Natural Born Learner

Natural Born Learner

Dr. Mallory Laravie ✨Advocate and Instructional Coach✨ Hi! My name is Mallory! I'm a teacher turned advocate for diverse learners and their families.

I am passionate about bridging the gaps within education through working with students directly, consulting families, as well as consulting schools/community organizations on how to better meet the needs of diverse learners. Since starting my journey in education, I have dreamed of a world where children with different learning needs are recognized for their abilities, not disabilities, in high-qu

Operating as usual


Parents, educators, parents who are educators, and every one else in between:


One thing I’ve learned in the field of education is in order to see you results you have to be UNSTOPPABLE 👍🏻


Preach it to the choir 📢📢📢

EVERYBODY is capable of learning.

You just gotta find what’s right for each person and work with their strengths💪🏻


Mama, I made it!!! 🍾🍾🍾

I have to get used to being called Dr. Laravie! ✍🏻

Earned!! ✔️✔️✔️✔️


Progress only happens when stepping out of your comfort zone!

Keep working towards those dreams.



But why does it? Yes, there are some difficult conversations that need to be had, but the core focus should be what is best for the child. ✏️

Let’s collaborate, not combat! 🤝


Excited to announce that Natural Born Learner is partnered with Unite Us! 😁

Unite Us is a cross-sector collaboration software powered by community. 👩‍🏫

This collaboration allows NBL to receive referrals from other community organizations and streamline the on-boarding process.

Services that NBL offer include:❗️❗️❗️
Instructional Coaching
Parent Consulting

Lets connect! 🤩🤩🤩


To all the girls who were told growing up, “your mouth is gonna get you in trouble”……

Keep being an advocate!

Timeline photos 04/12/2023

Remember: You can’t do it all yourself 🤝

Exciting news April 18 🤞🏻


I have something exciting in the works! Be on the lookout for the announcement! 🤫🤫🤫


It’s the law!!! You have to follow a students IEP.

They are in place to help a student succeed.


You will burnout if you try and take on everything yourself! 😩

Lean into the support around you 🤝

Natural Born Learner on TikTok 03/15/2023

Thank you Center for the Collaborative Classroom !

Can’t wait to use it 📚

Natural Born Learner on TikTok First timer over here!! Gotta work on those camera angles 😵‍💫


Prep, prep, prep!! ✏️

You don’t need to have all of the bells and whistles, but you do need to be prepared! 📚

When there is down time or unclear objectives that leaves room for students to have behaviors or become unfocused. 🤪

NBL can help with curriculum development and lesson design:


Louder!!! 📣📣📣📣📣

Check out my blog post providing quick tips on how to balance work/life:

“What type of balls are you juggling? Teacher Edition.” 🪩


I am that person and I want to help YOU! 🫵🏻🫵🏻🫵🏻

We know these things are a problem, but what are you and your school doing to try to solve them.

DM me for ways we can collaborate or check out the website to schedule a 30 minute chat with me!


Where are my 90s babies?!

You know where this quote is from!

Keep chasing those dreams ✨


It’s our job as educators to not let this happen!!

One of NBL’s goals is to help parents through the IEP process. 🤓

Send me a DM to find out how we can work together!



Message me to find out how NBL can help your school!


Let’s be done with all this BS 🙄

At NBL we coach both teachers and parents regarding what should or should not be in an IEP.

#2022 #2023

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We know you need it!

Photos from Natural Born Learner's post 12/20/2022

One of the most forgotten and FREE community resource for individuals to use! 😆😆

Resources are available for people of all ages!

I stress to my students and their families the importance of utilizing this resource due to the amount of different activities and guidance they can offer!

SWIPE to check it out!


New year, new goals❕❕❕

We hear it all the time and it can be overwhelming!

Check out the new blog post for quick and easy tips for setting goals this upcoming year:


Is this on anyone else’s Christmas list❓❓❓❓

Often times during instructional decision making SPED students aren’t considered in the conversation.

Aren’t we as educators supposed to make sure all instruction is accommodated/ modified to meet the needs of ALL students? The answer is YES‼️‼️

NBL can help schools and teachers with instructional planning for these groups of students, find out more at

Timeline photos 12/07/2022

One of my most treasures memories while teaching. This small act can make such a huge impact on a student's day. These were some of the times that students would feel comfortable enough to open up about something that was bothering them, share a story, or simply just share a laugh. Building these types of relationships is key!

SO sweet 🤍


STRESS is the leading cause of teacher burnout, which ultimately can lead to teachers leaving the field of education 😩😩😩

Surprised? Me, no.

Here are some quick tips that could help reduce the potential day to day stress of a teacher.

Want more tips and tricks???
Go to:


December is here, time to spread some Christmas cheer! 🎅🏻🧑🏻‍🎄🎄

What are your goals this month??

Leave them in the comments below and give this post a share ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️


Like come on, let’s focus on what really needs attention from school districts/ policy makers 🙄


Ever feel like you can't truly say what you want to during an IEP meeting? 🙋‍♀️

Unfortunately, it's a common feeling but shouldn't be!! ❌

NBL can support you during the IEP process to help navigate situations and amplify your voice!! 🎤

Check out our services at:


Get your mind out of the gutter!! 🤣

I've tried something new with "audio blogging". You can either listen to short snippets of audio or read transcription of text.

What are your glass balls and rubber balls❓

Leave them in the comments below after you give the blog a listen!


New month, New goals! 👍

The focus is on YOU this month. What do you need in order to be your best self?

Self-care is so important in protecting our mental health and being the best version of ourselves we can be. 👏

Don't forget you are the most imporant person in your life❗️❗️❗️


Spooky scary, huh!?!?!?

Here are just a very limited amount of reasons why teachers are FED UP.

We gotta keep speaking out on these issues, maybe the information will get into the right hands and there will be a change.

It's sad when some of the best teachers I know leave the field due to things that can be fixed.


Teachers, is this statistic alarming to you? 🚨🚨🚨

Probably not.

NBL can help schools by collaborating on how to address the needs of SPED teachers and aid with teacher retention.

Check out our services,


🔊 Teachers and Parents 🔊

Kids are going to answer with, "I don't know 🤷‍♀️". We do it as adults!

Rather than scold them, get annoyed, or frustrated... Provide alternatives!

This is a skill that needs to be taught explicitly to children.

I love this visual for the following reasons listed! ✍


Sometimes receiving not favorable news or a diagnosis can seem devastating.

In the moment, it can feel like future dreams are at risk because something hasn't gone according to plan.

However, everything happens for a reason and how you navigate tough situations is up to you.

Gratitude is the attitude! There is light in every situation, you just need to find that light! 🌟 ✨


Happy Wednesday! ✨💖🪩

Needed this little reminder today. You never know what someone truly is going through.

Treat everyone with kindness 🙂

Photo Cred: Morgan Harper Nichols


Don't let fear and anxiety get in the way of your dreams. Easier said than done, right?

Have you faced just one fear this year? There are 82 days left in 2022. How are you gonna use those days to your advantage.

Share this post with someone who needs a motivational boost!

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