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Big news for our campus community - I will be forever indebted to the leadership of Joel Pearsall! +>j

Important announcement from NNU: President Joel K. Pearsall has announced his retirement, planned for the summer of 2025. President Pearsall’s leadership and dedication have left a lasting impact on our community. Join us in celebrating his remarkable tenure and legacy. Read more about his impactful journey, accomplishments, and future plans: https://nnu.edu/nnu-president-announces-retirement/

Lifelong Learning - Northwest Nazarene University 05/29/2024

Just thought I'd put out a quick plug for our Lifelong Learning courses offered through NNU's Center for Professional Development. These affordable five-day online ministry-related courses cost only $29 and carry ten lifelong learning credits each. No textbooks are required. Log in at whatever time of day works for you. All that is required is an average of two hours of investment each day for five days. Clergy and laypersons alike are welcome. Registration for our September courses will open on 26 August. In June, choose between these two great courses:

"Discovering Holiness" taught by Dr. Diane Leclerc on 3-7 June 2024; or
"Church Board Development & Church Finance" taught by Dr. Stephen Borger on 3-7 June 2024

To register or for more information, please email [email protected] by 12n MDT on Thursday 30 May. These will be the only courses offered this summer until September, so take advantage of this opportunity!


Lifelong Learning - Northwest Nazarene University NNU's low cost, fully online education courses help fulfill your denomination's lifelong learning requirements.


Join us today at 11a MDT as NNU President Joel Pearsall wraps up our fifth season of "Iron Sharpens Iron," our free, weekly NNU-Clergy peer dialogue. Hear firsthand from Joel as he reflects over the past year and also shares what lies before us in the year ahead. If you need a free link to today's live session, please email us at [email protected]. We hope to see you in a bit! +>j


Join us on Monday at 11a MDT when NNU President Joel Pearsall wraps up our fifth season of "Iron Sharpens Iron," our free, weekly NNU-Clergy peer dialogue. Take advantage of this live opportunity to hear firsthand from Joel as he reflects over the past year and also shares what lies before us in the year ahead. You won't want to miss this opportunity to learn more about our longstanding partnership with your congregation and also connect with us before our program breaks for the summer months. If you need a free link to Monday's session, please email us at [email protected]. We hope to see you on Monday! +>j

NNU Giving Days 2024 05/13/2024

NNU will be running its annual "Give Days" campaign on 14-15 May. If you would like to participate in this special fundraising endeavor for NNU scholarships and the Nighthawks Fund, we will appreciate it. The exciting thing about Give Days is that we have three different matching pledges: $25,000 toward any scholarship, $25,000 for the Nighthawks Fund, and $20,000 to a very special Isaiah 61 Scholarship, and we would love to max out those incredible matching pledges! Everything will be live at 8a MDT on Tuesday, so please be sure to check it out. +>j

NNU Giving Days 2024 NNU Giving Days 2024 - Please join me and help students Soar!

Photos from Northwest Nazarene Nighthawks Athletics's post 05/13/2024

Congratulations to our Men's Baseball team -- go Nighthawks! +>j


The advent of the early Methodist and even holiness movements in America was due in part to itinerant circuit riders who rode on horseback to conduct evangelistic meetings, often within a specified boundary called a "circuit." The earliest and best known example in America was Francis Asbury (1745-1816), who served as the first bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church consecrated in the United States. As a young British circuit rider, Asbury volunteered to serve in America, where there were only about 300 Methodists and three meetinghouses in the entire colonies.
Asbury averaged 5,000 miles on horseback each year, crossing the Alleghenies 60 times. Much of the growth of Methodism was attributed to his dedicated efforts. By the time of his death, the number of Methodist societies was 412, with a membership of 214,235.

On Monday's episode of "Iron Sharpens Iron," our NNU-Clergy peer dialogue, my pastoral guest host Jarid Hundley and I will talk with Pastors RJ Montis from Iowa and Pastor Dave Filsinger from Prince Edward Island about their experiences shepherding more than one congregation simultaneously. Perhaps their stories will inspire you to think creatively about how your congregation can extend its ministry by supporting another neighboring church who needs a pastor.

Join us at 11a MDT for this opportunity to learn more about what it means to tie in to our heritage and make a real difference for the kingdom of God. If you need a free link to Monday's live conversational session, please email [email protected] and we will send it to you! +>j


Congratulations to my friend and NNU colleague Dr. Rojelio Aguila, who recently graduated with the first of two doctoral degrees. Rojelio is doing a fantastic job as the program coordinator for NNU's new Th.D. programs in both Spanish and English. Please join me in congratulating Rogelio in his accomplishment, and if you're interested in information about our largely online doctoral programs through NNU's Graduate School of Theology, contact [email protected]. +>j


A cancellation in my schedule today opened up the opportunity for me to participate in the Nampa Ministerial Association's May meeting, led by my friend Kenton Lee. Today we met at The Grace Center in Nampa where pastors in attendance learned a bit about the history and vision for this ministry from Pastor Keith Waggoner from Nampa's Grace Bible Church. TGC was created to serve as a donation-based bridge for individuals who are waiting on hold for support services and need a listening ear in the meantime. To learn more about the ministry of TGC, go to https://www.gracecenter.com/. +>j


Join my pastoral guest host, Rev. Jarid Hundley, and me on Monday at 11a MDT as we talk with Rev. Kenny Wade about ministering with/to young adults on "Iron Sharpens Iron," our NNU-Clergy peer dialogue. If you'd like a free link to our live Monday sessions, please email [email protected] and we'll be happy to provide it. Hope you can join us! +>j


I'm really looking forward to working with Rev. Jarid Hundley as my pastoral guest host for May. Jarid is the lead pastor of Evanston (WY) Revive Church of the Nazarene where he and his wife Kelli have been serving since 2019 on the Rocky Mountain District. A graduate of Nazarene Theological Seminary and Nazarene Bible College, Jarid strives to model an incarnational ministry characterized by sharing life with others and embodying a Wesleyan understanding of holiness. Join us on Monday 6 May as Jarid and I talk with Rev. Kenny Wade about "Ministering With/To Young Adults;" on 13 May Rev. R.J. Montis and Rev. David Filsinger will share what it's like to be "Modern-Day Circuit Riders" as they lead more than a single congregation at a time; and finally, NNU's Pres. Joel K. Pearsall will help us wrap up our fifth season on 20 May by sharing some updates related to our university and beyond. I hope you'll join Jarid and me this month for some engaging conversations of interest to clergy today. Blessings! +>j


Many thanks to Rev. Michael ONeill for his excellent work as my pastoral guest host this past month on "Iron Sharpens Iron," our NNU-Clergy peer dialogue. On Monday, Mike and I had a great conversation with one of my former students, Rev. Christopher Cruz Osorio, who shared some fascinating insights about the multicultural, multi-site youth ministry he is leading at the Rockingham (VA) Church of the Nazarene. Chris is an NNU alumnus who is making a real difference in young people in more than one language. If you missed Monday's session, you're welcome to tune in via our archive on Vimeo at https://vimeo.com/showcase/7100398. Enjoy! +>j

The Wisdom Literature 04/30/2024

So proud to see the work of my former NNU colleague, Dr. A. Wendell Bowes, still being published after his untimely death in 2023. Wendell was an incredible scholar with a heart for helping students learn to love the Bible, especially the Old Testament. I'm looking forward to picking up a copy, and I hope you will consider it, too. +>j

The Wisdom Literature In this volume of the Reading and Interpreting the Bible Series, A. Wendell Bowes expertly guides readers in interpreting insightful writings of Proverbs, Job, and Ecclesiastes, and applying their lessons to everyday life.

2024 GRADUATION WEEKEND - Northwest Nazarene University 04/29/2024

For anyone who is interested in information about NNU's commencement exercises this weekend, this link will outline the times and locations of our baccalaureate on Friday and two commencement exercises on Saturday; in addition, this link also includes streaming links for those who cannot participate in person this weekend. Enjoy! +>j

2024 GRADUATION WEEKEND - Northwest Nazarene University Event Details *Tickets are not required to attend Baccalaureate or Commencement. Friday, May 3, 2024, 6:30 p.m. — Undergraduate Baccalaureate Ceremony (Brandt Center) Baccalaureate is a religious service that includes […]


It's very gratifying to see my former students making a significant difference in ministry. Today I'm blessed by the preaching ministry of Rev. Tyson Gusman, an NNU alumnus of whom I'm extremely proud. A good morning at Real Life Community, indeed! +>j


Earlier this Spring, I had the opportunity to reconnect with one of my former students, Rev. Chris Cruz Osorio at the 2024 Nazarene Youth International (NYI) Leadership Conference, which NNU sponsored on our campus.

Chris graduated from NNU in 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts degrees in Multicultural Leadership & Christian Ministry. In addition to serving with Virginia NYI, he primarily serves as the pastor of Student Ministries at the Church of the Nazarene, a multicultural and multicampus church in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

My pastoral guest host for April, Rev. Mike O'Neill, will be back with us on Monday after his vacation to Hawaii. Please join us as we talk with Chris about doing youth ministry in a multicultural and multicampus church.


Photos from NNU Office of University Mission & Ministry's post 04/21/2024

Last Sunday, I had a great time worshiping in Gig Harbor, Washington, where my friend and former student (both as a grad student, as well as a Nazarene Caravans student!) Dr. Keegan Lenker welcomed one of our first-year students who shared her testimony of coming out of the Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) group. She offered a gripping testimony of what God's grace and mercy means for her today, as well as how she's experiencing it today on our campus. So proud of Gentle! +>j.

Photos from NNU Office of University Mission & Ministry's post 04/21/2024

Had a good time with so many pastors, friends, and former students at the 74th assembly for the Alaska District Church of the Nazarene, which was held in Soldotna. My friend and former seminary classmate, Dr. David Busic, led our meetings and preached so well. Rev. Paul Hartley announced that he plans to retire at next year's assembly. He has done a commendable job strengthening the district, as well as its ties to NNU. Kudos to my former student, Rev.Paul David Dial, and his congregation for their gracious hospitality. A great week, indeed!


So good to worship at the Jewel Lake Church of the Nazarene in Anchorage this morning -- even though I had to duck out a bit early to catch my flight to Seattle, which Delta moved up on me. This congregation has invested significantly in NNU across the years, including the personal contributions of Pastor MJ Quick, who served for many years on our Alumni Board; Maria Quick, who serves as an NNU trustee, and Mike Zahare, who serves as the chair of NNU's board of trustees. Such a warm welcome and great spirit of worship in this multi-generational, multicultural congregation! +>j


I hope you will join us on Monday for a conversation with Dr. Jaron Graham and Dr. Elizabeth Graham, the co-pastors at Nexus Church on the Oregon Pacific District. They will be sharing about co-pastorates and other contexts in which both spouses are in ministry, including both the benefits and challenges. We look forward to hearing from them and hope you will plan to join us at 11a MDT on Monday! +>j


Congratulations to Rev. Ev Tustin, pastor of Kent Hillside Church of the Nazarene, who was elected on the first ballot today at the Washington Pacific District in Tumwater, Washington. Looking forward to Ev's leadership on this dynamic district! +>j


One of the best parts of my position is that I am able to see my former students impacting our world for Christ. Today I'm honored to welcome my friend and former student, Rev. Ryan O'Neill, to "Iron Sharpens Iron," our free, weekly, online NNU-Clergy peer dialogue as he talks with us about what digital engagement means for the Church. Join us live at 11a MDT for today's session with Ryan by emailing [email protected] for a link. We'd love for you to join us! +>j


I am more than a little late in keeping up with my Facebook postings with respect to my travel. But this week, President Joel K. Pearsall and I are at the Northwest District Assembly in Kennewick, Washington, along with our NNU colleagues Rev. Richard Vasquez, Rev. Ashley Gage, and Lindsay Lindsay Mittelstaedt Kuhl. Earlier today, I was fortunate to spend some time with Pastor Lesley Hansher and the district's Young Clergy Network. So proud of this gifted group of young adults with a great heart for Christ! +>j


On episode 119 of yesterday's "Iron Sharpens Iron" NNU-Clergy peer dialogue, Rev. Michael O'Neill and I spoke with Rev. Mike Johnson, CEO of the Union Gospel Mission in Yakima. To view yesterday's episode from our archive, go to https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/932579667, and to view the award-winning documentary titled "A New High," which tells the compelling story of residents Mike worked with several years ago in Seattle and how they summited Mount Rainier, go to https://tubitv.com/movies/671518/a-new-high for a full-length video in its entirety (with some commercials, as well as some salty language on occasion). So grateful to Mike for his willingness to help us think creatively about how we can work together for good! +>j


Here's one last reminder about what's in store for today's episode of "Iron Sharpens Iron," our online, weekly NNU-Clergy peer dialogue. Using innovative approaches and trauma research, Rev. Mike Johnson has led Yakima's Union Gospel Mission into a thriving, multi-faceted ministry that is changing lives, serving thousands, and leading people into productive, healthy lives with Christ as the central motivation. A former Army Ranger and pastor, we'll be talking with Mike about what issues drive the homeless crisis, and what it can mean for local churches to work together for good with local ministries like YUGM. Join my pastoral guest host, Rev. Mike O'Neill, and me as we learn more about joining in meaningful ministry partnerships. If you don't already have our link to these free, live sessions, please email [email protected] before 9:30a MDT today. +>j


Our softball team is working hard to support one of their fellow athletes. If you are a softball fan, you really should come over and supportive our Nighthawks!

The NNU softball team will be hosting an Epilepsy Awareness & Fundraiser event for one of our own Nighthawks, senior Abigail Gagnon, during the home softball weekend of April 19-20 against Western Oregon.

The fundraiser is to raise money for a service dog that can help alert Abby ahead of potential seizures, along with helping to cover general medical bills and other expenses.


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