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Foundations in Genesis


Our speaker for our January Meeting will be Thomas Hamilton and he will be speaking on The Cornerstone of Creation: Jesus, Genealogies, Noah's Flood, and Information (Dinosaur DNA).

Wed, Jan. 23 at 7:00 p.m. Heritage Christian Church, 1648 North Washington, Suite 104 in Emmett.

Thurs, Jan. 23 at 12:30 p.m. Gem County Homeschoolers at Emmett High School in the Cert Building, 619 West 12th St.

Thurs, Jan. 24 at 7:00 p.m. Heritage Bible Church, 7071 West Emerald in Boise

Fri, Jan. 25 at 1:00 p.m. Homeschoolers Group at Nampa Library, 215 12th Avenue in Nampa.

Fri, Jan. 25 at 7:00 p.m. New Hope Baptist Church, 1829 West Iowa in Nampa

Sat, Jan. 26 at 2:00 p.m. Celebration Church of God, 585 N.W. First Street in Ontario.

Hope to see you at one of our meetings.
Foundations in Genesis in Idaho (FIGI) April Speaker

Dennis Petersen

Dennis is the Founder and President of the Creation Resource Foundation and the author of Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation seminar, book and video curriculum and lives in Texas,

The Cave Man Myth: Exposing the Modern Beginnings of FAKE NEWS

• What is the real history of humanists inventing man’s beginning without his Biblical Creator?
• What Biblical clues predict discoveries actually made about earliest mankind?
• Was Neanderthal Man really smarter than modern people?
• Why do evolutionists deliberately hide the truth about the real history of the world?
• Let’s see real evidence that original man was created by God and the Bible is true.

Admission is free to all events.

April 26, Thur. at 7:00 pm Boise
Heritage Bible Church, 7071 West Emerald

April 27, Fri. at 1:00 pm Nampa
Nampa Library, 215 12th Avenue South
(Homeschool Group) Topic: Truth About Dinosaurs

April 27, Fri. at 7:00 pm Nampa
New Hope Baptist Church, 1829 West Iowa

April 28, Sat. at 2:00 p.m. Ontario
Celebration Church of God, 585 N.W. First Street

Gem County

April 25, Wed. at 7:00 pm Emmett
Calvary Chapel Emmett, 498 West Idaho Blvd

April 26, Thur. at 12:35 p.m. Emmett
Gem County Homeschoolers Meeting at Cert Bldg at Emmett High School
Topic: The Flood: Fact or Myth, Global or Local
Everyone is welcome
March Meeting

Speaker, Stan Lutz, curator of the Northwest Science Museum
He has been to Peru with Dennis Swift and Dr. Carl Baugh on a research trip. He spent time at Sacred Valley, Cusco, Machu Picchu, Nazca, and Ica. He went into the back rooms of museums and saw the ancient surgical instruments and other things that show very advance technology.

TOPIC: Peru, the land that defies evolutionary theories.

Peru, a land that defies evolution. The ancient buildings there we can no longer build today; we don’t have the technology to build them. The cloth used to wrap the mummies is incredibly finely woven. The pottery and vases have pictures on them that defy what we are being taught today. The rock carvings are incredible. The Nazca Lines and Palpa Lines, How did these ancients know what dinosaurs looked like? What about the ancient aqueducts? How did they build these huge monuments? What sort of technology did they have?

SCHEDULE: Admission is free to all events (an offering will be taken)

March 21, Wed. at 7:00 pm Emmett
Gem Community Church, 708 North Washington Ave, Emmett

March 22, Thur. at 7:00 pm Boise
Heritage Bible Church, 7071 West Emerald, Boise

March 23, Fri. at 1:00 pm Meridian
Meridian Library, 1326 West Cherry Lane, Meridian
(Homeschool Group)

March 23, Fri. at 7:00 pm Nampa
New Hope Baptist Church, 1829 West Iowa, Nampa

Contact: Rob and Linda Hambleton
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (208) 697-4424
FIGI is starting again with their monthly meetings starting this January 2018.

Our speaker will be Thomas Kindell, Ph.D., Philosophy of Theology and Apologetics.

TOPIC: God Invented Everything First -- Biomimetics
Admission is free to all events (an offering will be taken)

Wed, January 24 at 7:00 in Emmett at Heritage Christian Church, 1648 North Washington Avenue, Suite 104

Thursday, January 25 at 7:00 in Boise at Heritage Bible Church, 7071 West Emerald.

Friday, January 26 at 1:00 at West Ada Community Library, 10664 West Victory Road in Boise

Friday, January 26 at 7:00 in Nampa at New Hope Baptist Church, 1829 West Iowa.

Please invite your friends and please share with your facebook friends. Help us get the word out.

FIGI’s mission is to equip people to know how to defend the biblical worldview in science and origin. "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."

Foundations In Genesis is a science organization dedicated to equipping people through historic & cutting edge science that supports a biblical worldview, a Creator and the need for a Savior. Presentations, workshops & field adventures featuring experts in their fields are offered through public venue's, schools and churches encouraging critical thinking along with the understanding of factual sci

Operating as usual


Speaking events resume in January!

Photos from Foundations in Genesis's post 10/30/2023

Our last field trip of 2023 will be Saturday November 11th. We’ll be heading to Crater Rings and the Bruneau Woodpile.

Check our events for more details and RSVP information!

Photos from Foundations in Genesis's post 10/28/2023

Thank you for coming to Dr Frank Sherwin’s talk tonight on: Predation, Poisons, Pathology & Parasites!

We appreciate your support!


Thank you for joining us today at the Nampa library for Dr Frank Sherwin’s incredible talk: Hummingbirds by Design.

Photos from Foundations in Genesis's post 10/27/2023

Come check out the ICR book table and the FIGI fossil table at our current events!


Thank you for joining us to listen to Pat Roy’s topic: Reaching Students with the Creation Message

Thanks for participating in experiments such as Cloud in a Bottle and the Mutation Game!

More importantly, thank you for supporting our mission with your attendance, hosting our events and for your generous donations.

You are helping to bring these incredible Creation speakers to the Treasure Valley and share the hope found in God’s Word.

Photos from Foundations in Genesis's post 10/01/2023

We typically have a FIGI event in Ontario on Saturday, but our host church was unable to host FIGI this month.

We took our provided time to take visiting speaker Pat Roy to Succor Creek State Natural Area to the fossilized leaf site.

Photos from Foundations in Genesis's post 09/30/2023

Thank you for joining us tonight to hear about the Journey to Novarupta!

What an incredible volcanic event! Can you imagine an eruption 🌋 30 times greater than Mount St. Helens?!

What amazing evidence for the worldwide flood and geology pointing to the historical record of the Bible.

Journey to Novarupta (Trailer) 09/29/2023

Here is the trailer for: Journey to Novarupta movie/documentary which our speaker Pat Roy with Creation Quest along with several ministries took 10 years to produce!

Journey to Novarupta (Trailer) After 10 years of production, we’re excited to announce an amazing new documentary on a topic that most creationists have never heard about … Novarupta! This...


Thanks for joining us for Pat Roy’s cloud-making experiment. Join us for our next events tonight and Sunday!

Photos from Foundations in Genesis's post 09/29/2023

Thank you all for joining us at the Nampa Library for Pat Roy’s talk on: Debunking Flat Earth.

We sure loved seeing you all make clouds! It was also fun to shake up those sediments like a catastrophic flood to then reveal the many layers!


Check out the incredible adventure of Journey to Novarupta! Our speaker Pat Roy with Creation Quest and several ministries worked 10 years to produce this adventure for all to experience.

Today, Genesis Apologetics has released our new documentary, Journey to Novarupta!

And the exciting news? You can purchase or rent your own copy -- or watch it for FREE! Maybe something to see as a family this weekend?

To support the project, you can rent or purchase the movie without commercials here:

Or watch it for FREE with commercials here:

This documentary has been 10 years in the making! To learn more about the project, please go to:

Photos from Foundations in Genesis's post 09/28/2023

Wow! We had to add several rows of chairs for tonight’s event with Pat Roy talking about Mount Saint Helens!

Thank you for attending our event and for supporting our ministry!

For those of you who missed tonight’s event, check out our other listed events with Pat Roy through Sunday!

Photos from Foundations in Genesis's post 09/17/2023

We had a great time hunting fossil leaves today and discussing how these fossils from former Lake Idaho were preserved from catastrophic flooding events.

Photos from Foundations in Genesis's post 09/11/2023

Check our events!

Photos from Foundations in Genesis's post 09/11/2023

We hope to see you Saturday!


Stay tuned!


A reminder of our past, present, and future anchored in God's truth.

God formed the world from water and judged it with water. There is a reason that flood stories can be found in every culture. Mankind remembers that terrible judgement.

A final judgement is to come, after which God will make all things anew. A perfect world like the first one, but even better.

Let us not be scoffers but believers, looking forward to a future where righteousness dwells.

Arches National Park: Sculptures from the Flood | The Institute for Creation Research 08/09/2023

The water from a global flood explains how the beautiful arches were formed.

Arches National Park: Sculptures from the Flood | The Institute for Creation Research Brian Thomas, Ph.D., and Tim Clarey, Ph.D. West of the Rocky Mountains in Utah, Arches National Park preserves some 2,000 natural stone arches. Only a handful of them have the grandeur to attract large crowds, and these are glorious! Countless cameras have captured these vaulted and sculpted sandsto...


In the midst of uncertainty, our refuge is in God. The fear of what man can do fades in the light of His steadfast promises. 🙏✨

The Bonebed Mystery at Hanson Ranch 06/23/2023

The fossil record points to catastrophic events. Have you heard of the Wyoming bonebed contained in the Lance Formation?

The Bonebed Mystery at Hanson Ranch The Hanson Ranch Bonebed provides us with incredible insight into what the world was like during the global Flood of Noah’s day and was a historic, cataclysmic event that served as judgement upon a world wrought with mankind’s wickedness and the violence of both man and beast that then existed a...


These are Edmontosaurus bones, in the Hell Creek formation near Glendive Montana. They are not “rock”, they are not per-mineralized and can be decalcified using modern hospital techniques for processing bone and soft tissue recovery and examination. We were able to get a small jaw piece for our ongoing research and publication efforts.

Photos from Foundations in Genesis's post 05/30/2023

Our fossil gal and board member, Melody Dunne, headed to Glendive, Montana to join a dig with the Dinosaur Soft Tissue Research Institute! Dr. Mark Armitage is making incredible discoveries with his microscopy research on dinosaur bones.

They worked on continued excavation of a nearly complete edmontosaurus that was discovered last year. The land owner, Shana Baisch, provided a section of the lower jaw to be used for soft tissue research.

Melody also collected dinosaur float bone, and Shana Baisch provided plenty of new fossils for the fossil display table! There are ammonites and clams from nodules, alligator and turtle portions, and a triceratops or Edmontosaurus vertebrae!

Finally, Melody also has cast replicas of a triceratops brow bone, edmontosaurus bone with T-Rex 🦖 tooth indentations as well as the dome of a pachycephalosaurus to allow kids to touch when our meetings resume!


Geology camp hosted by our April speaker Patrick Nurre.

Patrick Nurre of Northwest Treasures, Geology, will be your teacher and host for this fun and enriching time together, as we discover how to defend Genesis through Geological Apologetics!

Enjoy activities like:

▪Rock identification in the field
▪Fossil dig project
▪Fluorescent rock demonstration
▪Fascinating talks on creation, the Flood, and geology
▪Kayaking, swimming, paddle boarding, cart races, pony rides, archery, ping pong, and so much more!
▪Time and restrictions permitting, we may make a side trip to Dry Falls, the Scablands/Missoula Flood area, and the Columbia Flood basalts.

Outside of classes, there will be plenty of time to enjoy the Ranch. There is so much to do!

▪Kayaking, swimming, and paddle boarding
▪Cart races and pony rides
▪Ping pong, pool, and gaga ball
▪Much more!

Save your space today! >>>

Photos from Foundations in Genesis's post 05/07/2023

Thanks for trekking into the desert with us on our half-day field trip to Oreana! We were thankful for such nice weather today!

We enjoyed seeing all of the desert animals and Lake Idaho fossils your families discovered.


We can’t wait to see you tomorrow morning for our field trip to Oreana!

If you’d like to make a donation for the trip or for the geological handout, you can bring cash or send to our Venmo. Just let Linda know in the morning!

(Suggested donation $5 per family)

Photos from Foundations in Genesis's post 05/01/2023

We hope to see you this Saturday for a fossil field trip!

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We hope you can join us for our last event of 2023!
How did this massive crater form?
We love to bring creation speakers to you as well as let you get hands on with local and regional fossils and rocks! Bri...
Dr Frank Sherwin of ICR is a zoologist and studies parasites! His view of creation is so detailed while speaking about a...
Come say hi to Linda and be sure to get on our email list so you hear about our events early!
Come see Melody at the fossil table and get hands on with local and regional fossils!
Local and regional fossils and replicas!
Incredible resources from ICR.




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