much for the Folklorico love, te agradezco muchísimo! ❤️🙏🏽

Nos complace informarles que por primera vez, Idaho será la sede de la entrega de la presea Máximo Orgullo Migrante- Latino.

La Asociación Internacional Orgullo Migrante, en coordinación con Radio Internacional Chicago, harán entrega de un reconocimiento y el “Anillo de Oro”, a Monique Michel del Ballet Folklórico México Lindo De Idaho, por su destacada trayectoria como promotor cultural y por su aporte a la industria del espectáculo y el entretenimiento, convirtiéndose en un máximo Orgullo Migrante- Latino, y será galardonado este 30 de Abril.

Muchas Felicidades!!!

La persona que tenga más Like en este post recibirá El máximo Galardón en las categorías como Empresario, Emprendedor y Artista del 2024.

Para mayores informes comuníquense:

+1 (208) 866-5725 Inglés
+1 (630) 330-7745 Español

Nomina a tu favorito!!!
Janet Calderón
Rafael Mendoza
Chuy Torres
Alondra Marbán

Photos from Ballet Folklorico Mexico Lindo Idaho!'s post 03/06/2024

Thank you, NACADA participants and Boise State University Academic Advisors for allowing BFML to share our time and talents with you all! We appreciate you, and are grateful for the opportunity and support!


Mami & Me classes are cancelled for the foreseeable future due to low attendance. 😔Perhaps I’ll bring them back at a later date, but for now, I need to reset and rethink.

Thank you to all of my little amiguitos and their families for joining me these past few sessions and years. I’ve enjoyed meeting you all and sharing the cultura too!

Stay tuned while I work on improving how to share our culture with the youngest little community members! 🙏🏽❤️

Photos from Ballet Folklorico Mexico Lindo Idaho!'s post 02/21/2024

Today’s BFML Educational Outreach was brought to you by the excellent students at Idaho Fine Arts Academy! What a great morning of sharing and teaching Folklorico dances including the history, cultural significance and world influences. I absolutely love hosting educational outreach because it combines my two passions of education and Folklorico dancing. It’s such an honor to be living and doing what I love for a living. 🙏🏽 Thank you to Rachel Swenson, and everyone at Idaho Fine Arts Academy for being so welcoming and helpful. I can’t wait to dance with you all again soon! ✨

Photos from Ballet Folklorico Mexico Lindo Idaho!'s post 02/20/2024

It’s official! 🎉 🎉🎉 Ballet Folklorico México Lindo will be part of this year’s festivities at Race to Robie Creek on Saturday, April 20 at the starting line in Boise! 🏃🏽This year’s theme is “Run to Remember”, honoring and celebrating the life of Race to Robie Creek founder, Mr. Jon Robertson, who left us on November 2nd, 2023. BFML is so proud and so honored to be a part of this year’s festivities and celebration of life. What a wonderful way to celebrate and remember someone so special and so loved. Whose life will you be honoring at Run to Remember? 💀🕯️🙏🏽🏵️

Photos from Ballet Folklorico Mexico Lindo Idaho!'s post 02/07/2024

Late post, but I just have to share how proud I am of my dancer on her recent award and recognition from the Idaho Association for Bilingual Education! It was so fun sharing our time and talents with everyone that attended the conference, and even more exciting to see one of my own BFML dancers begin her journey as a soon-to-be-teacher in Idaho! So very proud of you, Audie! 🎉 The future is so bright ahead for you! 🌟


🇲🇽 Folklorico Friday 🇲🇽
BFML dancer Ana performing her favorite, “El Son del Gavilancillo”.
I thought it was only fitting to post this picture of her since Mariachi Los Camperos released new music today including, “El Son del Gavilancillo”! 🎶

💃🏽: .valle
I miss you both! 🩷

Photos from Ballet Folklorico Mexico Lindo Idaho!'s post 01/16/2024

BFML sharing our time and talents for Idaho Human Rights/Martin Luther King Jr. Day at the Idaho State Capitol building. January 15, 2024. I intentionally wanted to showcase the diversity within México by having multiple regions represented. No winter cold, nor heaping piles of snow outside could keep us from dancing on such a special occasion! Thank you for the opportunity to be part of such a special day, and kick off the new year with song, dance, and hope!
PS, it was literally 7° outside by the time I got back to my car…Totally worth it! 🙏🏽🥶❄️☮️


Ballet Folklorico México Lindo is honored to be performing on Monday, January 15, 2024, at 12:00 noon inside the rotunda of the Idaho State Capitol building in downtown Boise, in honor of Idaho Human Rights Day/Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We are proud to be sharing our time and talents. Join us. ☮️
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.”-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


You’re invited to BFML’s First Annual Clothing Swap! 👚🩳👗👖🧥👕Sunday, January 21 from 11 to 1 PM at 4214 West Emerald St. in Boise.
Now that the decorations are gone and resolutions are in place, many of you are purging and cleaning out…Why not join a clothing swap and find new to you items! No money will be exchanged. If there’s something that catches your eye, you’re welcome to take it in exchange for you bringing in items that others may find beneficial as well. Clothing only for now- men’s women’s and children’s. All sizes & styles accepted. Please make sure clothing is clean and free of any tears, stains or holes. All clothing is considered a donation and whatever is left over will be donated locally. For more information, DM me and I’ll be happy to share more.
Excited to thrift and thread up! Pass it on!

Photos from Ballet Folklorico Mexico Lindo Idaho!'s post 12/27/2023

On December 26, 2022, some very dedicated BFML parents, dancers and friends met me at my storage unit in Nampa and packed up everything I needed to once again open my dance studio- but this time it would be in Boise. We were knee-deep in post-Christmas snow and slush, and the building was nowhere near completed... There were paint buckets & drop cloths everywhere, blinds that needed to be hung, the walls were bare, the electrical needed to be fixed, it was freezing both inside and out, the carpet was filthy, and now, two years’ worth of dusty dance equipment from my storage unit lay in the middle of this giant wooden floor. Just thinking about it all over again freaks me out.

Everyone there that day was so excited and so happy for me, and they kept asking me how I was feeling. Truth be told, I was overwhelmed. My fight or flight feeling kicked in and I remember wanting to run away and be at home with my dog. I remember wanting to get the hell out of there because I felt like I had made a horrible, expensive mistake.
Over the course of the next two weeks, I would put in 12-14 hour days, every single day, to make sure that my studio was ready to open its doors on January 9th, 2023, to welcome back my dancers and invite in new ones.
I’ve never worked so hard in my life. I remember being so tired I was nauseated, and yet I had the help of so many. There was no financial savings, no business loan or cash flow, no Plan B, no business partner, no significant other… nothing. I. WAS. IT.
I’m so happy and so proud to say that for the last 12 months, my studio has made its rent every single month. Gratitude overwhelms me. ✨

And while I’m not at the point where I can pay myself (yet), I know someday I will be.

It’s been a year of so much hard work, but so many happy memories made in that space in just 12 short months.
And as I begin year #2 at 4214 West Emerald St. in Boise, I anticipate the new year with joy and gratitude.
✨Cheers to everyone who has supported BFML for the last 20 years. Here’s to new many more adventures together! 🥂

Photos from Ballet Folklorico Mexico Lindo Idaho!'s post 12/11/2023

Annual BFML Cookie Exchange and Holiday Luncheon 2023 was a sweet success! 🍭So incredibly grateful for all of my dance family. Thank you for such a fun afternoon! 🍪❤️
And 2023, we’re not done with you yet!


Went to the thrift store today, looking for a new desk. I ended up finding something much more suited for me. Talk about divine timing. The store clerk told me that these little ones just arrived last night. They were made in December 1948. ❤️ Now 75 years later, they’ll have a permanent home in my collection of vintage Mexican dolls at my studio in Boise. ❤️🇲🇽

Photos from Ballet Folklorico Mexico Lindo Idaho!'s post 11/27/2023

Festival of Trees weekend 2023 was amazing! 🎄🎄🎄
Thank you, Canyon County, and Boise Festival of Trees alike, for the opportunity to share our time and talents. This year‘s festivities were just beautiful! What a wonderful way to kick off the holiday season! Thank you to my dancers for the many extended hours of deep practice, thank you to BFML parents and family members for constant driving back-and-forth, thank you to our friends and family, who came out to support our performances, and thank you to our community who continually supports us. Teaching seven different levels of folklorico classes each week is definitely a labor of love, and I/we couldn’t do it without you! ❤️🙏🏽 In gratitude, Monique

Photos from Ballet Folklorico Mexico Lindo Idaho!'s post 11/17/2023

What a magical afternoon yesterday was for ! We had the honor and privilege of not only meeting, but performing for Author at the ! She signed our books and even joined in the dances with us…What a great sport! Having her sign our books and take time out of her schedule to take pictures with my dancers was fantastic! Knowing that I have bilingual books in my collection that are signed by the author herself to share with my students is amazing. And having my dancers see themselves represented in books and in person as a career path is priceless. 🙏🏽Thank you so much to and our fellow community members who showed up to lend their support and appreciation. It was a great day, and we are so grateful!
Thanks to my dancing, I’ve now met and performed for 3 Latina writers:
Not bad for the kid who read more than she spoke. 😉


So excited to have my dancers perform for Author, Meg Medina today at the Nampa Public Library! 4:30 PM in Nampa, 215 12th Ave. South. Free and open to the public! will have her books for sale, and will be signing them as well. How exciting! Everyone invited! What an honor to have my dancers be part of the celebration of welcoming an author to our community! 📚✍🏽

Photos from Ballet Folklorico Mexico Lindo Idaho!'s post 11/09/2023

I think I may have found our Christmas card pictures🎄🎅🏼🎁

Photos from Ballet Folklorico Mexico Lindo Idaho!'s post 11/04/2023

Día de Mu***os 2023 photo recap. Such a bittersweet and emotional time of year…So beautiful to celebrate the holiday with so many. Thank you to everyone who came to support BFML at our Día de Mu***os celebrations. Thank you for the opportunity to honor your loved ones and remember them with you during this special time of year. I pray that they all rest in eternal peace. 🙏🏽💀🕯️🏵️

Photos from Ballet Folklorico Mexico Lindo Idaho!'s post 10/29/2023

BFML celebrated El Día de Mu***os today in Nampa, Idaho and in Ontario Oregon. How beautiful to be able to celebrate not just once, but multiple times across the valley. How beautiful that the Día de Mu***os holiday has become so beloved and so special to so many. What a beautiful way to share the diversity of Mexico through dance, and continue preserving our heritage and culture. 💀🙏🏽🕯️🏵️

Photos from Ballet Folklorico Mexico Lindo Idaho!'s post 10/27/2023

Día de Mu***os season has officially begun! 💀I always love seeing the creativity that my dancers come up with for this special time of year. Tonight was no exception! What a beautiful performance this evening, on the steps of Meridian City Hall. The freezing cold temps didn’t stop us from sharing our passion! Thank you so much for having us! 💀🙏🏽❤️🏵️🕯️


Ballet Folklorico Mexico Lindo is proud to celebrate El Día de los Mu***os 2023 with you! 🏵️🙏🏽💀🕯️Click on the link to each event for full information.

🏵️ 10/15- Ofrenda Workshop (4214 W Emerald Street in Boise) 10-12 PM $10 PP

💀 10/21 Sugar Skull Decorating Workshop (4214 W Emerald Street in Boise) 10-12 PM $10 PP

🕯️10/26- Meridian City Hall (Trunk or Treat) @ 7 PM

🙏🏽 10/28- Nampa Public Library @ 1:00 PM

🏵️ 10/28- Four Rivers Cultural Center in Ontario, Oregon @ 5:30 PM

💀 11/1- Boise State University, Jordan Ballroom, Time TBA


Ontario, Oregon! We are excited to share the holiday with you soon! 💀🙏🏽🕯️🏵️

Four Rivers Cultural Center and Museum Four Rivers Cultural Center is a nonprofit Event Center, Museum, Japanese Garden and Art Gallery.

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Cheers to 20 Years! 🎉🎉🎉 Finally/barely/officially taking down the decorations from the remainder of our GO weekend. 😕 Wh...
Reflecting on El Día de Muertos today and tomorrow, and feeling so grateful for our ancestral elders and family members ...
Felicidades to the Quinceañera, Isabel y Kiara! Thank you for allowing BFML to share with you both on your special day! ...





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