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A school for empathetic, curious, hard-working, and smart students who want to explore the world and develop into 21st century leaders.

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What are your enrollment plans for 2024-2025? Looking for alternatives? University School of the Lowcountry is enrolling for the 2024-2025 school year.

We are hosting two Admissions Open Houses in your neighborhood: May 15th on Daniel Island and May 23rd Downtown.

Join us to learn from Head of School Jason Kreutner, USL faculty, parents and students why USL is like no other independent school in the Lowcountry.

For students grades 3-12, USL is a non-sectarian, co-educational independent school with a rigorous curriculum that is highly personalized, a robust experiential learning model boasting over 30 field trips per year, and unique Signature Programs.

Photos from University School of the Lowcountry's post 05/08/2024

Seeds to Shoreline!

Middle School students traveled to DNR's Marine Resources Center on Fort Johnson to participate in the Seeds to Shoreline program through the Clemson Extension, SC Department of Natural Resources, and S.C. Sea Grant Consortium! It’s a fun and educational stewardship opportunity to help the local environment by collecting, growing, and replanting marsh grass (Sporobolus alterniflorus)! We are grateful for our hosts from Clemson, Bea and Madison, and to Science teacher Maya Rawls for orchestrating this learning experience.

We are annual participants in this program (over 15 years). and it is the only student-driven salt marsh restoration project in South Carolina. It's a fun and educational way to help our local environment. University School also takes part in the annual Beach Sweep (we partner with the IOP Exchange Club) in the Fall and regularly assists in SCORE (South Carolina Oyster Recycling and Enhancement Program) also at Fort Johnson.

Photos from University School of the Lowcountry's post 05/05/2024


We took a small group to explore this decade-old art celebration in Lake City. It was amazing to see the whole community committed to this venture — including art at traditional galleries and in places of business and in public all over town. We were warmly embraced and welcomed, and we enjoyed seeing youth and adult-created art in a wide variety of mediums and formats. We’ll be back!

We also visited the Dr. Ron McNair Life History Center (Lake City native and astronaut who perished in the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster).

Photos from University School of the Lowcountry's post 05/04/2024

Students in 4th and 5th grade Math classes made cardboard animals this week. Using shapes they could measure, they calculated total volume for their animal. What fun!

Photos from University School of the Lowcountry's post 05/02/2024

Middle School Class of 2024 Graduation -- our 16th!

The students planned, shopped for, and prepared lunch for their families, the faculty, and the student body. At the grocery store with Chef Blake the day before, they learned insights to help when shopping, determining freshness of produce, price comparisons, item substitution, etc.

In addition to this gesture of gratitude, they delivered poignant, funny, and powerful speeches thanking the same. The ceremony concluded with slideshows about each graduate. As always, these traditions make for an emotional and beautiful day!

Photos from University School of the Lowcountry's post 05/02/2024

Middle School Class of 2024 graduation today — our 16th! Congratulations!

The students planned, shopped for, and prepared lunch for their families, the faculty, and the student body. In addition to this gesture of gratitude, they delivered poignant, funny, and powerful speeches thanking the same. The ceremony concluded with slideshows about each graduate. As always, these traditions make for an emotional and beautiful day!


Join us for an Admissions Open House next month!

May 2nd- Mount Pleasant (USL campus)
May 15th- Daniel Island Rec Center
May 23rd- Downtown Charleston at McMahon Playground Cmty Ctr

There are 3 opportunities for prospective students and families to gather more information about enrollment and the 2024-2025 school year admissions process.

USL is a learning environment like none other in the Lowcountry. Where rigorous academic intersect intensive experiential learning. Experiencing the world beyond the classroom walls guides students to excel and be thoughtful, engaged citizens for our future.

Join current students, parents and faculty to learn about USL's Signature Programs and discover what makes a USL education exceptional!


Making Cookies to Prepare for Moving Up Day!

For our 5th Grade students, Thursday will include some traditions to mark the move to Middle School this Fall. They include echoes of rituals that are seen at the 8th and 12th grade graduations at University School.

Our Intermediate School (Third-Fifth Grade) students made cookies for the graduates, their families, and the faculty. Our students regularly learn and practice kitchen skills, and making cookies takes time (which makes this a meaningful gesture instead of just purchasing them). They’ll enjoy them after each Fifth Grade student publicly reads a personal piece (that inspired them or that they wrote) to this group. Then they’ll each, separately, “run up the stairs” to symbolically join the older students — who will all be waiting for them and cheering them on!

This is all similar to the other graduations that we’ll see in the final weeks of the year.

Middle School
Each graduate will give a 5-6 minute speech of gratitude to their family, teachers, and fellow students. They also will design and prepare a lunch for everyone to enjoy. The event will conclude with a slideshow of each student.

Upper School
Each graduate will give an open-ended speech to mark the end of their journey at University School. Other members of our High School will prepare and share a slideshow of each graduate. The Faculty will prepare food and refreshments to enjoy with the graduates, their families, and the faculty — to honor the graduates at this significant milestone.

Photos from University School of the Lowcountry's post 04/24/2024

PURE Theatre’s "Shakespeare's Lovers and Fools" by Gaillard Center on the Road!

We enjoyed an introduction, a performance of several scenes from William Shakespeare's works (Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Two Gentlemen of Verona), an interactive exploration of the play-within-a-play technique, and a Q&A session. Kudos to the cast of College of Charleston students who are interning with PURE Theatre. They were dynamic, engaging, funny, and talented!

Many thanks to the Gaillard Center for making this opportunity possible. The PURE Theatre is one of the Lowcountry' most vibrant centers of acting and contemporary storytelling, and our students loved the passion, skill, and engagement of the cast and the founders, Sharon Graci & Rodney Lee Rogers (who directed today's performance).

In the Fall, PURE regaled us with a production of "Shakespeare's Truth to Power" on our campus. This included several of the Bard's works (Hamlet, King Lear, Richard III, As You Like it, Macbeth, and Julius Caesar), a Q&A session, and then a raft of theatre exercises and games with the cast.

Our students in grades 6-12 read one of William Shakespeare's plays each year, and our Intermediate School (grades 3-5) students explore a different children's adaptation. As each year winds down, Upper School students adapt, stage, direct, and film a version starring our students. We then watch the production together on one of our final days of the year. Recent years include Julius Caesar, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Hamlet, Macbeth, and more. Shakespeare's works are so influential that direct familiarity is imperative. This Spring our students are reading Romeo and Juliet (Middle School) and Twelfth Night (Upper School).


Open House for Interested Students and Families

Thursday, May 2 (6:00-7:15 PM)

If you have a student who is smart, curious, kind, University School of the Lowcountry could be an ideal place for them to learn and grow. You are invited to join us for an Admissions Open House for prospective students and families for the 2024-2025 school year. We are also open to exploring current year transfers to safeguard your child's love of learning and spirit if August is just too far away.

Geared to high-achieving and empathetic students in grades 3-12, USL balances an exceptional individualized academic program for high-achieving students with experiential learning, leadership development, civics, community service, wellness, and more.

Our faculty are empowered, caring, and passionate, and they have garnered 4 South Carolina State Teacher of the Year honors -- Elementary, Middle, and High School levels -- in the past 5 years!

If we may be the right place for your child, then we hope you'll contact us about attending this event. It entails a gathering on our campus for refreshments, conversation, and a chance to learn more about USL. Current students, parents, and teachers will be on hand. If this event is not convenient, you can contact us to schedule an individual tour at a mutually convenient time.

USL also features daily PE in the morning for all students, and our hallmark Learning Outside the Classroom program entails weekly field experiences (one day per week). We believe in learning by doing, and teachers are encouraged to venture with their students into the community and to bring speakers into the School.

The event will begin at 6:00 p.m. at USL’s campus (690 Coleman Blvd. in Mount Pleasant) and last until 7:15 p.m. Please contact Tasha Tirpak to learn more and inquire about attending ([email protected]) or 843-884-0902.

Photos from University School of the Lowcountry's post 04/20/2024

The Annual Dinner and Talent Show was a fun evening! It was neat to see the students share their diverse array of talents (on the stage and behind the scenes), and the food and fellowship completed the evening! We have singers, poets, puppeteers, comedians, dancers, engineers, musicians, parodists, and more! Many thanks to Tiffany Thompson -- she organized this amazing student-produced show!

And when the evening is done, as always, we cleaned everything up and went home!

Photos from University School of the Lowcountry's post 04/19/2024

Another wonderful World Languages Day in the books! World Languages Day is an annual event put on by the Global Languages Department to celebrate the languages and cultures our students study through cultural activities, food, art, competitions, and more!

This year the Intermediate School students participated in an indoor Las Carreras de “San Fermin” (aka Running with the Bulls) followed by the Mandarin class practicing with chopsticks. The Upper School German class presented a film they acted in, directed, and edited reenacting Little Red Riding Hood in German.

There was also a Salsa demonstration and interactive presentation by Holy City Salsa’s Kala Kannisto and a Palio Chariot Race performed by the Latin classes.

Our community came together to share in a wonderful and bountiful culinary adventure with foods from all over the world, thanks to the students and their parents. Join us next year for the festivities!


Our Annual World Languages' Day Celebration is tomorrow - Wednesday, April 17.

Please enjoy this slideshow video from the 2014 edition.

University School students sang and performed Spanish and Mandarin songs and dances. We also enjoyed a Peruvian dancer and a Flamenco guitarist. Latin students created their own version of the Italian Il Palio horse race, and lunch featured foods from the languages that students study (Spanish, Latin and Mandarin). Some of our friends from the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians also traveled down to spend the day on campus and regaled us with a presentation, dancing, and crafts!

Our students love to look at photos from past years, hear about prior experiences, learn about the history of University School, and discover more about graduates. They understand that the students and faculty who came before mean a lot and helped create the school we have today. These are powerful lessons in commitments and maintaining an understanding and appreciation of those who came before.

Photos from University School of the Lowcountry's post 04/15/2024

Success at the State Science Fair!

Thursday was the SCISA State Science Fair. It was our first time participating. We set our expectations that this would be an initial experience and serve as information-gathering for the future. Well, Maya Rawls and our student participants soared! We had many winners!

Judy Still and Monica Walker - 2nd Place, Elementary School group project
Oliver Gramling and Anika Gottschalk - 2nd Place, Middle School group project
Arjun Dembla - 2rd place, Elementary School computer science project
Coco LeBlanc - 3rd place, Elementary School computer science project

The credit goes to Science Teacher Maya Rawls and all of the students who participated: we are excited for and proud of them! She created an after-school club to work on this competition all-year long, and this group of pioneering students embraced this opportunity.

Robust Science classes are also paired with three our hallmark University School programs:
(1) Learning Outside the Classroom - 30+ field trips for each student each year
(2) Guest Speakers - 30+ expert guest speakers representing a wide array of fields talk with our students each year
(3) Job Shadow program - each student spends a day learning more about a field by shadowing with a professional in that discipline
So inspiration through first-hand experience and meeting and connecting with professionals in different disciplines provides lots of inspiration for our students to draw project ideas from!

The day gave everyone a chance to see the cool and compelling projects being worked on by students across SCISA (our 150+ member school association). Our students also talked with and forged friendships over the day with other students from across South Carolina. The ride home was filled with excitement about future projects, ideas to share the experience with others, and more.

They got a special treat to celebrate, traveled back to campus, and then cleaned up our activity bus before heading home.!

Our gratitude to SCISA Activities, all of the judges and organizers, and the Sumter County Civic Center for hosting this event!

Photos from University School of the Lowcountry's post 04/13/2024

A beautiful morning with our friends along Stall Road!

Students, faculty, and parents were out catching up with families this morning! Working with our Charleston County School District friends from Midland Park, Pinehurst, Stall, Deer Park and more in neighborhoods in North Charleston has entailed 160+ service events since mid-March 2020 and is ongoing. This entails food (shelf-stable and fresh produce), clothes, books, toys, diapers, and paper & cleaning products. Our relationships with these school communities are over a decade old and stem from partnerships forged through the Trident United Way’s Day of Caring.

You can always bring food and diaper donations to our campus and place them in a dedicated box located under the covered sidewalk.

Photos from University School of the Lowcountry's post 04/11/2024

Exploring the Health Sciences at Charleston Southern University!

Upper School students enjoyed learning more about these fields through an array of first-hand experiences

This include an overview of the Colleges of Nursing and Health Sciences (including Physician Assistant Studies), Exploration in Clinical Skills Stations and Simulation Lab Experience, Ultrasound Lecture and Presentation, What is a Clinical Counselor Presentation & interactive activities about introversion and extroversion, and a walking campus tour.

We are grateful to CSU Health Sciences Dean Dr. Gabrielle Poole for organizing the day and to the professors and staff who gave so freely of their time and insights. Spending time with current professors in conversation and asking questions humanizes everyone and reinforces the skills we want our students to have for the future — speaking up, getting to know their professors, seeking assistance for class and professional opportunities, etc. And our students hear over and over during these visits from professors that they WANT to help their students, and they value young people with initiative, drive, civility, and more.

At University School, we want all of our students to have a wide base of experiences. It is a common refrain after a field trip or guest speaker for students to say, "That is not what I expected." Understanding America's health care system, their anatomy, the different professions involved in caring for patients, etc. are valuable for all of our students to have. It also led to a handful indicating that they are interested in exploring these fields more. We do this through smaller interest-tailored field trips and our hallmark Job Shadow program.

Over the 4 years of high school, each student will visit 35+ universities and complete at least 1 course at a college (on the campus of the college, not virtual or at high school). These direct experiences produce capable and confident young people who can navigate college and beyond, build relationships with professors and peers, and more.

We believe in learning first hand and going to the experts. The World is Our Classroom!

Photos from University School of the Lowcountry's post 04/11/2024

Shem Creek Park!

Wednesdays feature Learning Outside the Classroom experiences — a weekly opportunity to meet experts, explore the world first-hand, and more.

While the Upper School was learning about the Health Sciences at Charleston Southern University and some Middle and Intermediate School students were on our annual joint field trip to Bee City with our friends from Pinehurst Elementary, another group walked down Coleman Boulevard to Shem Creek. It was an opportunity to walk, talk, discover, have lunch, and more! Grateful for this fun The Town of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina learning experience that is just down the street from our campus!

Photos from University School of the Lowcountry's post 04/09/2024

Ranky Tanky at the Gaillard Center!

Our students had a blast at the Ranky Tanky concert this week and found it a wonderful complement to Charlton Singleton’s Jazz Day earlier this year and our class and field trip experiences. As Singleton explained at the outset, Ranky Tanky embodies local and Gullah culture ( and are amazing Grammy winners!). We want our students to know their community and the greater world, and this was a valuable experience (and fun!).

As part of our hallmark Learning Outside the Classroom program, we expose our students to a wide array of cultural experiences, everything from dance to musical performances to live theatre, at several local venues.

The Gaillard Center is an incredible boon to young people in the Lowcountry! We are grateful to Sterling deVries, Stephanie Lancaster, Kailey Jones, and all of the Education team, the docents, tech supporters, and the financial benefactors who make these learning opportunities possible. They provide a consistent array of diverse and high-quality arts and cultural programming for schools and homeschool families in a world-class venue, augmented by site-based workshops and programming so that all young people can be reached and inspired. On behalf of the University School of the Lowcountry community, we are thankful and look forward to next year’s lineup!


USL will offer an open house and student-led tour on May 2nd for prospective families. Meet faculty, parents and students to learn more about University School's curriculum, experiential learning and signature programs.

Join us to find out what makes a USL education like none other in the Lowcountry.

Photos from University School of the Lowcountry's post 04/08/2024

Partial Solar Eclipse!

We ended classes and cleaned up the campus early, so we could be outside to experience this rare and special event.

Coverage peaked at 70% at 3:11. This is right during our dismissal. So, we used flexibility and invited parents to join us and stay as long as they’d like. We had eclipse glasses for everyone to keep.

Lots of shared memories from the August 2017 total eclipse, how one could overlook this partial eclipse without special glasses, and the dappling effect the partially obscured sun had on shadows.

It was a fun and educational experience for all of us —- and it was over by 3:49!

The contiguous 48 states will not experience another total solar eclipse until 2044. We’ll be ready!

Photos from University School of the Lowcountry's post 03/28/2024

Several of our students are attending the DIG SOUTH AI Summit conference at the College of Charleston”s Sottile Theatre. It is a unique amalgamation of technology, business, new ideas, and marketing. Our students are having a terrific time learning first-hand as they explore, interact with presenters, and attend sessions. The evolution is now to an AI focus, so hearing from experts and learning first-hand is something we believe in. We’ve been attending since the beginning — happy 12th anniversary!

Photos from University School of the Lowcountry's post 03/27/2024

Spring Service Day!

We have teams of students/faculty/parents at several sites today across the Lowcountry: Lowcountry Orphan Relief, Berkeley Seniors, Fresh Future Farm, Carter-May Senior Living Home, Lowcountry Food Bank, Neighbors Together, and Hibben UMC Preschool.

Integrating service regularly into the curriculum helps cultivate empathetic and community-minded citizens who seek to uplift the world. This means our young people consistently work alongside adults (faculty and parents) in serving others during the school day, and this makes this a permanent habit of the heart. Every student contributes 50+ hours of service per year during regular school hours.


Our Annual Personal Health Symposium with MUSC was today!

All of our students benefited from this full-day opportunity to learn from and engage with physicians from Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). Topics for all students included self-care, hygiene, and managing the common changes associated with puberty. They also discussed tips for staying healthy and safe through these changes and in today’s world, including digital media safety. 7th-12th grade students received education on the basics surrounding human reproduction, sexual maturation, substance use, and mental health awareness.

At University School, we believe in meeting and talking with experts. To help our students understand and navigate changes in themselves and their peers, we launched a partnership with MUSC. Dr. Janice Key, Professor of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, and Director of the MUSC Boeing Center for Children's Wellness, developed and then oversaw our annual joint Personal Health Symposium for over a decade. We are grateful to her! In 2022, she conveyed the leadership of this powerful joint learning opportunity to Dr. Mary Abel, Professor of Pediatrics at MUSC Children’s Health. Dr. Abel came with two senior resident pediatricians to conduct these sessions with our students.

In normal years, we take part in two traditions with MUSC. In December, we visit the main campus and explore 3-4 different departments or aspects. This is so our students are acclimated to hospitals, healthcare workers, etc. Americans who never become comfortable and avoid treatment, being seen by a doctor, etc. is a huge issue in our country. They also get to meet and interact with professionals and learn about the array of job opportunities that exist. Many people think they know what they will do with their life, but they don’t ever go see for themselves. At University School we believe in experiential learning, discovering first-hand for ourselves, and going to the experts! Many students will rule in/rule out prospective careers based on these MUSC experiences, and they also serve as powerful forms of professional development for our faculty.


State Champions x3! We won all three divisions of the SCISA State Math Meet!

- Our Upper School has now claimed the State High School Math Championship twice and been Runners-Up four times in nine years! We had 5 of the top 10 individual competitors, including the top 3.

- It was our Middle School's 9th State Math Championship in 11 years! We had 5 of the top 10 individuals, including the top 2.

- Our grades 3-5 students won the Championship in the inaugural year of competition in this division. We had 4 of the top 10 individuals.

This is quite a testament to our Math program at University School, and the credit goes to our Math teachers in all three divisions: Nikki Brockman, Tiffany Thompson, and Jody Lemmon. We also have a robust student mentoring and leadership program in Math that ranges from students serving as teaching assistants to our collective Math work (paired practice with math flash cards, math fluency games, etc) regularly throughout the year. Our students also benefit from our individualized approach to the subject: students take classes at the level where they need to be. This includes students in the IS taking advanced math (Middle or High School level) when they are ready and US students taking classes beyond Calculus I at the College of Charleston. No other school in the state does this.

Congratulations to the teachers and the students, and our gratitude to SCISA Activities and the Sumter County Civic Center for hosting this event!

Photos from University School of the Lowcountry's post 03/19/2024

This was 8 years ago this week!

We shared this at Morning Meeting today! It gave us an opportunity to talk about the history of some of the hallmark aspects of University School — learning about other languages and cultures, collaborating together, public speaking, and more.

This was a lot of fun! We are grateful to these four (two students - now in college - and two teachers) working together to make this session happen and to represent University School at this meeting of South Carolina school leaders.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

It is the weekend, so we are not in today!

So, please enjoy this photo from 2023! This holiday was on a Friday last year, and our final official activity on Fridays is after-school Novel Writing Club. Historically, about 20% of Middle and Upper School students take part in this amazing club that fosters writing, reading, creativity, collaboration, and more!

And here are Faculty Sponsor Sara Peck and Middle School student Mingus — enjoying special home-made shamrock lollipops during this Club time!

Photos from University School of the Lowcountry's post 03/16/2024

Preparing for St. Patrick’s Day!

With this holiday taking place over the weekend, it took extra hands to prepare! Our students were happy to help our Hibben Preschool friends create their Leprechaun traps and share sightings on the Hibben UMC campus!

Photos from University School of the Lowcountry's post 03/15/2024

University School’s annual Pi Day celebration was this afternoon!

The main event is the pie eating contest: students have 3 minutes and 14 seconds to consume the most —
without hands!

Congratulations to the winner: Foster K!

In reality, as the pictures attest, we all won!

Photos from University School of the Lowcountry's post 03/14/2024

Pi Day!

Our amazing Math faculty is relishing this special day and sharing their joy with our students.

Some quick insights into Math at University School of the Lowcountry.

(1) Incredible Teachers

Of our three Math teachers, two are South Carolina State Teachers of the Year. A student at USL can progress from Pre-Algebra to Calculus and only be taught by teachers of national caliber!

(2) Individual and School Success

8 State Championships in Middle School Math.
1 State High School Math Championship last week - and 4 runner-up finishes.
From a pool of students 1/8 to 1/10 the size of the largest schools, University School’s students consistently rival the best individuals and teams from any independent school.

(3) Fun and High Expectations

Our Math faculty are demanding but also fun.
We foster a love of recreational math by seeking and sharing games, puzzles, and more with our students. This includes a hallmark Pi Day celebration that is silly and beloved. It culminates in a Pi(e) making and eating contest that is a true highlight of the year for our entire community.

(4) Individualized (So Challenging and Not Boring)

University School’s Math program places students where they should be and challenges them to learn and soar. This means USL can have 5th graders in Algebra, 7th graders in Geometry, 9th graders in Pre-Calculus, etc.

(5) Knowing Our Students Well, including in Math, and Guiding Them Forward

We feature a critical principle for Math across all divisions at University School. Our faculty watch for gaps in knowledge — and then address them. As we evaluate new students, our faculty will tailor an individualized learning program to eliminate the gaps in their expected foundation of mathematical knowledge. It is amazing, and this is an example of the flexibility and high standards that are the hallmark of University School of the Lowcountry.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Mount Pleasant?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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