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How do you standout?

How do you standout?


This is so true.

Please offer yourself grace right now when small things trip you up emotionally; there is most likely a whole history of experiences behind those feelings.

Support my work and see many comics like these ahead of time:
#heartandbrain 01/13/2021

11 Impactful Ways to Update Your Resume for 2021

If you are looking for some concepts on updating your resume, especially related to ATS keyword integration, check out this clear and concise article: Even if your work experience has stayed the same, there are still ways to update your resume for the modern recruiting process.


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"Say What? Building a Vocabulary for Conversations around Race, Diversity & Equity"

"Building Relationships Across Difference"


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Please lend your voices to these interactive trainings.

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Please join us! up to 24 SC CE units for mental health professionals, and open to the public for anyone interested in Social Justice and Antiracism Education. Dirsana is amazing.

If you need a scholarship, please contact me. We want this to be accessible to all who want to attend.

#antiracism #SocialJusticeEducation #SocialJustice


Circa 1999 career coaching...


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Focus on your future:


I have a list of places, and when I consider them, I feel extremely grateful and more peaceful. I also feel freed to put energy towards the places where I really do want change.

Please share your thoughts.


It's time...


Several clients and I have discussed this recently. Think about this question deeply, you may find that you are making a choice rather than being subjected to FoF. Amazing.


Palmetto Digestive Health Specialists and Endoscopy Center

I just spotted this comment from a friend of mine. She is amazing. I can't tell you the number of people I work with because of unhealthy environments or leadership at work. It is a legitimate reason to seek change, and then to contribute to and create what you want. Well done my friend!


This. Is. Me. For those who know me and have shared my long journey... please find a work family that fills your cup like this one fills mine. Don’t settle for an environment that is simply tolerable most days. Don’t settle for disrespect.
I know why you stay. You stay for the co-worker next to you. I did. You stay because it’s familiar... even if completely uncomfortable. I did. Don’t be like me. Don’t waste years. Do better. You CAN work with respectful, kind, caring, happy, and genuine people. You owe it to yourself to go find them now! Leap...and the net will appear. #MoveOnNowandMoveUp

A personal note from this page admin. I have one full heart these days. I’ve waited my entire healthcare career to work with a group as wonderful and dedicated as this one. Our receptionists, schedulers, referral coordinators, CMAs, nurses, techs, billers, call representatives, medical records clerk, managers ...and of course talented physicians - represent the very best in our healthcare community. And I get to work with them every day and witness their life-changing impact on others. So Humbled and grateful!


Sometimes simple questions are a Pandora's box; what kind of change do you want? What do you want? Are you relying on others to make it happen? Are you relying on luck or are you playing chess? What would change if you changed your approach? How would this impact your resilience, your outlook? What might happen? What other questions come up, and which ones do you want to answer...


If you aren't doing proper Keyword integration on your resume, it most likely isn't being seen by human eyes. Please, if you are looking for a job, master this process. It is critical to succeeding.


Take a deep breath. Drop your burdens and enjoy your 2019 growth in 2020, every single bit of it. 12/10/2019

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11/16/2019 09/17/2019

How Do We Connect Student Evaluation With Meaningful Intervention?

How to link Executive Function Evaluation With Meaningful Intervention?

I like this quote: "A complete evaluation should identify if the EF weaknesses are skill-based or performance-based. A skill deficit means the student does not know how to perform the desired behavior, while a performance deficit means the student knows the skills necessary to perform the behavior, but does not consistently use them." A neuropsychologist explains brain development, how Executive Functioning evolves, components of evaluations, and how best to support students' challenges.


This Friday! Support Teacher Training in Dyslexia!


Books Signing by Local Autism Expert, Author Toni Boucher!


Out of the Nest #6
The Dreaded Small Talk
Hey all!

I hate making small talk. I feel awkward and I never know what to say to people other than "Hi how are you?" and pray that they ask the next question.
If this sounds like you, you probably also try to avoid these situations or quietly leave early. But oftentimes small talk is unavoidable, so I do want to tell you the 2 key things I do when I am in situation where I have to make small talk.
Ask questions. Then, ask intentional questions.
My mom is the “Question Queen”. As soon as you answer the first question she asks another. It might seem counterintuitive to keep asking someone questions and not wait for them to reciprocate, but it works and it can keep the conversation going.
My mom doesn't just ask random ask random questions the entire time. She actively listens to the other person’s answers, and then chooses to ask more about a subject the person seems interested in. This is intentional question asking.
Next time you talk to someone, pay attention to their body language and tone and use that as a guide for how to navigate the conversation.
Lastly...everyone likes to talk about themselves, AND, for the most part, people don’t care to listen to you as much as you think they do.
BUT, if you can humble yourself and dive into intentional question asking and active listening, it might help make small talk a bit less awkward and a bit more enjoyable.
I want to also share this amazing video from Charisma on Command for “How to Handle Small Talk as an Introvert”. All videos on the page and Youtube channel are absolutely amazing.


Out of the Nest #5

Hey all!

I want to take a break and talk about self-care.
I have a confession. I have not been taking care of myself recently. I haven’t been sleeping well, took a few days off from the gym, I’ve been stressed and it shows in every physical way possible, and well, now I have a cold.
I am at a point where my body feels weak and yet I continue to push through, going to work, trying to get things done, coming home and watching tv til it’s time to shower and go to sleep and repeat the cycle.
We all forget to take care of ourselves sometimes, even if we don’t realize it immediately, and it takes a toll on our physical and mental health.
It’s important to NOT wait until you are in a state similar to mine. You can practice self care all the time, or every week, just make time to do it regularly.
When I’m mentally and/or physically stressed, or when I just need a break, I do some of the following:
- Have a solo spa night with a glass of wine
- Buy a petite bouquet of flowers at Trader Joe’s
- Walk on the beach
- Go shopping
- Cook my favorite dinner
- Go for a drive

I’ve also started practicing mindfulness meditation as part of my nightly routine, which helps with stress and anxiety.
So check in with yourself often, take care of your body and your mind, and above all stay healthy.
Here’s a great 10 minute guided mindfulness meditation:

Til next week…


Charleston Job Opportunities - August 4th, 2019 -


Out of the Nest #4

Hey all!

Figuring out your career path.
So you’ve been thinking about leaving your job, but now what? If you already know what you want to do, that is AMAZING and congratulations! If you aren’t sure yet, don’t worry. I am still in this boat, and it’s taken me awhile to figure out what my next step is. So how did I do it?
1. I thought about what I like/don’t like about my job. As well as identifying my strengths and what I want in my next job.
2. I took a few career tests. I know I know, those don’t mean anything, and I’m with you. What they CAN do, is give you some ideas of careers you might not have though about.
3. I did my research. What does this job entail? How much does it make? Will it help me grow professionally? I did this for a few different careers and compared and contrasted.
4. Finally, I began the job search. I think it’s important to start off very slow, just perusing some job sites, nothing too intense or overwhelming.
Throughout this process, I made sure to pay attention to how I felt. Did this excite me? If not, why? A great exercise is to close your eyes and imagine your first day, does it feel right? Will you be happy going into work everyday?
You may not know exactly what you want to do, but asking questions, doing your research, and imaging having a different job, can help give some direction.
Here is a good list of career tests that again, might not tell you exactly what you want to do, but open your eyes to different career possibilities. (I’ll also be doing a post on the most beneficial assessments in the near future):

Til next week… 07/29/2019

Charleston Area Job Opportunities – July 29, 2019

See This Week's Highlighted Charleston Area Job Opportunities (All levels). Click Here: – After this first post, you will need to opt in to receive weekly job opportunities. Please SUBSCRIBE ABOVE and check “Charleston Area Job Opportunities” in your options. – This weekly Monday post will feature job opportunities that I have identified in the Charleston Area. It will include ...


Out of the Nest #3

Hey all!

How do you know when it’s time to leave your job?
Recognizing the signs and making the decision to leave is the first step in continuing your journey towards a fulfilling career.
It’s a big decision, especially for those (like myself) who are only 2 years out of college and this is their first job. Even for those more established, switching jobs or careers can be scary. So how do you come to the conclusion that it's time to move on?
If you find yourself agreeing with any of these statements, it might be time to make the switch:

- I do not feel heard or respected at my job.
- I spend more time focusing on work when I’m NOT at the
office, than I do enjoying my personal life.
- I am not growing professionally. / I am bored.
- I do not see any opportunities for growth or advancement.
- I feel burnt out by the work I do.
- I am not using my strengths.
- I am unhappy before, during, and after work.
All of these statements, even if you agree with just one, can help you differentiate between a bad day at work and a job that is no longer a good fit for you.
The most important thing to remember is that you are never stuck. You are never trapped. You can leave your job or make a career change at any point. And believe me, it is possible to be happy going to work, maybe not every day, but it should also not be something you dread every day. Once you decide that it is time to move on, you can start taking the steps to finding your next career.
Til next week...


Out of the Nest #2

Hey all!

Today I want to talk to you about finding your “neutral” person.
We all have people in our lives who want the best for us. Whether it’s our parents/family, friends, or significant other. These are the people who are on our side no matter what. But sometimes when we ask for advice (and even when we don’t), we fail to listen to them. We think we know better, that they just don’t understand what we’re going through, or maybe they’re blindly optimistic when we actually need a reality check.
A “neutral” person is someone who is not a close friend, family, or significant other, AND who will be 100% honest, push you to succeed, and hold you accountable.
You should be able to trust this person, and actually listen
to them without thinking they’re biased in any way.
I found my “neutral” person in Kerri, as a life/career coach. I needed someone to talk to you that wasn’t my parents or my friends, and who would also help me move into the next stage in my life. *As a side note, I also have an online fitness coach, because accountability can be a struggle in many parts of my life*
My Advice?

Find your “neutral” person. It can be a life coach, but it can also be a mentor, a not *too* close family friend, old sports coach, maybe even a previous boss who was a strong advocate for you. Find that 1 person who you will listen to, and who you know will be honest, push you to succeed, and hold you accountable.

Til next week...


•Out of the Nest•


Hey all and welcome to The 7 Nightingales Center new blog series, “Out of the Nest”, a blog focused on the Millennial/Gen-Z post grad experience.

Millennials/Gen-Zers have been gently tapped out of the nest and are now rapidly flapping their wings to stay in the air. They are hitting branches and getting caught in the rain...but nevertheless they persist; trying to reach the open sky, where they can glide a bit more smoothly. There will always be storms and obstacles, but to be able to handle them, *we* need to first learn to fly.

My name is Robin (no, I am not the incredible Kerri) and as a Millennial/Gen-Zer (born in 1995), I am learning to fly as well. Through this blog, I will be discussing some of the struggles I have dealt with in my first 2 years out of college. My focus primarily be on navigating a first job and changing careers, though I will also discuss and open up about a wide variety of challenges I have faced.
Most importantly, I will also be including helpful articles, as well as tricks and strategies I have learned, that can offer some guidance and help you work through similar struggles, or for parents, help understand the everyday problems your child might be facing.

For now, stay tuned every Thursday for a new post - and always feel free to ask questions or leave a comment! Til next week...

~ Robin


Here a couple of great articles/infographics on defining Millennials/Gen-Z to help give a point of reference.

Infographic on Millennial habits/trends

Comparison of Millennials and Gen-Z

Comparison of Gen-Y and Millennials

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